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German chancellor Angela Merkel is facing increasing pressure at home after her justice minister warned that attackers identified as migrants in Cologne on New Year’s Eve were members of an organised crime network.德国总理安格拉默克尔(Angela Merkel)在国内受到越来越大的压力,此前德国司法部长警告称,跨年夜在科隆参与群体性侵犯的移民是一个有组织犯罪网络的成员。Heiko Maas said the mass sexual assaults and robberies that took place in the centre of the German city as thousands celebrated were co-ordinated by men using smart phones and social networks.海科氠斯(Heiko Maas)表示,科隆市中心在成千上万人欢庆新年之际发生的群体性侵犯和抢劫案件,是由一些男子利用智能手机和社交网络策划的。His claim came as Ms Merkel cancelled her regular trip to the Davos World Economic Forum, the global leadersgathering, this month in the wake of growing public outrage, mounting criticism of her refugee policy and worries over integrating migrants.马斯作出这个表态之际,默克尔面对愈演愈烈的公众愤怒、针对她的难民政策的越来越响亮的批评,以及对于如何引导移民融入主流社会的担心,取消了本月前往达沃斯、像往年那样参加领导人云集的世界经济论WEF)的计划。More than 500 women have now filed criminal complaints over the new year attacks in Cologne, with 40 per cent alleging sexual assaults and many victims identifying their attackers as men of Arab or North African origin.迄今已有超过500名女性就跨年夜科隆发生的侵犯事件提出刑事申诉,其0%声称遭到性侵犯,许多受害者指认袭击者是阿拉伯或北非血统的男子。In an interview with the Bild am Sonntag newspaper, Mr Maas said: “Nobody can tell me that this was not co-ordinated or prepared When such a horde meets to commit criminal acts it looks like it was planned in some form.”马斯在接受《周日图片报Bild am Sonntag)采访时表示:“如果有这么一群人聚集在一起,从事这样的犯罪行为,他们肯定有一定的组织方式。我绝对不相信这是一起没有经过策划或预谋的事件。”His remarks are significant as he is one of the Social Democrat members of Ms Merkel’s Christian Democrat-led grand coalition, and his party has championed minority rights for years. Now, under public pressure for action, the SPD is joining the chancellor’s CDU party in proposing tougher laws on migrant criminals.马斯的言论意义重大,因为他是默克尔的基民CDU)所领导的大联合政府中的社民SDP)成员之一,他所在的政党多年倡导少数族裔的权利。现在,在公众要求采取行动的压力之下,社民党加入基民盟的行列,提议出台更严厉的法律打击移民中的犯罪分子。At the weekend CDU leaders backed plans to extend judgespowers to order deportations for migrants convicted of serious crimes. Ms Merkel said offenders “must feel the full force of the law adding that the plans were not only in the interests of citizens but of “the great majority of refugees周末,基民盟领导人持扩大法官权力的计划,授权法官下令驱逐被判犯有严重罪行的移民。默克尔表示,罪犯“必须感受到法律的全部力量”,并称相关计划不仅符合公民的利益,也符合“绝大多数难民”的利益。来 /201601/422439A string of bombings ripped through Brussels Tuesday morning, claiming the lives of dozens of people and wounding hundreds.本周二上午在布鲁塞尔发生的一系列爆炸事件,造成数十人死亡、数百人受伤。The attacks, which ISIS claimed responsibility for, add to an aly deadly year of terrorism.;伊斯兰国;(ISIS)组织宣称对此次恐怖袭击负责,此次袭击事件让这个恐怖之年变得更加血腥。In the first three months of the year, terrorists shed blood across all corners of the world. There have only been nine days without a significant terror attack.今年的前3个月,恐怖分子在全球各个角落制造流血事件。只天没有出现重大恐怖袭击事件。Aggregated reports show that at least 2,200 people have aly died around the world due to terrorist activity as of March 22, 2016. So far, only 1 day in March have not been destroyed by terrorist attacks.累计报道显示,截0162日,全球各地至少200人死于恐怖主义活动。到目前为止月份只有1天没有被恐怖分子的袭击所破坏。Attacks claimed by or suspected to have been carried out by ISIS account for 20% of all terror attacks in 2016 thus far.ISIS以及疑似ISIS制造的袭击事件016年迄今为止所有恐怖袭击事件的20%。So far, the biggest casualties of the terrorist attacks have been in the Middle East and Africa.迄今为止,恐怖袭击造成的最大伤亡是在中东和非洲。来 /201603/433523

The continuing collapse in commodity prices pushed oil futures to new lows Monday, and analysts predicted that the slide was far from over.周一,大宗商品价格的持续下跌致使原油期货降至新低。分析人士预测,这种下降趋势还远远没有结束。Oil prices fell to their lowest level in 12 years; futures of West Texas intermediate crude closed at .41 a barrel, down 5.3 percent. Oil futures, which lost 30 percent last year, have declined every day of the year so far. Brent oil, the main international benchmark, lost 6.5 percent and closed at .36 a barrel.石油价格跌至12年来的最低水平,西德克萨斯中质原West Texas Intermediate)期货报收每桶31.41美元,下挫了5.3%。原油期货去年下0%,今年到目前为止每天都在下降。主要国际基准布伦特原油(Brent Crude)下滑6.5%,报收每1.36美元。Last year brought a broad-based reassessment in commodities, as the global economy slowed and demand from emerging markets like China, India and Brazil waned. The slump in oil prices deepened last week on renewed concerns about the health of Chinas economy, which led to a rout in global markets.去年,全球经济放缓,中国、印度和巴西等新兴市场的需求减少,大宗商品价格随之广泛受到重新评估。上周,由于中国经济状况再次引发担忧,全球市场下挫,油价下行的趋势进一步加剧。