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And although they could scavenge most of the parts as well, 虽然他们也能弄到零件they didn’t have the sort of skills to build them that we had acquired by training ourselves through building them. 但他们不具备制作经验和技能So we ended up helping them build most of their computers and it was really taking up all of our time.我们只好替他们做,这事占用了我们所有时间And we thought, you know, if we could make, what’s called printed circuit board, 于是我们想到制作印刷电路板which is a piece of fabric glass with copper on both sides that etch to form the wire, 就是在镀铜的玻璃纤维板两面腐蚀出铜导线so that you can build a computer, you know, you can build an Apple I in a few hours instead of 40 hours.采用印刷电路板,只要几小时就能做出一台Apple IIf we only had one of those, we could sell them to all of our friends for, 有了这些,我们能把电路板以成本价卖给朋友you know as much as it cost to make them, make our money back. 把钱赚回来这样皆大欢喜And everybody would be happy, we say, we get a life again.我们也可以休息休息So we did that. I sold my Volkswagen bus and Steve sold his calculator, 说干就干,我把玩具大众车卖了,Woz卖了计算器we got enough money to pay a friend of us to make the art work to make a printed circuit board. 我们凑够了钱,请朋友设计印刷电路板And we made some printed circuit boards, and we sold some to our friends, 电路板做出来后,卖给了朋友and I was trying to sell the rest of them so we can get micro bus and calculator back….我想把剩下的也卖了,把玩具车和计算器赎回来And I walked into the first computer store in the world, which was the Byte Shop of a Mountain View,我去了世界上第一家计算机商店,Mountain View的字节商店 I think, on El Camino. It metamorphosized within an adult bookstore, but at this point, it was the Byte Shop. And the person I ran into, I think his name was Paul Terrell. 那时它藏在一家成人书店里,我见到了老板Paul TerrellHe said ”You know, I’ll take 50 of those”, I said “this is great”. Paul说“我预订50套”,我说“太好了。”“ But I want them fully assembled.”但我要完全组装好的计算机” /201306/243600This amazing knot may save your life, probably your pride, and certainly piles of your time. If you have kids you know how many times each day you have to tie their shoes. With this knot you#39;ll tie them once and be done. This knot is easy to tie and can be untied as easily as any other.这种不可思议的打结方法或许可以拯救你的生命,可以挽救你的自尊心,当然也可以节约许多时间。如果你有孩子的话,你就知道每天要给他们系多少次鞋带。如果采用这种打结法,一次就搞定了。这种打结法非常简单,和其他方法一样容易。Step 1: Normal Knot1.普通打结I am going to show you how to tie your shoes with a knot that is guaranteed to never slip.我将向你展示如何打结可以保鞋带不会滑脱。Start as you normally would with an overhand knot.像平时一样打一个单结。Step 2: Extra Loop2.多绕一圈Then when you get to this point, instead of going around once, go around twice before pulling the second loop through.到了这一步,不要只绕一圈,而是绕两圈,再把鞋带穿过。This one little extra step makes all the difference and I guarantee the knot is not going to slip.多绕一圈可以起到非常重要的作用,我保鞋带再也不会滑动。Still when you want to take off your shoes, this knot is as easy to untie as any other.当你想脱掉鞋子的时候,鞋带仍然非常容易解开。Thanks for watching How To Tie An Amazing No-Slip Shoe Knot.感谢收看“如何打结防止鞋带滑动”视频节目。视频听力由。 Article/201401/272468

NASA Spacesuit Malfunction Delays Space Station RepairsAn issue with the life support system has astronauts worried.The busy week ahead on the international space station, astronauts are gearing up for another dangerous space work to finish fixing that broken cooling system. But first, they have a serious wardrobe malfunction to take care of. A#39;s Mike explains.In a crippled international space station, a successful Christmas eve spacewalk will be the best gift of all for the six astronauts on board.Station, Houston with you, hope everybody had a good day.A Saturday spacewalk brought them half-way to that goal. American spackwalkers R and Mike removed a broken 780 pounds coolant pump whose failure jeopardize the operation of the space station.Don#39;t let they go, that#39;s a stocking stuffer.But a malfunction in astronaout#39;s M suit.My toes are quite cold. forced the postponement of a second spacewalk scheduled to complete the repairs.We want to dry that suit out overnight.For the second spacewalk in a row, water in the spacesuit was an issue. Just to be safe, the astronauts would use a back-up suit.It#39;s their life-support system, so somebody on the ground, the team on the ground is making a big plan to put that new suit together.This is the suit they are wearing, behind the glass in the display of the Johnsoon Space center. At 35 years old, it could be a museum piece, but NASA always facing budget constraints must make old things work.We#39;ve done over 11700 hours of spacewalking, so I think it was just a small blip in the road that just happen to catch us.And so NASA and the astronauts on board the space station have this Christmas hope that those aging space suits are gifts that keep on giving. /201401/271182

