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Uh four.4-Do you like the effects youre feeling? -Five.-你喜欢现在的感觉吗 -5-Would you like more of what you have received? -Five.-希望再多来点吗 -5-Do you feel high? -Four.-感觉嗨吗 -4And do you feel intoxicated?有醉酒的兴奋感吗Three.3OK great thank you.好了 太好了 谢谢Well come get you out.马上把你弄出来An hour later and it was all over.一个小时后 这些都过去了They had what they needed.他们获得了他们需要的I was left feeling quite affected.只剩下我一直感觉不自然Luckily inside there I wasnt going to operate any machinery.幸运的是 在那儿 我不用操作任何机器I was definitely definitely high.而且真的真的很兴奋In a good way!感觉很好Today in there its different.今天感觉不一样了Everything is stripped away.一切影响因素都排除Everything is gone.一切都没了And what Im left with I think was pure pharmacology.只有纯粹的药理作用重点解释:1. more of 更多的例句:Its all over now so think mo more of it.现在一切都过去了,因此别再去想它了2.strip away 揭掉; 去掉例句:Lets strip away the cant and get down to bedrock.咱们少说漂亮话,多谈实质问题吧。 201508/391275英语非常道 第37期:泰坦尼克号通过对时下《泰坦尼克号》电影的探讨和交流,让大家在了解观赏这部大片。。。201511/396115

Elaine Morgan是一位坚定不移的水猿猜想的持者和推动者:该设想提出人类是由水中栖息的祖先进化而来。听听她是如何热忱的维护这个猜想,以及她是如何解释为什么主流科学家对该猜想不以为然。201501/354517TED演讲者们对这个世界各抒己见。201505/375928The President of the People’s Republic of China Xi Jinping has received a royal welcome at the start of his four-day state visit to the ed Kingdom.中华人民共和国国家主席习近平开始对英国进行为期四天的国事访问。The Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh will host the Chinese President and his wife before visits to Chequers, the retreat of the Prime Minister, and Manchester.在访问位于曼彻斯特的首相静居别墅前,女王和爱丁堡公爵将款待中国国家主席和他的妻子。It is not all pomp and ceremony Mr Jinping is here on business with 40bn worth of trade and investment deals on the table.这并不是所有的盛况和仪式,习近平主席的到来带来了价值400亿欧元的贸易和投资协议。British Foreign Secretary Phillip Hammond sees it as essential to pursue good relations with Beijing:“We see an economy that will be evolving in the next phase of its growth to need more of the things that Britain is really good at, as it moves to being a service economy, as it moves to emphasising consumption over investment in China. Britain’s businesses will really come into their own and my ambition is to see Britain as China’s biggest trade partner in Europe.”英国外交大臣哈蒙德菲利浦表示必须与北京保持良好关系:“我们看到经济增长的下一阶段,需要更多英国擅长的东西,随着其转型到务经济,强调消费非投资。英国的企业将真正进入全盛时期,我渴望英国成为中国在欧洲的最大贸易伙伴。”The new cosy Sino-British relationship has caused concern in Washington as China continues to invest heavily across the globe.随着中国继续在全球范围内广泛投资,新的中英友好关系引起了华盛顿的担忧。译文属。 /201510/404984

英语非常道 第14期:雅思高分学员称跟读《国王的演讲》学习雅思高分学员现场解读:雅思高分是这样炼成滴~看美剧,练英语,学习两不误;跟读《国王演讲》,现场大秀地道英语口语,让人赞叹不已!边跑步边听《老友记》,雅思高分唾手可得!揭秘英语英语学习的真谛,雅思高分的秘籍,尽在“2011中国雅思盛典”,尽在《英语非常道》。201508/385189Soy provides high quality protein from a plant source.大豆富含蛋白质The protein in soy is similar to the quality of the大豆中的蛋白质和牛奶,肉类以及protein in milk, meat, and eggs. For vegetarians,鸡蛋中的蛋白质相似,对于素食主义者soy protein is an important part of the diet. In addition,大豆是蛋白质的重要来源recent research has shown regular consumption of soy除此之外,近期的研究显示,长期食用大豆protein reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease.可以减少罹患心脑血管疾病的风险It is recommended that 25 grams of soy protein be为了身体健康,每日的大豆建议consumed per day for this health benefit.用量为25克Soy has received attention also because it contains大豆之所以取得人们的关注还因为compounds called isoflavones that mimic the它含有异黄酮,其作用与human female hormone estrogen. These compounds女性雌激素类似,它们与雌激素bind in the same receptor as estrogen and therefore对人体的影响相似,它与雌激素能在can trigger responses similar to estrogen. This can人体引起相似的反应have both positive and negative consequences.