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闵行区人民中医院开双眼皮价格费用上海华东医院吸脂手术价格上海玫瑰女子医院打玻尿酸多少钱 A: I'd like to leave a parcel one of my friends. Is that okay?B: All I need is your name, the name of your friend, and the time of pick-up.A: All of that's on the package. Can I just bring it down to your desk?B: That would be most convenient me. Thanks your consideration!复旦大学附属闵行医院绣眉手术价格费用

上海交通大学医学院附属仁济医院切眼袋多少钱Springer spaniel Ruby is Britain most successful money detection dog. She detected .5m pounds of illicit cash in the five years she has been a detector dog.史宾格犬;鲁比;是英国最成功的嗅钱犬,在役的五年时间里,她总共截获了万英镑的违禁现金The six-year-old works at Heathrow Airport, where she has made hundreds of finds. Her largest single haul was 0,000 pounds in cash and banker drafts in hand-luggage heading Thailand.6岁的鲁比在英国伦敦希思罗机场工作,在这里,她成功;破案;数百起其中,截获的最大单笔金额是一名赴泰乘客手提行李中的万英镑现金和汇票Even royalty is not immune to her smelling powers, and she was caught instinctively sniffing the Queen handbag during a visit to the Home Office in November.即使是对皇室,这只母犬也毫不;徇私;去年月鲁比前往内政部做客时,还本能地嗅了嗅英国女王伊丽莎白二世的手提包Ruby record-breaking success during her five-year career is a huge boost to Britain crackdown on money smuggling in the fight against terror.在她的五年职业生涯当中,鲁比创纪录般的成功对于英国对抗恐怖、镇压走私来说是有巨大的推动作用Ruby specialises in detecting the scent of ink on banknotes, which is much harder than sniffing drugs or explosives because the smell of money varies more.Ruby非常擅长检测涂在钞票上油墨的香味由于钱币味道的不同,所以这与嗅探毒品、爆炸物相比要困难许多During a ten-hour shift she will check around four flights, which carry thousands of pieces of luggage and up to 580 people.鲁比”能一口气在机场工作小时,并嗅探大约个航班的580名旅客及上千件行李When she finds a scent, Ruby will freeze at its strongest point, pointing at it with her nose.当她发现疑点时,就会立时停下身子,用鼻子直指可疑物品Her handler, Border ce officer Dave Bellingham, 38, said: he is brilliant, a very, very special dog. She really enthusiastic her work. To her, it is a game, like hide-and-seek ... But she so good at finding it.38岁的“鲁比”训练员戴夫·贝林厄姆自豪地说:“她是一只聪明、特别的,而且相当热爱工作对她来说,这是一个捉迷藏的游戏……而她总能找到!” 03上海仁济医院做红色胎记手术价格 A:Does this bus go to the train station?这辆公共汽车去火车站吗?B:No.Youll have to get off at the bank and take the A5.不去你在那一站就得下车,改乘A5路A:How long is the ride?要坐多久?B:About ten minutes.大约分钟A:Is this the bus Park Ridge?这辆公共汽车是去派克岭的吗?B:Not.It only goes as far as Main Street,but you can get the Number 31 there.不去,最远只到正街,不过你可以到那里再乘31路A:How long does it take to get there?到那里要多长时间?B:It only takes a few minutes.只要几分钟A:About how long does it take?大约要坐多久?B:Only fifteen minutes.只要分钟A:Is this the right bus Pacific Boulevard?这是去太平路的车吗?B:No.You should have taken the Yellow Line bus.You can get one at the next stop.不是,你该乘黄线车才是到下一站你可以搭上A:Is it a long ride?要坐很久吗?B:Not that long.不太久Taking a Taxi乘出租车A:Kennedy Airport,please.I have to be there by 7:00. 请到肯尼迪机场我得在7点前赶到那里B:I cant promise anything,but Ill do my best.不敢保,不过我尽力而为B:OK.Thatll be $.00,please.到了请付美元A:Thanks a lot.Here.多谢了这是车费A:Do you think you can get me to Union Station by quarter after?你看你能否在一刻钟内把我送到联合车站?B:We shouldnt have any trouble if the traffic isnt too heavy.如果交通不太拥挤的话,我们不会有什么困难的B:Youve got plenty of time.That .75,please.你早到了很多,请付7美元65美分A:Thank you very much.Here $.00.Give me .00 back,please.太谢谢你了这是美元,找我1美元就行了A:The Hilton Hotel,please.I have a :30 appointment.请到希尔顿旅馆,点30分我有一个约会B:Youll be there in plenty of time.你可以很从容地到达那里B:Here we are..,please.我们到了,请付8美元50美分A:Thank you.Here $.00.Keep the change.谢谢你这是美元,不用找了A:What time does the train Boston leave?去波士顿的火车几时开?B:9:5 on Track .9点5分,轨道A:When does it arrive?什么时候到那儿?B:It should be there at :5,but it may be a little late.应该是点5分到那里,但也可能稍晚一点儿A:How much is a one_way ticket?单程车票多少钱一张?B:It .00 coach and .00 club car.二等车厢票价3美元,头等车厢票价50美元A:Which train do I take to Philadelphia?去费城乘哪班车?B:Track at 9:30.9时30分第轨道的车A:How long does it take?火车要开多久?B:It due in at noon.正午到达A:What the round_trip fare.来回票价多少?B:It .00 one way or .00 a week_end excursion.单程票价5美元,周末旅行往返票价5美元A:What track does the Metroliner leave from?从第几轨道开出?B:That Track 1 at 9:5.第1轨道,9点5分开A:What time does it get in?什么时候到那里?B:It gets in around :5.大约点5分到A:What the fare?车费多少?B:Coach is .00.二等票价3美元A:What time the next train to Washington?下一班去华盛顿的车几点开?B:That 9:6 on Track .9点6分,轨道A:When does it get there?什么时候到那里?B:It scheduled to arrive at :50.照列车时刻表是点50分到A:How much is it?多少钱?B:It .00 one way or .00 round trip.单程票价30美元,往返票价55美元A:Which train do I take to Columbus Circle,please?请问,到哥伦布转盘广场该乘哪班车?B:Take the uptown A train and get off at the next station.坐往北去的A线车,下一站就下车A:And where do I get the train?那么我在哪里上车呢?B:Just go down those steps.下那边台阶就是A:How do I get to Rockefeller Center?到洛克菲勒中心怎么走?B:Take the RR to th Street,then change to the D train and go two stops.坐RR线车到第条街,然后换乘D线车,再坐两站路程A:Which platm is it on?车在哪个站台?B:Go down the stairs over there.从那边阶梯下去A:Which line do I take Greenwich Village?到格林威治村该乘哪一线车?B:You can take the D,the F or the A.Just make sure youre going downtown.你可以坐D线、F线和A线车只要弄准是往南去的车就行A:How do I get down to the trains?我怎么下去乘车呢?B:Take the escalator and then go to the right.乘自动扶梯下去,然后往右转A:Can you tell me the best way to get to Wall Street?请问,到华尔街乘哪班车最好?B:You want the 7th Avenue Express,the Number .乘第7街快车,也就是号车A:Which way should I go?我该往哪边走呢?B:Go straight down those stairs and follow the signs.往下向前顺那边阶梯走,然后路标走A:How long does it take to get to Times Square by subway?搭地铁到时代广场需要多长时间?B:About thirty minutes.大约30分钟A:Is this entrance only up trains?这个入口只能搭乘上行列车吗?B:That right.Up trains and down trains have their own entrance in New York.是的,在纽约上行列车和下行车各有它们的入口 190上海哪家丰胸好

