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How To Find A Job After College离开校园后如何找工作A college degree is a key to the future. But which door do you want to unlock? Choosing a career can seem overwhelming, but it can be as simple as following a few steps, making a few phone calls and doing a little homework.Step 1: Ask Yourself(多问问自己)Career counselors and personality tests can help you focus on what's right for you. Ask yourself -- what do I love so much I'd do it for free? What am I good at? What type of personality do I have? The answers will lead you to a satisfying job.Step 2: Keep An Open Mind(保持开阔的心态)Just about any degree -- even accounting and law -- offers more possibilities than most college graduates realize. And some careers have many paths. For instance, career expert and author of "Cool Careers For Dummies" Marty Nemko points out there are many different kinds of attorneys. Some spend a lot of time in court, others work on contracts. Most Likely To Get Hired:TeachersAccountantsComputer EngineersRegistered NursesRetail SalespersonsStep 3: Job Shop(你希望工作能给予你什么)Salary and benefits are just two parts of a much larger equation. Think about where you want to work, who you want to work with, the type of environment you like, travel and opportunities for advancement. After you've narrowed it down, contact someone who's working in the field that interests you. Your university alumni office can help you find a professional who's willing to answer your questions. Ask them what it takes to be successful in the field, the best things about the job and the drawbacks.What To Consider:SalaryBenefitsJob LocationWork EnvironmentTravelAdvancement PossibilitiesStep 4: Good Company(好公司是什么样的)To pick the organization you want to work for… skip the corporate website. Instead... research the Best Companies to Work For lists. Read newspaper and magazine articles for the low-down on how those companies are doing. Don't settle... You'll never get a second chance to choose your first job. And you can do it!Fortune Magazine Top Employers 2008#8226;Google#8226;Quicken Loans#8226;Wegmans Food Markets#8226;Edward Jones#8226;Genentch#8226;Cisco Systems#8226;Starbucks#8226;Qualcomm#8226;Goldman Sachs#8226;Methodist Hospital SystemBiggest Entry-Level Employers:#8226;Enterprise Rent-A-Car#8226;Americorps#8226;Walgreen's#8226;Internal Revenue Service201107/145519。

Today in History: Wednesday, May29, 2013历史上的今天:2013年5月29日,星期三May 29th 1953, Clemens Edmund Hillary and Tensing Norkay become the first to reach the top of the Mount Everest in Asia’s Himalayas. Years later, Hillary says he would not have made to the summit of the world’s highest peak without his partner. “Teamwork it was that got Tenzing and me o the top of the Everest.1917, “Ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country;. President John F. Kennedy is born in the Boston suburb of Brookline, Massachusetts. Kennedy inspires Americans with his charisma basing cold war crisis from Cuba to Berlin before he was assassinated in Dallas.1765, a decade before the American Revolution, Patrick Henry denounces his Britain’s Stamp Act before Virginias House of Burgesses. Responding to a cry of treason against British colonial rule, Henry declares: ;If this be treason, make the most of it!;And 1903, thanks for the memory of sentimental verse.comedian Bob Hope who entertained Americans and US troops worldwide for decades, is born in London.Today In History, May 29th, Sandy Kozel, the Associated Press. /201305/242137。

Chris Dzoan (World Speed-Cubing Champion) gives expert advice on: Introduction to Cubing; First Layer; Second Layer and more...克里斯;佐安,这位世界最快还原魔方的冠军,将在本期节目中为您展现他的独门秘籍,包括第一层,第二层及更多。词语解释:1.champion n. 冠军2. advice n. 建议163401。

You are a nerd, but it doesn't mean you have to stay that way forever. We want you to be cool, you want to be cool...here's how to be cool. 你是个书呆子,但那不意味着你必须永远那样。我们想办法让你“酷”起来,你想让自己变“酷”……这是变酷的方法。 Step 1: Get Some Skills 掌握些技巧Take something you like and get really good at it. Video games don't count. They isolate you. Write. Surf. Snowboard. Anything. Being good at something makes you interesting - it gives you something to talk about and builds your confidence.学些你喜欢的东西,并要擅长。玩不算。那样会使你与其他人隔离开来。写作,冲浪, 滑雪板,什么事做好都行,擅长某些事会让你变得有趣——那会让你有话可说并建立自信。Following the fads is a dead end. Choose your own adventure and stick with it.追求时尚是死胡同,选择你自己的冒险旅程并坚持下来。Step 2: Don't Advertise 不要宣传自己Everybody has a MySpace page, but you don't need to load it up with revealing photos of yourself. Don't overpost. Over-advertising yourself - or your iPhone or your sports car - is not cool.每个人都玩社交网站(Myspace、人人网、开心网等),但你无需上传一些坦胸露肩的照片。凡事适可而止。过度地宣传自己或者你的iPhone、你的跑车可不是酷的表现。Step 3: Get A Gimmick 掌握一样小花招Quote Shakespeare. Do a card trick, or appreciate art. This will become your guaranteed ice breaker in any awkward social situation.引用莎士比亚的名言。变个纸牌魔术,懂些欣赏艺术。这将保你在任何尴尬的社交场合成为一名缓解气氛的人物。Step 4: Don't Be The Last To Leave 不要最后一个离开You have better things to do than just hang around your friend's house.比起在你朋友家闲逛,你还有更重要的事去做。Step 5: Don't Do Everything You're Told不要唯命是从Really. Even by us.这不骗你。甚至我们说的你也无需完全听从。201110/157270。

How To Make Your Eyes Look BiggerCelebrity make-up artist Daniel Sandler shows you how to make your eyes look bigger for maximum sex appeal.Step 1: Prepare(准备工作)Apply foundation, concealer and translucent powder over the face to even out the skin tone before starting the look.Step 2: Eyeshadow amp; eyeliner(眼影amp;眼线)To make your eyes look bigger and brighter, use a cream to powder eyeshadow in a pale, frosty colour and apply over the eyelids. Work a medium grey eyeshadow into the creases of the eye sockets with a soft blending brush, making sure the lid itself is kept lighter. Apply the grey eyeshadow along the lower lash line, winging it out beyond the eyes to make them look bigger. Draw attention to your eyes with a clear sparkly liquid eye liner applied over the top eyelid and into the inner corners of each eye. For extra drama, try a metallic black liquid eyeshadow applied along the upper lash line with an eye liner brush. To make your eyes look whiter, use a white eyeliner pencil to draw a line along the inner rims of the lower eyelids.Step 3: Mascara(睫毛膏)Next, curl the eyelashes to really open up the eyes, making sure you get as close to the roots as possible, and emphasise the upper lashes with lots of black mascara, working the wand from root to tip.Step 4: Eyebrows(画眉)Finish the look by brushing clear glitter through your eyebrows to give them a hint of sparkle.Step 5: Extras(其他修饰)If you have time, you can enhance the eyes even more by applying a few individual false eyelashes to the outer corners of the lash line.201105/137709。