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交通大学医学院附属新华医院美容整形科上海玫瑰文爱克做吸脂好吗The pipe I have here is about the size and shape of a kazoo, the children#39;s toy music pipe that makes buzzing sounds when you blow through it. So it#39;s not like any normal modern pipe with a long stem and a bowl at one end. This one is carved in reddish stone and has a flat base about four inches (10 cm) long, so it#39;s almost exactly the colour and the size of a bourbon biscuit, and at one end is carved a small hole to serve as the mouth piece. The pipe bowl is halfway down, but it#39;s no simple hollow for holding the tobacco, because it#39;s in the shape of the upper half of a swimming otter, with its paws perched on the bank of a river, and it looks as though it#39;s just popped up out of the water to look around. The stone is smooth, and to me it beautifully suggests the sleek wet fur of the animal. The otter looks along the pipe so that, as you smoke it, both you and the otter would be looking into each other#39;s eyes. But in fact you are even closer to this animal than that suggests, because if I try to smoke it now and put it to my mouth, I discover that I am literally nose-to-nose with the otter. And that contact would have been even more striking than it is now, because the empty eye sockets would have been inlayed with fresh water pearls. This wonderfully crafted and evocative object pinpoints in history the world#39;s earliest use of tobacco pipes. Sherlock Holmes probably didn#39;t know it, but this is where the story of pipe-smoking begins.这只烟斗的大小类似于卡祖笛。现代烟斗一般是一根一头带斗的长管,而文中这只由红色的石头雕成,还有一块长约十厘米的扁平底座,大小和颜色都与巧克力夹心饼干类似。底座的一头雕有小孔,起烟嘴的作用。斗的部分则位于中央,并非一个简单的碗形斗,而是形似一只漂在水里的水獭的上半身,仿佛它刚从水里冒出头,爪子搭在河岸上,正要四处张望。烟斗通体光润,完美表现出水獭湿漉漉的闪亮皮毛。水獭此刻正朝烟嘴的方向看去,人抽烟斗时就仿佛在与它对视。但其实抽烟的人与它之间的距离还会更近些:把烟斗含在嘴里,你的鼻子就会碰到水獭的鼻子。如今留在水獭眼窝处的深坑当年应镶嵌翁淡水珍珠,让抽烟人与水獭的接触更有趣味。这只工艺精美的烟斗是目前已知世界上最早被使用过的烟斗之一,福尔斯未必也知道,它是烟斗历史的起点。 Article/201412/351058玫瑰文爱克 口碑 Her courage inspires one of the prison guards,A man called Pudens, to convert.她的勇气感动了一名监狱看守 他叫布田 之后他也加入了基督教Thousands of Christians are executed.They become known as martyrs.数千名基督教徒被处以死刑 他们就是人们所尊称的殉道者But the more Christians the Romans kill,The more popular the religion becomes.但是罗马人杀死的基督教徒越多 基督教就越是盛行In 100 years, the number of followers grows from 200,000 to six million.一百年间 基督教徒数量 由二十万上升到六百万1 in 10 people in the empire is Christian.在罗马 每十人中就有一名基督教徒From North Africa to Britain,从北非到英国The religion becomes so common all laws against it are lifted.这个宗教变得如此流行 因此所有禁止它的法律均被废除And then, a watershed moment.之后 一个转折点来了The year is 337.The emperor Constantine is dying.公元337年 君士坦丁大帝驾崩He makes a decision that will shape the future Of the Roman Empire.临终前他做出了一个决定 决定了整个罗马帝国的未来;The time is arrived I have long hoped for,;我久久期盼的时刻终于到来;With an earnest desire and prayer,;作为一个虔诚的祷告者;That I might obtain the salvation of God.;;我可能会得到主的救赎;The most powerful man in the western world is baptized.西方世界最强大的人接受了洗礼For hundreds of years,Christianity was being quelled,数百年来 基督教一直被罗马帝国欺凌and put down by the Roman Empire, even persecuted.镇压甚至是迫害Now it#39;s okay to be a Christian.不过现在信奉基督教就没事了 Article/201510/406449杨浦区人民医院去痘印多少钱

