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When investors are feeling bullish about life, they consider Burberry a luxury goods company. That is one reason it has offered a total return of 125 per cent over the past five years, more than twice as much as rivals such as Tod#39;s or LVMH. When they are feeling bad – as they were on Wednesday – they consider it a retail chain. Shares of the fashion group fell 7 per cent despite what appeared to be another impressive three months (April to June) of sales growth. Considering that Britain#39;s miserable summer looks tailor-made for Burberry#39;s raincoats, that seems odd. In fact, it fits a recent trend. 当投资者对人生感到乐观时,他们会把巴宝莉(Burberry)视为一家奢侈品公司。这是为何过去5年期间其股票的总回报率高达125%、超过竞争对手如Tod#39;s或LVMH两倍多的原因之一。而当他们感觉不好时(正如本周三那样),就会把它当成一家连锁零售商。这家时尚集团的股价下降了7%,尽管4月至6月三个月的总体销售增长再度令人印象深刻。鉴于英国阴雨绵绵的夏天仿佛是为巴宝莉德雨衣量身定做的一般,这显得蹊跷。事实上,它与近期趋势是吻合的。 There is nothing fundamentally wrong at the group. It has 500 stores (a mix of wholly owned, concessions, outlets and franchises) in all the right places: four stores in Brazil, for example. It is planning for 100 in China in the medium term, with three flagship stores in Shanghai. In the April to June period, Burberry reported strong growth in the UK, Germany, France and China. Group underlying sales growth was 11 per cent, bringing total revenue in the three months to pound;410m; growth on the retail side, which accounts for two-thirds of Burberry#39;s revenue, was even stronger at 14 per cent. 该集团没有任何根本上的问题。它有500家门店分布在所有合适的地方(包括全资拥有、特许经营、批发和专营):例如在巴西有4间门店。它正计划中期在中国设立100家,包括三家位于上海的旗舰店。在4月至6月期间,巴宝莉报告在英国、德国、法国和中国都实现强劲增长。集团基本销售增长11%,推动三个月总营收达4.1亿英镑;而零售增长(占巴宝莉总营收的三分之二)更为强劲,达14%。 The company#39;s continued focus on growth still looks justifiable, whatever the jitters about the global economy. Annual sales growth at its wholly owned Chinese stores is about 20 per cent, though the picture is more mixed in the US, where Burberry has been moving up market since 2006. 该公司对增长的持续关注,看来仍是合理的,无论人们对全球经济如何感到恐慌。在其全资拥有的中国门店,年销售额增长约为20%,尽管美国的情况更复杂些,自2006年起,巴宝莉在美国向高端市场转移。 Burberry#39;s problem is not growth but valuation. Past success has bred high expectations of management; anything that smacks of less than relentless forward momentum in underlying earnings gets punished. Burberry#39;s growth rate has been slowing for a couple of quarters now. Some of that is priced in: its share price has fallen 25 per cent since mid-April. The tumble on Wednesday looks like more of the same. Its shares now trade at a forward price/earnings multiple of about 17 times. That is in line with the luxury sector, which is where for the moment it belongs. 巴宝莉的问题不是增长,而是估值。过去的成功培养了人们对管理层更高的期望;基本盈利迅猛增长的势头只要有一点松懈,就会受到惩罚。现在巴宝莉的增长速度已连续两个季度放缓。其中一部分已在股价中得到反映:4月中旬以来已下跌25%。周三的暴跌看起来也是同样性质。其股价意味着预期市盈率约为17倍。这与奢侈品行业一致,它暂时仍属于这一板块。 /201207/190295上海玫瑰整形女子医院去疤多少钱In order to stay sharp, it is important that you exercise your brain. The less we use our minds, the duller they become. There is a lot of emphasis these days on staying physically healthy, but we should also be concerned for our mental well-being. Our brains continue to expand and adapt to the stimuli they receive throughout our lives. The more we take care of our brains, the better thinkers we become. Here are twenty ways that you can develop a training regimen for your brain!想要保持敏锐,最重要的是要锻炼你的大脑。我们思考得越少,它就会变得越迟钝。