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How to Celebrate Chinese New Year农历新年,这样过就对了!How to Celebrate Chinese New Year如何欢庆中国新年Chinese New Year, also known as Lunar New Year, is celebrated throughout the world in late January or early February. Here#39;s how to celebrate.中国新年,也称为农历新年,是在一月底或二月初时被世界各地人们欢庆的。这里是庆祝的方式。You will need: The correct date, traditional foods, new, red clothing, red envelopes, and red paper lantern.你将需要:确切的日期、传统美食、红色新衣、红包、还有红色纸灯笼。Optional: Firecrackers, and drums and gongs.非必须的事物:鞭炮、还有锣鼓。Step one: Find the next date of Chinese New Year, which changes with the lunar cycle. Learn which of the 12 zodiac animals is associated with that year#39;s celebration.第一步:找出下一个中国新年的日期,那会随着月亮周期改变。知道十二生肖中哪一个动物和那年的庆典有关。Step two: Before the Chinese New Year arrives, clean your house, and settle any outstanding debts with friends. According to tradition, this helps the New Year get off to a fresh start. Clean the headstones of deceased relatives and friends to ensure spiritual favor.第二步:在中国新年来临前,打扫你的屋子,并结清任何朋友之间未偿还的债务。根据传统,这会帮助新的一年有个好的开始。清扫逝世亲友的墓碑来确保神灵保佑。Step three: Get together with friends and family on the eve of Chinese New Year for a reunion dinner, a large, celebratory feast. Make a batch of nian gao, steamed cakes made with rice flour, which are said to bring good luck.第三步:在中国新年前夕和朋友家人相聚吃顿团圆饭,那是一场盛大的欢庆飨宴。做一批年糕,那是用米粉做成的蒸蛋糕,据说会带来好运。Step four: Buy new, red clothes to wear throughout the Chinese New Year celebration; the color is considered lucky.第四步:买红色的新衣裳在中国新年庆祝活动中穿着;这颜色被认为是吉利的。Step five: Give red envelopes filled with money to friends and relatives to invite success and generosity into everyone#39;s lives. Use an amount ending in eight, which is particularly lucky in Chinese culture, and avoid the number four.第五步:分送装满钱的红包给亲友,将成功和慷慨迎进每个人的生活。用 8 结尾的金额包,那在中华文化中是特别吉利的,且要避免数字 4。Step six: Attend a Chinese New Year parade, one of the most popular ways to celebrate the holiday#39;s hopeful spirit. You can also light firecrackers and bang drums and gongs to celebrate. Only use firecrackers or fireworks under close supervision. Know the laws governing explosives where you live.第六步:参加一场中国新年游行,那是庆祝此节日充满希望的精神最受欢迎的方式之一。你也可以放鞭炮,还有敲锣打鼓来欢庆。只能在密切注意下使用鞭炮或烟火。了解你居住地管制爆裂物的法规。Step seven: On the 15th night of the New Year, light a red paper lantern to mark the end of the holiday. Then, wish your friends and family ;Gong Xi Fa Tsai,; and prepare for 12 months of prosperity and luck.第七步:在新年的第 15 个晚上,点亮红色纸灯笼来象征节日的尾声。接着祝贺你的朋友和家人“恭喜发财”,准备好迎接十二个月的兴旺和好运。Did You Know? In 1980, the Chinese were the 10th-largest immigrant group in the U.S.; by 2006, they had become the third-largest.你知道吗?在 1980 年,中国人是美国第十大的移民族群;在 2006 年时,他们已变成第三大。 Article/201508/390203上海市第二人民医院隆胸多少钱It sits a million miles away from the Earth它位于距地球一百万里处的at the Lagrangian point拉格朗日点where the gravitational pull from the Earth and the sun is equal.此处地球和太阳的引力相等Fixed in space it has an uninterrupted这具固定在太空中的卫星可不受任何阻碍地view of the sun and its tantrums.观察太阳及其狂暴行为It has completely transformed our understanding这完全颠复了我们既有的观念you can essentially see right from inside the sun,因为我们可以从太阳内部开始right through to the coronal mass ejections一路看到离开太阳的as they#39;re leaving the sun,日冕物质抛射so you#39;re seeing way out to 30 solar radii.即30倍于太阳半径的距离Soho has played a key role in understandingSOHO大大增进了我们the explosive power of the sun.