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Samsung Electronics Co. likes to bring the fight to its rivals: after launching its latest smartphone in iPhone country, the South Korean giant is making space for itself in Finland Nokia Corp.#39;s NOK1V.HE -0.86% home market.三星电子(Samsung Electronics Co.)喜欢主动出击:在iPhone的母国发布其最新款智能手机之后,这家韩国巨头正在诺基亚(Nokia Corp.)的本土市场开疆拓土。Samsung, the world’s top smartphone maker by shipments, said it will open a new research and development center in Finland on June 13.发货量位居世界智能手机厂商前列的三星说,将于6月13日在芬兰新开一个研发中心。“This decision to establish our Ramp;D presence in Northern Europe reflects the importance we place on the European market,” the company said in a statement. The center will be a branch of the Samsung Electronics Ramp;D Institute UK.三星在一份声明中说,在北欧建立研发机构的这一决定反映出我们对于欧洲市场的重视。该中心将是三星电子英国研究院(Samsung Electronics Ramp;D Institute UK)的分。Samsung didn’t say whether the new center will focus on smartphones, but its inroads into Finland could signal stiffer competition for Nokia. Just on Tuesday, research firm IDC said that Nokia had ceded the top spot in its home market to Samsung in the first quarter, with the Korean company grabbing a 36.1% share compared with Nokia’s 33.6%.三星没有说新的中心是否将专注于智能手机,但其入侵芬兰可能意味着诺基亚将面临更严峻的竞争。就在周二,研究公司IDC说,诺基亚今年一季度已经将其本土市场的榜首位置拱手让给了三星,三星占据了36.1%的市场份额,诺基亚为33.6%。Samsung has over 30 Ramp;D centers globally, and it has been seeking to maintain its market lead by spending billions on research and marketing. In the first quarter alone, Samsung spent 3.33 trillion won (.94 billion) on Ramp;D, more than double the .12 billion that Apple Inc. AAPL +0.80% spent in the same period.三星在全球拥有超过30个研发中心,也一直试图通过数十亿美元的研发开保持市场领先地位。仅今年一季度,三星就在研发方面花费了3.33万亿韩圆(合29.4亿美元),比苹果(Apple Inc.)同期的11.2亿美元高出一倍以上。Though Ramp;D spending doesn’t necessarily result in market success, Samsung can put its sizable cash pile to good use against competitors.虽然研发开不一定会带来市场上的成功,但三星可以针对竞争对手,充分利用其规模可观的现金储备。As Nokia struggles to regain its bearings, sales of the Galaxy S4 put Samsung on track to remain No. 1 in the smartphone market. The company said earlier this month it has shipped more than 10 million units of the Galaxy S4 since the phone hit markets in late April, outpacing sales of previous Galaxy models.在诺基亚苦苦挣扎、试图恢复往日地位的同时,三星凭Galaxy S4的销售继续稳居智能手机市场龙头位置。该公司本月早些时候说,其Galaxy S4自4月底上市以来发货量已经超过1,000万台,超过了此前的Galaxy机型的销售。 /201306/242406

  I am typing this paragraph remotely on my home Windows PC, using an iPad in the middle of a Macy#39;s in a mall, over the Internet. I am using the latest PC version of Microsoft Word for Windows, which doesn#39;t run on the iPad. Yet I have full access to all of its features and to the computer#39;s file system and other programs, and I am able to use them via the iPad#39;s touch gestures and keyboard, without a stylus. The iPad is controlling the PC, which is a couple of miles away. 你现在看到的这段话,是我在一家梅西百货(Macy#39;s)店里,通过网络用一部iPad在我的Windows家用电脑上打出来的。我还使用了不与iPad兼容的最新的Windows PC版Microsoft Word文档,不过我却能使用它的所有功能,也能访问电脑上的文件系统和其他程序,而且还能不用手写笔、而是通过iPad的触控手势和虚拟键盘来使用它们。是的,我是在用iPad控制几英里外的PC电脑。 This feat was made possible by a new iPad app I#39;ve been testing called Parallels Access, released Tuesday, which can remotely control either a Mac or a Windows PC. It isn#39;t the only iPad app that can remotely control computers, but of the ones I#39;ve tested, it does the best job of treating the computer programs it accesses as if they were iPad apps, without sacrificing functionality. The programs continue to reside on the computer. 让这一创举变成可能的是一款名为“Parallels Access”的新款iPad应用,最近我一直在测试它。这款应用于8月末发布,它可让你远程操控Mac或Windows PC电脑。它并非唯一一款可远程操控电脑的iPad应用,但在我测试过的应用中,它在像处理iPad应用一样顺畅处理它访问的电脑程序、同时又不牺牲功能这方面是表现最好的。那些程序都继续保留在电脑中。 Parallels, a company based in Seattle that#39;s best known for its namesake program that allows Macs to run Windows, calls this #39;appifying#39; your computer programs. What it means by this is that it adapts them to the iPad#39;s familiar interface, including app launching, touch gestures, scrolling and text selection. 它的开发商是西雅图Parallels公司,该公司最知名的产品是可使Mac电脑运行Windows程序的Parallels软件。该公司称Parallels Access就是将你的电脑程序“苹果化”,意思就是使那些程序适应iPad的常见界面,包括应用的启动、触控手势、页面的滚动和文本选择等。 Unlike many others, it doesn#39;t force you to constantly try and emulate the precise mouse pointer for which most of these computer programs were designed. It runs them like iPad apps, in full screen, and at the iPad#39;s resolution, yet preserving full functionality and the ability to switch among open apps and windows on the computer. It works over both Wi-Fi and cellular connections. 与其他许多应用不同,它不会强迫你不断去尝试和模拟为大多数电脑程序设计的精确的鼠标指针。它像运行iPad应用一样运行这些电脑程序,用全屏并且以iPad的分辨率将它们显示出来,同时它还保留了完整的功能和在打开的电脑程序和窗口之间进行切换的功能。它在无线网络和蜂窝网络的环境下均能运行。 Despite some drawbacks, Parallels Access is a very good way to make your iPad more of a productivity tool and to integrate it with your computer, without forcing you to use your iPad the same way you would use a computer. 尽管它存在一些缺陷,Parallels Access仍不失为一个加强iPad的实用功能并使它与电脑融合的非常好的方法,而且它也不会强迫你以使用电脑的方式去使用你的iPad。 The two biggest drawbacks involve price and file transfers. Access costs a hefty per computer per year, though there#39;s a two-week free trial for every Mac you use. For Windows machines, it#39;s free for 90 days because compatibility with Windows is still in the beta phase (though it worked quite well in my tests). Parallels Access最大的两个缺点是价格和文件传输问题。它的价格高达每台电脑每年80美元,不过每台Mac电脑能有两周的免费试用期。至于Windows电脑,由于与Windows的兼容功能仍处于测试阶段(尽管它在我的测试中运行得非常不错),它的试用期达90天。 Also, the app cannot yet directly move files from computers to your iPad, though the company is working on it. For now, to get a file from the computer to the iPad, you have to remotely call up the computer#39;s email program and send it to yourself on the iPad, or upload it via a file-sharing service like Dropbox on the computer, and then retrieve it from the Dropbox or similar app on the iPad. 此外,尽管Parallels公司正在努力解决这个问题,但该应用现在还无法直接将文件从电脑传到你的iPad上。就眼下而言,若要把文件从电脑传到iPad上,你得远程调用电脑上的邮件程序,然后在iPad上把它发给你自己,或者在电脑上通过Dropbox这样的文件共享应用将文件上传,然后在iPad上用Dropbox或类似的应用检索文件。 Another limitation: It doesn#39;t work on Android. The company says it is considering an Android tablet version of Access, but has no immediate plans to release one. 它的另一个局限是,现在它还无法在安卓系统(Android)上运行。Parallels公司称它正在考虑开发安卓系统平板电脑版的Parallels Access,但暂时还没有发布该应用的计划。 Here#39;s how it works. First, you download the free app to your iPad, then you install a small companion utility on your Mac or PC, which runs in the background. Then you fire up the Access iPad app and you see a home screen with all of the available computers. Just click on one and the iPad takes it over. The link is established over a secure, encrypted connection, and you can opt to lock the computer and blank out its screen during the remote-control session. You can also opt to require the use of the computer#39;s login credentials. 现在就介绍一下Parallels Access的运行方式。首先,将免费应用下载到iPad上,然后在你的Mac或PC电脑上安装一个在后台运行的配对小程序。接下来,启动iPad上的Parallels Access后,你就会看到一个显示所有可连接电脑的主屏界面,点击选定一台电脑,你就可以通过iPad来操控它了。你可通过安全的加密连接方式来连接电脑,也可选择在远程操控期间锁定电脑,让屏幕显示为空白。你还可选择要求使用电脑的登录凭。 Once you have the computer on your iPad screen, you don#39;t see its normal desktop, with tiny icons generally meant for a mouse pointer. Instead, you see a Launcher screen in which your Mac or PC apps are presented like large, iPad app icons. You can add or remove app icons. 开始在iPad屏幕上操控电脑时,你看到的并非平常那种电脑桌面:桌面上排列着一个个通常用鼠标指针来点击的小图标。在你看到的主界面上,你的Mac或PC电脑上的应用显示成了像iPad应用那样的大图标。你可以添加或删除应用的图标。 You tap an icon and the program -- like iPhoto or Microsoft Excel -- appears in full-screen view on the iPad. I tested a wide variety of Mac and PC apps and all worked fine via Access, with almost no lag, even over a 4G cellular connection. 