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闵行区中心医院做祛眼袋手术价格费用上海长征医院做丰胸手术价格上海什么医院可以治疗毛囊角化症 Im not gonna worry. I have more fun going out and photographing.我不会太担心…这样我会更热衷于呆在街上去拍照。I suppose itll bother me at the time, but so what?我觉得这个问题会暂时困扰我…但然后会怎样呢?Inconvenient but otherwise...You cant interrupt your life with that nonsense.这确实会变得不方便,但是你不该让这些无谓的事情打断你的生活嘿,嘿。Look at Veronica! -Bill, a hug.嘿,Veronica!-哦,Bill,抱一下。Hello child. My...-The diamonds have gotten bigger. -Right?嘿,孩子。-这些钻石可是越来越大了。-哦,是么?And, of course...Now that they make them at Club Monaco, they get bigger and bigger.是啊,他们现在在Club Monaco展示那些钻石可是越来越大了。And, of course, theyre all real.当然,我相信那都是真的钻石。Yes. Absolutely.是的,是的。In someones mind.在一部分人看来。Bill, this gentleman here in the velvet blazer straight ahead of you...is David Koch, who were honoring tonight.Bill,这位在你正前方的男士是David Koch,我们今晚将给他颁奖。Oh, I know him, yeah.哦,我知道他。Ive never had an experience like this Bill.Bill,我从没经历过这样的事。Im kind of over the moon about it, you know? -Good. Good.我完全不知道是什么样的状况了。-没事,没事。Enjoy it. My head is spinning. -Well, you should be.我脑子里有点乱。-嘿,这是你应得的。;Evening Hours;documents, perhaps to some, simply parties...and the people who go to them, but really, what its about...are the amazing connections people have in this city...with each other, with the various organizations...they think are important, with the people who they honor, and Bill really chronicles that.;Evening Hours;的活动其实就是些简单的派对去参加这些派对的人们,真正的目的是…通过这些活动来接触到这城市里更多有趣的人认识新的朋友,很多的组织机构去见一些他们认为重要的,或是崇拜的人。Bill对这样的活动已经很熟悉了。This is Karole Armitage. She has a dance company in New York.这是Karole Armitage她在纽约经营着一家舞蹈公司。You have to come take pictures of my gala.我有个活动,你要去帮我拍照呀。We need you.我们需要你。Remind me. Have someone at your place send a postcard. -Okay, I will.记得提醒我,或者给我几张明信片提醒。-哦,我会的。No formality. Just send me something in the mail.别光说,记得真的给我寄。These are all the ones I couldnt get to last week.这些是我一周中没法赴的约。201608/460720Henry Fords upset win over the fastest man in America makes him instantly famous.亨利·福特爆冷战胜了美国最快的人这让他瞬间成名Fords a hero and this is really the first big time, I think, that he becomes a celebrity.福特是个英雄 这是他第一次首度成为名人The Ford name gets out there and he milks it for everything that its worth, and it was a very crucial part of Ford getting investors for the Ford Motor Company.福特的名声打响了 他也充分利用了他的名气 这对福特非常重要 这样才好让投资者投资给福特汽车公司Ford raises ,000,--or $,700,000 today.福特筹集了两万八千美元 现在的七十万美元Enough money to build his first factory in Highland Park, Michigan and before long hes producing 15 cars a day, priced low enough for almost any American.足够他在密歇根的高地公园建立他的第一家工厂 不久之后 他就能每天生产十五辆车了 价格低到几乎所有美国人都买得起When it finally does break through, it is sort of gratifying because you--youre starting to see the reality of what you always believe. That--that the vision you had that someday the world would be different is starting to move in that direction.事情最终获得突破的时候是令人欣慰的 因为你开始看到你的信仰在变成现实 你那世界将会改变的愿景 也开始慢慢实现Henry Fords early success puts him on the map.亨利·福特早期的成功让人们知道了他But ALAM takes notice and hits him with a lawsuit claiming hes breaching their patent on the automobile.ALAM注意到了并用诉讼发起了攻击 声称他违反了他们的汽车专利201607/455018交通大学医学院附属同仁医院打美白针价格费用

