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Paint by numbers按部就班When it comes to remembering numbers or binary digits, each competitor has their own system for converting these items into images. Mullen, for instance, uses a ;two-card; system for memorising a pack of cards. It involves converting suits and numbers in phonetic sounds. Take the seven of diamonds and the five of spades, for example. The diamond and the spade together create an #39;m#39; sound, he says. The seven is converted to a #39;k#39; sound and the five is an #39;l#39;. Although it#39;s not immediately obvious where each sound comes from, they are in fact based on a code that someone else thought up a long time ago, says Mullen. ;Once you#39;ve got your m, k and l, you just make up an image which fits those letters - they reminded me of the word Michael, so when I see that pair of cards I think of Michael Jordan.; He says he has another trick which halves the 2,704 possible pair combinations, but he didn#39;t want to go into details.要记住数字或二进制数字,参赛者各自都有将这些数字转换为影像的不同体系。例如,马伦会利用;双卡;系统记忆一副扑克牌。这需要按语音转换牌面花色和数字。以方片 7 和黑桃 5 为例。他说,方片(diamond)和黑桃(spade)一起会产生一个;m;音。7(seven)可转换为;k;音,而 5(five)可以转换为;l;音。马伦表示,尽管每个音的来源并不是很明显,但实际上它们都基于一种别人很早以前就想出来的代码。;在得到 m、k 和 l 后,就能针对这些字母构思影像,它们会让我想起 Michael(迈克尔)一词,于是,在我看到一对扑克牌时,想到的就是迈克尔·乔丹。;他说,自己还有另一种技巧,可将 2,704 对可能的扑克牌组合分为两半,但他不愿详述这种技巧。Mullen won the world title from Jonas Von Essen. Like Mullen, Von Essen also discovered a love of memorising things late in life. ;I was wandering around a library and saw a book that said you can improve your memory and thought it sounded cool, because I really wanted a better memory so that I could be better at school and exams,; he says.马伦在比赛中战胜选手乔纳斯·冯·埃森(Jonas Von Essen),赢得冠军。与马伦一样,埃森发现自己的记忆爱好也很晚。他表示,;我在图书馆徘徊时发现了一本书,书上说,是能改善的,我觉得这会很不错,因为我真的需要改善,才能在学校考试中取得好成绩;。Almost immediately I realised I could memorise more things than I ever dreamed possible我几乎马上就意识到,自己能记住的东西超出了梦寐以求的数量Von Essen, a student at the University of Gothenburg, tried out a few of the techniques - the benefits were instantaneous: ;Almost immediately I realised I could memorise more things than I ever dreamed possible,; he says. His first competition was the Swedish memory championship in 2012, which he won. He went on to become world memory champion in 2013 and 2014.埃森是瑞典哥德堡大学的一名学生,他尝试了几种不同的记忆术,并且马上就从中获益:他表示,;我几乎马上就意识到,自己能记住的东西超出了梦寐以求的数量。;他先参加了 2012 年瑞典锦标赛,最终赢得冠军。随后,他又参加了 2013 年和 2014 年的世界锦标赛。Von Essen uses a slightly different technique to remember cards. He has an image that he associates with each individual card, which he groups into sets of three, before placing them on a short walk through his house. ;So I might start at the front door,; he says. ;Say it#39;s the four of hearts, the nine of hearts and the eight of clubs - I#39;d open the front door and see an image of Sherlock Holmes playing the guitar and eating a hamburger. Then I#39;d walk into the hall and create a new scene with the next three cards.;埃森记忆扑克牌的方法与马伦略有不同。他会将不同的扑克牌与某种影像联系起来,他还将这些牌分为三组,然后他会在家里随意走动放置这些牌。他说:;我会从前门开始,比如,红心 4、红心 9 和梅花 8,我打开前门,会看到福尔斯弹吉他和吃汉堡的情景。然后,我会走到客厅,用随后的三张牌构思另一个情景;。What#39;s your favourite restaurant?你最喜欢的餐厅是哪家?Memory palaces can be anywhere - hotels, houses, routes to work, restaurants, a favourite holiday, a park or a train ride. ;If you sit and think about it for a moment you can come up with hundreds of locations that you know pretty well,; says Mullen.