点击图标后,对应的程序(比如iPhoto或Microsoft Excel)就会在iPad上全屏显示。我测试了大量不同的Mac和PC应用,它们通过Parallels Access都运行得挺顺畅,几乎没有滞后,在4G网络环境下也是如此。 Access places a small toolbar at the edge of the screen, which can be moved or hidden. This can take you back to the Launcher, bring up a bar at the bottom that lets you switch among apps and windows, and brings up the iPad keyboard, which is augmented with special keys the iPad lacks, but computers use. These include Escape, Tab, function keys, Control, Alt, arrow keys and the Window key on PCs or the Command key on Macs. Parallels Access在屏幕边缘设计了一列小工具栏,它可被移动或隐藏。它可以让你跳转至主界面,调出屏幕底部一列可让你在各应用和窗口间进行切换的图标,还可调出iPad虚拟键盘,它增加了iPad缺乏、但普通电脑采用的特殊键,包括Escape、Tab、各功能键、Control、Alt和方向键,以及PC上的Windows键或Mac上的Command键。 The toolbar can bring up settings, which allow you to go into mouse mode, just like a PC; reveal the whole desktop; and display the special keys without the whole keyboard. 这个工具栏可让你进行设置:你可以选择进入鼠标模式,就像在PC电脑上一样;可以显示整个桌面;可以显示特定的键而不是整个键盘。 I was able hear the sound on the iPad from audio and files, and select various items and icons. Access invisibly modifies things like small toolbar icons so that, even if you tap on them imprecisely, they still activate. I even dictated text using the iPad into a program on the remote Windows PC. 我能在iPad上听到音频和视频文件的声音,还能选择不同的菜单项和图标。Parallels Access还悄悄修改了工具栏小图标这样的东西,以便让你在即使没点准图标时仍能启动程序。我甚至还通过iPad向远程Windows PC上的一个程序口述输入了文本。 Parallels Access really shines when typing. I was able to type easily on the remote programs. Parallels Access在打字方面确实有出众表现,我能在远程程序上轻松地打字。 When you select text, it brings up the standard iPad selection handles and the standard black iPad control bar for things like copying and pasting, just as if you were in a standard iPad app. For more precise selection, it brings up the standard iPad magnifying glass feature, and if held down a bit longer, it even places a mouse pointer inside the magnifier. I used this to resize a photo in a Word document. (This particular task takes some practice.) 如果你想选择文本,它会调出标准的iPad文本选择抓取点,以及控制复制和粘贴操作的标准的iPad黑色控制列,它就和使用标准的iPad应用一样。若想进行更精确的选择,它还会调出标准的iPad放大镜功能,长按文本后,放大镜内甚至还会出现一个鼠标指针。我利用它在一个Word文档中调整了一幅图片的大小。(此任务需稍加练习。) The program includes many touch gestures and taps. A two-finger tap acts like clicking the right button on a mouse and other simple gestures allow things like dragging and dropping. 该程序包括许多触控手势和点击手势。例如,双手指点击相当于点击鼠标的右键,其他一些简单的手势可以实现拖放这样的操作。 For Windows 8, Parallels Access places both traditional programs and the Start-screen touch apps together in the Launcher, so you don#39;t have to switch modes. In my tests, it worked well with both kinds of programs. On the Mac, if you are using Parallels Desktop to run Windows programs side by side with Mac programs, both types of programs show up on the Launcher and can be used remotely. 针对Windows 8系统,Parallels Access将传统程序和开始屏幕上的触控程序一同安排在主界面上,这样一来你就不必切换模式。在我的测试中,它在这两种程序中均运行得不错。在Mac电脑上,如果你想在Mac程序之外再用Parallels Desktop来运行Windows程序,这两种程序都会在主界面上显示,而且均可远程使用。 I ran into zero glitches when controlling a Mac remotely. And even though the Windows access is in beta, I ran into only two glitches: a single instance of jittery scrolling in a photo program on the remote PC, and a single instance of lack of audio from the iPad when playing one of many s I tested remotely. 在远程操控Mac电脑时,我没有遇到任何故障。即使是在使用测试版的Windows程序的过程中,我也只遇到了两个故障:一个是远程PC上的一个图片程序在滚动时出现抖动;另一个是在播放我远程测试的众多视频时,iPad上有一个音频没有声音。 If you#39;re willing to pay the money, Parallels Access is an excellent way to make remotely controlling a Mac or PC from an iPad a frustration-free experience. 总之,如果你愿意花钱的话,Parallels Access是你顺心地通过iPad远程操控Mac或PC电脑的绝佳方式。 /201309/255856

  Ford Motor Co. unveiled details of its plans to sell its premium Lincoln brand to Chinese buyers who equate luxury with German names like Audi and BMW, as it looks to the 97-year-old nameplate to give it a boost in a hot new market. 福特汽车公司(Ford Motor Co.)公布了面向中国购车者销售高端林肯牌汽车计划的细节,希望凭借这个有97年历史的品牌在一个火爆的新市场提升业绩。中国购车者通常将豪车与奥迪(Audi)、宝马(BMW)等德国品牌划等号。The Dearborn, Mich., auto maker said on Thursday that its plans by 2016 to sell five U.S.-made Lincoln models through 60 dealerships in 50 cities in China, where the brand currently lacks a formal presence. Longer-term, Ford hopes to make Lincolns in China so it can better compete with market giants Audi , BMW and Mercedes-Benz. 福特周四表示,计划到2016年通过中国50个城市的60家经销商销售五款美国产林肯汽车。目前林肯汽车在中国还缺乏正式地位。长远来看,福特希望在中国生产林肯车,以便更好地与奥迪、宝马和奔驰(Mercedes-Benz)等市场巨头竞争。#39;Clearly over time as we sell more and more Lincolns here we will gradually localize them,#39; Ford Chief Executive Alan Mulally said at Thursday#39;s event, which came ahead of this weekend#39;s Beijing International Automotive Exhibition, the biggest car show this year in the world#39;s largest auto market. 福特首席执行长穆拉利(Alan Mulally)在周四的活动上表示,随着福特在中国销售越来越多的林肯车,福特将逐步实现林肯车的本地化。这次活动是在周末开幕的北京国际车展前举行的。北京国际车展是作为世界第一大汽车市场的中国在今年举办的最大一次车展。The first models to come this fall will be the MKZ midsize sedan, a competitor to popular German rides such as the Audi A4 or Mercedes C-Class, and the MKC small sport utility vehicle. A midsize SUV, a large sedan and a version of the brand#39;s big Navigator SUV will follow. 将于今年秋季推出的首批车型是MKZ中型轿车和MKC小型SUV。MKZ中型轿车是与奥迪A4或奔驰C级轿车等颇受欢迎的德国品牌竞争的一个车型。随后,福特将推出一款中型SUV、一款大型轿车,以及林肯领航员(Navigator)大型SUV的一个车型。The aim is to capture buyers like Qin Chao, who this week inspected Navigator SUVs at one of Beijing#39;s gray-market car lots, which purchase foreign vehicles and bring them to China to sell. #39;American cars consume too much gas,#39; said the 35-year-old Mr. Qin, who owns a Beijing restaurant. #39;Not many people in China recognize this brand.#39; 福特的目的在于吸引像秦超(音)这样的购车者。秦超本周在北京的一个汽车灰市考察了领航员SUV。汽车灰市从国外购进汽车然后运回中国销售。35岁的秦超说,美国车太费油。他还说,中国人不太认这个牌子。秦超在北京经营一家饭馆。Lincoln won#39;t present an immediate threat to the top premium brands in China, said Klaus Paur, global head of automotive at research firm Ipsos. Imported vehicles in China are subject to taxes and duties that can raise the sticker price or crimp profits. 研究公司益普索(Ipsos)全球汽车业务负责人包亦农(Klaus Paur)说,林肯不会马上对中国市场的顶尖品牌汽车构成威胁。进口车在中国需要交税,可能会抬高售价或挤压利润。Volkswagen #39;s Audi, BMW and Daimler #39;s Mercedes-Benz make much of what they sell in China domestically through joint ventures with local auto makers. They account for roughly two-thirds of luxury cars sold in China, according to data from the companies and an estimate from management-consulting firm Strategyamp; of a 1.6 million-vehicle luxury market last year. 无论是大众汽车(Volkswagen )旗下的奥迪和宝马还是戴姆勒公司(Daimler )旗下的梅赛德斯-奔驰(Mercedes-Benz),它们在中国销售的大部分汽车都是与本地厂商合资生产的,根据这些公司的数据以及管理咨询公司Strategyamp;去年对160万辆豪车市场的估计,上述品牌在中国豪车市场占有三分之二左右的份额。#39;If you want to get on premium buyers#39; radar screen you need critical mass in terms of on-the-road presence, and that requires localization,#39; Johan De Nysschen, chief executive of Nissan Motor Co.#39;s Infiniti, said in an interview in Shanghai. 日产汽车(Nissan Motor Co.)旗下英菲尼迪(Infiniti)的首席执行长Johan De Nysschen在上海接受采访时表示,如果想进入高端买家的视线,就需要达到一定的路面曝光率,这就需要本地化。Competition is also intensifying. Infiniti plans to introduce to China a youth-aimed crossover SUV based on the Nissan Juke, while Toyota Motor Corp.#39;s Lexus plans to show in Beijing a production version of its first compact SUV, to be called the NX. 市场竞争也在加剧。英菲尼迪计划向中国市场引入一款基于日产Juke的面向年轻人的跨界运动型多用途车(SUV),丰田汽车公司(Toyota Motor Co.)旗下的雷克萨斯(Lexus)则计划在北京展示其首款紧凑型SUV样车,该车型将被命名为NX。Ford China Chief Executive John Lawler said Thursday that Lincolns will be #39;competitively priced#39; with locally made rivals. 福特中国首席执行长罗礼祥(John Lawler)周四表示,与中国本地生产的其他车型相比,林肯汽车的定价将具有竞争力。