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17. Ground Transportation 17.地面交通A: I need to get into downtown as quickly as possible.A:我需要尽快进入市区。B: We have many ground transportation options.B:我们有很多地面交通选择。A: I dont want to have to share a car with anyone.A:我不想与任何人共享一辆车。B: Then a taxi would probably be the best option.B:那一辆出租车可能是最好的选择。A: Where can I get a taxi?A:我在哪里可以打到出租车?B: There is a special taxi line right outside the revolving doors.B:有一个特别的出租车线就在旋转门外面。A: How much is that going to cost me?A:这要花我多少钱?B: The city taxis have a meter so you pay by the mile.B:城市出租车按英里计,所以要看你走了多少英里。A: Does the fare include the tip?A:票价包括小费吗?B: No, How much you tip is up to you.B:不,给多少小费取决于你。A: Does the taxi take credit cards?A:出租车可以用信用卡吗?B: No. Taxis here are cash only. B:不。这里的出租车只收现金。译文属仅供学习和交流使用,不得转载 /201603/429921

栏目简介:《FiVE 口语秀情景剧》一档基于原创视频内容的,寓教于乐的英语口语教学节目。本栏目是实战英语口语下面的子栏目,内容贴近实际生活,能够通过视频的形式将口语对话再现,是英语口语教学的好材料。 /201510/399998

Is it convenient if I visit you this weekend? 我这周末去拜访你方便吗?例句:A:Hey,Rose.What are you busy with right now?嘿,罗斯。你在忙些什么呢?B:Hi,Jack.Im working on these documents.The Manager wants them in half an hour.Is there something you need?嗨,杰克,我在弄这些文件呢。经理半小时后就要用。有什么需要吗?A:Are you free this weekend?你这周末有空吗?B:Yes,I have nothing to do.有啊,我没什么事情做。A:Great.Is it convenient if I visit you this weekend?太好了,我这周末去拜访你,方便吗?B:I beg your pardon?你再说一次好吗?A:Id like to call on you this weekend.I just want to drop in for a chat.这周末我想去拜访你,我只是想顺便去和你聊聊天。B:Really?Well,ok,youre welcome.真的吗?好啊,欢迎。A:Is 5:00pm Saturday a good time for you?周六下午五点对你来说合适吗?B:Hmm,how about 7:00?I can treat you to dinner.七点怎么样?我可以请你吃晚饭。A:Sure.That would be great.Ill bring the wine.当然可以,那就再好不过了。我会带酒过去。B:Ok,Then Ill be expecting you.好的,那到时候等你来哦。A:Ill be there on time.我会准时到的。背景音乐:The Maestro更多英语资讯欢迎关注微信公众号 SmethilyFM(注意:“S”“FM”均为大写) /201703/494890

Do you remember John from head office?你记得总公司的John吗?Yes.记得。Have you heard what happened to him?你有没有听说他出了什么事?No, what?没有。怎么了?He had his car stolen.他的车被偷了。Actually he was kidnapped while he was in the car.他等于是被绑架了,因为他当时在车里。What do you mean?你的意思是?Well, apparently, he was just getting into his car,哦,他显然是才刚上车。Hed parked it in one of those underground multi-story things-he was just getting in and suddenly three guys with guns opened the back doors of the car and got in.他把车停在那些多层式地下停车场的其中一层,他一上车,就有三个持的歹徒突然打开后车门跳进去。Crikey. Where did this happen?哎哟。这件事在哪里发生的?In Taichung, I think.我想是在台中。Oh, right, I hear they have a lot of this kind of problem down there.嗅,对,我听说当地有很多这类问题。Really? Well anyway, they pointed their guns at him and said, you know, keep calm and drive out.真的吗?反正他们就拿指着他说,静静把车开出去就对了。We dont want to hurt you...we just want your car.我们不想伤害你,我们只是要你的车而已。So what happened?所以结果呢?Well, he drove out, and when he got to the booth to pay the attendant, he pretended to have an epileptic fit, you know, to scare the thieves away.哦,他把车开出去,等开到票亭要缴钱给收费员时,便假装羊癫疯发作,你知道,以便把歹徒吓跑。The attendant was no help at all: even though the guys were holding guns in plain view, he did nothing.但收费员根本置之不理,虽然眼睁睁看着那些人拿着,他却袖手旁观。Thats terrible.太可怕了。Yes, makes you think, doesnt it.是啊,你连想都不敢想。So what happened next?所以接下来呢?Well, he kept on pretending to have a fit, so they freaked out and just ran away.额,他一直假装发病,于是他们便吓得逃走了。Well, he sure was lucky.噢,他真是走运。Ill say.我也这么觉得。 /201602/426857

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