记忆宫殿无处不在:酒店、家里、上班路上、餐厅、喜欢的假日、公园或者乘火车途中。马伦表示:;只要坐下稍微想一下,你就能想起自己十分熟悉的成百上千个地点;。Both of the world champions use specific mind palaces for things they want to remember in the short term - like a pack of cards - and things they want to remember forever. ;So for the five-minute number competition I use the same two palaces, then re-use them the next time,; says Mullen. ;Because I don#39;t want to remember a five-minute event I did two years ago. But when I#39;m learning things for school, say drugs that treat stomach disorders, I#39;ll fill up a palace and not use it for anything other than related information.;两名世界冠军都使用了特殊的记忆宫殿,这帮助他们记住在短时间内要记住的东西(比如一副扑克牌)或记住永远不会忘的东西。马伦说,;五分钟的数字记忆比赛中,我会使用同样的两个记忆宫殿,而下次我还会再用到它们,因为我不想记住自己两年前只要记住五分钟的东西。但对于我在学校学到的东西,比如治疗胃病的药物,我会将它们填满一个记忆宫殿,除过相关信息,其他东西不会都占用这个宫殿。;#39;Does it work every time? Doesn#39;t your mind ever go blank?#39; I asked both competitors. No, was the answer. ;If you#39;ve put it in your mind palace, it#39;s always safe,; says Von Essen.;这样做每次都管用吗?难道你的大脑不会有一片空白的时候吗?;我向两名参赛者提出了同样的问题。不会发生这样的情况,他们都这样回答。埃森表示,;在将什么东西放在记忆宫殿后,它就一定是安全的;。Another thing they agree on is that the gift of extraordinary memory is nothing special - anyone can learn how to do it to a fairly decent standard. Mullen trained just half-an-hour to an hour each day in preparation for the World Championships. Von Essen also trained for small amounts of time each day, before gearing up to five hours a day just before competitions.还有一点两人也一致赞同,即超凡的并没有什么特别,任何人通过学习都能达到相当高的水平。为参加世界锦标赛,马伦每天只抽出半小时到一小时时间训练。埃森每天训练的时间也很短,随后也只是在参赛前将训练延长到每天最多五个小时。Von Essen has taken a break from competing, but he#39;s hoping to break a world record next year for memorising pi. So far he#39;s reached 10,000 digits, but by next year, he hopes to have increased that to 100,000 digits.埃森暂时休赛,但他希望在来年的圆周率 π 记忆大赛上打破世界记录。目前,他已经能记到 10,000 位数,他希望来年自己能记到 100,000 位数。 Mullen can#39;t make a living out of his title. ;There#39;s prize money but not enough to live on,; he says, so is instead concentrating on using his techniques to help him - and others - through school. ;I do my best to promote the techniques to others because they are really useful for everyday life. I#39;m trying to show people how to use the techniques for learning more generally, rather than just for competitions,; he says. ;I like the whole competitive process, but I think there#39;s a lot more you can gain from using these techniques in different areas of your life.;马伦无法靠自己的冠军名号谋生。他主要利用记忆术在学习中帮助自己或者他人。他表示:;比赛会有奖金,但靠这个为生是不够的。我尽自己的努力推广记忆术,因为它们在日常生活中真的非常有用。我还会向人们示范在学习中一般要怎样利用这些记忆术,而不是仅仅局限在比赛当中。我的确喜欢比赛的过程,但我认为,在生活中的不同方面利用这些记忆术都能从中受益。;Von Essen agrees. It#39;s like riding a bike, he says. It seems difficult and impressive if you haven#39;t tried it, but with a bit of practice, anyone can do it. ;You don#39;t have to become a world champion to have a much better memory than normal,; he says, ;same as you don#39;t have to win the Tour de France to get to the store faster than walking.;埃森对此表示赞同。他表示,这就像骑自行车。看起来似乎很难,但如果你尝试去做,然后再多加练习,任何人都做得到。他表示:;你并不是为了获得世界冠军才要有超常的,这就像你不是为了获得环法自行车赛冠军才骑自行车一样。你选择骑自行车去商店是因为它比走路要快;。 /201605/440853