它能带来积极和消极两方面的影响The positive benefits of soy isoflavones include大豆异黄酮的积极影响在于providing a natural therapy for menopausal symptoms可以改善如潮热等更年期症状including hot flashes. Some negative consequences而他的消极影响在于include risk of increased estrogen exposure in women女性体内雌激素过量with estrogen responsive breast cancers. In general,可能增加一些女性罹患乳腺癌的几率research suggests consumption of soy foods with通常研究表明,食用本身就含有natural levels of isoflavones is very safe and异黄酮的大豆类食物是十分安全的provides health benefits. Women taking anti-estrogen并且对健康有益,但是正在接受抗雌激素medications or with a history of breast cancer,治疗的女性,或有乳腺癌病史的女性however, should consult their physician before在增加大豆食品的食用量之前increasing their consumption of soy foods.应当首先咨询医生Do note that soy is a very versatile plant and is我们要注意,大豆是一种万能食材used in foods in a variety of forms. Soy oil does not能够被做成各种食物制品,大豆油contain any isoflavones or protein. Soy protein不含异黄酮和蛋白质,大豆蛋白sometimes called textured vegetable protein usually有时也被叫做结构性植物蛋白,通常不含有does contain isoflavones, but the concentration异黄酮,但蛋白质的含量则由will vary with the way the protein was processed.蛋白质被加工和处理的方式有关Soy milk is an extract of the soybean that contains因此豆奶是大豆经过提取的产物mostly protein. The isoflavone content will vary主要含量就为蛋白质,异黄酮含量depending on the manufacturers process. Soy milk则由制作过程决定,豆奶被用来制作is used to make yogurts, cheese, and ice cream.酸奶,奶酪和冰激凌Tofu is another form of soy protein that comes in豆腐是大豆蛋白质的另一种形式a range of densities, firm to soft, that allows a wide由于豆腐的硬度不同,其蛋白质含量和variety of uses. And, finally, edamame is a variety功效各不相同,盐水毛豆是一种of whole soybeans than can be eaten as vegetables.大豆制品,它可以被当做蔬菜食用Whole grains are important super food because they are天然谷物是超级食物,因为它们富含rich in many nutrients and dietary fiber. Oats were多种营养成分和纤维素,燕麦是美国the very first food granted health claim approved by食品及药物最先确定其健康功效的the FDA. It was demonstrated that regular consumption食品,研究表明,每天食用一定量的燕麦of oats, including oatmeal, reduced the risk of包括燕麦片,能够减少罹患心脏病的几率heart disease. Oats contain soluble fiber which may燕麦含有可溶性纤维素act as a type of sponge in the large intestine to它像海绵一样,在消化道中防止prevent cholesterol from being absorbed by the body身体吸收胆固醇thereby lowering blood cholesterol levels.由此降低血液内胆固醇额含量201510/404675

How to Have a British Christmas一起过个英式圣诞!Burning letters to Father Christmas, setting off explosives at the dinner table? These may seem crazy to you, but theyre perfectly normal behavior at a British Christmas, or as we sometimes call it, ;Crimbo.;烧信给圣诞老人、在餐桌上让爆裂物炸开?这些对你而言可能看似疯狂,但它们在英式圣诞节中--或我们有时称它“剩蛋节”--可是再正常不过的行为了。Here are 10 Christmas traditions that never made it to America.这里是十个未能传到美国的圣诞习俗。Letters to Father Christmas.给圣诞老人的信In America, kids write letters to Santa and put them in the mailbox, but in England, we toss them straight in the fire. Were not trying to make children cry. Burning the letters sends them directly to the North Pole, where Santa can your Christmas wishes in the smoke. Yes, it may seem a little weird, but it does save on postage.在美国,小朋友写信给圣诞老人,并将它们放到信箱里,但在英国,我们直接把信丢到火堆里。我们不是在试着把小孩弄哭。燃烧信件将它们直接送到北极,在那圣诞老人可以直接在烟里读到你的耶诞愿望。没错,这看起来可能有点怪异,但这真的省了邮资。Hanging stockings.挂袜子American children traditionally hang stockings around the fireplace for Santa to fill with presents, but in the UK, we hang stockings around the bed. Being surrounded by presents is a great way to wake up on Christmas morning, and a great way to let Father Christmas, a total stranger whos been watching you all year, get really close to your sleeping body. Sweet dreams! Also, instead of leaving out milk and cookies for Father Christmas, we leave him brandy and a mince pie because he is a grown-up.美国小孩传统上会将袜子挂在火炉周围好让圣诞老人装满礼物,但在英国,我们把袜子挂在床周围。被礼物包围是个在圣诞节早晨醒来很好的方式,也是个让圣诞老人--一个观察你整年的全然陌生人--非常靠近你熟睡身体的超棒方法。