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上海哪里做韩式三点的价格上海东方医院美容整形科上海去痣多少钱 Growing numbers of bright teenagers are rejecting British universities in favour of those in the ed States amid claims they no longer represent value for money, a leading headmaster has warned.一位名牌中学校长警告说,越来越多的优秀英国中学生拒绝英国大学,转而选择美国大学。人们认为英国大学已不再物有所值。Students are being forced to seek courses on the other side of the Atlantic because institutions in this country are stuck in a ;malaise;, according to Anthony Seldon, Master of Wellington College, Berkshire.伯克郡威灵顿学院的校长安东尼#8226;赛尔顿说,英国学生们被迫到大西洋的另一边求学,因为英国的高校陷入了萎靡不振的困境。He said cash-strapped British universities provided less contact time with lecturers and displayed only a ;perfunctory interest; in sport and the arts.他说,英国大学由于资金紧缺,使得师生间的联系时间较少,对待体育和艺术课程也是敷衍的态度。The comments – in a new book published by The Good Schools Guide – come as figures show a surge in the number of pupils applying to study in the ed States.这些来自《好学校指南》出版的一本新书。此前有数据显示,申请美国学校的英国学生数量猛增。According to data, the proportion of students taking the US college entrance exam in Britain increased by a third last year compared with 2008. In all, more than 10,000 applicants sat the main admissions test, it was revealed.数据显示,去年英国参加美国大学入学考试的学生比例相比2008年增加了三分之一。据透露,共有1万多名英国学生参加了美国高校的这一主要招生考试。The rising interest is believed to be driven by pupils from independent and grammar schools seeking to escape annual tuition fees of up to pound;9,000 in Britain from September.据认为,对美国高校感兴趣的英国学生增多是由于很多私立学校和文法学校的学生想逃避从九月份起一年高达9000英镑的英国大学学费。But writing in the new book, Uni In The USA, Dr Seldon said theexodus was ;down to far more than economics;.不过,赛尔顿士在新书《美国大学》中写道,引发这一出国求学浪潮的远远不仅是经济因素。;American universities in particular celebrate bth of achievement far more than those in Britain, where only a perfunctory interest is shown in sporting or artistic prowess, or whether one held positions of responsibility and contributed to charitable activities,; he said.他说:“相比英国大学,美国大学特别重视全才的培养,而英国大学对于培养体育或艺术才能兴趣淡薄,对于学生有无领导能力、是否参加慈善活动也不关心。”Dr Seldon said that one-in-10 Wellington students were now applying to universities outside Britain compared with just the ;occasional pupil; a few years ago.赛尔顿士说,现在威灵顿学院有十分之一的学生申请了国外的大学,而在几年前,很少有学生这么做。Other independent schools have reported a similar increase in recent years.近年来,其他私立学校也报告说申请出国读大学的学生大大增多。According to the Fulbright Commission, which promotes links between US and UK universities, demand is highest for places at elite Ivy League institutions.根据富布赖特委员会,英国学生对常春藤盟校的名额需求最旺。富布赖特委员会致力于加强美国大学和英国大学之间的联系。Applications to Pennsylvania University jumped by 50 percent last year, while demand for Harvard was up 41 percent and Yale reported a 23 percent rise, the Commission said.委员会称,申请宾夕法尼亚大学的英国学生去年增加了50%,申请哈佛大学的英国学生增加了41%,耶鲁大学增加了23%。The new guide includes reviews of more than 65 US universities, as well as information covering the applications process, entrance exams, fees, scholarships, visas and lifestyle issues.这本新指南书包括有关申请流程、入学考试、大学学费、奖学金、签和生活方式的信息,以及对65所以上美国大学的。 /201206/186078A U.S.-based research institute says new satellite imagery suggests North Korea has halted construction on a launch pad capable of testing intercontinental missiles.一家美国研究机构说,新的卫星图像显示,朝鲜停止了在一个可以试射洲际弹道导弹的发射台上的建筑活动。The website 38 North says the delay, possibly due to recent heavy rains, could push back the project#39;s completion by up to two years.“北纬38度线”网站说,这个可能由于最近下大雨导致的拖延可能会把朝鲜的计划推迟长达两年。The new launch pad, located at the Tonghae Satellite Launching Ground, had been scheduled for completion around 2015.位于朝鲜东海卫星发射场的新发射平台原定于2015年左右完工。But the group says the photos, taken August 29, also suggest Pyongyang is working on an existing launch pad at the same facility that has been used for previous missile tests.