North Korea is known as one of the world#39;s most totalitarian, closed-off nations, with a claim to fame consisting of shoddy missiles, nuclear weapons of questionable yield, and a starving population.朝鲜是世界上最著名的封闭极权主义国家,以其劣质导弹、核武器以及贫穷等问题闻名于世。But despite its general malaise, the Hermit Kingdom exports things of some value for foreign currency. There are both legitimate and illegitimate items North Korea sells abroad.但除了这些让人不安的因素,这个;隐士之国;还出口一些价值不菲的物品来换取外汇。下面,前十君就向各位介绍朝鲜远销海外的那些或合法或不合法的产品。10.Coal10.煤When we think of China#39;s largest foreign source of coal, we do not think of North Korea. However, that#39;s exactly what North Korea recently became.说到中国最大的煤炭进口国,我们怎么也不会想到朝鲜。然而朝鲜却正逐渐成为中国最大的煤炭进口国。Coupled with an overall fall in China#39;s coal imports from other nations, shipments from North Korea jumped 25 percent to a total of 1.8 million tons of coal in May 2015.相比于中国对其他国家的煤炭进口量的整体下滑,2015年5月,中国从朝鲜进口180万吨煤,进口量猛增25%。Exporting natural resources is an easy way to earn foreign currency for the Kim regime, without the structural and institutional reforms required to deregulate the broader, ;official; economy.出口自然资源对于金氏政权来说是一种赚取外汇的便捷之策。他们不用担心为了打开国门而出台变革社会结构和政府机构的政策,这种出口是;官方的;经济出口。In other words, exporting coal allows North Korea to earn money without making hard choices and loosening its totalitarian hold over its population.换句话说,煤炭出口可以让朝鲜不必费尽心思做出抉择,更不必放松对人民的极权管制就能赚到钱。And while coal mining in the first world requires complex heavy machinery, in North Korea, where human life is cheap, many things are still done by hand.在发达国家,开采煤矿需要复杂的重型机械设备,而在人命都不被重视的朝鲜,很多事情都是靠双手解决。Another advantage is that while North Korea has been slapped with UN sanctions, the export of natural resources has not been sanctioned, so the country can make money from coal exports legally.煤炭出口的另一个好处就是尽管朝鲜受到了联合国的制裁,但是自然资源的出口没有受限,所以朝鲜可以通过煤炭出口合法赚钱。9.Ballistic Missiles9.弹道导弹North Korea is well known for firing ballistic missiles in provocative ways, usually accompanied by bombastic rhetoric about raining fire down on the evil capitalists.大家都知道,朝鲜发射弹道导弹总是充满了挑衅意味,他们吹嘘自己要发射导弹干掉邪恶的资本主义。However, North Korea#39;s ballistic missiles serve another, more immediate function to the regime, with ballistic missile exports netting North Korea tens of millions of dollars annually.然而朝鲜的导弹还有另一个用途,一个对于朝鲜政权来说更加方便快捷的用途——导弹出口每年可以为朝鲜带来上千万美元的纯利润。Exports of ballistic missiles not only earn the regime cash, they also make it easier for North Korea to continue producing missiles for domestic use due to economies of scale.弹道导弹的出口不仅可以为朝鲜政府赚钱,还可以提升国内经济,便于政府继续生产导弹以供内需。However, North Korea appears to have shot itself in the foot. Instead of exporting just the missiles themselves, it was also willing to export manufacturing equipment and technical knowledge to other countries, including Pakistan and Iran.然而,朝鲜似乎搬起石头砸了自己的脚。他们不仅出口导弹,还乐意向包括巴基斯坦和伊朗在内的其他国家出口生产设备,并教授他们技术知识。This means that their customers will eventually rely less on North Korea, reducing sales over the long term.这意味着这些国家最终将不再依赖朝鲜,而长此以往,朝鲜的出口贸易额也会有所减少。Another issue for North Korea is that its customers have been at peace, so they have not been using their ballistic missiles and do not need to buy more.朝鲜面临的另一个问题就是,与之贸易往来的国家一直都处于和平安定的状态,所以他们不需要使用并且也不会再继续购买朝鲜的导弹。Maybe North Korea should have slapped an expiration date on those rockets?要是朝鲜专门在这些导弹上加个有效日期,倒是说不定他们会常来光顾……8.Arms Factories8.兵工厂North Korea is one of the most militarized nations in the world, with over one million men under arms. Those men have to be equipped with weapons.朝鲜是一个军国主义国家,军队人数超过一百多万,每个人都配备武器。North Korea#39;s extensive domestic arms industry is another way to earn foreign currency for the cash-strapped nation, with exports of heavy weaponry including rocket launchers and surface-to-air missiles.朝鲜国内遍布的军工厂也是这个囊中羞涩的国家赚取外汇的另一渠道:出口包括火箭发射器和地对空导弹在内的重型武器。