上海市人民医院激光去斑多少钱I look ward to your call盼望电话A:Hello, this is the XX Company?您好这是某某公司吗?B:Good morning. Yes, this is XX Company. May I help you?早上好这是某某公司请问您有什么事吗?A:May I speak to Mr. White, please?请给我找一下怀特先生可以吗?B:Hold on, please.请稍等A:Hello, White speaking. Who is calling?喂,我是怀特您是哪位?B:Good morning. Mr. White. This is LinWei.早上好,怀特先生我是林伟A:LinWei?林伟?B:Yes. We met at Mr. Brown office a month ago. Im from Mamp;H Company. Do you remember?是的我们一个月在布朗先生的办公室见过面我是Mamp;H公司的您还记得吗?A:Oh, yes, I remember now. So what can I do you?哦,是的我想起来了您有什么事吗?B:Well, Mr. White, Id like to discuss with you about some trading arragements. So I was wondering if I could come and meet you at 9:00 oclock tomorrow.噢,怀特先生,我想就一些贸易商的安排同您商讨一下不知明天上午9点我能否去您那儿同您见一面C:Im afraid I have another appointment at nine.恐怕9点钟我会有另外一个约会A:Then, how about :00 p. m. tomorrow?那明天下午点钟怎么样?C:I dont think so. Tomorrow Ill not be available all the day. Why dont I call you back?我想也不行明天我一整天都没空还是等我给您回电话好吗?A:OK. Let me tell you my telephone number.好的那我告诉您我的电话号码吧C:Oh, that is not necessary. I can consult telephone directory.哦,那倒不必了我可以查阅电话号码簿A:When can I expect your call?那我什么时候等您回电话?C:Maybe in three days or so.大概三天后吧A:I look ward to your call.我盼望着您给我回电话B:Thank you calling. Goodbye.再见 1969 A:Can I help you, sir? 我有什么能帮您的,先生?B:Uh, yes. Im going to the States and I need some traveler checks. 是的,我准备去美国,然后需要一些旅行票A:All right. How much do you need? 好的,你需要多少?B:One thousand U.S. dollars.一千美元A:One thousand U.S. Mm hmm. And are you going to pay cash?一千美元呀,嗯,你打算用付现金吗?B:Oh, no. I want to withdraw from my U.S. dollars savings .喔,不我想从我的美元账户中取款A:All right. Now can I have your passbook? 好的能给我看一下你的护照吗?B:Right. Here it is. 好的,给你A:Thank you. And what amounts do you want the checks in?谢谢,你想要多少金额的票?B:Mm. In hundreds, please.几百美元吧 3上海中山医院做双眼皮开眼角手术价格上海整形医院哪家较好



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