但是这家美国研究机构说,8月29号拍摄的照片还显示,朝鲜正在改建同一发射场内一座以前试射导弹时曾经使用过的发射平台。Although the report says no launch appears to be imminent, it says North Korea can still launch longer-range rockets at its Sohae facility, from where it conducted its failed missile launch in April.虽然美国的这家研究机构说看来朝鲜不会马上在那里试射导弹,但是朝鲜仍然可以在它的西海发射场发射远程导弹。朝鲜4月在西海发射场的导弹试射失败。North Korea said the April launch was aimed at placing a satellite into orbit. But the U.S. and others condemned the move, saying it was a pretext for long-range missile testing prohibited under U.N. sanctions.朝鲜说,四月的发射是将一枚卫星送入太空轨道。但是美国和其它一些国家谴责了朝鲜的行动,说它实际上利用这个借口来进行联合国禁止的远程导弹试射。Pyongyang has tested two nuclear weapons and says it has turned some of its stockpile of plutonium into bomb material. There are concerns that it aims to create a nuclear bomb that can be carried on a missile, though experts say they have not mastered the necessary technology.朝鲜进行过两次核武器试验,并宣称已经把一些金属钚转为可制造核武器的材料。人们担心,朝鲜的目标是制造一枚火箭可以运载的核武器。不过,专家认为,朝鲜还没有完全掌握相关技术。38 North, the website of the U.S.-Korea Institute of the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies, says the new launch pad at Tonghae is intended to conduct tests on ;larger liquid-fueled rockets, possibly with intercontinental ranges.;美国约翰霍普金斯大学高级国际政治研究院的美朝问题研究所网站“北纬38度线”说,东海发射场的新发射台是为了试射使用液体燃料的更大火箭,而且是洲际导弹的射程。It said the commercial satellite photos of the facility, taken by DigitalGlobe, also show Pyongyang has stopped construction on fuel and oxidizer buildings designed to support future tests near the new pad.这家网站说,“数字世界”拍摄的民用卫星照片还显示,朝鲜已停止建造燃料和氧化等原计划持新发射台的设施。The report said the exact cause of the delay is not clear, but that heavy rains may have damaged the dirt trail leading to the secluded construction site. It also said heavy construction equipment at the site may have been relocated to help repair flood-damaged areas.报告说,目前不清楚工程延期的确切原因,但是最近的暴雨可能损坏了通往建筑工地的土路,还可能是因为建筑地点的重型机械被送到受遭受洪水破坏的地区救灾。 /201209/201777上海市中山医院开双眼皮手术价格

上海复旦大学附属浦东医院激光去黄褐斑多少钱上海交通大学医学院附属上海儿童医学中心去痘印多少钱 The passengers from a crippled cruise ship that docked in Alabama Thursday after five days adrift are finally on dry land and headed home.星期四,一艘失去航行能力的游轮在海上漂流五天后,乘客们终于回到阿拉巴马州上岸,踏上回家的旅途。The Carnival cruise ship carrying some 4,000 people was towed in by a flotilla of tug boats, arriving late Thursday at the port of Mobile, on the U.S. Gulf Coast.星期四晚间,一队拖船把这艘运载大约4千名乘客的嘉年华游轮公司的游轮拖进美国濒临墨西哥湾阿拉巴马州的莫比尔港口。The Carnival Cruise Lines#39; Carnival Triumph ship left Galveston, Texas last Thursday for a four-day cruise, but an engine room fire Sunday knocked out the ship#39;s primary power source and left it adrift 240 kilometers off Mexico#39;s Yucatan Peninsula.“嘉年华胜利号”游轮上星期四离开德克萨斯州的加尔维斯敦,开始为期四天的航程。但是星期天,游轮机房起火,主要动力来源被切断,使得这艘游轮在距离墨西哥尤卡坦半岛240公里的海面上漂流。Some passengers reported flooded rooms and sewage in hallways, and sleeping on the ships#39; decks to avoid hot and smelly cabins. They also reported that there were long lines for food and other supplies.一些乘客报告说,舱房被水淹,走道上污水横流,他们只好睡在甲板上,以避开酷热、发臭的舱房。他们还说,要排长队领取食物和其他用品。Carnival company head Cahill was on the scene to welcome the ill-fated ship and its passengers back to shore.嘉年华游轮公司总裁卡希尔到码头迎接这艘不幸的游轮和乘客们回岸。The U.S. Coast Guard and National Transportation Safety Board have launched an investigation into the cause of the fire in the engine room. The NTSB says in statement that because the vessel is Bahamian-flagged, the Bahamas Maritime Authority is the primary investigating agency.美国海岸警卫队和国家交通安全已经对这艘游轮机房起火的原因展开调查。美国国家交通安全发表声明说,由于这艘游轮悬挂巴哈马国旗,所以巴哈马海事局是主要调查机构。 /201302/225147上海第九医院治疗痘痘多少钱

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