如今我们越来越注重保持生理健康,但我们也应该关注我们的精神健康。在一生中,我们的大脑都在持续扩张和适应受到的刺激。我们更关心我们的大脑,我们会变得更有智慧。这里有20个训练大脑的方案。1. Read a good book.Reading a book stimulates the imagination. Your brain canrsquo;t keep from drawing mental pictures when you . Reading gets your mind off its butt and to work. I love to let a book carry me away. I always have a book that Irsquo;m ing and sometimes I have 3 or 4! I get most of my books from the library to avoid the cost of buying each one. This also allows me to try a wide variety of books without risk.1. 读一本好书。读书会激发想象力。当你读书时,你的大脑不能持续在反映画面。读书让你的头脑开始工作。我喜欢让书本带着我走。我总是带着一本书,有时甚至三至四本书在读!大部分书是从图书馆里借来的,这样就不用花钱买每一本书了。这也使我能够毫无风险地广泛阅读各种书籍。2. Big Brain Academy.Video games have a bad reputation for causing brain rot, but there are some that will actually help you strengthen your mind. I like Big Brain Academy for the Wii. It is a collection of brain teasers that tests your mental acuity. The tests are entertaining and addicting. You can even compete with others which makes for some great family fun.2. 大脑学院。视频游戏不好的一面是让脑袋;生锈;,但实际上有些也会帮助你增强思维。我喜欢大脑学院游戏(Big Brain Academy for the Wii) 。这是一款用头脑玩笑测试头脑敏锐性的合集。这些测试都非常有趣。你甚至可以和别人进行比赛,所以也可以让全家人一起来玩。3. Practice meditation.Don#39;t worry, I#39;m not going off the new age deep-end here. There are a lot of different forms of meditation. To me, in its most simple form, meditation is about spending a little time alone to relax and center your thoughts. It is amazingly therapeutic. If you havenrsquo;t tried meditation before, I would highly recommend ing this guide to meditation.3. 练习冥想。不要担心,我不是要在这里离开新时代的最深端。冥想的方式有很多种。对我而言,最简单的形式,冥想是花一点时间独处达到放松和集中思考的方式。它是神奇的治疗。4. Get plenty of rest.A lack of sleep can interfere with your ability to assimilate new information. This means those all-nighters you pulled back in college were much less effective than you thought. Your brain needs rest to operate at its peak performance. This may be why things always seem clearer and brighter after a good night#39;s sleep.4. 获得大量的休息。缺少睡眠能够影响你吸收新信息的能力。这意味着大学里通宵达旦地补习的效率比你想象的要低得多。你的大脑需要休息,使工作在其最佳效能。这可能是为什么事情总是在睡了好觉后变得更加清晰明朗。5. Exercise regularly.You didn#39;t think you were going to get away without a little time on the tmill did you? Cardiovascular exercise improves blood flow to the brain which improves brain functioning. One study found that physical exercise actually helped to increase the volume of the brain. So, if you want a bigger, better brain, then get to exercising!5. 规律地锻炼。你难道想没一会就从跑步机上下来吗?心血管运动通过改善血液到大脑的流动从而改善大脑功能。一份研究发现体育锻炼实际上帮助扩大大脑的体积。所以,如果你想要一个更大、更好的大脑,那么就去运动吧!6. Eat a good breakfast.It is not a myth. Eating a good breakfast does get you off to a better start. You should eat a breakfast high in protein and good carbohydrates. A couple of pieces of whole-grain toast with peanut butter will fit the bill. Eggs are also an excellent source of protein. Nuts, milk, and fresh fruit are also great ways to feed your brain.6. 吃一顿好早餐。这并不是不切实际的。吃一顿好早餐确实令你有个更好的开始。你应该吃高蛋白和优质碳水化合物的的早餐。两片夹着花生牛油的全麦吐司就符合这一条了。鸡蛋同样是蛋白质的好来源。坚果、牛奶和新鲜水果都能为大脑提供良好的营养。7. Think positive thoughts.Encourage yourself. I am convinced that positive thinking increases the effectiveness of the brain and helps to avoid things like depression. I like to say that your brain works much like a computer, garbage-in, garbage-out. Find positive, encouraging people to hang around, material that jazzes you up, do whatever it is that makes you feel good about yourself. These things will also help you be more mentally productive.7. 