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上海脱毛价格While the family enjoy their honey at a safe distance,隔着安全距离 这对母子开心享用蜂蜜the bees appear to have been defeated.蜜蜂似乎吃了败仗Their home has been destroyed它们的家园被毁and their young will inevitably die out in the open.幼蜂免不了会死在外头Yet the colony is not doomed但蜂群的气数未尽because the workers are now rescuing at least some of what really matters...因为工蜂正在拼命 至少救出一些重要物资..their honey.它们的蜂蜜Each survivor is able to eat its own weight in honey,每个幸存者都能吞下 和自己体重相当的蜂蜜storing it in its stomach.贮存在肚子里They will have to abandon their dying young,它们将被迫抛弃奄奄一息的幼蜂but they will take much of their precious honey with them但它们会带着不少宝贵的蜂蜜to sustain themselves while they build a new colony.在建立新蜂群时赖以维生Working together in such an organised society在这样组织严明的社会通力合作is the insects great innovation.是昆虫的伟大创举So how did it begin?那这是怎么开始的呢201309/255208 Creating a sense of community at a giant university can be a challenge. But once you find your niche, itll feel just like home.在偌大的校园里产生社群感并不容易。不过,一旦找到合适的契机,你就会觉得像在家里一样。You Will Need你需要An interest in education对教育的兴趣Some self-motivation一些自我激励Steps步骤STEP 1 Get involved in your major1.参与专业活动All departments have a plethora of academic groups, research opportunities, and mentoring tracks. If you have a major in mind, getting involved with these activities can help shrink an intimidating school and introduce you to students with similar interests.所有院系都有许多学术团体,研究机会和顾问指导。如果你的脑海中已经决定了喜欢的专业,参加这些活动可以让令人望而生畏的学校变小,并且可以结识志同道合的同学。STEP 2 Interact in lectures2.参与讲课At big lectures, sit in the first few rows of class and dont be afraid to throw your hand up occasionally to ask a question or make a comment. Not only will you make new friends by sitting in the same area everyday, but if you get the professor to notice you, those 300-seat lecture halls will start to feel like actual classrooms.在人数比较多的课堂上,坐在教室的前几排,偶尔勇敢地举手提问或发表。每天坐在同一片区域不仅可以让你认识新朋友,还可以让教授注意到你,那种300人一起上课的大礼堂慢慢地就会看上去像真正的教室一样。Each semester, try mixing in at least one class – whether its an elective or a requirement – that only has 20 or so students.每个学期至少加入一个只有二三十人的小班,无论是选修课还是必修课。STEP 3 Talk with your professors3.与教授讨论Visit professors during office hours. Whether you stop by to seek help with an assignment or just to chat, talking with your teachers one-on-one is a great way to get specialized attention.办公时间拜访教授。无论是路过寻求帮助还是纯粹的聊天,单独与老师对话是引起特别注意的好方法。STEP 4 Join activities4.参加活动One upside to a big school is that it offers a ton of campus organizations catering to specific interests. Intramural sports, the student literary journal, Greek life, improv comedy – its hard not to find at least one activity that suits you.If theres a specific club or activity your college doesnt offer, start one yourself.学校比较大的好处是有许多不同的校园组织,为不同兴趣爱好的人务。校内体育活动,学生文学期刊,联谊会。你至少可以发现一项适合你的活动。如果有某种特别的俱乐部或活动你的学校没有提供,可以自己开办。STEP 5 Make dorm friends5.同宿舍内交朋友Being comfortable and happy where you live is crucial. See if your university offers any catered residence halls – such as alcohol-free or 24-hour quiet dorms – where you can meet like-minded students. In regular dorms, create a sense of community by organizing study groups and movie nights.在你居住的地方感到舒适和开心非常重要。看一下你的大学是否提供特别的宿舍楼,比如无酒精或24小时安静的公寓,在这里你可以找到志同道合的同学。在普通宿舍,通过组织学校团体或电影之夜来打造社群感。STEP 6 Find old friends6.找老朋友If you stayed in state for college, theres a good chance some of the people you went to high school with are just around the corner or down the street. Look up any classmates you know – even if you werent all that close – and see what theyre up to. Chances are theyre just as anxious to have a few familiar faces around and would be thrilled to hear from you.如果你就在本地区读大学,你的高中同学可能也在离你很近的学校读书。联系一些老同学,即使你们以前的关系不是那么亲密,看一下他们准备做什么。他们可能也迫切地希望看到一张熟悉的面孔,得到你的消息可能非常激动。The summer before school starts, find upperclassmen from your high school or hometown that can share some advice about college life.开学前的暑假,联系同一所学校的学长或老乡,他们可以为你提供一些关于大学生活的建议。STEP 7 Become a regular7.成为常客Find a restaurant or coffeehouse near campus where students converge and become a regular there. Securing a designated hangout spot is a great way to give a campus more of a homey feel.在校园附近寻找一个学生们经常光顾的餐馆或咖啡厅,成为常客。找到固定的休闲地点可以让学校更有家的感觉。With over 53,000 students, The Ohio State University in Columbus is the biggest U.S. college.俄亥俄州立大学哥伦布分校学生人数超过53,000人,是美国最大的大学。视频听力译文由。201407/313054长宁区妇幼保健医院韩式三点多少钱上海什么地方割双眼皮最好



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