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comedown------失败(名词)英文释义 (noun) An embarrassing disappointment; a defeat.例句 The famous tennis player suffered a terrible comedown yesterday when he lost to an unknown young player.这位著名的网球选手在昨天经历了一场惨败,输给了一位名不见经传的年轻选手。 /201412/349501M: I think the goverment needs a radical plan to improve things. The government just talks, but in the long run, nothing is done to improve the economy.F: That's right. They always talk about a need for new, progressive tactics, but they haven't done anything to stimulate new jobs.M: Well, income taxes were decreased last year in hope to give the economy a boost, but I think it's backfired. The immediate effect of the tax reduction was to cause inflation to rise.F: The worst part is that the inflation hurts the poor more than the rich. It also leads to more unemployment in the long run. I don't know what a good solution would be to make the economy more vibrant again…M: I have a good solution…We need some new blood! We should get rid of this president and boat in some new leaders! /201002/96987

(一):Id like to summarize the main points. 我想把要点总结一下。Id like to summarize the main points.我想把要点总结一下。We are all ears.我们洗耳恭听。Please allow me to give a conclusion.请允许我做一个的总结。Before I finish, Id like to run through the main points again.在结束之前我要将要点再总结一下。(二):I declare the meeting closed.我宣布会议结束。I declare the meeting closed.我宣布会议结束。Thank you for your wonderful hosting,谢谢您的主持,非常精。This concludes the first part of the conference.会议的第一部分到此结束了。Id like to conclude todays program.今天的会议到此结束。If nobody wants to add anything, we can draw the meeting to a close.如果没有人有其他意见的话,会议就到此结束。Youre dismissed!散会! /201412/348934

第一句:Welcome to China!欢迎来到中国!A: Welcome to China! Is this your first trip to China?欢迎来到中国!这是你们首次来中国旅行吗?B: No, we visit China frequently.不,我们常来中国访问。第二句:Lets give Mr. Zhu a warm welcome.让我们热烈欢迎朱先生。A: This is Mr. Zhu. He is visiting professor from UK. Lets give Mr. Zhu a warm welcome.这是朱先生,他是来自英国的访问学者,让我们热烈欢迎朱先生。B: Thank you! Its my honor to give a speech here.谢谢!我很荣幸能在这儿发表演说。其他表达:Welcome... to... (欢迎……到……)这是欢迎某人到某地的最为常用而又简洁的一句话。 /201212/2131615. 后悔失望三句英文任你选I shouldnt have done that.我本不该那样做。I feel ashamed of myself.我真为自己感到惭愧。It is to be regretted that I forgot to finish the report last night.真可惜我昨晚忘记完成这份报告了。半个句型要记牢feel ashamed of (sb. /onself/sth. ) (为……感到惭愧)Tip:这里 feel还可以用 be替换,但注意 be ashamed for和 be ashamed of 的区别 be ashamed for的意思是;为……(一般指外在的人或事物,如他人)而感到羞耻 be ashamed of的意思是;由于……(一般指内在的人或事物,如自己)而感到羞耻;。如Im ashamed for you. (我为你感到羞耻。) I felt a-shamed for the attitude to your parents. (你对于父母的态度,我引以为耻。) /201502/354326A: The demographic reports are in... From the looks of it, we're going to have to re-evaluate some of the content for our promotional events in different venues.B:Why, what's the lowdown?A: According to the report, our Boston crowd is quite different make-up from our Chicago folks. Our Boston consumers are mostly from mid-level to upper-class income levels, universtity or postgraduates, married no children, white collar... You know the kind. Chicago on the other hand is mostly mid to low income levels, single parent homes, blue collar... I think we're talking about two totally different target groups.B: I have no idea there was that great of deviation between the two venues… To make our products sell, we have to take the target audience into account.A: No kidding. We've got to come up with two completely different sales pitches to suit the needs of each groups. /201003/99099

电话销售 TelesalesReceptionist: Star Flooring, how may I direct your call?Star地板材料公司。您找谁?Mr. Lee: I'd like to speak to someone in the Purchasing Department.我找采购部的人。Receptionist: Hold, please.请稍等。Miss Philips: Purchasing, this is Amy Philips. May I help you?我是采购部的 Amy Philips。请问您有什么事儿?Mr. Lee: Yes, this is Mr. Lee of Widgets Manufacturing. I'm calling to let you know about our new line of ceramic tile.我是Widgets Manufacturing的Lee先生。我打电话来是问您推荐我们的新瓷砖。Miss Philips: I'm sorry. You'll want to to speak to Betty King about that. She's out of the office until next week. May I ask her to call you?对不起。您应该找Betty King.她出差了,下周回来。需要我让她给您打电话吗?Mr. Lee: No, thanks. I'll try back next week.不用,谢谢。下周我再打。the Purchasing Department 采购部ceramic tile瓷砖瓦 /05/69563

armchair expert 伪专家英文释义An inexperienced, self-proclaimed authority.例句Although hes never traveled outside of the town he was born in, my uncle talks like an armchair expert aboutforeign cities because he occasionally s travel magazines.我叔叔从未到他出生的城市之外旅行,但因为偶尔阅读旅游杂志,他可以像个伪专家那样谈论外国的城市。 /201301/218306I would like to speak to your director of human resources, Ms. Jenkins, please.我想找你们的人力资源部主任詹金斯说话. /201002/96747

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