Lincoln plans to enhance its appeal by offering a boutique feel in its dealerships. On Thursday, Lincoln executives in Beijing showed off a mockup of the design for its stores, which will feature amenities such as a tea room, seating areas designed to evoke a plush hotel lobby and a #39;Personalization Studio#39; where customers can use a touch-screen table to choose among options and styling packages for the interiors of the cars. 林肯汽车计划打造精品化的经销商以增加吸引力。周四,林肯汽车管理人士在北京展示了其店面的设计模型,店内将配备茶室、类似豪华酒店大堂的座位区和“个性化工作室”(顾客可使用触摸屏桌面来选择汽车配置及内饰风格套餐)等设施。Lincoln#39;s goal is to make the process of buying a car more akin to being fitted for a bespoke shirt or suit. The brand expects dealers to have a team of people, including a #39;host,#39; a #39;master,#39; and a #39;craftsman,#39; to guide customers through the process of ordering a vehicle. The host maintains the relationship with the customer, the master#39;s role is to answer questions about features and pricing, and the craftsman manages maintenance. 林肯的目标是让买车人有一种在装店里量身定做衬衫或西的感觉。林肯希望经销商组建一团队,里面有主持人、专家和技师,为顾客选购车辆提供全程务。主持人负责维护良好的客户关系,专家负责回答有关车型特点和定价的问题,技师则负责维修保养。All of this is a departure from the way Lincoln sells vehicles in the U.S., which is through a long-standing network of independently owned franchises that largely control the way a customer is treated. But in China, Ford and Lincoln can set up the retail network from scratch--one advantage of coming late to the market. 所有这些都与林肯在美国的销售方式截然不同。在美国,林肯是通过存在已久的独立特许经销商网络销售汽车的,这些特许店在很大程度上决定着如何对待客户。但在中国,福特汽车和林肯可以从头开始建立零售网络,这是后来者的一个好处。In the U.S., Lincoln sales declined slightly in 2013--a drop of less than 1%, to 81,694--as the brand dealt with the phaseout of the Town Car. Later this year, the brand#39;s sales should jump as it begins selling the MKC, a small crossover built on the same underpinnings as the Ford Escape--known as the Kuga in China--but with a different look. 在美国市场,受林肯城市(Town Car)系列车型逐步退市影响,去年林肯汽车销量小幅下滑不到1%,至81,694辆。今年晚些时候,随着MKC车型投放市场,预计林肯汽车销量将实现增长。林肯MKC是一款小型跨界车,以福特翼虎(Escape)(在中国被称为六和(Kuga))为蓝本开发,但外形不同。China is #39;strategically important because of the size of the market,#39; said Matt VanDyke, director of Global Lincoln. #39;We expect it to be a very substantial piece of our global sales.#39; 林肯全球业务负责人范戴克(Matt VanDyke)表示,中国市场规模之大使其具有重要的战略意义。他说,预计中国市场将占到林肯全球销售的很大一部分。At the car market in Beijing, Sun Xiaogang, a 29-year-old staffer for a foreign trading company in Beijing, said he ordered a Navigator for his boss. #39;My company has quite a number of American clients, so my boss wants to have a Lincoln car to pick up those American clients when they come to Beijing,#39; Mr. Sun said. #39;He knows that Lincoln is a luxury brand in America. And it looks good as well. Big and powerful.#39; 在北京某汽车市场,为北京一家外贸公司工作的29岁的孙晓刚(音)说,他为老板订购了一台林肯领航员(Navigator)。孙晓刚说,他们公司有很多美国客户,所以老板想买一辆林肯用来接送他们。他还说,老板知道林肯是美系豪华品牌,样子也不错,空间大、马力足。Joseph B. White / Mike RamseyJoseph B. White / Mike Ramsey /201404/289090。

  The Ache: In presbyopia, the eye#39;s lens loses elasticity with age. The ability to focus on near objects deteriorates, resulting in the need for ing glasses.病痛:老花眼的成因是,眼睛的晶状体随年龄增长而失去弹性,聚焦近处物体的能力减弱,因此需要佩戴老花镜。The Claim: A 12-week, scientifically tested training program, newly available as an iPhone app, uses a technique called perceptual learning to reduce -- or even eliminate -- the need for ing glasses.主张:一项为期12周、经过科学检验的训练项目最近以iPhone应用的形式面市,该项目使用一种名为“知觉学习”(perceptual learning)的技术来减少(甚至消除)佩戴老花镜的必要性。The Verdict: A 30-person study published in February 2012 in the journal Scientific Reports found that after trying the program -- now on sale as an iPhone app called Glasses-Off -- participants on average could letters 1.6 times smaller than they could previously. The program is much more likely to show improvement in adults 40 to 60 years old, scientists say.定论:2012年2月份刊登在《科学报告》(Scientific Reports)上的一项覆盖30人的研究的论文指出,在试用该项目(目前作为一个名为“摘掉眼镜”(Glasses-Off)的iPhone应用销售)之后,参与者平均能够阅读比之前小1.6倍的字母。科学家们表示,该项目为40至60岁的成年人带来改善的可能性要比其他人群大得多。The self-guided app, launched this week by GlassesOff Inc., starts with a vision test, followed by a personalized training program users employ three times a week for 12 to 15 minutes per session. In one test, users must decide whether an E is facing up, down, right or left. The test gets harder when the E becomes smaller or lower-contrast. At the end of the session, users receive a personalized assessment of how much the app is likely to help them in various tasks, such as ing an article.该自助式应用由GlassesOff Inc.于近期推出,该公司在以色列和纽约设有办公室。该应用一开始是一项视力测试,之后是个性化训练项目,用户一周接受三次训练,每次12到15分钟。在一项测试中,用户要判断字母E是朝上、朝下、朝右还是朝左。随着字母E尺寸缩小或对比度降低,测试难度会加大。在训练的最后,用户会接受一项个性化评估,看看该应用能在多大程度上帮助他们改进在各项任务中的表现,比如阅读文章。The training consists of identifying fuzzy, striped images called Gabor patches, which can be hard to see against a similarly colored backdrop.该训练内容包括辨认名为“加尔视标”(Gabor patch)的条纹状模糊图案,在颜色相近的背景下,这些图案辨认起来会有难度。The app is free for two or three weeks after a user signs up. To continue using it after that costs for four months. The company, which has offices in Israel and New York, is offering a temporary promotional price. After the initial program, the company offers a personalized maintenance program of one or two sessions per week at extra cost.该应用在用户注册两周或三周之内可免费使用。之后若想继续使用,费用为59美元,可使用四个月,目前促销价为10美元。最初的训练项目完成之后,该公司会提供一项个性化保持项目,每周安排一次或两次训练,须额外交费。The app isn#39;t a cure for presbyopia, but makes the brain #39;better able to interpret#39; the poor information it gets from aging eyes, says Dennis M. Levi, dean of University of California Berkeley#39;s School of Optometry and co-author of the study. Dr. Levi is a scientific adviser to GlassesOff and has been promised stock options as compensation.加州大学伯克利分校(University of California Berkeley)眼科视光学学院(School of Optometry)主任、此项研究作者之一丹尼斯#12539;M.利瓦伊(Dennis M. Levi)表示,该应用并不能治愈老花,但能使大脑“更好地诠释”通过老化的眼睛所获得的贫乏信息。利瓦伊士是GlassesOff的科学顾问,该公司承诺授予他股票期权作为报酬。Anyone can use the product, says GlassesOff Chief Executive Nimrod Madar. But people over 70 likely still will need ing glasses for extended ing and low-light tasks.GlassesOff首席执行长尼姆罗德#12539;马达尔(Nimrod Madar)表示,任何人都可以使用该产品。但70岁以上的人如果长时间阅读或在光线较暗的环境中做事情,可能还是需要佩戴老花镜。Using the new app #39;might help people to better recognize slightly blurry images, but it isn#39;t going to change the elasticity of the lens,#39; says James Salz, a clinical professor of ophthalmology at the University of Southern California.南加州大学(University of Southern California)眼科学临床教授詹姆斯#12539;萨尔斯(James Salz)表示,使用这款新应用“或许能帮助人们更好地辨认略显模糊的图像,但不会改变晶状体的弹性”。The idea of using perceptual learning for vision difficulties has scientific merit, says Peter J. Bex, a neuroscientist at Schepens Eye Research Institute in Boston, part of Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary. Using perceptual learning to improve vision has proved viable in several scientific studies, including in people with lazy eye. Still, more research is needed on the GlassesOff program -- particularly comparing the test group to a group that got an ersatz training exercise, scientists say.波士顿舍彭斯眼科研究所(Schepens Eye Research Institute,属于马萨诸塞州眼科和耳科医院(Massachusetts Eye and Ear Institute))神经学家彼得#12539;J.贝克斯(Peter J. Bex)称,通过知觉学习来缓解视觉困难这一做法是有科学道理的。通过知觉学习来改善视力的可行性已得到几项科学研究的明,其中包括针对弱视者的研究。但科学家称,还需要对GlassesOff的项目展开更多研究――尤其是将受试组与接受替代训练的组别进行对照的研究。Another issue, Dr. Bex says, is that the results of perceptual learning sometimes apply only very narrowly to the tasks practiced in training. The ability to small print may improve, but it#39;s unclear how much difference that makes for people in a wider range of daily tasks.贝克斯士表示,另一个问题是知觉学习的效果有时仅仅局限于在训练中练习过的任务。阅读小字的能力可能会有所提高,但目前还不清楚这项训练能在多大程度上提高人们完成更广泛日常任务的能力。A study, presented in July at the Asia-Pacific Conference on Vision in China, found that the GlassesOff program improved performance on measures including contrast sensitivity -- suggesting the improvement will apply to a wide range of daily tasks, Mr. Madar says.马达尔说,7月份在中国举行的亚太视觉会议(Asia-Pacific Conference on Vision)上宣读的一项研究成果显示,GlassesOff的项目改善了对比敏感度等指标――暗示该应用能改善人们完成广泛日常任务的能力。 /201312/269901

