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Of Beauty论美Virtue is like a rich stone, best plain set;德行犹如宝石,朴素最美:and surely virtue is best in a body that is comely,though not of delicate features;其于人也,则有德者但须形体悦目,不必面貌俊秀,and that hath rather dignity of presence, than beauty of aspect.与其貌美,不若气度恢宏Neither is it almost seen,that very beautiful persons are otherwise of great virtues;人不尽知:绝色无大德也;as if nature were rather busy,not to err, than in labor to produce excellency.一如自然劳碌终日,但求无过,而无力制成上品And theree, they prove accomplished,but not of great spirit;因而美男子有才而无壮志,and study rather behavior, than virtue.重行而不重德But this holds not always但亦不尽然 Augustus Caesar,Titus Vespasianus, Philip le Belle of France,Edward the Fourth of England, Alcibiades of Athens,Ismael the Sophy of Persia,were all high and great spirits;罗马大帝奥古斯都与泰特斯,法王腓力四世,英王爱德华四世,古雅典之亚西拜提斯,波斯之伊斯迈帝,皆有宏图壮志而又为当时最美之人也and yet the most beautiful men of their times.美不在颜色艳丽而在面目端正,又不尽在面目端正而在举止文雅合度In beauty, that of favor, is more than that of color;美不在颜色艳丽而在面目端正,and that of decent and gracious motion,more than that of favor.又不尽在面目端正而在举止文雅合度That is the best part of beauty,which a picture cannot express;美之极致,非图画所能表,no, nor the first sight of the life.乍见能所识There is no excellent beauty that hath not some strangeness in the proportion.举凡最美之人,其部位比例,必有异于常人之处A man cannot tell whether Apelles, or Albert Durer,were the more trifler;阿尔贝与杜勒皆画家也,where of the one,would make a personage by geometrical proportions;其画人像也,一则照几何学之比例,the other; by taking the best parts out of divers faces,to make one excellent.一则集众脸型之长于一身Such personages, I think, would please nobody,but the painter that made them.二者谁更不智,实难断言,窃以为此等画像除画家本人外,恐无人喜爱也Not but I think a painter may make a better face than ever was;余不否认画像之美可以超越人寰,but he must do it by a kind of felicity and not by rule.但此美必为神笔,而非可依规矩得之者,乐师之谱成明曲亦莫不皆然A man shall see faces, that if you examine them part by part,you shall find never a good;人面如逐部细察,往往一无是处,and yet altogether do well.观其整体则光夺目If it be true that the principal part of beauty is in decent motion,certainly it is no marvel,though persons in years seem many times more amiable;美之要素既在于举止,则年长美过年少亦无足怪pulchrorum autumnus pulcher;古人云:万美之中秋为最 no youth can be comely but by pardon,and considering the youth,as to make up the comeliness.年少而著美名,率由宽假,盖鉴其年事之少,而补其形体之不足也Beauty is as summer fruits,which are easy to corrupt, and cannot last;美者犹如夏日蔬果,易腐难存;and the most part it makes a dissolute youth,and an age a little out of countenance;要之,年少而美者常无形,年长而美者不免面有惭色but yet certainly again, if it light well,it makes virtue shine, and vices blush.虽然,但须托体得人,则德行因美尔益彰,恶行见美而愈愧 58Jurg: Mrs. Scott ... Mrs. Scott: Yes? Jurg: I'm afraid I've had an accident. Mrs. Scott: Oh, dear, what's happened? Jurg: I've spilt my coffee. Mrs. Scott: Never mind. Here's a cloth. Klaus is using the launderette the first time. Klaus: Excuse me, do you know how this works? Housewife: Yes. Put the washing inside ... shut the door ... the money goes in here, then when the machine starts you have to put the soap powder in through here. Klaus: Is that all? Housewife: Yes, you don't have to do anything else until the machine stops. Klaus: Thank you. Terry: Frank's getting married. James: Is he really? Terry: Yes he is. James: I don't believe it. Terry: It's true. James: Who's he marrying? Terry: A girl he met on holiday in Spain, I think. James: Good heavens ... where are they going to live? A: Do you love me? B: I'm very fond of you. A: Yes, but do you love me? B: Uh ... You mean a lot to me. A: Why won't you answer my question? B: What question? A: Do you love me? Come on! I want to know. B: I care you very deeply. You know that. A: That isn't the same thing! B: What kind of answer do you expect? A: The truth! I want the truth! B: How can I possibly answer such a question? Do you remember Sally Green, the swimming star? She was the girl who broke all the records at the last Olympics. Where is she now? Last week our reporter, Tom Parker, went to see Sally in her Calinian home. Tom: Is it true that you don't swim at all now? Sally: I'm afraid so. I'm too old. Tom: But you are only twenty! Sally: That's too old a swimmer. If I swam in an international competition now, I wouldn't win. So I'd rather not swim at all. Tom: But don't you enjoy swimming? Sally: I used to, when I was small. But if you enter big competitions you have to work very hard. I used to get up at 6 am to go to the pool. I had to train bee school, after school and at weekends. I swam thirty-five miles every week! Tom: But you were famous at fifteen. And look at all those cups. Sally: Would you like to polish them? It's true that I have some wonderful memories. I enjoyed visiting other countries, and the Olympics were very exciting. But I missed more important things. While other girls were growing up, I was swimming. What can I do now? There is a small shop at the end of our road. I buy my newspaper there every Sunday. This is the only shop that is open on a Sunday, so it is always very busy. They sell milk, eggs, biscuits, tea and coffee. You can get aspirins, toothpaste or a writing pad there. It is a nice little shop. This evening I am going to the cinema. I sometimes go with Beatriz, but this evening I am going alone. Beatriz is nice, but she talks a lot and when I go to the cinema I like to watch the film. The film I am going to is an old one, but it is very good. It is a Hitchcock film. 91388Honesty is the best policy. —Aesop, ancient Greek fabulist诚实是最好的策略——伊索,古希腊寓言作家Personality is to man what perfume is to a flower. —C.C.Schwab, American businessman人品之于人,犹如芳香之于花——C.C.施瓦布,美国实业家Faith is the bird that feels the light when the dawn is still dark. —Tagore, Indian poet信念是黎明之前、天还没亮时就能感觉到光明的鸟——泰戈尔,印度诗人Character is the first and last word in the success. —Orison Marden, American writer品德是成功的决定因素——奥里森·马登,美国作家The more a man knows, the more he is inclined to be modest. —Henry Fielding, English novelist懂得越多的人就会越谦虚——亨利·菲尔丁,英国小说家 199