积极地思考。鼓励自己。我相信积极思考会提供大脑效能和帮助避免失望。我想说你的大脑就像电脑一样,把;垃圾;丢进来、又丢出去。发现积极,鼓励人们闲逛、能够使你地快乐阅读材料,做所有能够使你感觉良好的事情。这些事情将会帮助你的精神变得更有生产力。8. Be a continual learner.Never stop being curious about your world. Seek out new experiences, skills, and knowledge. Think of something that you#39;ve always wanted to learn to do and then get started. A now famous study, showed that certain areas of the brains of London cab drivers were more developed compared to the average citizen. This was due to their need to learn how to navigate the maze of downtown streets. We can use this technique of challenging our brains to improve our abilities.8. 不断地学习。不要停止怀疑你的世界。寻找新的体验、技能和知识。想写你总是想学着去做的事并且开始去做。一份非常著名的研究表明伦敦出租车司机大脑的确定领域比一般的市民得到更大的开发。这是由于他们需要学习懂得如何在迷宫般的城市街道上导航。我们能够运用此项挑战我们大脑的技术来增进我们的能力。9. Lay off the alcohol.Alcohol is of course a depressant. It slows down mental functions. The effects of alcohol on a person#39;s cognitive ability is well-documented. If you need peak mental performance, then stop drinking alcohol. In addition to its obvious effects, it also decreases the restfulness of one#39;s sleep which, as we have aly discussed, impedes your ability to think clearly.9. 戒酒。酒精是抑郁的原因。它降低精神功能。酒能乱性是有充分据的。如果你想要有顶尖的精神表现,那么停止喝酒吧。除了一些明显的影响之外,它也减弱人的睡眠,这是我们已经讨论过的,阻碍你清晰思考的能力。10. Get romantic (especially if you#39;re a woman).Studies have shown that there may be a link between regular sex and improved brain performance in women. Love-making increases a woman#39;s estrogen levels and higher estrogen levels are tied to better mental performance. Of course, the mental benefits probably do not outweigh the risks, unless you are in a faithful, monogamous relationship.10. 拥有浪漫(特别是女性)。研究表明定期性生活和大脑活动提高对女性或许有着直接联系。性影响着女性荷尔蒙分泌。而出于较高水平的荷尔蒙又能提高精神活动。当然,精神方面的愉悦并不是没有一丝风险,除非你所在的关系式一段忠诚的一夫一妻关系。 /201111/162576上海市浦东新区南汇中心医院治疗痘痘多少钱上海市第二人民医院整形

上海祛黄褐斑手术哪家医院好上海九院整形美容科做双眼皮开眼角手术价格One of our great symbols is the American flag,13 red and white stripes corresponding to the number of original stats on a rectangular piece of color, one corner blue with 50 white stars for 50 states.  美国的象征之一是国旗,长方形布上13道红白相间的条纹表示美国原来的州数,蓝色一角上印着的50颗白星代表50个州。  You see the flag everywhere now, "what so proudly we hail.” It means the World Trade Center happened to all of us. "We're proud to be Americans, "say flags on front porches in small towns across the country. Some homes seem to have been built to fly the flag. This wouldn't be complete without it; just perfect. "We're American too" say the flags inelegant glued to the city apartment windows. The declaration of patriotic intent is everywhere, the simplest as persuasive as the displays where one was considered not enough. Rockefeller Center with 150 beauties is in show business, a stirring sight although it's unlikely that management there loves our country more than the owner of the smallest small business, displaying just one.  现在是四处都能看到国旗,"是什么让我们感到骄傲。"那表示世贸中心事件与每个美国人息息相联。美国各小城镇的前廊悬挂着的国旗体现出"身为美国人的自豪"。有些房子仿佛就是为了挂国旗而建的。没有国旗便不完整;挂上后便完美了。"我们也是美国人"--这是斜贴在这所市内公寓窗外的国旗传达出的信息。处处洋溢着爱国宣言,从小处看最能让人信这一点,比如,有些人认为挂一面国旗还不足够。洛克菲勒中心高高飘起150面美丽的美国国旗,景象令人叹为观止,但这并不说明此处的管理者就比只挂出一面国旗的小商店店主更爱国。  The Annin flag company makes most American flags. They have more business than they can do now. You don't have to go to Annin to buy a flag though. Flag sales are a street corner cottage industry. Furtive operatives set up shops, to them the buck means more than the banner.   