  Alibaba, China’s leading ecommerce company that is expected to list in the coming months, will invest HK.8bn (4m) in Haier, the Chinese appliance maker, to expand its logistics and distribution network. 中国领先电子商务公司阿里巴巴(Alibaba)将向家电制造商海尔(Haier)投资28亿港元(合3.64亿美元),以扩大其物流和配送网络。预计阿里巴巴将在未来几个月上市。 The tie-up between Alibaba and Haier comes as the explosive growth of ecommerce in China is sometimes hampered by patchy delivery logistics in the nation of 1.3bn people. The deal sent Haier’s shares in Hong Kong up 13.3 per cent yesterday. 在阿里巴巴与海尔合作之际,在这个拥有13亿人口的国家,电子商务的爆炸性增长有时会受到参差不齐的物流配送务的影响。这笔交易促使海尔在香港的股票昨日上涨13.3%。 Most of the funds will go towards establishing a joint venture with Haier subsidiary Goodaymart, a retailer that has 26,000 stores and distribution sites in 2,800 counties in China. The joint venture will focus on developing a China-wide network for delivering and installing appliances and other large goods, according to a statement from the companies. 多数资金将用来与海尔子公司日日顺物流(Goodaymart)组建合资公司,日日顺物流拥有约26000个乡镇专卖店,并在全国2800多个县建立了物流配送站。两家公司的一份声明称,合资公司将关注于在全国打造一个家电及大件物品的送货及安装务网络。 On last month’s Single’s Day – a shopping holiday promoted by Alibaba – the ecommerce group sold .7bn worth of goods. The US’s Cyber Monday after Thanksgiving this year had just .7bn spent on desktop online shopping, according to ComScore. In total last year, Alibaba’s multiple online platforms handled 1bn worth of orders. 在今年的11月11日,阿里巴巴集团销售了价值57亿美元的商品。这个双11购物节是由阿里巴巴倡导的。根据ComScore的数据,美国今年感恩节过后的网购星期一(Cyber Monday)的在线交易额仅为17亿美元。去年整整一年,阿里巴巴的多个在线平台处理了价值1710亿美元的订单。 Although Alibaba is an online platform for other companies to sell goods and does not stock any products itself, it works with brands such as Haier that sell on its online sites, which include Tmall and Taobao. Before Single’s Day, Alibaba employees visited sellers and logistics companies to check that they had enough capacity to handle the orders expected. 尽管阿里巴巴是一个让其他公司销售商品的在线平台,本身没有任何商品存货,但该公司与海尔等在其网站——包括天猫(Tmall)和淘宝(Taobao)——销售商品的品牌合作。在双11之前,阿里巴巴员工曾参观卖家和物流企业,查看他们是否有足够的能力处理预期的订单。 /201312/267976At this year’s FIFA World Cup, the first kick was delivered by a man with paralyzed legs, Juliano Pinto. He was wearing an elaborate exoskeleton suit that enabled him to, remarkably, tap a soccer ball with his foot using only his mind—no buttons, no muscles, just brainwaves.在今年巴西世界杯揭幕战上,开球的是一个名叫朱利亚诺o平托,双腿瘫痪的残疾青年。凭借身上穿戴的一套“外骨骼装置”,他仅靠自己的意念就完成了开球动作——没错,既不靠按钮,也不靠肌肉,而是靠脑电波。The engineers behind the suit had developed a system that appears to the brain’s intentions courtesy of electroencephalographic, or EEG, sensors. It’s not that simple to someone’s mind, of course, so Pinto had to learn to think—ponder that one for a moment—in such a way that would give the suit orders it could understand.拜脑电图传感器(EEG)所赐,这套装置背后的工程师团队成功开发了一套似乎能够阅读大脑意图的系统。当然,要读懂一个人的心并不容易,所以朱利亚诺o平托必须要学会如何去“想”——他要把这个动作想上一会儿,才能让这套装置明白他的意图。Exoskeletons have long been a fixture of comic books and futuristic movies, but they aren’t science fiction any more. According to the market research firm WinterGreen Research, the market for rehabilitation robots, active prostheses, and exoskeletons is aly worth million and is projected to reach .8 billion by 2020. That many people will soon wear different kinds of machines to get more work done is, at this point, nearly a given.外骨骼系统一直是漫画书和未来风格电影中不可缺少的元素之一,但现在,它们已不再是一种科学幻想了。根据市场调研公司WinterGreen提供的数据,康复机器人、机械假肢和外骨骼系统的市场价值已经达到4,300万美元,到2020年预计将达到18亿美元。几乎可以肯定,要不了多久,我们就会看到许多人穿戴着各种各样的机械做越来越多的事情。That’s not to say that you will have motors and gears hidden inside your chalk-stripe suit. (Well, you might.) The type of machine to use will largely depend on the type of work to accomplish. For example, BMW announced in January the creation of a new glove that takes the stress off of a single action—inserting a rubber plug in a car’s frame to close drain holes for the paint coat—for workers in its factories. A modest start, sure, but the applications for such tools will only become more elaborate.这并不是说以后你的西装下面也会藏着一套“钢铁侠战衣”(当然你也可以选择这么做)。你需要穿戴哪种机器,很大程度上取决于你需要完成的工作。比如宝马公司(BMW)今年一月宣布,该公司研制了一种新型手套,其主要功能是,在工人往车身框架的排水孔上塞橡胶塞(为了方便喷漆)时,可以减轻手指的压力。虽然这似乎并不是多么惊人的功能,但此类工具的应用只会变得越来越精巧。Exoskeletons are arguably the most complex category of these tools. They don’t just promise to make it easier to complete a simple action; they promise to support or accomplish some of the most complicated maneuvers our bodies are capable of. With exoskeletons, people with disabilities can do and experience much more than they might have otherwise had reason to believe possible, such as walking. Exoskeletons also promise to allow able-bodied people, such as soldiers, run faster and carry more than the average human body otherwise would.外骨骼系统据称是这些工具中最复杂的类别。它们不仅可以让我们更轻易地完成一个简单的动作,而且还有可能帮助我们完成人体能够做到的最复杂的动作。在外骨骼系统的帮助下,残疾人也可以完成并体验之前几乎不可能做到的事,比如走路。另外,外骨骼系统还能帮助健康人(比如士兵)跑得更快、负载更多东西。Simple or complex, why are all of these robotic devices suddenly possible? Oddly enough, it’s because of the rise of the smartphone, says Dmitry Grishin, an entrepreneur and investor who serves as chief executive of Mail.ru Group and founded Grishin Robotics.不管是简单的还是复杂的,这些机器人设备为什么一夜之间离我们如此之近?说来也奇怪,这恰恰是由于智能手机的崛起,Mail.ru集团首席执行官,Grishin Robotics公司创始人,企业家,投资人德米特里o格里辛这样说道。“Right now, because of the revolution in technology and smartphones. a lot of components that weren’t designed for robots—cameras, sensors, batteries, processors, and all of that—have become really cheap,” he says. “And that has completely changed the whole industry.”他指出:“归功于科技革命和智能手机的兴起,很多并非为机器人设计的元件,比如摄像头、传感器、电池和处理器等等,都变得非常便宜了。这从根本上改变了整个行业的面貌。”There are three markets where exoskeletons and their less sophisticated siblings are most likely to first appear: the medical devices industry, heavy industry, and the military. Here’s a look at each.外骨骼装置以及其它一些没有那么复杂的可穿戴机械设备,很可能会率先在以下三个市场上出现。它们分别是:医疗设备行业、重工业和军事领域。Medical医疗The first medical device to be approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for home and community use by paraplegics is called the ReWalk, an Israeli-made exoskeleton that takes cues from upper body movements to take steps, stop, and sit down. Clinical rehabilitation is one of its major selling points.第一款通过美国食品及药品监督(FDA)认,供家庭和社区使用的外骨骼系统名叫ReWalk,顾名思义,它的用途是帮助半身不遂者重新站起来。这款由以色列公司生产的外骨骼装置,可以通过判断上半身的动作来完成走、停、坐、上下台阶等动作。临床康复是它的主要卖点之一。There are something like 240,000 people with spinal cord damage in the U.S., says Anne Spungen, associate director of the Spinal Cord Damage Research Center in New York. Spungen has investigated the uses of exoskeletal walking devices, including the ReWalk, at the Veterans Affairs facility in the Bronx where the center is located. The VA is the largest provider of services to people with spinal cord injury in the ed States, serving approximately 22,000 of the 42,000 veterans with the injuries.纽约脊椎损伤研究中心(Spinal Cord Damage Research Center)副主任安妮o斯庞根表示,美国约有24万人患有脊椎损伤。在该中心所在地,位于纽约布朗克斯区的退伍军人事务部(Veterans Affairs)里,斯庞根调查了各种外骨骼助步设备的使用情况,其中就包括ReWalk。退伍军人事务部是美国最大的脊椎损伤病人务机构,为大约22,000名脊椎损伤的退伍军人提供务(患有这种疾病的退伍军人共42,000名)。There are several other platforms for paraplegics besides the ReWalk, including the Ekso, Indego, and REX Bionics. “My motto is not to compare these devices to each other. They are all good in some way,” Spungen says. “We need the field to advance. We need them all to come forward.”除了ReWalk之外,也有一些其它平台可以为半身不遂者提供帮助,比如Ekso、Indego和 REX Bionics等公司的产品。