But North Korea goes even further than this, sometimes offering to help build arms factories for clients for quick cash at the expense of long-term profits. Or does it?但是朝鲜所做的远不止这些,有时它还会为了赚外快而牺牲长远利益,主动帮助贸易国修建兵工厂。而朝鲜真是主动的吗?For almost 30 years, North Korea has been involved in two Ethiopian arms factories, supplying industrial equipment and providing expertise to keep the factories running.近30年来,朝鲜一直与埃塞俄比亚的两个军工厂有联系,朝鲜为保工厂的正常运作,提供了很多工业设备和专业技术。We would think that after building the factory, the Ethiopians would no longer need to keep the North Koreans around, but it turns out that the Ethiopians do not have the scientific or engineering knowledge to run the facility themselves.我们想想,工厂修建成功后,埃塞俄比亚应该不再需要朝鲜的帮忙了,但是结果却是埃塞俄比亚人自己根本没有科学或工程方面的技术来运营工厂。And given that the factory was designed by North Korea, only North Korea can provide spare parts for its industrial machinery, forcing Ethiopia to continue to rely on it.而且,鉴于工厂是朝鲜人设计的,那么只有朝鲜人可以为这些机器提供配件,这样就可以迫使埃塞俄比亚继续与之合作了。North Korea has also built other facilities in other African countries, such as Nigeria and Madagascar, which presumably also rely on North Korean spare parts.朝鲜在其他非洲国家,包括尼日利亚和马达加斯加,都建有兵工厂。这些国家大概也依赖朝鲜的配件。And given North Korea#39;s attempts to hide its illegal activities, there are likely more such facilities that have not come to light.而且鉴于朝鲜有意隐藏其不合法交易,很可能还有很多兵工厂我们都不曾知晓。It turns out the Stalinist North Koreans have a keen nose for capitalism that would make Henry Ford proud.这也充分明奉行斯大林主义的朝鲜对让亨利·福特倍感骄傲的资本主义特别警惕。 /201608/463146

  Natural Change after Qingming清明节后的自然变化A society of natural farming economy employed slash-and-bum cultivation ,burning mountains and destroying forest. Spring was a time when grass and trees start sprouting. To keep a balanced ecology and to preserve a better living environment was a necessity to human being#39;s own survival. It was said in Li Ji—Yue Ling,“During this month,the air pressure of the sky comes down and the air pressure of earth rises up. When the sky and earth come together,grass and trees germinate. It is an edict from god to start farming. ”自然农耕经济的社会烧荒陆耕,烧山毁林。春天是花草树木开始发芽的季节。为了保持生态平衡,并保持一个更好的生活环境对人类自身的生存是必不可少的。据礼记——月令记载,“在这个月中,天空的压力下滑,地球的空气压力上升。当天空与大地合在一起,草木发芽。这是来自上帝的开始农耕的法令。” /201607/451617

  What do you see? That#39;s the question taking social media by storm as debate rages about what the image really is.  你看到了什么?这一问题突然席卷媒体,掀起一场此图为何物的激烈辩论。  The image is an illusion which can tell a lot about how a person#39;s brain works. Depending on whether an observer sees a duck or a rabbit first and how fast it sees the other is an indicator of how creative you are, and how fast your brain works.  这副图片是幻象,可以较大程度说明人的大脑是如何运作的。可以根据观图者是先看到鸭子、还是先瞧见兔子来判别创造力是否丰富,两物间切换速度的快慢可以判别脑子转速的快慢。  Although it first appeared in a German magazine about 1892, it was later made famous by U.S. psychologist Joseph Jastrow in 1899. Jastrow used the illusion to make the point that we #39;see#39; with our brains as well as our eyes.  这幅图早在大约1892年就出现在了一本德国杂志上,后来在1899年的时候因美国心理学家约瑟夫·贾斯卓而闻名。贾斯卓用这一幻象来说明我们用大脑、也用我们的眼睛来“看”。  The research suggested that more creative people were able to switch between images of the two animals more quickly than other people. Participants who found it very easy to flip between rabbit and duck came up with an average of almost five novel uses for an everyday item. Those who couldn’t flip between rabbit and duck at all came up with less than two novel uses.  