做个好梦吧!此外,我们不是留给圣诞老人牛奶和饼干,我们反而留给他白兰地和果馅派,因为圣诞老人是个成年人了。Christmas crackers.圣诞爆竹A cracker may not seem like the most festive thing to serve on Christmas dinner, but these are not the type of crackers that you put cheese on. A Christmas cracker is a brightly decorated cardboard tube filled with fun prizes. When grabbed and pulled apart, a tiny explosive inside makes a loud cracking noise, hence the name. Inside the cracker is usually a cheesy plastic prize, a paper crown, and a terrible joke.爆竹听起来似乎不太像圣诞大餐上提供的最应景物品,但这些可不是你抹上起司的那种饼干(注二)。圣诞爆竹是个装满有趣奖品、装饰鲜艳的硬纸筒。当被抓住并拉开时,一个在里面的极小爆裂物制造出响亮的霹啪声,因此得名。爆竹里通常是一个俗气的塑胶奖品、一顶纸王冠,还有一个糟糕的笑话。;Why are ghosts so bad at lying?;“为什么鬼那么不会说谎?”;Because you can see right through them.;“因为你可以直接看透它们。”Im so sorry.我真的很该死。Christmas hats.圣诞帽Inside the Christmas cracker are colorful paper hats that it is absolutely mandatory to wear. In fact, 90 percent of Christmas arguments stand from trying to make to your grumpiest relative put that paper crown on. The other 10 percent comes from playing Monopoly because there are some Christmas traditions that we share, unfortunately.圣诞爆竹里是绝对强制要戴上的缤纷纸帽。实际上,百分之九十的圣诞争执来自试着让你最坏脾气的亲戚戴上那纸王冠。另外那百分之十则来自玩大富翁,因为确实有些我们共享的圣诞节传统,很不幸地。Christmas dinner.圣诞大餐A British Christmas dinner is just as big a feast as an American one. The main dish is usually roast turkey, often surrounded by bacon-wrapped chipolatas, which are many pork sausages. Bacon-wrapped miniature pork sausages, now, thats a tradition that you Americans should get behind. We serve the turkey with roast potatoes and veggies, traditionally brussels sprouts, which are gross, but its tradition, so we eat them anyway. We have gravy to smother everything in, and something called ;b sauce,; which isnt a sauce to put on b, but a sauce thats thickened with b, which looks a little lumpy but tastes delicious. Then we eat until we cant move and watch telly until we pass out. Sound familiar?一顿英式圣诞大餐是个和美国的一样盛大的飨宴。主菜通常是烤火鸡,经常被培根卷小香肠环绕着,也就是很多猪肉香肠。培根卷迷你猪肉香肠,现在,那可是个你们美国人应该持的传统。我们将火鸡伴着烤马铃薯和蔬菜端上,就传统来说是球芽甘蓝,那很恶心,但这是传统,所以我们无论如何都吃下它们。我们有肉汁来浸泡所有东西,还有一种叫做“面包酱”的东西,它不是种用来抹在面包上的酱,而是种用面包变浓厚的酱,它看起来有点疙疙瘩瘩的但尝起来很美味。然后我们吃到我们动不了,并看电视看到我们昏过去为止。听起来很耳熟吧?Christmas pudding.圣诞布丁Americans love to have their pumpkin and pecan pies for Christmas dessert, but in the UK, we have Christmas pudding. This is a very dense boiled cake, flavored with dried fruit and spices; its then soaked in alcohol, aged for several months, boiled again, soaked in alcohol again, and then set on fire. Come to a British Christmas. We soak everything in alcohol and then light it on fire.美国人喜欢吃他们的南瓜和核桃派来当圣诞甜点,但在英国,我们吃圣诞布丁。这是种非常扎实的蒸烤蛋糕,使用果干和香料调味;它接着被浸在酒里、存放好几个月、再次蒸烤、再次浸到酒里,然后点火燃烧。快来英国的圣诞节。我们把所有东西泡到酒里,然后点火烧它。The Royal Christmas message.皇室圣诞致辞Thats right. Every Christmas day, Her Majesty the Queen gives a holiday speech reflecting on the events of the past year. We all sit around pretending to pay attention but secretly carrying on with whatever it was we were doing before. Think of it as the State of the Union but with much more gold.没错。每个圣诞节,女王陛下会发表一个回忆过去一年事件的节庆演讲。我们全围坐着,假装专心但却偷偷继续着任何我们先前在做的事。就把它当成国情咨文,不过多了许多黄金。Boxing Day.赠礼节Boxing Day is the day after Christmas Day. Its origins are debatable. Some said that its a day when workers would receive a box of gifts from their bosses, others said that its a day when people would box up gifts for the poor, but the main thing that happens on Boxing Day nowadays is shopping. Its kind of like a Black Friday, only nobody gets trampled to death.赠礼节是圣诞节后一天。它的起源未定论。有些人说这是劳工会从他们老板那收到一盒礼物的日子,其他人则说这是个人们会包装礼物给穷人的日子,但现今在赠礼节发生的主要大事就是血拼。这有点像是黑色星期五,不过没人被踩死就是了。