斯庞根表示:“我的理念是,不拿这些设备进行相互比较,他们都挺好的,各有各的优势。我们需要这一领域不断向前发展,但愿这些制造商都能够更进一步。”The first patient took a ReWalk home in July. It’s not cheap. The price for one is ,500, and ReWalk CEO Larry Jasinski says he doesn’t expect that to change anytime soon. “We believe the system pricing is fair and that it is a net cost-saver to the insuring community,” he says. “Scale will help margins which will allow more focus or spending on Ramp;D for improvements and new applications.” (On Tuesday, ReWalk Robotics set the terms for a million IPO on Nasdaq, valuing the company at 8 million. In its filing, it revealed that it has sold 81 systems to date.)第一台ReWalk于今年七月被一名患者买回了家,69,500美元的价格可着实不便宜。ReWalk公司CEO拉里o亚辛斯基表示,他认为这种局面短期内可能不会改变。“我们认为这套系统的定价是合理的,而且还为保险业省了不少成本。”他还表示:“如果生产规模扩大,将有助于利润率的提高,从而有助于我们投入更多研发费用对它进行改进,或开发新的应用。”(本周二,ReWalk Robotics公司向纳斯达克提交了IPO招股书,拟上市融资5,000万美元,该公司的估值也将达到1.88亿美金。ReWalk在上市文件中批露,截至目前,该公司已经卖出了81套外骨骼系统。)Another device, Honda’s Walk Assist, is currently under trial at the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago. (The Japanese company has yet to disclose an expected retail price.) The device is built for fully ambulatory people who may need assistance for one reason or another, such as the elderly.与此同时,本田公司(Honda)生产的Walk Assist正在芝加哥康复研究院(Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago)接受测试。(本田公司尚未批露这款设备的零售价。)这款设备是为那些还没有完全失去自主行走能力,但因为某些原因需要辅助的人设计的——比如老年人。Despite the promising start, Grishin believes the regulated nature of the medical market makes it unlikely that breakthroughs will happen there. “Innovation happens when you can move very quickly,” he says. “I think the big innovation in this market will not come from medical.”尽管几家公司都拥有不错的发展前景,但格里辛认为,由于医疗行业历来是政府重点监管的对象,可穿戴机械设备的重大突破应该不会首先发生在这个领域。他表示:“创新一般发生在你可以快速行动的领域。我认为这个市场的‘大创新’不会发生在医疗行业。”Industrial工业A number of companies see opportunity in using robotics to ease strain on factory workers who, for example, need to squat repeatedly throughout the day or bear weight while walking. Honda is one of them, and introduced an experimental device for the purpose in 2008. “At the moment, the biggest engineering challenge is in ensuring that the device will work the same way for every body type that may need to use it,” says Jeffrey Smith, an assistant vice president at Honda of North America. “This is not just a device made for the elderly, but it was designed with all of society in mind.”有些公司已经发现,可穿戴机械设备可以用来给从事繁重劳动的工人减负。比如有些工人整天需要不停地蹲下再站起,或者要每天要扛很重的东西走来走去。本田就是这样一家公司。早在2008年,本田就推出了一款试验性设备。本田北美分公司助理副总裁杰弗里o史密斯表示:“当前最大的挑战是让这款设备能够适用于各种体型。它不光是为上年纪的人设计的,而是为所有人设计的。”Smith said that advances in materials and battery technology have been important in the development of Honda’s device—not just for extending its battery life but in providing consistent power levels and performance.史密斯表示,材料和电池工艺的进步,对本田开发这款设备起了很重要的作用——不仅因为它延长了电池寿命,同时也保障了它能提供持续一致的功率水平和性能表现。Another, experimental device is more of a wearable robot than an exoskeleton in that it gives its user additional limbs rather than increasing his or her strength. FredericoParietti, a mechanical engineer and doctoral candidate at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, is working on research commissioned by the aerospace company Boeing, which faces the problem of its highly-skilled factory workforce aging.此外,这款试验性设备更加符合“可穿戴机械设备”的称号,因为它为用户提供了额外的肢体,而不是像外骨骼系统那样只是强化现有肢体的力量。为了应对熟手工人老龄化的问题,航空业巨头波音公司(Boeing)委托麻省理工学院(MIT)机械工程师,士研究生弗雷德里科o帕里亚蒂从事这项研究。Parietti and other researchers at MIT’s d’Arbeloff Laboratory observed that many Boeing factory jobs were two-person jobs where one worker performed skilled work while another well-trained worker merely assisted, such as holding an object in place. The team began building a robot that could work as a set of extra limbs and perform the less-skilled tasks in a two-person job, freeing up the other skilled worker to do higher-level work. The team’s biggest challenge is software: the robot can’t take voice commands because the factory floor is too noisy, and so must learn to take the lead from the skilled worker.帕里亚蒂和MIT达贝洛夫实验室的其他研究人员发现,波音工厂的许多工作都需要两人合作完成,其中一名工人进行技术工作,另外一个熟手工人几乎只是在打下手,比如扶着某个零件。因此,该团队构建了一个能充当“第三只手”的机器人,它可以从事一些技术性不高的任务,让另一名熟练工人去做更高级的工作。这个团队面临的最大挑战就是软件:由于工厂车间噪音太大了,导致机器人无法接收语音指令,因此它必须学会如何接受熟练工人的指令。“We have so many sensors that are recording human motion,” Parietti says. “So how do you extract from those data what is the human’s intention?” The MIT-Boeing system is still in development and may be y for deployment in two years.帕里亚蒂表示:“我们有很多用来记录人体动作的传感器。那么如何从这些数据中判断这个人的意图?”目前这套MIT与波音合作的系统仍在研发中,可能两年后就可投入应用。Among the most complex assist devices for industrial use is the Body Extender, the work of the Perceptual Robotics Laboratory (better known as Percro) at the ScuolaSuperioreSant’Anna near Pisa, Italy. The exoskeleton, which resembles the futuristic machinery in comic books (Mobile Suit Gundam Wing comes to mind), is designed to greatly increase a person’s strength—up to 10 times, according to the company, which would benefit the handling of materials (e.g. aircraft fuselage panels) too heavy for a single human to carry or position.意大利比圣安娜高等学校的感知机器人实验室(Percro)推出的Body Extender,是工业应用辅助设备中最复杂的设备之一。这套外骨骼系统看起来有点像漫画书里的未来机甲【让人不由得想起《机动战士高达》(Mobile Suit Gundam Wing))。该公司称,它可以极大地提高一个人的力量,最高可以提高至10倍,很适合用来搬运一个人抬不动的材料(比如飞机的机身壁板)。Military军事Like industry, the military wants strength for its skilled workers. Information about these devices is tightly guarded, but it’s known that what is now Ekso Bionics developed the core technology that Lockheed Martin is using to build the HULC Robotic Exoskeleton (its name is pronounced like the incredible Marvel Comics superhero), a battery-powered, hydraulic system that helps a soldier squat, crawl, and lift while carrying pack loads of up to 200 lbs.像工业界一样,军队也希望提高士兵的力量。虽然美军对有关信息守口如瓶,但我们现在已经知道,洛克希德马丁公司(Lockheed Martin)正在利用Ekso Bionics公司开发的核心技术,打造一款名叫HULC Robotic的外骨骼系统。【它的发音听起来跟那位令人难以置信的《惊奇漫画》(Marvel Comics)超级英雄恰好是一样的。)这套外骨骼系统是液压系统,由电池提供动力,可以帮助士兵完成蹲下、匍匐等动作,以及负载重达200磅的装备。Similarly, Battelle, the science and technology development company, is working with the U.S. Special Operations Command to develop what it calls the Tactical Assault Light Operator Suit. Not much is known about the Talos suit, but the technology site Gizmodo got a good look at the helmet in July, confirming an intention to use technology to pack more gear on a soldier’s body and make it feel like he or she is carrying less than ever. (Will he ever fly? Probably not, but if he can run at length with fifty pounds of dead weight on his body, close enough.)科技开发公司Battelle也与美国特种作战司令部合作,开发了一款所谓的“战术突击轻甲”(Tactical Assault Light Operator Suit)。虽然我们还不大清楚这套盔甲的细节,但是科技网站Gizmodo今年七月有机会近距离接触了这套盔甲,确任了它能够让士兵在负载更多装备的同时,还觉得自己身轻如燕。(那么有了这套“钢铁侠战衣”,他能飞起来吗?或许不能,不过如果他背着50磅的负载还能健步如飞,那也和飞差不了多少了。)In Grishin’s view, the military will be too protective about what it develops for its advances to trickle into the private sector for use in other applications. But profits in military technology are a good source for Ramp;D funds for other applications that could reach consumers, he says, and for that reason Grishin is optimistic that gear-heads in certain areas—say, extreme sports—will demand exoskeletons of their own.在格里辛看来,军事行业对先进技术的保护过度,从而使这些技术很难流入私人部门用于其它用途。但是军工技术的利润会带来巨额的研发经费,从而有助于开发其他用于民用的应用。因此格里辛对军工技术转入某些领域感到很乐观——比如极限运动也可能需要专用的外骨骼系统。From simplified tools to fully developed exoskeletons, wearable robotics are in a sense the debut of a new technological platform. The devices promise to allow individuals—and by extension, the companies and organizations that manage them—to perform tasks with more strength, precision, and computational capacity. The Industrial Revolution and the Information Age each threatened to cut humans out of the picture in the name of efficiency. What if combining them puts us right back in the center?在某种意义上,从简单的工具到复杂的外骨骼系统,可穿戴机械设备意味着一种新的技术平台即将粉墨登场。这些设备将使人们——还包括管理他们的企业和机构——采用更大的力量、精确性和计算性能来从事高难度任务。工业革命和信息时代使人类在机器面前越来越被边缘化,那么让人穿上“机械战甲”,会不会让我们重回时代的舞台中央? /201409/326524