研究表明,越富有创造力的人看图时切换两种动物的速度就越快。参与研究的对象中,轻松切换鸭兔者可以想出一件日常用品的五种创意用法。而不能在鸭兔之间切换的实验参与者所能想到的原创用法还不到两种。  The moment when you flip between duck and rabbit is like a small flash of creative insight. It’s when you notice the world can be seen in a different way.  你在鸭兔间切换的瞬间有如灵光乍现,即那一刻你用不同的视角看待世界。  Highly creative people often display this talent for finding new uses for an existing object or by making connections between two previously unconnected ideas or things.  极富创意的人天赋才能,能想出现存物品的新用途,也能把先前无甚关联的想法和事物联系起来。  So what do you see?  那么,你看到的是什么呢? /201604/436674。


  Try adding anti-inflammatory foods into your meal plan on a daily basis. The more often you eat these foods, the less inflammation that will be present in your body. 试着在每天的饮食中加点抗炎症食物吧,吃得越频繁,你体内的炎症就越少。When inflammation is under control, not only will you have more energy and feel better overall, but you#39;ll also find that weight loss and reduction of belly fat both become easier!炎症控制住了,不但精力充沛、感觉倍儿棒,连减体重、对付游泳圈都变得更容易了呢!The following foods and nutrients can fight inflammation:以下食物可以抗炎症:1. Fruits and vegetables果蔬All fruits and vegetables, due to their rich nutrient and fiber content, help to combat chronic inflammation, so make sure to include adequate amounts of these foods daily. Some types of fresh produce, however, are even more potent than others.所有果蔬,因其营养丰富、纤维含量高,有助对抗慢性炎症。所以要确保每天食用足量蔬菜水果。而有些新鲜的农产品抗炎症效果尤为出众。Some terrific anti-inflammatory fruits and vegetables to include in your meal plan include apples, berries, broccoli, mushrooms, papaya, pineapple, and spinach.饮食计划里要包括的超强抗炎症果蔬有苹果、浆果、西兰花、蘑菇、木瓜、菠萝和菠菜。2. Green tea绿茶This mild beverage is great for helping shrink your waistline as well as for decreasing inflammation. The flavonoids in this tea have natural anti-inflammatory properties. And the compound EGCG in green tea has been shown to help reduce body fat.这一温和的茶饮对减小腰围和消炎是再好不过的了。绿茶里的类黄酮有天然抗炎症功效,已有研究表明,绿茶里的儿茶素有助减少体脂。3. Monounsaturated fats单元不饱和脂肪These heart-healthy fats help raise your healthy HDL cholesterol levels and reduce overall inflammation. Great sources include olive oil, almonds, and avocado.这些有益心脏健康的脂肪有助于提高高密度脂蛋白胆固醇含量,可以全面减少炎症。橄榄油、杏仁和牛油果里含量最为丰富。4. Omega-3 fatty acids欧米珈-3脂肪酸Research has shown that a diet with a high percentage of omega-3 fatty acids and a low percentage of omega-6 fatty acids has been linked with decreased inflammation. Food sources of omega-3s include walnuts, flaxseed, and fish, such as wild Alaskan salmon.研究表明,欧米珈-3脂肪酸含量高而欧米珈-6脂肪酸含量低的饮食与炎症减轻息息相关。含欧米珈-3脂肪酸的食物有核桃、亚麻籽还有鱼类,如阿拉斯加三文鱼。5. Spices辛香料Certain spices, including garlic, turmeric, cinnamon, ginger, and chili peppers, have potent inflammation-reducing capabilities, so try adding them to meals as often as possible.有些辛香料,如大蒜、姜黄、月桂还有红辣椒,都有强劲的抗炎功效。餐饮里尽量多加点吧。6. Water水Staying hydrated is essential to flushing inflammation-causing toxins out of your body. Aim for 64 ounces of water per day. Remember: Add an additional 8 ounces of water for every 30 minutes of exercise as well.冲走体内会引发炎症的毒素,保持水分是大计。定下一天64盎司(约1.8升)的水分目标。记住,每运动30分钟,要多喝8盎司水。7. Whole grains全谷类食物Rich in fiber, whole grains help control the insulin response in your body. The high B vitamin content of whole grains also helps reduce the inflammatory hormone homocystine in the body.全谷类食物纤维含量高,有助于控制体内胰岛素反应;其维生素B含量高,亦有助于减少体内激发炎症的同型半胱氨酸。 /201609/464177

  Today in;Million Dollar Listing;...今天在“百万美金豪宅”……This show is ruining my confidence...这个节目毁了我的信心…… /201608/463088