If you take an organ like the heart,如果观察心脏你就会发现which is pumping away to pump the blood around the body,它是通过跳动来向全身输送血液it needs a lot of energy, a lot of oxygen delivered to it.这就需要很多能量和氧气来辅助If it doesn#39;t get it,要是不够充足if it gets starved of oxygen, that can produce a heart attack.处于缺氧状态 这时就会突发心脏病We weren#39;t just suffering我们新形成的饮食结构the effects of our new diet in our hearts.岂止会损害到心脏It was hitting us in the guts, too.更会损伤内脏Our bowels were exploding.我们的肠子越胀越大It seemed that again the reason was man-made.看来又是人为造成Modern flour milling techniques现代面粉制造技术removed the fibre from our staple foods.将主食中的纤维质剔除Horizon was on hand to explain地平线栏目已精确剖析过precisely what this was doing to our digestive systems.此举对消化系统的影响The colon isn#39;t just a static tube.结肠并非只是个静压管It contracts like an earthworm它像蚯蚓一样to force the food residue along.通过收缩来传输食物残渣Painter believes that on a low-fibre diet,佩恩特认为低纤维的饮食this residue may be stiff like tar会使食物残渣如沥青般僵硬so that the very high pressures are built up in the colon.然后施压于结肠This can cause a blow-out in于是肠壁会受到严重挤压变形the wall of the colon, called a diverticulum.我们称之为憩室 Article/201306/244082

Star Wars: New Movie To Be Made In Britain The Chancellor says ;The Force; is strong in the UK as Disney#39;s Lucasfilm takes advantage of the country#39;s tax incentives. 迪士尼正在筹备中的超级大片《星球大战7》,卢卡斯影业总裁凯瑟琳-肯尼迪称,影片将在英国取景拍摄。这是卢卡斯影业继《夺宝奇兵》《太阳帝国》以及两年前的《战马》后,再一次前往英国进行拍摄。导演J-J-艾勃拉姆斯,老版《星球大战》中的主角哈里森-福特、“天行者卢克”马克-哈米尔以及“莱娅公主”凯丽-费雪三人已确定回归参演影片。《星球大战7》由《星际迷航》的J-J-艾勃拉姆斯担当导演,影片可能根据1954年日本著名电影《七武士》进行创作。卢卡斯电影公司的CEO——好莱坞著名大导演乔治-卢卡斯对外界表示:“在过去的35年中,我最欣慰的事情就是看到《星球大战》系列电影被一代又一代人喜欢。现在,是时候让这套电影传递给新一代观众了——需要新的创作者延续这套系列电影,我希望在有生之年,看到这个系列能继续拍下去。”曾为皮克斯动画经典《玩具总动员3》撰写剧本的奥斯卡金牌编剧迈克尔-阿德特(Michael Arndt),将率先为《星球大战7》操刀剧本。It seems rebel forces and the Empire have agreed to pitch their next battle in Buckinghamshire. The new Star Wars trilogy will be made in the UK where much of this original was filmed, and Pinewood Studio is tipped as the mostly likely venue for Jedies and Droids to gather. These characters have braced our studios before, the very first Star Wars film was made in the UK back in 1976, and my friend here along with 200 other characters was designed and built in this very room, in Twickenham.Designers Andrew Ainsworth explains the attraction of Britain to film makers. We have a lot of talents in England, we always have had. We’re very adaptable, and let’s face it, the economy is a bit low, and people are hungry for work, so anybody, like Disney, with a big business sense, a good business sense, would say I’m gonna get money for value there.And there are plenty of actors looking for roles. I’ve very much hope to get a part, propping lots of the tense at the moment, and I’m actually hoping at the moment, JJ Abrams is watching Sky News so that he may well consider giving me a role. See, you know, I’ve been part of Star Wars since the very first film I worked on in 1991, and I was involved with a prequel(先行篇;前篇), so it would be lovely to get a step back in just for a small cameo. So Pinewood which has housed Harry Potter and James Bond will now welcome characters such as Uda. The Chancellor says, it’s the tax breaks fall that they have come. I’ve got personally involved in trying to persuade the Lucasfilms to bring Star Wars to the UK, so I’m absolutely delighted, and you know, it looks like the force is stronger this one. Last something for the Chancellor to laugh at. I’m sorry.Like other movies, Star Wars VII can get tax relief if 25% of the expenditure takes place in the UK, which can be claimed on up to 80% of the total budget. Before, 6 Star Wars box office sales totaled £2.8bn. At merchandising, it’s estimated they’ve made £17.6bn. But billionaires do like tax breaks. Many, many years ago, the Britain didn’t support the film industry, when I came here, it was, you know, one of its last legs, and fortunately, now it’s lots steadier. The new star wars is expected to feature old characters, such as Harrison Fords, Han Solo. It starts production next year, and the Empire is back in cinemas in 2015. Jason Ferrell, Sky News. /201305/240466

在面对威胁时如何以不使用武力的方式回击?在这个充满智慧的演讲中,和平活动家Scilla Elworthy解释了我们需要的技巧——国家和个人都需要这些技巧——来不以武力的方式对抗极端暴力。为了解答为什么非暴力有效以及如何有效的问题,她引用了历史上的名人——昂山素季,穆罕穆德·甘地,尼尔逊·曼德拉——以及撑和平抗争的个人哲学。 Article/201402/275608

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