  Dell Inc. (DELL) today filed a proxy statement, detailing the process leading up its its .4 billion buyout proposal from CEO Michael Dell and private equity firm Silver Lake Partners. The proxy also includes details from the company#39;s recent ;go-shop; period, which resulted in nonbinding indications of interest from The Blackstone Group (BX) and Carl Icahn.上周五,戴尔公司(Dell)发布了股东签署的委托书。委托书详细阐述了首席执行官迈克尔?戴尔和私募基金公司银湖资本(Silver Lake Partners)联手开出的总价高达224亿美元的收购要约的出炉过程。它还包括了该公司近期接受“询价”的详情,这轮询价后,戴尔获得了黑石集团(Blackstone Group)和卡尔?伊坎不具约束力的投资意向。The entire package is 274 pages long, and certainly would make a good Friday night if you#39;re an Mamp;A junkie (or, more specifically, a lonely Mamp;A junkie). For the rest of you, here is a breakdown of the more interesting cuts:这份文件足有274页之多。如果你是个并购迷(或者说的确切点,是个没啥朋友的并购迷),那它会是你周末晚上的绝佳读物。而对其他人来说,看看我们为大家摘取的一些精华就够了:Inception: The first group to approach Michael Dell about a possible buyout was Southeastern Asset Management, the company#39;s largest outside shareholder which has said it plans to vote against the current proposal. That was last June. The following month, a representative of Silver Lake approached Michael Dell at an industry conference to suggest the two sit down. The proxy does not say which industry conference, but I#39;m 99.9% certain it was Fortune Brainstorm Tech in Aspen (where Michael Dell and Silver Lake#39;s Egon Durban both spoke). Michael Dell soon would reach out to another private equity firm (believed to be KKR) for advice, before formally advising Dell#39;s lead independent director, Alex Mandl, on August 14. Three days later the entire board was informed and began putting Mamp;A infrastructure in place -- including the creation of a special committee.发端:最早接触迈克尔?戴尔,表示有意收购的集团是东南资产管理公司(Southeastern Asset Management),但它最大的外部股东表示反对这一提案。这是去年6月的事了。7月,银湖资本的一位代表在一个行业会议上找到迈克尔?戴尔,建议两家公司坐下来商谈。委托书并未说明这是在哪次行业会议上,但我敢打包票,那就是阿斯彭举办的“《财富》头脑风暴技术大会”(the Fortune Brainstorm Tech conference)(当时迈克尔?戴尔和银湖资本的埃贡?德班都做了发言)。此后不久,迈克尔?戴尔就去请教另一家私募基金了(据信是KKR集团)。到了8月14号,他又将这一意向正式通报了戴尔重量级的独立董事阿历克斯?曼德尔。三天后,董事会全体接到了通知,同时开始搭建并购的基础架构——包括筹建一个特别委员会。Financial mismanagement: The driving force behind the special committee seemed to be less that Michael Dell wanted to buy Dell, and more that Dell management was serially incapable of accurately forecasting company performance. For example, on August 21 the company reported quarterly earnings that were around 0 million less than internal management projections. Overall, Dell#39;s revenue came in significantly below management projections for seven straight quarters and, save for one quarter, below consensus analyst estimates. Things got so bad that, at one point, the special committee asked Boston Consulting Group -- which aly was advising on strategic alternatives -- to provide independent financial analysis of the company#39;s prospects.财务管理不善:成立这个特别委员会的主要动力似乎不是来自迈克尔?戴尔购买戴尔公司的意向,而更多是因为戴尔的管理层一再无法准确预测公司的业绩。比如,8月21日公司报出的季度营收要比公司管理层的内部预测要少了约3亿美元。总的来说,戴尔的营收已经连续七个月显著低于管理层的预期,而且除了一个月之外,还普遍低于分析师的预测。情况糟得无以复加,结果特别委员会只好一度请来了波士顿咨询集团(Boston Consulting Group)——该集团已经为戴尔的替代性战略提供咨询了——对公司的财务前景开展独立分析。To be honest, it#39;s kind of a wonder that CFO Brian Gladden still has his job. Moreover, if Blackstone Group were to launch a hostile bid, this financial information could be its most effective defense (i.e., current management -- including Michael Dell -- is unfit to run the business). Of course, that would assume Blackstone would be willing to risk its reputation on such an offer, and that it has the financial resources to replace the equity Michael Dell is rolling over as part of the Silver Lake deal (not to mention Microsoft#39;s billion loan). Oh, and that it has another CEO in place. Again, the chances of a formal Blackstone bid keep getting smaller the more I think about them.说实在的,首席财务官布莱恩?格莱登还能保住自己这个饭碗也真算奇迹了。再者,假如黑石集团真打算发起恶意收购,这个财务信息可能会成为它最有效的防御手段(比如,现任管理层——包括迈克尔?戴尔本人——不适合掌管戴尔公司业务)。当然,前提是黑石愿意为这个出价甘冒名声被毁的风险,而且能拿得出这么多钱来代替迈克尔?戴尔重新投入银湖资本交易的股份(更别提微软公司(Microsoft)那20亿美元的借款了)。噢,它还有另一个准备走马上任的首席执行官呢。我越想越觉得,黑石想正式出价的可能性微乎其微。This section also must be the toughest for Dell to swallow as a company, since it may make fidgety customers and employees even more nervous. On the other hand, Hewlett-Packard (HPQ) may be having a good laugh at its Austin rival#39;s expense.这部分也肯定是戴尔最难接受的,因为这可能会让它本已焦虑不安的客户和员工变得更加紧张。另一方面,惠普公司(Hewlett-Packard)可能也会对自己这位同在奥斯汀的对手的大笔开销看笑话。Pricing: Silver Lake originally proposed a purchase price range of .22-.16 per share, assuming that Michael Dell would roll his shares into the deal. Kohlberg Kravis Roberts amp; Co. (KKR) also put in a bid for - per share, assuming Michael#39;s shares plus those held by Southeastern -- plus a 0 million additional investment from Michael. Important to note that Southeastern was unaware of the KKR offer, and thus was ignorant of its hypothetical role.定价:银湖最初提出的收购价是每股11.22-12.16美元,并假定迈克尔?戴尔会把自己的股份也投入这笔交易中。KKR集团的出价也是每股12-13美元,并假定迈克尔的股份会加上东南资本持有的那些股份——加上迈克尔所做的5亿美元追加投资。值得一提的是,东南资本对KKR的出价并不知情,所以对自己被假设的角色也一无所知。The special committee, however, felt both offers undervalued Dell. Then, on Dec. 3, a Goldman Sachs (GS) analyst suggested that the company might be ripe for a leveraged buyout -- sending Dell stock up 4.4% to .06 per share. The next day, KKR dropped out of the process. It told special committee advisor J.P. Morgan (JPM) that its main sticking point was the uncertain PC market and competitive pressures -- two factors validated by Dell#39;s recent performance. That same day, Silver Lake raised its offer to .70 per share.不过,特别委员会觉得,这两笔出价都低估了戴尔公司的价值。结果,到了12月3日,高盛集团(Goldman Sachs)的一位分析师暗示,戴尔公司可能适合做杠杆收购——这一下子就让戴尔的股票涨了4.4%,到了每股10.06美元。而第二天,KKR就退出了收购阵营。它向特别委员会的顾问根大通(J.P. Morgan)表示,阻碍其采取进一步行动主要有两大原因,一是难以把握的PC市场,二是竞争压力——这也正是两个被戴尔近期的业绩表现所实的因素。就在同一天,银湖将出价抬高到了每股12.70美元。As the special committee kept pressing for a higher price, Michael Dell kept making his case for going private. He identified four things he would do with a privately-held Dell: (i) Increase Ramp;D for the company#39;s enterprise services group, (ii) Hire additional salespeople, (iii) Expand in emerging markets, and (iv) Invest new money into the PC and tablet business. In other words, he wants to create growth rather than strip-and-flip.就在特别委员会不断施压要求更高出价时,迈克尔?戴尔却提出了私有化的请求。他表示,如果戴尔私有化,他将推出四大举措:(i) 增加公司企业务集团的研发投入;(ii) 增加销售人员;(iii) 拓展新兴市场;(iv) 为PC和平板电脑业务增加投资。换言之,他是想让公司业绩增长,而不是套现走人。Then came a Bloomberg news report that Dell was in buyout talks, sending the stock up to .29 per share. The next day Silver Lake upped its offer to .90, but it was still seemed insufficient. Alex Mandl began talking to Michael Dell about strategic options were Dell to remain public, much of which involved cost-cutting (which was the opposite of Michael#39;s stated vision). Mandl also told Silver Lake that .75 was the magic price, but Silver Lake just couldn#39;t get there and threatened to walk. After a few more proposals it got to .65 per share, with Michael rolling over his shares at .36. This proposal also would allow Dell to continue paying out its dividend -- something it offered to suspend if the offer hit .80.随后又传来了彭社(Bloomberg)的报道,说戴尔正开始全盘收购谈判,这让股价升至每股12.29美元。第二天银湖就将出价提到了12.90美元,但还是不够。阿历克斯?曼德尔开始和迈克尔?戴尔商量,如果戴尔维持上市公司格局,应该采取什么战略,多数都涉及到削减成本(而这恰恰和迈克尔已经表明过的愿景背道而驰)。曼德尔还向银湖表示,13.75美元是很完美的价格,但银湖就是不答应,还威胁要退出。几轮弈后,收购价提到了每股13.65美元,而迈克尔则以13.36美元的股价投入自己的股份。这个方案还是能让戴尔继续付红利——而如果收购价达到了13.80美元这就没戏了。