安宁国旗公司出产全美大部分的国旗。现在他们的生意是应接不暇。但要买国旗并不非得到安宁公司。街角也有出售国旗的摊子。对于那些偷偷售卖国旗的街贩,钱比国旗更重要。   The color of our flag and the numbers of stars and stripes are ordained, but there is no rule regarding dimension. There are tiny flags on sticks made in China. This grand flag is so big on a building in New York that it had to be continued around the corner. This beauty hangs from the side wall of a fire house. And you wouldn't want a dirty flag so they wash them.  美国国旗的颜色、星星的数目、横条都是规定好了的,但尺寸大小就没有限制。也有中国制造的小签国旗。纽约一栋大楼外的国旗巨大得要转弯接着挂起。消防局的墙上挂着一面国旗。如果不想挂脏国旗就像他们一样拿去清洗吧。 /201109/1545021. Choose a song you have an emotional connection to, not necessarily one you think you ought to sing。要选择一首情感上有共鸣的歌,未必要是你觉得应该唱的歌。If you like the song and it has meaning for you, this will come across and you will make a better connection with your audience。如果你喜欢一首歌,这首歌对你有特殊意义,你能感受的到,也能把情感更好地传递给听众。2. If possible, practice the song ahead of time to get an idea of whether the key of the original recording works for you。如果可能的话,提前唱唱看这首歌,看看原版录音的音调是否合适。If not, many karaoke situations have machines that can raise or lower the key of your song。如果不合适的话,很多KTV都可以调整乐曲的音调。3. Your main focus in singing is telling a story。唱歌的重点在于讲故事。Spend some time with the lyrics and get an idea of what the song is about. You will make a better connection with the audience if you know what emotions you want to portray in your performance。多揣一下歌词,了解这首歌唱得到底是什么内容。如果你知道唱歌时传达的是什么样的情感的话,你和听众之间的联系会更加紧密。4. Focus the energy on the audience。把精力集中在听众上。If you need to look at the monitor for lyrics, don#39;t keep your attention there the entire time -- look up and at the audience as often as you comfortably can。就算你需要看歌词也不要一直盯着屏幕——在你觉得自在的前提下尽可能多抬头看看观众。5. If your anxiety level is high, consider singing with at least one other person。如果你很紧张,那就考虑一下和别人一起唱。There is safety in numbers and this can be an interim step to singing solo。人多了就能安心了,这也是开始独唱前的过渡阶段。6. If you go to a karaoke bar it may be tempting to drink alcohol to bolster your courage。6. 如果你去的是提供酒水的KTV,那就点些酒水壮壮胆。Resist the temptation -- alcohol has a drying effect on the vocal mechanism and impairs your ability to tell the story of the song。不过要抵抗诱惑——酒精会让你的嗓子变干,这样就没有办法讲好歌曲的故事了。7. Don#39;t obsess on the mechanics of singing。不要过度追求唱歌技巧。The audience would much rather hear a good story teller with a less than perfect delivery than a really good voice with no connection to the song or audience。比起嗓音完美但没有共鸣的演绎歌曲来说,听众更想听到的是歌曲中的故事。8. Let your body reflect what you are singing about。8. 用身体表现你在唱的内容。Movement helps to free the voice and make a better connection with the audience。肢体动作能够解除嗓音的禁锢,和听众更好地互动。9. Eye contact is important。眼神交流很重要。If it#39;s uncomfortable to make contact for very long, scan the audience. Looking at different parts of the room every few seconds will make everyone feel included in your performance。如果长时间的眼神交流让你感到不自在,那就扫视一边观众。每隔几秒钟看看房间中的各个位置,让大家都感到自己也在你的表演之中。10. Last but not least, have fun。最后一点:享受唱歌。The more comfortable you look (even if you don#39;t feel comfortable on the inside), the more the audience will root for you and the less likely they are to notice any less than perfect moments。你看起来越自在(即使实际上不是这样),你的听众就会越持你,也越不会注意那些不甚完美的时候。 /201508/391787上海自体脂肪丰额头上海市中医医院抽脂多少钱

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