  The Moon in Mid-Autumn Day中秋节的月亮In the Chinese cosmology, the moon—not the sun—is the dominant orb,and not only has its radiance inspired countless poets, priests, andpeasants alike,but its waxings and waning have inspired the calendar according to which most of Asia plots yearly events. It’s only natural that a lunar year should include a holiday set aside for appreciation of the moon. The Mid-Autumn Festival,aka Moon Festival, a Chinese staple since the Song dynasty, is just that. The moon is said to be at its loveliest on this night;its roundest,brightest,and most magical.在中国的宇宙观中,月亮而不是太阳占天体的主导地位,不仅是其光辉鼓舞了无数诗人,牧师,和农民,但其盈亏也启发日历将亚洲大部分地区的每年事件记入历法中。这是很自然的,一个农历年应包括有假期来欣赏月亮。在中秋,又称月亮节,自宋代以来是中国的主题,就是这样。月亮被认为在这个夜晚是最美丽的;它在这晚最圆,最亮,最神奇。 /201607/454242

  Chinese outbound travelers tightened their purse strings last year as their spending on travel dropped by 17% amid a slowing economy, according to a survey.一项调查显示,由于经济增速放缓,去年中国出境游客收紧钱包,旅游消费额下降了17%。According to Chinese International Travel Monitor 2016, daily outbound travel expenses dropped from 3,324 yuan (0) last year to 2,849 yuan in 2016.根据《中国游客境外旅游调查报告2016》显示,中国游客的境外旅行日均消费从去年的3324元(折合500美元)降至2016年的2849元。The report surveyed 3,000 Chinese outbound travelers and 5,800 global hoteliers in May.该报告调查了五月份3000名中国出境旅客和全球5800家酒店。;It is even more significant among top spenders with their average daily expenses dropped by 40 percent from 13,800 yuan in 2015 to 8,228 yuan in 2016, said Jessica Chuang, director of regional marketing in China, Southeast Asia and India of hotels.com Asia Pacific.好订网亚太区中国、东南亚和印度地区市场总监庄佩芙称,这一趋势在顶级消费群体中更为明显,其日均消费从2015年的13800元降至2016年的8228元,降幅达40%。But she said its findings remain positive about outbound travel perspectives in China as two-thirds of Chinese outbound travelers consider travel a necessary element in life, and 92 percent of them said they won#39;t cut their travel budget in the near future.但是她也表示,调查结果表明在中国出境游方面仍是积极向上的。因为2/3的中国出境游客认为旅游是生活中必不可少的一部分,其中92%的人表示近期不会削减旅行预算。Despite only 5 percent of Chinese people holding a passport, China has become the largest outbound travel consumption country. In 2015, the number of outbound trips reached more than 120 million.尽管只有5%的中国人持有护照,不过中国已成为最大的出境旅游消费国。2015年,我国出境游人数超过了1亿2000万。 /201607/457033

  LOS ANGELES — Dr. Patrick Soon-Shiong, the new vice chairman andsecond-largest investor in Tribune Publishing, is believed to be the wealthiest physician in the world and the richest person in this city, surpassing all the Hollywood moguls.洛杉矶——黄馨祥士(Patrick Soon-Shiong)成为论坛出版公司(Tribune Publishing)的新副主席和第二大投资者。他被认为是世界上最富有的医生和洛杉矶首富,超过所有的好莱坞巨头。Much of that fortune, valued at .9 billion by Forbes, came from selling generic drugs and from developing one new type of drug to treat cancer.据《福布斯》(Forbes)估算,他的资产总额为119亿美元。大部分来自销售非专利药以及一种新型抗癌药的研发。But his meteoric rise has not been without controversy, either, as he has developed a reputation for exaggerating his prospects and accomplishments.不过,他的迅速崛起并非没有引起争议,因为他以夸大自己的前景和成就闻名。“He thinks big and sometimes his statements come off hyperbolic,” said Dr. Eric Topol, professor of genomics at the Scripps Research Institute. “Only time will tell” how much he really accomplishes, Dr. Topol said.“他总想干一番大事,有时他的叙述显得很夸张,”斯克里普斯研究所(Scripps Research Institute)的基因组学教授埃里克·托波尔士(Eric Topol)说。托波尔说,“时间会明”他到底做出了多少成就。In a brief interview Monday, Dr. Soon-Shiong said he did not see his .5 million investment in Tribune Publishing, which owns The Los Angeles Times and The Chicago Tribune, as a philanthropic exercise. But he said he did consider newspapers a “public trust” and wanted to preserve them.