In short, the special committee moved Silver Lake from .22-.16 to .65.一句话,是特别委员会推着银湖把出价从11.22-12.16美元一路提高到13.65美元。Southeastern math: When the agreement was announced, Southeastern issued a statement saying that .65 per share ;grossly undervalues; Dell. It also offered up its own analysis, saying the company is worth at least per share. In private, however, Southeastern said it would be okay with a - per share bid so long as it and other ;large existing; shareholders were given the opportunity to roll over a portion of shares. Later in the proxy, the ;large existing; language is dropped in favor of the more inclusive ;shareholders.;东南资本的算法:就在双方协议达成宣布之际,东南资本发布了一个声明,称13.65美元“严重低估了”戴尔公司的价值。它同时还拿出了自己的分析,称戴尔每股至少值24美元。不过东南资本称,如果戴尔选择私有化,那每股14-15美元也是可以接受的,只要它和其他“现在的大”股东们有机会再投入一部分股份。后来在委托书中,所谓的“现在的大”这类措辞被更笼统的说法“股东”一词取而代之了。Go-Shop: Evercore Partners contacted 67 different parties during the go-shop, with 10 entering the process. We#39;ve aly detailed the end results, but a few interesting tidbits (1) Insight Venture Partners, working with Blackstone, has never held discussions with members of Dell management. (2) As Fortune previously reported, Blackstone threatened to walk away unless Dell agreed to reimburse its out-of-pocket expenses. (3) TPG Capital conducted two weeks of due diligence during the original process, opting not to submit a bid. But it did reappear during the ;go-shop,; working with Blackstone. Unclear why it wasn#39;t part of the final Blackstone bid, but that sure makes it harder for Blackstone to do this deal without Michael Dell#39;s shares. (4) Still unclear why the special committee thinks Carl Icahn#39;s proposal could result in a superior bid, when it is premised on a dividend recap that the special committee aly examined and determined would pose too many long-term risks.询价:在询价阶段,Evercore Partners共接触过67家客户,其中10家最终参与了竞价。我们已对最终结果做了详细报道,但还有一些花边新闻值得关注:(1)与黑石合作的Insight Venture Partners从未和戴尔的管理层展开过会谈。(2)《财富》杂志(Fortune)报道过,黑石曾威胁称,除非戴尔同意补偿现款付的费用,否则就退出竞价。(3)德州太平洋投资集团(TPG Capital)一开始做过为期两周的尽职调查,但最后选择不出价。但在“询价”阶段它又现身了,和黑石展开了合作。现在还不清楚为何黑石最终出价中不包括它,但这肯定让黑石在没有迈克尔?戴尔股份的情况下更难达成这笔交易了。(4)还不清楚为何特别委员会认为卡尔?伊坎的方案可能会带来最佳出价,它是建立在债务红利上的,对此特别委员会已做过详细审查,同时认为它会带来过多的长期风险。Strip sale talks: During negotiations with Silver Lake, Dell received a call from an undisclosed strategic party, expressing interest in purchasing Dell Financial Services at book value (.5b-b). Boston Consulting Group examined the proposal, but determined it would not create sufficient value for Dell. Worth noting that another strategic party -- believed to be General Electric (GE) -- signed a joiner to Blackstone#39;s non-disclosure agreement, in order to conduct due diligence on DFS. This suggests Blackstone would sell DFS to GE -- a likely point of contention with Michael Dell (yet another reason why Blackstone is unlikely to bid).抛售谈判:在与银湖展开谈判过程中,戴尔公司接到过一个不明身份的战略投资方的电话,表示有意按照账面价值(35亿-40亿美元)收购戴尔的金融务业务。波士顿咨询公司(Boston Consulting Group)在审查过该提案后认为它无法为戴尔带来足够的价值。值得注意的是,另一个战略投资方——据信是通用电气(General Electric)——也和黑石签署了一个保密协议,以对戴尔的金融务业务开展尽职调查。这意味着黑石有意把戴尔金融卖给通用电气——这可能是与迈克尔?戴尔起争执的另一个要点(也是另一个为何黑石不太会出价的原因)。 /201304/233225

  Scientists have confirmed that people who take regular exercise are less likely to be depressed, provided the activity is carried out in leisure time. However, people who exert themselves at work, for instance by digging up roads or heavy lifting, were no less likely to suffer depression than those in sedentary desk jobs。  英国《每日电讯报》11月1日报道称,科学家近日实,休闲时间多做锻炼的人较少抑郁。但是,与文职工作相比,活动量大的工作(如挖掘路面、抬举重物等)并不会起到相同的效果。  Researchers from the Institute of Psychiatry, King's College London teamed up with colleagues in Norway to carry out the study of 40,401 Norwegian residents. Participants were asked how often they engaged in both light and intense physical activity during their leisure time. People were also asked how physically active they were at work. All the volunteers were given a physical examination and answered questions aimed at assessing their levels of depression and anxiety。  来自精神病学中心、国王学院的研究人员和挪威同行一道,对40401名挪威志愿者进行了测试。接受测试人员者需回答他们在休闲时间参加轻、重体力活动的频繁程度,以及工作时的体力劳动强度。所有志愿者都进行了体能检测,并回答旨在评估他们的抑郁和焦虑水平的问题。  The study found that individuals who took part in regular physical activity – however mild or intense – were less likely to have symptoms of depression. However, this only held true when activity was part of leisure. Those who were not active in their leisure time were almost twice as likely to suffer symptoms of depression than the most active individuals。 结果发现,经常参加体力活动者(不论活动量大小)身上抑郁的症状较少。然而,该结论只适用于闲时活动。而那些“闲时不动”者有抑郁症的可能性是最活跃者的两倍。  Lead researcher Samuel Harvey said: "We also found that the context in which activity takes place is vital and that the social benefits associated with exercise, like increased numbers of friends and social support, are more important in understanding how exercise may be linked to improved mental health than any biological markers of fitness。  该研究带头人萨缪尔-哈维称:“我们还发现活动的环境很关键,而同锻炼相关的社会受益,像朋友数目以及社会持的增加,在理解活动有益于心理健康方面,比任何保护健康的生化药品都重要。” /201011/117201。

  Facebook#39;s billion purchase of WhatsApp is a reminder about the uncertain fate of another messaging application: BlackBerry#39;s BBM.Facebook Inc.以190亿美元收购WhatsApp,让人想起了另一款通讯应用悬而未决的命运:黑莓(BlackBerry Ltd.)的BBM。For years, BBM was one of the most popular instant-messaging tools in several countries, particularly in the developing world. In fast-growing countries like Indonesia and Nigeria, BBM dominated the messaging landscape. Pop stars wrote songs about it.多年来BBM在一些国家(尤其是发展中国家)一直是最受欢迎的即时通讯工具之一,在印度尼西亚、尼日利亚等快速增长的国家中称雄于通讯软件版图,甚至有流行歌手为其写歌谱曲。But other messaging apps have since overtaken BBM. WhatsApp, for instance, has 450 million monthly active users and is adding a million new users a day, according to the company. BBM has around 80 million monthly actives users, about half of whom don#39;t use the app on BlackBerry#39;s smartphones. (In 2012, there were 55 million monthly active BBM users on BlackBerry devices).但随后其他一些通讯应用取代了BBM的地位。据WhatsApp称,公司每月活跃用户达4.5亿,并且用户数还在以每天100万的速度增长。而BBM每月活跃用户约8,000万,其中约一半用户不在黑莓的智能手机上使用这款应用(2012年每月全球约有5,500万活跃用户在黑莓设备上使用BBM)。Still, even as BlackBerry#39;s core smartphone business was crumbling, BBM was considered a bright spot. This past summer, BlackBerry executives considered spinning off BBM into into its own company. Internally, executives referred to the unit as BBM Inc. The messaging app#39;s prospects routinely came up in news about possible BlackBerry buyers.尽管黑莓的智能手机核心业务处于困境,BBM却仍被视为该公司业务的一个亮点。黑莓高层曾在去年夏天考虑将BBM剥离为独立子公司,他们在公司内部将其称作BBM Inc.。每当有黑莓潜在买家的消息出现,这一通讯应用的前景也都会照例被提及。Now that WhatsApp has Facebook#39;s marketing might behind it, does BBM stand a chance?如今WhatsApp背后有着Facebook强大的营销实力,BBM还有翻身的希望吗?It#39;s unclear how BlackBerry plans to catch up to other messaging apps like WhatsApp, or whether it will take BBM in a different direction entirely.黑莓BBM打算如何追赶上WhatsApp这样的通讯应用?亦或它是否将朝着一个全然不同的方向发展?这些都不得而知。This fall, after years of internal deliberation and as it became clear that sales of its devices had collapsed, BlackBerry made BBM available to iPhone and Android users. That led to an early surge of downloads, but numbers have tapered off since. Adding to this uncertainty, BlackBerry#39;s executive in charge of BBM, Andrew Bocking, left earlier this month.经过数年的深思熟虑,伴随着设备销量大幅下滑成为明确问题,黑莓终于在去年秋天推出了iPhone版和安卓(Android)版的BBM应用。然而其下载量在经历了最初的大幅增长后便逐渐减少。本月早些时候,负责BBM业务的黑莓高管金(Andrew Bocking)离开了公司,给BBM的未来又添了一层不确定性。The man now in charge of BBM, John Sims, runs the company#39;s enterprise business. That might provide one possible road for BBM. John Chen, BlackBerry#39;s chief executive, has said he plans to make BBM a more enterprise-focused messaging tool, though he hasn#39;t provided any details about how he plans to do this.如今负责BBM业务的西姆斯(John Sims)管理着公司的企业业务,这或许为BBM铺开了另一条潜在发展道路。黑莓首席执行长程守宗(John Chen)曾表示他计划将BBM打造成为一个更侧重企业务的通讯工具,不过他并未给出其计划的具体内容。Whatever BBM#39;s future, investors think there#39;s an upside for BlackBerry. After the Facebook-WhatsApp deal was announced, shares of BlackBerry jumped as much as 8% in after hours trading.先不管BBM的未来如何,反正投资者是在看好黑莓。在Facebook宣布收购WhatsApp后,黑莓股价在盘后交易时段一度跃升8%。 /201402/276720