奉贤区人民中医院去痘价格费用The sun is around 4.5 billion years old.And just like you and I,it#39;s aging,In just over a billion years,the sun will expand it so much that the heat will begin to melt the earth#39;s surface,So,is there any way as earth things can avoid this detrimental event?Can we save ourselves from the sun#39;s ultimate death?太阳已有大约45亿岁了。正如你我一样,它也在衰老。在10亿年后 它将变得巨大 它带来的热量会融化地球表面。地球生物怎么才能躲过这次致命的打击?在太阳消亡时我们能否自保?Sure,none of us would be here,assuming we don#39;t find the secret to everlasting life.but at the billion year mark,the sun will have used up the hydrogen fuel in its core,forcing it to burn at its surface.The increase radiation will boil away all of the water on earth,creating an international desert.当然 如果没发现长生不老的秘诀 我们活不到那时候。但十亿年后 太阳将会耗尽其内核所有的氢燃料,迫使其在表面燃烧。不断增强的辐射会蒸发干地球上所有的水分,造出洲际沙漠。Flash foward about 5 billion years,and the swelling sun will bigin literally melting mountains with most,if not all life on earth,now extinct.Around 7.5 billion years,the expanding sun,now a red giant,will engulf the earth entirely,Sounds bleak,so can we avoid this hot mass?再向后50亿年,巨大的太阳开始将融化山脉,而地球上绝大多数生物早已灭绝。75亿年后 不断膨胀的太阳已成红巨星,并将完全吞噬地球。听起来很吓人 那我们能躲过这团热球吗?It turns out,our best bet lies something called gravity assist.a technique we have been using for years only to launch space craft through our solar system.Any time a space craft or satellite comes in close proximity to a planet,Cravity grabs hold.And if the spacecraft arrives at the perfect angle,it#39;s able to use some of the planet velocity to catapult it further into space.This extra energy comes from the planet#39;s own enery of motion around the sun.实际上,我们最有利的赌注在于引力助推。一种多年来 我们只用在向太阳系内发射航天器的技术。当飞行器或卫星靠近行星时,重力会抓住它。如果飞行器的角度刚好合适,它可以利用行星的速度将自身推到宇宙更远。多余的能量来自于行星绕太阳旋转时自身的动能。But as Newton famously said,To every action,there#39;s an equal and opposite reaction.As the spacecraft uses the earth#39;s gravity to speed up and move towards the earth,the planet will ever so slighty slow down and move toward the spacecraft.Of course,the spacecraft#39;s mass is so small comparatively that it gets launched incredibly far while the planet experience little change.但正如牛顿所言,每个作用力都存在与之大小相等 方向相反的反作用力。当飞行器利用地球引力加速 向地球靠近时,地球的速度会略有下降 并向飞行器靠近一点。当然 相比之下飞行器的质量太小 以至于卫星可被发射到极远处 而行星却丝毫未变。But,if we were to increase the spacecraft#39;s size,or use an asteroid,we could potentially move the earth#39;s orbit away from the sun.This would take millions of years and involve large objects coming just close enough to not collide with earth.But,hey,we#39;re got a billions years ahead start.It may seem far fetched,but it#39;s aly happening.但是 如果能让飞行器变大 或者利用小行星,我们就可以让地球轨道远离太阳。这需要数百万年时间,并得让足够大的物体离地球够近 却不能撞到地球。但是 我们还有好几十亿年时间呢。看上去很遥远 但这已经在发生了。On Oct,9,2013,earth will be used up to gravity assist a spacecraft called Juno which is on its way to Jupiter,As Juno flies within 559 km of us,it will use earth#39;s gravity as the slingshot to boost its velocity by 7.3km/s.Meanwhile,earth will have been moved by a fraction.Juno will later arrive at Jupiter in 2016,where it will study the interior of the planet and help to unveil many new spectacular mysteries of our solar system.