Pantomime.哑剧Every year around the Christmas hols, pretty much every theater in the country puts on a pantomime. These are plays for kids based on fairy tales such as Cinderella and Aladdin, and involving a lot of high camp cross-dressing and audience interaction. Theyre normally starring jaded celebrities, so if the idea of seeing David Hasslehoff in a dress excites you, you should definitely check one out.每年将近圣诞假期时,几乎国内每家戏院会演出一出哑剧。这些是根据例如《仙履奇缘》和《阿拉丁》的童话故事演给小孩看的戏剧,且包含许多拙劣又高明的男扮女装和观众互动。哑剧通常由过气名人主演 ,所以如果看 David Hasslehoff 穿洋装的主意让你兴奋,你一定得去瞧一瞧。Taking down the Christmas tree.撤下圣诞树We Brits believe that the Christmas tree and decorations should be taken down within 12 days of Christmas—otherwise youll have bad luck for the rest of the year. This is maybe a tradition that Americans should consider adopting. Ive certainly seen people keep that old, brown, dried, withered Christmas tree until almost the fourth of July.我们英国人相信圣诞树以及装饰品应该要在圣诞节后不超过十二日内被撤下--不然你接下来整年都会走衰运。这可能是个美国人应该考虑一下采纳的传统 。我肯定曾看过人们留着那棵又老、又焦黄、又干、又枯萎的圣诞树到都要七月四号了。Those are some of the major differences between British and American Christmases. Thanks for watching. Subscribe for more episodes, and let us know in the comments what you think is the most important part of a proper British Christmas.那些是一些英式和美式圣诞节间的主要差异。谢谢收看。订阅以看更多集,在留言区让我们知道什么是你认为一个正统英式圣诞节中最重要的部分。Happy Crimbo!圣诞快乐!注一:Crimbo 是圣诞节的俗称。注二:Christmas cracker 是圣诞爆竹,但 cracker 同样也有饼干的意思。201508/392646The water is pouring down from the surface,水流是从地表倾泻而来的and Im gonna try to follow it up and out of here.我要跟着水流走以便找到出路Theres light ahead!Look, you see that? Look.Look over there. See it?前面有亮光 看见没 你看见没 看那里 看见了没Theres light coming from somewhere.See if I can get up there.那里有某处照来的亮光 去我能不能从那里出去I want to climb up towards the daylight,but this waterfall is treacherous,and the rock is razor sharp.我想向着有光的地方往上爬 但是这下落的水流太危险了 岩石像剃刀一样锋利Pass up the thing.Come, then.There you go.摄像机给我 来 给你You got it?Well, weve got daylight,but we are no means out of this place yet.拿好了 好了 这里有阳光了 但是并不意味着我们就从这地方出去了Lets keep moving through.我们继续前进I face a tough climb and even more testing challenges ahead--我正经受一场艰巨的攀岩 但还有更大的挑战在等着我an alligator swamp and a flaming forest fire.短吻鳄沼泽以及燃烧的森林大火Ive emerged from an underground Alabama labyrinth.我已经走出亚拉巴马的地下迷宫It is quite tight in here.Now Im trapped in a narrow rock fissure.这儿可真挤 现在我现在一个狭窄的岩石缝儿中See, it looks like Now Im trapped in a narrow rock fissure.看 它看起来像 这可能是由于一场地震而形成的Here you can see its as if, literally, two bits of rock split in two down the middle.从这里看它就像是 一块石头从中间裂成了两半201602/426746The U.S. State Department confirmed Sunday its working with officials in Iraq to locate three American contractors who have gone missing.美国国务院星期日实正在与伊拉克官员合作寻找三名失踪的美国承包商。Middle Eastern news channel Al Arabiya has reported that the Americans were kidnapped by militias, though U.S. officials have yet to confirm that. 中东新闻频道阿拉伯电视台报道称,这些美国人被武装分子绑架,但美国官员尚未实。An anonymous senior security official told CNN the men were grabbed from an apartment in Baghdads Dora neighborhood and taken away in a convoy of vehicles.一位不愿透露姓名的高级安全官员告诉CNN,这些男子在巴格达多拉附近的公寓被抓走,并被车辆护卫队带走。CNN reports the three were last seen Friday and were reported missing by the company they work for. 美国有线电视新闻网报道,三人最后一次露面是在周五,在工作的公司失踪。State Department spokesman John Kirby said, ;The safety and security of American citizens overseas is our highest priority. We are working with the full cooperation of the Iraqi authorities to locate and recover the individuals.;国务院发言人基尔比表示,“美国海外公民的安全和保是我们最高的任务。我们正与伊拉克当局全力合作寻找失踪人员。”译文属。201601/422686

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