Hanna: Where have you been? I’ve been trying to find you. I just won from this slot machine. It’s not the jackpot, but now I’ve broken even. Tad: That’s really great. Maybe some of your luck will rub off on me. I’m just about to see what the high rollers are doing. Do you want to come with me to check out the blackjack tables or roulette? Hanna: I’m not that good at those high- stakes games, where people bet hundreds of dollars on a single play! I’d like to get the comps they get, but I don’t have that kind of money to gamble with. Tad: Yeah, I wish I had somebody rich to bankroll me, too. Hanna: I’ll just come and watch you play. You know, I wish I knew how to count cards. Then, I might try my hand at poker. Tad: Don’t even think about counting cards. If you get caught, you’d get kicked out of this casino in a minute. Hey, there’s a poker tournament going on over there. I want to go watch that later. But first, I want to get my hands on some chips or some dice. I’m feeling lucky. Hanna: Let’s go. 3857

The Toad and the Watermelon

更多美文请关注微信公众号良声英语To the Oak Tree致橡树If I love you --我如果爱你——I will never be a clinging trumpet creeper绝不像攀援的凌霄花Using your high boughs to show off my height借你的高枝炫耀自己If I love you --我如果爱你——I will never be a spoony bird绝不学痴情的鸟儿Repeating a monotonous song green shade为绿荫重复单调的歌曲Or be a spring也不止像泉源Bringing cool solace all year long常年送来清凉的慰藉Or be a steep peak也不止像险峰Increasing your stature, reflecting your eminence增加你的高度,衬托你的威仪Even the sunlight甚至日光Even the spring rain甚至春雨No, all these are not enough不,这些都还不够I must be a ceiba tree beside you我必须是你近旁的一株木棉Be the image of a tree standing together with you作为树的形象和你站在一起Our roots, entwined underground根,紧握在地下Our leaves, touching in the clouds叶,相触在云里With each gust of wind每一阵风过We greet each other我们都互相致意But nobody但没有人Can understand our words听懂我们的言语Youll have your copper branches and iron trunk你有你的铜枝铁干Like knives, like swords, like halberds, too像刀、像剑,也像戟Ill have my crimson flowers我有我的红硕花朵Like heavy sighs像沉重的叹息And valiant torches又像英勇的火炬Well share cold spells, storms and thunder我们分担寒潮、风雷、霹雳Well share mists, hazes and rainbows我们共享雾霭、流岚、虹霓Seemingly always apart仿佛永远分离But also ever interdependent却又终身相依Only this can be great love这才是伟大的爱情The loyalty is here坚贞就在这里Love --爱——I love not only your strapping stature不仅爱你伟岸的身躯But also your firm stand, the earth beneath you也爱你坚持的位置,足下的土地更多美文请关注-微信公众号良声英语 微:@里昂之声 9856

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