周一,黄馨祥在接受简短采访时说,他不认为自己向论坛出版公司注资7050万美元是做慈善。论坛出版公司拥有《洛杉矶时报》(The Los Angeles Times)和《芝加哥论坛报》(The Chicago Tribune)。不过,他说,他的确认为报纸是“公益信托”,他想要保护报纸。Dr. Soon-Shiong (pronounced Soon Shung) said he appreciated the value of a free press after having grown up in apartheid-era South Africa, the son of immigrants from China.馨祥士说,作为中国移民后代,他在种族隔离时代的南非长大,深知新闻自由的价值。“I recognize the press is a very valuable tool for the community, where it really adds to democracy,” he said. He also said the investment could make money if Tribune could be transformed from a “legacy newspaper company” into a technology and content company.“我认识到,报界对社会来说是很有价值的工具,它真的能促进民主,”他说。他还说,如果论坛出版公司能从“传统报业公司”转变为技术和内容公司,他的投资可能会获得回报。On politics, Dr. Soon-Shiong, 63, called himself the “quintessential independent.” He has donated ,400 to campaigns, according to the Federal Election Commission, including ,000 to the Democratic National Committee. But he has also donated to Rudolph Giuliani and Rick Perry, both Republicans.在政治方面,63岁的馨祥士称自己是“典型的独立派”。据联邦选举委员会(Federal Election Commission)称,他总共为竞选捐款8.24万美元,其中6万捐给了民主党全国委员会(Democratic National Committee)。不过,他也捐款给鲁道夫·朱利亚尼(Rudolph Giuliani)和里克·佩里(Rick Perry)两位共和党人。Dr. Soon-Shiong said it was his medical projects that got him involved with Tribune. His companies were developing artificial intelligence and machine vision — for such tasks as having a computer analyze pathology slides or helping the vision-impaired to navigate.馨祥士说,他是因为自己的医疗项目而介入论坛出版公司的。当时他的公司在开发人工智能和机器视觉,比如电脑分析病理切片,或者给视觉障碍者指路。Michael W. Ferro Jr., who is now the biggest shareholder in Tribune, had been an investor in a medical imaging company, Merge Healthcare, and came to see what Dr. Soon-Shiong had developed. Under a deal also announced Monday, Tribune will have access to that technology for use in the newspaper business, eventually paying royalties to one of Dr. Soon-Shiong’s companies.小迈克尔·W·费罗(Michael W. Ferro Jr.)目前是论坛出版公司最大的股东,也是做医学成像的融合医疗公司(Merge Healthcare)的一位投资人,他对馨祥士所研发的技术进行了了解。依照周一公布的另一项协议,论坛出版公司可以将这项技术用于报纸业务,最后向馨祥士拥有的一家公司付使用费。One use, Dr. Soon-Shiong said, could be to point a phone camera at an article in the printed newspaper and have related content pop up.馨祥士说,其中一项用途是把手机摄像头对准纸质报纸上的一篇文章,相关的视频就会弹出。Taking a stake in the owner of The Los Angeles Times would not be out of character for Dr. Soon-Shiong. While not well known outside Los Angeles, he has taken an active role in institutions here.馨祥士成为《洛杉矶时报》的股东并不出人意料。出了洛杉矶他不是很出名,但在当地的很多机构中都有他活跃的身影。He is a part owner of the Los Angeles Lakers, buying Magic Johnson’s 4.5 percent stake. He made an unsuccessful bid to buy the Dodgers, losing out to a group that included Magic Johnson.他从魔术师约翰逊(Magic Johnson)手中买下4.5%的股权,成为洛杉矶湖人队(Los Angeles Lakers)的所有者之一。他曾出价购买道奇队(Dodgers),但输给了包括魔术师约翰逊在内的一个团体。He and his wife, Michele Chan, an actress, have given at least 5 million to Saint John’s Health Center in Santa Monica, and he has helped reopen Martin Luther King Jr. Community Hospital, which serves impoverished South Los Angeles.他和演员妻子米歇尔·陈(Michele Chan)至少向圣莫尼卡的圣约翰医疗中心(Saint John’s Health Center)捐款1.35亿美元。他还帮助重新开放小马丁·路德·金社区医院(Martin Luther King Jr. Community Hospital),为洛杉矶南部的穷人务。After getting his medical degree in South Africa, Dr. Soon-Shiong became a doctor at the University of California, Los Angeles.