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上海市奉贤区奉城医院激光去红血丝多少钱虹口区去除眉间纹手术价格1. I had my bag stolen.我的包被偷了。还能这样说:My bag was stolen.Somebody stole my bag.应用:steal a march (on sb.) 偷偷地抢在某人之前;steal sb.s heart 巧妙地;得某人的欢心;steal into ones heart 渐渐进入心里2. I had my luggage lost.我的行李丢了。还能这样说:I had lost my suitcase.My suitcase was missing.谚语:An occasion lost cannot be redeemed.时机失了无法挽回。3. I forget to take the luggage.我忘记拿行李了。还能这样说:I dont remember to take the luggage.I fail to bring the luggage.应用:take ones courage in both hands 勇往直前,敢做敢为;take by surprise (某人)意料之外4. Who should I report it to?我该告诉谁呢?还能这样说:Who can I inform this to?Who can be reported?应用:of good report 名声好的;through good and evil report 不管名声好坏;不管舆论如何 /201407/314845黄浦区人民医院治疗青春痘多少钱 Li: Hello everyone. My name is Yang Li and this is The English We Speak.莉:大家好。我是杨莉,这里是地道英语节目。William: Hi there. Im William Kremer.威廉:大家好。我是威廉·克莱默。Li: So whats todays word–?莉:那今天要学的词是什么?Muffled shouting from outside the studio and banging on the door.演播室外面传来低沉的喊叫声和重重的敲门声Li: Eh?莉:什么?William: What on earth is all of that hullabaloo about?威廉:这些嘈杂的声音到底是怎么回事?Shouting and banging stops.喊叫声和敲门声停止了。Li: Ah... I think its stopped.莉:啊……好像没有声音了。William: What was it? It sounded like a crowd of people outside the studio!威廉:那是什么?听起来演播室外面好像有一群人!Li: I dont know. Id be interested to find out. But I have to say, there is something else that Im even more curious about...莉:我不知道。我倒是很有兴趣弄清楚。不过我必须要说,还有让我更感兴趣的事情……William: Oh right. Whats that?威廉:好吧。那是什么?Li: What was that word you used just now, William? Hulla...?莉:威廉,刚刚你用了哪个词?Hulla……?William: Hullabaloo.威廉:是Hullabaloo嘈杂。Li: Oh, thats it.莉:对,就是这个。William: Hullabaloo. You spell it H.U.L.L.A.B.A.L.O.O. Hullabaloo. It means a loud noise or commotion.威廉:嘈杂。拼写是H.U.L.L.A.B.A.L.O.O,嘈杂。意思是吵闹的声音或是混乱。Li: Hullabaloo (wrong pronunciation).莉:嘈杂(发音错了)。William: Hullabaloo.威廉:是嘈杂。Li: Hullabaloo (correct pronunciation).莉:嘈杂(正确的发音)。William: Exactly, yeah.威廉:没错。Li: Lets hear another example of this word being used.莉:我们再来听一个应用这个单词的例子。I tried to quieten the class down, but there was such a hullabaloo that no-one could hear me!我试图让全班安静下来,但是吵闹声太大了,根本没人能听到我的话!Li: So in that example, a teachers class was making such a hullabaloo that no-one could hear her. Is this word used in any other ways, William?莉:在这个例子中,一名老师教授的班级太吵闹了,以致于没人能听到她的声音。威廉,这个词还有其他用法吗?William: Well, the word hullabaloo can imply anger and disapproval. Can you imagine lots of people shouting because theyre angry? Have a listen to this example:威廉:喧闹这个词可以表示生气和不同意。你能想象许多人喊叫的原因是因为他们很生气吗?来听下面这个例子:That actor was so angry with the films director and producer that he refused to do any promotional work. But then when he didnt go to the premiere in L.A., there was such a hullabaloo from his fans that he had to apologise.那位演员对电影导演和制片人极其不满,所以他拒绝参加宣传工作。他没有参加在洛杉矶举行的首映礼,这使得他的粉丝非常生气,所以他不得不进行道歉。Li: So in that example, a film star didnt go to a premiere and there was a hullabaloo from his fans because they were angry with him.莉:在这个例子中,一名电影明星没有参加首映礼,所以他的粉丝因为生气而吵闹。William: And in that situation, hullabaloo doesnt mean lots of loud noise, but maybe some angry blog articles and some harsh words in the press.威廉:在那种情况下,hullabaloo这个词就不是吵闹声的意思了,而是指表达不满的客文章和新闻中的尖锐话语。Li: William, I must say, hullabaloo is a very strange sounding word! Where does it come from?莉:威廉,我必须要说,hullabaloo这个词发音太怪了!这个词起源于哪里?William: Well, no-one really knows for sure. But some people think it comes from people going ;Hullo! Hullo! Hullo!;威廉:嗯,没有人确切知晓。