在2013年10月9日,地球将为一颗名叫“Juno;的航天器做引力助推 后者正向木星前进。当Juno飞到距我们559千米处时,地球引力将是它的弹力 它将借此加速到7.3km/s。与此同时 地球仅被移动了一点点。Juno将在2016年抵达木星。在那里 它会研究行星的内部 并帮助我们揭秘关于太阳系的诸多精谜题。In order to move the earth within our billion year#39;s time line,we would need approximately one encounter every 6000 years,using an object with a mass of approximately 10^19 kilograms.That#39;s 0000,0000,0000,0000,000.Some are around the size of 100 kilometer wide asteroids,In between passes,the asteroid would slingshot around the sun,fly up to Jupiter and be gravity assisted back to the earth.Like one long version of catch between planets.为了在这十亿年间移动地球,我们大约得每6000年一次,用一个质量大约为10^19千克的物体。就是0000,0000,0000,0000,000.某些直径100千米的小行星差不多的东西。在中间穿过时小行星绕太阳绕太阳加速,飞到火星之后又被引力助推回地球。正如长距版的星际抛球。Over millions of years,this would move the earth to a comfortable 225 million km orbit out from the sun.While it is feasible,even with today#39;s technology,it doesn#39;t come without risks.For one,we may lose the moon,which could ultimately create some extreme weather patterns.Not to mention,the earth#39;s spin may increase,making days only hours long,The surrounding planets like our new neighbors,Mars,would likely have their own orbits disstabilized.几百万年后,地球将因此而移动到安全距离,距太阳 2.25亿公里的轨道。而即使计划可行,凭借今天的科技,这种方式仍有风险。其一,我们会失去月亮。这终将导致某些极端天气模式。更不用说地球自转的速度也将加快 每天都只有几小时。我们周围的新邻居 如火星,他们的轨道会变的不稳定。You know,the asteroid could come plummeting into earth by accident.But perhaps these other risks we need to take to give our decedents,the planet,and all life on it,a few extra billions of years.你知道,小行星也会偶然间砸向地球表面。不过 我们可能得把这些风险留给我们的子孙了一颗行星其上所有的生命,还有几十亿年。 Article/201502/361124第九医院治疗青春痘价格费用 原味人文风情:Travel Germany - Visiting Altes Museum in Berlin德国旅行:柏林旧物馆Hi, I#39;m Naomi, and I#39;m very excited to show you the world#39;s greatest attractions.海,我是 Naomi,我非常兴奋要带你看世界最棒的景点了。Among various museums on the Museum Island in Berlin is the Altes Museum. Tall columns encircle the rotunda and border the pavement of the museum. On one side of the entrance is the fiery statue of Fighting Amazonian Woman, which was made by the distinguished German sculptor, August Kiss.柏林物馆岛上众多物馆之一的是柏林旧物馆。高耸圆柱环绕圆厅及围住物馆走廊。入口的一侧是热烈激昂的《亚马逊女战士》雕像,由著名的德国雕刻家 August Kiss 所打造。The style of architecture used to build this museum was greatly influenced by Greek architectural styles. On the other side of the entrance is an ardent statue aptly named Lion Fighter, which was an addition to the museum in 1861.建造这座物馆所采用的建筑风格深深受到希腊建筑风格的影响。在入口的另一侧是一座巧妙命名为《屠狮者》的激昂雕像,那是 1861 年时物馆增加的藏品。The museum now holds masterful pieces of art and is especially known for its museum of antiquities.物馆目前收藏许多杰出艺术品,且尤其以它的古典艺术品展览室而闻名。Thank you for watching our travel series. See you next time!感谢您收看我们的旅游影片系列。下次见! Article/201501/355650上海纹唇多少钱