  SAN FRANCISCO — For Apple, the iPhone continues to be the device that makes the company tick.旧金山——对于苹果(Apple)来说,iPhone依然是让公司保持动力的柱产品。While top rivals like Samsung are starting to show weakness in phone sales, Apple sold 35.2 million iPhones in the third fiscal quarter, up 13 percent from the period a year ago. The total was slightly below the estimates of analysts, who had expected 36 million iPhones to be sold.在三星(Samsung)等强劲对手在手机销售方面开始显露疲态的同时,苹果第三财季iPhone销量为3520万部,同比增长了13%。不过,这个数字略低于分析师的3600万部预期。But for Apple, slightly disappointing analysts on iPhone sales does not appear to be cause for alarm. The company, which is based in Cupertino, Calif., reported profit of .75 billion in the quarter that ended June 28, up from .9 billion in the quarter a year earlier.但对于苹果来说,iPhone销量让分析师略感失望似乎也没有担心的必要。在截至6月28日的财季,总部位于加州库比提诺的苹果公司录得77.5亿美元利润,高于去年同期的69亿美元。Revenue was .43 billion, up from .32 billion in the quarter a year ago. Wall Street analysts had expected revenue of .93 billion, according to a survey of analysts by Thomson Reuters.苹果这一财季的营收为374.3亿美元,高于去年同期的353.2亿美元。根据汤森路透(Thomson Reuters)的数据,华尔街分析师的预期为379.3亿美元。Healthy sales of Macs also helped fuel the growth, the company said. Apple reported selling 4.4 million Macs, up from 3.8 million in the same quarter last year, beating analysts’ expectations of about 3.9 million.苹果表示,Mac电脑可观的销售状况也助推了增长。苹果在这一财季售出了440万台Mac电脑,高于去年同期的380万台,超出了分析师约390万台的预期。The strong iPhone sales, thanks in part to a recent distribution deal with China Mobile, offset other, more disappointing results from Apple’s other signature product, the iPad. The company sold 13.3 million iPads, down 9 percent from the year-ago quarter. Analysts had predicted it would sell an average of 14.4 million.iPhone的强劲销量一定程度上要归功于不久前与中国移动达成的一项分销协议,也抵消了苹果另一款主打产品iPad令人失望的业绩。这一财季的iPad销量为1330万部,同比下降了9%。分析师此前的平均预期为1440万部。But a small dip in iPad sales is not so bad if iPhone sales are up. Apple’s gross profit margin was 39.4 percent, up 2.5 percentage points from the quarter a year ago. Apple makes more money on each iPhone than it does on each iPad, so when sales momentum shifts away from the iPad toward the iPhone, profit margins are better.但如果iPhone销量上升,iPad销量即使小幅下滑也无大碍。苹果这一财季的毛利率为39.4%,同比增长了2.5个百分点。每部iPhone带来的利润要高于iPad,所以如果销售势头从iPad转移到iPhone,利润率会出现增长。And unlike Samsung, which is having a difficult time fending off low-cost competition from companies like Xiaomi and Huawei, sales in China gave Apple a big boost over the quarter. Apple’s revenue in China grew 28 percent from a year ago.三星正在艰难地抵抗来自小米和华为等公司的低成本竞争。与三星不同,苹果公司这一财季的在华销售为公司带来了极大的提振。苹果在华营收同比增长了28%。China is an increasingly vital market for the company, especially now that the smartphone markets in the ed States and parts of Europe have become saturated.对于苹果来说,中国市场的重要性正日益增强,尤其是因为美国和欧洲部分地区的智能手机市场已经出现饱和。In fact, the importance of China would be an impetus for Apple to develop a lower-cost, big-screen iPhone to target the Asian region, said Ben Bajarin, a consumer technology analyst for Creative Strategies.创意策略公司(Creative Strategies)的消费科技分析师本·巴加林(Ben Bajarin)说,事实上,中国市场的重要性将成为苹果以亚洲地区为目标、开发成本更低的大屏iPhone的动力所在。IDC, the research firm, estimates that at least 20 percent of all smartphones shipped last year in China were five inches or larger. It predicts that number will balloon to 50 percent by 2017.据研究公司国际数据公司(IDC)估计,去年在中国销售的智能手机中,至少20%拥有五英寸及以上大小的屏幕。该公司预计,这一比例到2017年将飙升至50%。“Positioning a lower-cost iPhone that’s in the larger screen size would fit Asia’s trend perfectly,” Mr. Bajarin said.巴加林说,“推出一款屏幕更大、价格更低的iPhone将完全符合亚洲的趋势。”And that is what Apple intends to do in the fall, according to a person briefed on Apple’s product plans who spoke on the condition of anonymity because the plans were private. Analysts expect Apple torelease two sizes — a model with a screen that measures 4.7 inches diagonally and the other at 5.5 inches.一名了解苹果产品计划的知情者说,这正是苹果今年秋天打算做的事。由于这些计划是保密的,知情者要求匿名。分析师预计,苹果将推出两种型号,屏幕尺寸分别为4.7英寸和5.5英寸。Still, the excitement over the iPhone was tempered somewhat by iPad results.“IPad sales met our expectations, but we realize they didn’t meet many of yours,” Timothy D. Cook, Apple’s chief executive, told analysts on the company’s financial earnings call. Shares of Apple were down about half a percentage point in after-hour trading Tuesday evening.尽管如此,iPad销量下降或多或少还是冲淡了iPhone的强劲表现所引发的兴奋。“iPad销量达到了我们的预期,但我们知道,它没有达到你们许多人的预期,”蒂莫西·D·库克(Timothy D. Cook)在公司的财报电话会议中对分析师说。周二晚间,苹果股票在盘后交易时段下跌了约0.5%。In an interview, Luca Maestri, Apple’s chief financial officer, said iPad sales brought in mixed results in different regions. In China and India, tablet sales grew substantially. In more mature markets, like the ed States, however, iPad sales were softer.苹果首席财务官卢卡·马埃斯特里(Luca Maestri)在采访中说,iPad销量因地区而异。在中国和印度,平板电脑的销售出现了大幅增长。在美国等更成熟的市场,iPad的销售就会低迷一些。Apple cited data from IDC, the research firm, indicating that tablet sales in the ed States and Western Europe would decline 5 percent last quarter.苹果援引IDC的数据表示,在美国和欧洲西部国家,平板电脑的销量上季度可能下降了5%。Traditionally, the quarter ending in June is a slow time of year for smartphone sales industrywide because many consumers are holding out until fall or the holiday shopping season to buy new smartphones.传统上讲,对整个行业来说,截至6月的季度都是一年之中智能手机销售较为缓慢的时间段,这是因为许多消费者都想等到秋天或假期购物季再购买新的智能手机。Samsung Electronics, the No. 1 handset maker in the world and Apple’s top rival in the mobile handset industry, is no exception to this trend. This month, Samsung said it estimated its quarterly profit would fall 24 percent compared with the period a year ago. In part, the company blamed the time period — a slow season for smartphone sales in China, the largest smartphone market in the world — for the shortfall. The company also blamed intense competition from its low-cost rivals.作为世界第一大手机制造商,以及苹果在手机业的头号竞争对手,三星电子也不例外。三星本月表示,预计本财季利润同比将下降24%。三星认为,这部分是因为目前是中国智能手机销售的淡季,而中国是世界上最大的智能手机市场,另一个原因是来自低成本竞争对手的激烈竞争。Tablet sales shrank for Samsung, too, last quarter. The company said that generally, consumers upgrade tablets less often than they do smartphones.三星上季度平板电脑销量也出现下降。公司表示,总的来说,消费者更换平板电脑的频率低于智能手机。That might be the same reason iPad sales slowed this quarter as well.这可能也是这一财季iPad销量放缓的原因。“It’s part of a pattern — lots of new people are buying iPads, but people who aly have them haven’t been replacing them very quickly,” said Jan Dawson, an independent telecom analyst for Jackdaw Research.杰克道研究公司(Jackdaw Research)独立电信分析师简·道森(Jan Dawson)说,“这是有规律的——许多新用户在购买iPad,但已经拥有iPad的人不会很快更新换代。”Mr. Maestri of Apple added that he believed Apple’s new partnership with IBM would only help lift iPad sales among businesses using tablets. Earlier this month, the companies said they would work together on 100 business programs exclusively for iPhones and iPads.苹果的马埃斯特里还表示,他相信,苹果与IBM新的伙伴关系将会提升iPad在使用平板设备的企业中的销量。本月早些时候,两家公司表示,将共同开发专门用于iPhone和iPad的100款企业程序。Mr. Maestri said he felt it was too early to draw conclusions about how often people replace iPads, because the first iPad came out only four years ago. “We still don’t know exactly what the replacement cycles are,” he said.马埃斯特里说,他认为对于人们多长时间更换iPad的问题,现在下结论为时过早,因为第一台iPad四年前才面世。他说,“我们现在还不知道更换周期究竟是怎样的。” /201407/314821


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