不过有些人认为这个词来自人们说的“Hullo! Hullo! Hullo!”Li: Really? Thats very–莉:真的吗?那真是非常……Shouting and banging starts again.喊叫声和敲门声再次传来。Li: Oh, our own hullabaloo has started again!莉:哦,我们这边的吵闹声又开始了!William: Right. Im going to see what they want!威廉:是啊。我要去看看他们到底要干什么!Gets up and opens studio door.起身去开演播室的门。William: Whats all this noise? Were trying to record a programme here!威廉:这些噪音是怎么回事?我们正在这里录节目!Fan 1: Is Yang Li here?粉丝1:杨莉在里面吗?Li: Hello, yes? Who is it?莉:你好,我在,请问是谁找我?Fan 1: Yes! She is, she is!粉丝1:她在,她在里面!Fan 2: Oh brilliant! Hi Li! Hi!粉丝2:哦,太棒了!你好,莉,你好!Fan 3: Were your biggest fans! Can we have your autograph?粉丝3:我们是你的忠实粉丝!你能给我们签名吗?Li: Oh well, I...莉:哦,我……William: Oh Li, I didnt know that you had a fan club! Well, I think wed better end the programme there! Goodbye!威廉:哦,李,我不知道你有粉丝俱乐部!嗯,我想我们最好结束节目!再见!Li: Where do you want me to sign? And do you want me to write something special?莉:你想让我签在哪里?想要我写一些特别的东西吗? /201407/311117闵行区做隆鼻手术价格

上海割双眼皮1.What on earth is the matter here?到底发生了什么事?还可说成:What happened here?What is wrong here?应用:bring somebody back to earth 使某人从幻想中清醒过来;burn the earth 奔驰,全速前进;come back to earth 不再幻想;like nothing on earth 非常罕见的;糟糕透了2.You ought to be ashamed of what youve done to me.你应该为自己对我所做的事情感到羞愧。还可说成:You are covered with shame for the thing youve done to me.What youve done to me should leave you feeling rather abashed.应用:be ashamed of 以……为耻;feel ashamed for somebody 替某人感到羞愧;be ashamed to do something 以干某事为耻。3.Cant you be serious for once?你就不能严肃一次?还可说成:You ought to be earnest.You should assume responsibility for being solemn.应用:serious 常用的意思有:严肃的,庄重的,认真的,真诚的,重大的,严重的,危险的。例如:Is he serious about travelling on foot?他真的要去徒步旅行吗?4.You are all talk and no action你只会夸夸其谈还可说成:You are only saying without doing.You only indulge in talk rather than action.应用:in action 在运转,在操作;out of action 不能再运转,失去效用;a piece of the action (尤指为获得利益而)参与某事5.You have no right to help yourself.你无权插手。还可说成:You have no warrant for your action.You have absolutely no right to do that.应用:be in the right 站在正义与真理的一边;claim ones right 要求行使自己的权利;do somebody right 公平对待某人;Miss Right 理想中的未来妻子;Mr. Right 理想中的未来丈夫6.Im not pleased by your negligence at all.我对你们的疏忽大意很不满意。还可说成:Im not a bit satisfied with your carelessness.Your oversight makes me feel disappointed.应用:negligence 的同义词有:carelessness, neglectfulness /201209/202219上海市仁济医院去痘印多少钱 Flash附带文本如下:对话原文:Linda:Hello! Who is speaking?您好,哪位?John:Hello! This is John. I want to speak to Linda。你好,我是约翰,我想找琳达。Linda:This is her。我就是。John: Hi, Linda. I’m just calling to invite you to a dinner party tomorrow evening。Hi, 琳达,我打电话事项邀请你参加明天晚上的派对。Linda:Really? What time and where?真的吗?几点?在哪儿?John: 7:30 pm, at Longding Chinese restaurant. I’ll be at your place at 7:00 to pick you up if you need a ride。晚上7点,在龙鼎中餐馆,如果你要搭顺风车的话,我们明天晚上7点到你那儿接你。Linda:Yes, please. I’ll need a ride. I’ll be waiting for you then。好的,我要搭顺风车,我到时候等你。John: See you tomorrow at 7:00. Make sure you dress a little formally. I heard the restaurant is kind of upscale。明晚7点见,记得穿得稍微正式点,我听说那是一家比较上档次的餐厅。Linda:Thank you. See you then。谢谢,到时候见。John:See you。明天见。重点句子:喂!我是汤姆。Hello! This is Tom。我就是。This is him。哪位?Who’s speaking?请稍等,我看他在不在。Hang on a moment, please. I’ll see if he’s in。莉莉,有你的电话。 Lily, there’s a phone call for you。抱歉,他不在。Sorry, he’s out。他现在正忙着呢。He is tied up right now。对不起,让你久等了。I’m sorry to have kept you waiting。我把电话给你转过去。Let me transfer your call。你要跟谁通话?Who do you want to talk to? /201412/349494浦东新区人民医院打瘦腿针的费用

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