上海市第一人民医院宝山分院祛疤手术价格I#39;m bear grylls.I go to some of the most dangerous places on Earth我是贝尔·格里尔斯 我将前往地球上最危险的地带to show you what it takes to make it out alive.向您展示如何逃出生天I#39;ve traveled the globe facing challenges in the sort of places you wouldn#39;t last a day without the right survival skills.我的足迹遍布全球 挑战有如炼狱般的环境 没有生存技巧 你命在旦夕Now I#39;m in British Columbia,high in the Rocky Mountains.我正位于不列颠哥伦比亚 居高临下俯视落基山脉I usually head out into the wild,but this week, using specialist equipment,我通常孤身前往蛮荒野外 不过这周 我们将利用专业设备we#39;re going to bring the wild to me,so I can show you how to survive the most extreme environments.将荒野带到我身边 我就能向大家展示 如何在最极端的条件下存活My team will give mother nature a helping hand to ensure conditions are as bad as they can get.我的团队将助自然母亲一臂之力 确保环境能严苛到极致We#39;re going bigger, better,and more ambitious than ever before我们这次将做得更大 更好 前所未见的更超乎想象I#39;ll battle the bone-chilling waters of a frozen lake.我将与刺骨冰寒的冻湖孤军奋战You#39;ve got to keep eyes on me, okay?before swimming 40 foot under solid ice.你们要时刻注意我 知道了吗 游到固体冰层下四十英尺之前I#39;m wet, cold, and I#39;ve got to act fast.Bombs away.我又湿又冷 我要速战速决才行 投下炸弹blast a ridgeline to set off a huge avalanche,在山脊引爆 制造大型雪崩then get buried alive to experience the suffocating conditions of the aftermath.被大雪活埋 经历雪崩后令人窒息的境况I can#39;t move, and I can#39;t breathe properly.我无法动弹 呼吸困难I try to find shelter in the middle of a manmade blizzard before frostbite sets in.我试图在人造暴风雪中寻求庇护场所 以免被冻伤Up here, you could have minus-40.In here, it#39;s gonna be way, way warmer.在这上面 气温会低至零下四十度 在这里面 会暖和许多许多and careen down the icy mountain over 40 miles an hour to show you how to pull off a lifesaving move.在以时速四十英里滑下雪山时 展示如何完成临危自救的动作Very fast -- faster than we expected.But when you play with the big boys,sometimes you#39;re gonna get hurt.非常快 超乎想象的快 不过 如果你想学老顽童的话 有时是难免会受伤的It felt like hitting a wall. I thought I#39;d killed him.就像是撞墙了 我差点害死他 Article/201701/489447 lt was quite painful, you can imagine.可以想象有多痛lf a large balloon of saline is placed beneath the skin,将一个大盐水袋植入皮肤下is blown up to perhaps 1000 cc of fluid,再灌进1000毫升的液体it causes quite a large amount of discomfort.一定很不舒l think afterhe got burnt,他灼伤后that was the first time he was exposed to strong pain medicine,首次体验了强效止痛药的作用because he did have a lot of pain in that spot for a long time.因为那次所承受的疼痛 持续了好一阵子People don#39;t realise that his dependency on pills人们并没有意识到 他对药物的依赖was due to that one accident that changed his life forever.是源自于那一次意外 却改变了他的一生l used to give a lot of private parties for Michael我常帮迈克尔办小型派对because he#39;d wanna meet somebody.因为他想多结交朋友My neighbour, when l was living in New York,我在纽约时was liam Neeson,跟连恩·尼逊是邻居and he loved liam Neeson#39;s work in schindler#39;s list.他很喜欢连恩·尼逊在《辛德勒名单》的演出And l invited liam over我邀请连恩过来and some friends of mine.还有一些其他朋友You gave him a party, and l remember你帮他开了个派对 我还记得当天Michael McDonald sang, Gloria Gaynor sang.麦克与葛洛莉雅娜都有唱歌You and Michael were clowning, he had three bottles of wine, l think,你跟迈克尔两人打打闹闹 他好像喝了三瓶红酒and he was having a food fight.葛洛莉雅娜唱歌当下ln the middle of Gloria Gaynor singing,他还在乱扔食物Michael threw some jellybeans at me,迈克尔拿糖扔我and then he started throwing them in the piano.然后开始把糖扔进钢琴And l remember Gloria Gaynor looking up, like, #39;What#39;s going on? #39;我还记得葛洛莉雅娜一脸错愕l said, #39;He#39;s just a kid at heart. #39;我说 他内心其实是个孩子 Article/201510/401744上海同仁医院激光去胎记多少钱黄浦去痣多少钱一颗

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