上海玫瑰激光祛斑多少钱The irony about the restoration of Charles II was he came to the throne讽刺的是 查理二世的复辟 他得以登上王座not because England needed a successor to Charles I.并不是因为英国需要查理一世的继承者He came to the throne because England needed a successor to Oliver Cromwell.而是因为英国需要一个人接替 奥利弗·克伦威尔There was universal rejoicing, bonfires and feasting.全国上下一片喜悦欢庆之声The chaos brought by Cromwells death was ending.克伦威尔去世所造成的混乱结束了This new Charles seemed just what everyone had hoped for a model of sweet reason.新的查理看起来正是人们所希望的 一个美好的典范That, at any rate, is what Samuel Pepys thought.无论如何 至少赛缪尔·佩皮斯这么认为Pepys was a pure product of Cromwells England.佩皮斯长于克伦威尔治下的英国He was present when the new king boarded his flagship home.他随新国王乘坐皇室旗舰回国En route, the tall, dark-haired man strode up and down the quarterdeck在途中 这个高个子黑头发的男子 在后甲板上走来走去telling the story of his escape after the Battle of Worcester.讲述他如何从伍斯特战役生还Here was a king full of charisma.He had magic.他是具有非凡魅力的国王 他有那种魔力But would his reason survive the emotions stirred by his return?但是他能够从复辟的激动中保持冷静吗The diarist John Evelyn recorded, with unrepentant royalism burning in his breast:日记作家约翰·伊夫林用他那 狂热的保皇主义写道This day came in His Majesty to London after a sad and long exile,国王重返伦敦的一天到来了 在一场悲哀而又漫长的放逐后with a triumph of above 20,000 horse and foot brandishing their swords国王率领着在两万名随从凯旋 他们挥舞着手中的刀剑and shouting with inexpressible joy,the way strewn with flowers, the bells ringing.洋溢着难以言语的欢愉 鲜花遍地 钟声长鸣I stood in the Strand and beheld it and blessed God.我站在海滨注视着他 感谢上帝And all this without one drop of blood and by that very army which had rebelled against him.他利用那些曾经反叛过他的军队 没有流一滴血就得以胜利回归 /201704/504018嘉定祛痘多少钱 This may look like just another Silicon Valley company, with people coding at their desk.这家公司看起来可能和硅谷的其他公司毫无两样,员工们坐在桌前编写代码。But Capella Space has a unique customer: the U.S. military.但Capella Space公司有一个独特的顾客:美国军队。;We like to work with the government because we think we can help the government save money,“我们很愿意和政府合作,因为我们认为,我们能帮助政府节省费用,bring a capability that doesnt exist, and through that hopefully save some lives.;开发一种不存在的功能,进而希望通过这些拯救一些生命。”An immigrant from Iran, Payam Banazadeh now builds a special kind of satellite that is a bit bigger than a shoebox.帕亚姆是一位来自伊朗的移民,他正在建造一种只比鞋盒稍大一点的特殊的卫星。;In fact, this is a military type technology.“实际上,这是一种军用技术。The problem is the satellites that the military uses are massive.;军队目前所使用的卫星的问题就是它们太大了。”Capella can build satellites smaller, cheaper and faster than traditional military satellites.Capella可以制作出比传统的军用卫星更小、更便宜、更快的卫星。Now the US military can be a customer of Capella Satellite data quickly through a new Defense Department group,目前,通过一个叫做国防创新试验单元(DIUx)的新的国防部机构,called Defense Innovation Experimental, or DIUx.美国军队可以很快地成为Capella卫星数据的一个客户。;So the Department of Defense is the worlds largest bureaucracy.“因为国防部是世界上最大的政府机构,There are some things that are of a secret nature and must be protected.所以有一些带有秘密性质的东西必须被保护起来。And of course, everything that our soldiers touch could have life or death implications.;当然,军人们接触的所有东西都可能生死攸关。”As a result, the military tends to be risk averse, and in many cases, will only adopt technology when it is perfect.结果是,军队倾向于规避风险,并且在许多情况下,他们只采用完美的技术。But by then, the technology maybe outdated.但到那时,这项技术可能就已过时了。The tech startup culture is the opposite, where risk and speed drive innovation.新兴科技公司却与之相反,他们靠风险和速度推动创新。;You know, have this minimal viable product that you launch really quickly into the market“你知道,将这种最低可行性产品迅速发布到市场上,and learn about it and iterate and try to do this as quickly as possible.;从中学习,然后再重复发布新版本,并尽可能做到最快。”