对太阳爆炸性威力的了解By blocking out the discit simulates an eclipse,它可以遮住日面模拟日蚀现象revealing the outer atmosphere and呈现太阳的外气层和the true scale of the sun#39;s largest eruptions.大型喷发的真实规模These are solar flares and coronal mass ejections这些是喷发自太阳黑子核心的and they erupt from the heart of sunspots.太阳闪焰和日冕物质抛射The temperatures in a solar flare will be tens of太阳闪焰内的温度高达数千万度millions of degrees so it#39;s an extremely hot,所以是温度在短时间内very dramatic change in temperature over a short period of time.发生高热、剧烈的改变When they erupt completely you can get masses完全喷发时,可以看到which are roughly the mass of Mount Everest质量相当于圣母峰的团块being flung out into the solar system.被抛射进入太阳系At solar minimum,flares are infrequent.在太阳活动极小期间,闪焰并不常见But every 11 years when the cycle peaks, at solar max,但每隔11年周期到达顶峰,即太阳活动极大期the sun puts on the best firework display in the solar system.太阳会出现太阳系中最壮观的烟火戏码Solar astronomers are now beginning to太阳天文学家正逐渐开始understand the cause of these explosions.了解这种爆炸事件的起因They are not caused by the power of fusion.它们并非肇因于核融合的能量There is another force at work.而是另一种力量的运作It is the force of magnetism.这种力量就是磁力The sun is covered in a complex network magnetic fields.太阳复盖着由磁场组成的复杂网路A magnetic map shows a familiar patchwork太阳表面的磁场分布on the face of the sun.看来十分眼熟The areas of the strongest fields coincide exactly磁场最强的部位with the position of sunspots.正好就是太阳黑子的位置Here the magnetic field strength can be amplified 10,000 times.磁场的力量在这里可以放大一万倍It turns out that the regions of the strongest magnetic field原来太阳磁场最强的区域on the sun are in the sunspots.就是太阳黑子And in the units that we use sunspot magnetic fields我们测量到的磁场强度are roughly a thousand,约为一千two thousand,maybe three thousand gauss.两千,或许到三千高斯But if you look at magnets like the ones I#39;m playing with here,但是我手上这个磁铁the magnetic field in these magnets的磁场约为一千is about a thousand to 1500 gauss.到一千五百高斯So these have roughly the same所以磁场强度magnetic field strength as a sunspot.和太阳黑子差不多 Article/201504/369438崇明县丰唇手术费用栏目简介:《趣味科普英语视频》有着浓厚的趣味性,能够增加英语学习爱好者对英语科普知识的兴趣,从而更加开心快乐地学习英语知识,建立起英语学习的基础,为以后学习更多的英语知识奠基,快来边看视频边涨姿势吧! Article/201510/402496Germany’s foreign minister has slammed Russian air strikes in Syria, claiming they have created more suffering.德国外交部长抨击俄罗斯在叙利亚的空袭,称俄罗斯已经造成了更多的苦难。Frank-Walter Steinmeier says he hopes political and military issues were on the table during a surprise meeting between Bashar al-Assad and Vladimir Putin earlier this week.施泰因迈尔称,本周早些时候巴沙尔·阿萨德和普京意外会见之期,他希望政治和军事问题能提到议程上。He spoke after meeting his Finnish counterpart.在会见芬兰外长后他讲道。We both say that if Russia is serious about participating in achieving the standards for stabilisation in Syria, then it cannot happen if, as a result of military offensives, thousands more people are forced to flee.我们都认为,俄罗斯是否认真参与叙利亚实现稳定标准,如果没能发生,由于其军事上的进攻将造成数千人被迫逃离。While Russia says its air campaign is aimed at defeating ISIL militants, analysis shows that 80 percent of its declared targets have been in areas not held by the group.而俄罗斯表示,空袭的目的是打击ISIL武装分子,分析表明其宣称的袭击目标中有百分之八十属于区域而不是组织。Saudi Arabia has added its criticism, saying Moscow’s actions are fueling Syria’s war.沙特阿拉伯批评莫斯科的行动助长了叙利亚战争。译文属。 /201510/405751嘉定区祛斑多少钱

徐汇区妇幼保健医院整形长宁治疗痤疮多少钱上海曙光医院西院去除狐臭多少钱英语非常道 第22期:胡敏教授对话雅思高分学员 Article/201509/389136上海瑞兰美白针的费用

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