The drop in commodities is being felt throughout the energy sector and beyond. Saudi Arabia, for instance, said last week that it was considering selling shares in its state-run oil company, Aramco. Arch Coal, one of the biggest coal producers in the ed States, said Monday that it had filed for bankruptcy protection to cut its debt.能源及其他领域感受到了大宗商品价格的下跌。例如,沙特阿拉伯在上周表示,正在考虑出售持有的国有油企沙特阿美公Saudi Aramco)的股票。美国煤炭巨头阿奇煤炭公Arch Coal)在周一表示,公司已申请破产保护,以削减债务。Russias main stock indexes also plummeted Monday in their first day of trading after a lengthy winter holiday, as falling oil prices also cast a pall over the countrys energy-dependent economy. Oil and other commodities like natural gas and steel, which make up the bulk of Russias exports, have fallen sharply on fears of a slowdown in the Chinese economy.油价下降也给依赖能源的俄罗斯经济蒙上阴影,在本周一,也就是经过漫长冬季假期后的第一个交易日,俄罗斯主要股指遭到重挫。中国经济放缓引发的担忧导致石油及天然气、钢铁等俄罗斯主要的出口商品的价格大幅下降。“Every signal that the market is getting now suggest that we are going to continue to have an oil glut for some time to come,said Jason Bordoff, director of the Center on Global Energy Policy at Columbia University. “Iran is about to re-enter the market, demand numbers and economic indicators look relatively weak, U.S. supply is holding up in a low-price environment much better than people thought, and global inventories are growing.”“市场目前得到的所有信号都说明,在未来一段时间,石油供应会继续过剩,”哥伦比亚大学全球能源政策中Center on Global Energy Policy at Columbia University)主任贾森·尔多夫(Jason Bordoff)说。“伊朗正准备重新进入石油市场,而需求数据和经济指标看起来相对疲软,美国石油供应在低价环境中的表现比人们的预想好得多,全球库存量在不断增加。”In that situation, he said, even geopolitical tensions between Saudi Arabia and Iran, which would have generally spooked energy markets, have not had an impact on the markets perception of risk. In fact, the sharp increase in tensions between the two regional powers makes it less likely they will agree to stabilize oil markets within their membership in the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries.他表示,在这种情况下,沙特阿拉伯和伊朗之间的地缘政治冲突并没有影响市场对风险的感知。这类冲突本来通常会令能源市场紧张。实际上,这两个地区大国之间的矛盾急剧升级,反而使得它们更不可能在石油输出国组Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries)内部就稳定石油市场达成一致。“In that world, there is almost every indication that you want to be bearish,Bordoff said.尔多夫表示,“在那个世界中,几乎每个迹象都表明你应该看跌。”Most analysts expect more declines before prices recover. Goldman Sachs, which had predicted that oil might reach 0 a barrel during a “superspikebefore the 2008 financial crisis, forecast last year that prices might drop as low as a barrel in the current downward cycle.大多数分析人士认为在反弹之前还会进一步下跌。高Goldman Sachs)曾在2008年金融危机前预测,油价可能会“暴涨”到每桶200美元。而它在去年预计,油价在目前的下行周期内会跌至每桶20美元。Morgan Stanley also argued Monday that oil was possible if the ed States dollar made rapid gains. Analysts at Barclays cut their outlook for oil and copper prices. They still expect oil to rebound sometime in the second half of the year, but set an average price of a barrel in 2016, down from previous forecasts of to .根士丹Morgan Stanley)在周一也提出,如果美元迅速升值,油价达到每桶20美元是可能的。巴克莱(Barclays)的分析员下调了对油价与铜价的预估。他们仍然认为油价会在今年下半年的某个时候出现反弹,但把2016年油价的平均水平设为每桶37美元,低于之前预测的560美元。“Recent price declines for major commodities are now greater than in any crisis of the past 30 years and speculative positioning much more negative than it was even in the depths of the financial crisis,according to a research note by Barclays. “That suggests that although the price outlook is weaker than it was previously, the road ahead could be a very bumpy one.”“主要大宗商品价格近期的降幅比过0年经历的任何危机期间的降幅都要大,投机性头寸甚至比金融危机最严重的时期更消极,”巴克莱的研究报告称。“这说明虽然价格预估要低于之前,但前方的道路会很坎坷。”At the same time, the drop in oil is pushing down gasoline prices. The average retail price fell to .96 a gallon, according to AAA, down from .14 a gallon a year ago.与此同时,石油价格的下跌也导致汽油价格下降。根据美国汽车协AAA)公布的数据,汽油的平均零售价从一年前的每加仑2.14美元跌至日前.96美元。Separately, coal mining companies have been struggling as demand for coal declines. The drop in energy prices and stricter environmental regulations have made natural gas a much more attractive competitor to coal in the ed States.另外,随着煤炭需求的减少,采煤公司一直在苦苦挣扎。在美国,能源价格的下降及环境监管的加强使得天然气的吸引力大幅增强,成为煤炭的有力竞争对手。“With oil prices collapsing, renewables on the rise and coal companies going bankrupt, we are at a key inflection point in the energy transition,said Michael E, Webber, deputy director of the Energy Institute at the University of Texas at Austin. “Inflection points produce a lot of uncertainty and volatility for investors.”“随着油价崩溃、可再生能源愈发受欢迎、煤炭公司破产,我们正处于能源转型的关键转折点,”德克萨斯大学奥斯汀分校能源研究所(Energy Institute at the University of Texas at Austin)副主任迈克尔·E·韦伯(Michael E. Webber)说。“转折点会给投资者带来很多不确定性和波动性。”来 /201601/422697

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