At the Milken Institute Global Conference recently,最近,在梅肯学院举行的全球会议上,Silicon Valley experts emphasized the importance of keeping up with technology.硅谷的专家们强调了跟上科技步伐的重要性。;As a broad statement, government systems are not using the latest forms of operating systems, encryptions and mechanisms.;“泛泛来说,政府系统所使用的操作系统、加密技术和机制都不是最新的。”As the most recent global cyber attack proves, it is a constant race to stay ahead of threats.最近的全球网络攻击事件表明,想要预知风险就应不断地全速前进。Housed in this building in the middle of Silicon Valley,位于硅谷中间的这栋建筑中,DIUx is a bridge that brings together the different cultures of Silicon Valley startups and the U.S. military to meet national security needs.DIUx是一座桥梁,将硅谷中不同文化的新兴公司与美国军队联系起来,以满足国家安全的各种需求。;Technology is always changing and if you have only legacy equipment,“科技不断在变,如果你只有遗留设备,that actually gives the bad guys more time to figure out what the vulnerabilities are.这实际上给坏人留下更多时间去研究漏洞是什么。If were constantly evolving, right, its a cat and mouse game between attackers and defenders and we want to be on the winning side of that.;如果我们不断进化,是吧,攻击者和防卫者之间就是猫鼠游戏,而我们想获胜。”That starts with DIUx doing away with much of the paperwork and bureaucracy traditionally involved with having the military as a customer.DIUx开始废除过多的文书工作以及官僚制度是在有了军队这一客户之后。Since its inception 18 months ago, DIUx has worked with more than 30 tech companies across the U.S. and the world.成立18个月以来,DIUx已与美国及世界上30多家科技公司进行过合作。Capella Space plans to launch its satellite in about six months.Capella Space计划在未来六个月之内发射自己的卫星。Elizabeth Lee, VOA news, Mountain View, California.VOA新闻,伊丽莎白·李于加利福尼亚,山景城为您报道。201706/513610上海隆胸哪家美容医院好

上海九院整形美容科去除狐臭多少钱The block chain is really the revolutionary part of Bitcoin.区块链可以说是比特币最具有革命性的一部分Whats really unique about it is its all public它的独特性在于区块链是公开的so you can run the Bitcoin algorithm on your computer因此你可以在自己的电脑上运行比特币算法and your computers inspecting every single transaction你的电脑可以检查每一笔交易to be sure that it actually followed the rules,来确保一切都是遵循规则的and the rules are really what Bitcoin is.而比特币的本质正是规则You know, thats the rules of the system, thats the algorithm.这是个有规则的系统 是算法It says things like,比如它说;You can only send money to one person at once,;;你一次只能向一个人转账;and we all agree to those rules.我们都同意这个规定And Bitcoin has one other characteristic比特币还有另一个特点which it shares with cash.这点和现金一样It can be very hard to trace.难以被追踪Well, whats controversial about Bitcoin is that比特币备受争议的一点是it goes back to something quite like cash.它很像现金Its not like a bank account但不像那样where a government investigator can just call up the bank政府调查员直接打电话给and get all the records of who Ive ever transacted with就能轻松地拿到without any effort at all.我每一笔交易的记录You know, if they want to go and find out where I got my Bitcoins,但如果他们想查出我在哪得到的比特币theyre going to have to ask me.他们就要来问我本人Theyre going to have to investigate.还需要调查重点解释:1.agree to 同意; 答应例句:We must agree to differ on this.我们得承认在这一问题上有分歧。2.share with 分享例句:I have very happy news to share with you.我有很高兴的消息要告诉你。3.at all 完全例句:Its not at all that bad.这根本没有那么坏。201703/500447 栏目简介:Dense fog covered Shanghai today and a light rain fell at times. Forecasters say the wet weather will hang around for the rest of the week. Wu Ying has more...201705/507171闵行区中医医院做祛疤手术价格费用上海玫瑰整形医院纹唇好不好



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