馨祥在南非获得医学学位后,在加州大学洛杉矶分校(University of California, Los Angeles)获得士学位。In 1993, he made headlines for doing the first transplant of insulin-producing pancreatic cells into a patient with Type 1 diabetes. While he proclaimed that the procedure had succeeded, other experts questioned that claim.1993年,他首次向I型糖尿病患者移植能产生胰岛素的胰腺细胞,因此登上报纸头条。虽然他宣告移植成功,但其他专家表示质疑。He started a company selling generic drugs, taking advantage of a financial relationship with Premier, a group that buys drugs for hospitals. The company, APP Pharmaceuticals, was sold to the German company Fresenius for an initial payment .7 billion in 2008.他开设了一家公司,名叫APP Pharmaceuticals,利用与Premier的金融关系,销售非专利药。Premier是一家为医院采购药品的机构。2008年,德国公司弗雷泽纽斯(Fresenius)以37亿美元的首付款买下APP Pharmaceuticals。His biggest accomplishment was the development of the cancer drug Abraxane. It consists of the widely used drug paclitaxel (also known by the brand name Taxol) linked to particles of albumin, a protein in blood. That helps the drug get to the tumors better and makes the treatment more tolerable.他最大的成就是开发出抗癌药Abraxane。它包含被广泛使用的药物paclitaxel(品牌名为紫杉酚[Taxol])。Abraxane能把紫杉酚与血液中的蛋白质白蛋白分子连接起来,从而帮助这种药物更好地到达肿瘤,让治疗过程更易忍受。Doctors debate whether any advantages of Abraxane merit the extra cost compared with generic paclitaxel. But Celgene, the large biotechnology company, saw enough in Abraxane to acquire the company that controlled it for an initial payment of .9 billion in 2010.医生们质疑,与非专利药紫杉酚相比,Abraxane的优势是否值得为之付出额外的成本。但是大型生物技术公司新基公司(Celgene)看重Abraxane,2010年以29亿美元的首付款买下持有这种药物的公司。Dr. Soon-Shiong’s new project is NantWorks, an “ecosystem” of different companies aimed at medicine. “We like to think NantWorks is combing the inventive spirit of Thomas Edison or Leonardo da Vinci,” its website says. “All at the scale of Bell Labs.”馨祥士的新项目是NantWorks,它是一个由多家医药公司组成的“生态系统”。“我们认为,NantWorks在搜寻托马斯·爱迪生(Thomas Edison)或莱昂纳多·达芬奇(Leonardo da Vinci)的发明精神,”NantWorks的网站说,“规模相当于贝尔实验室(Bell Labs)。”One company in the network, NantKwest, is developing cancer treatments that harness the body’s immune system. It went public last summer with an initial market value of .6 billion, a record for a biotechnology company. The stock has lost three-quarters of its value since then.该系统中的一家公司NantKwest正在研发调节人体免疫系统的癌症治疗法。去年夏天,这家公司上市,最初的市值为26亿美元,创下生物技术类公司的最高记录。截至目前,它的市值已缩水四分之三。Another company, privately held NantHealth, is trying to use DNA sequencing and high-powered computing to quickly analyze a patient’s genes and other medical information and suggest the best treatment. It has raised more than 0 million, including from the government of Kuwait.还有一家私营公司NantHealth正尝试利用DNA排序和高性能计算机快速分析病人的基因等医疗信息,提出最佳治疗方案。它已筹资6亿多美元,包括来自科威特政府的资金。Two former executives filed a wrongful termination lawsuit accusing NantHealth of making fraudulent claims about the reliability of its technology. The company says the suit is without merit.该公司的两位前高管提出了一项不当解雇诉讼,指控NantHealth对自己技术的可靠性做出了欺骗性的陈述。公司方面则称该指控毫无根据。In January, Dr. Soon-Shiong announced a Cancer Moonshot 2020 program, in which companies like Celgene and Amgen would cooperate on certain clinical trials. He has also been an adviser to Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr., though Mr. Biden’s cancer moonshot program is distinct from Dr. Soon-Shiong’s.今年1月,馨祥士宣布启动癌症登月计划2020(Cancer Moonshot 2020),新基(Celgene)和安进(Amgen)等公司将参与某些临床试验。他也是副总统小约瑟夫·R·拜登(Joseph R. Biden Jr.)的顾问,虽然拜登的癌症登月计划与馨祥的截然不同。 /201605/446087

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