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上海鼻整形上海玫瑰整形医院磨骨好不好第20课What''s for breakfast? 早餐有些什么?20.早餐用语 68、What''s for breakfast? 早餐有些什么? What would you like to have for breakfast?你餐 eggs,pancakes薄烤饼,waffles华夫饼干,emlets(鸡蛋啦,饼啦,蛋卷啦等等的),toast土司(面包)scrambled eggs炒鸡蛋,over easy,sunny-side up,bacon咸肉, 69、What do you want to have for breakfast?   你早餐想吃什么? 70、Would you like some coffee, juice or milk?   你想喝咖啡、果汁或者牛奶? 21.办公室“厚黑”22.帮个忙吧!23.酒吧时光24.牢骚满腹25.依依惜别26.睡的好吗?27.约会前奏曲28.婉言相拒29.正话反说30.美餐之后 相关专题:洋话连篇视频教学 /200601/2927崇明县人民医院玻尿酸多少钱 That year, the country was coming out of civil war.那年,哥斯达黎加刚从一场内战中解脱。Thousands of Costa Ricans had died, and families were bitterly split.成千上万的哥斯达黎加人死于战乱,一个个家庭离破碎,人们流离失所。And yet, a surprising idea won the hearts and minds:然而,一个令人惊讶的想法得到了大家的持:we would reboot the country, and that Second Republic would have no army. So we abolished it.我们要让国家重新繁荣起来,而且第二共和国将不会有军队。所以我们废除了军队。And the president at the time, José Figueres,当时的总统,何塞·菲格雷斯,found a powerful way by smashing the walls of an army base.还通过敲碎军队基地的墙壁来表达坚毅与决心。The following year, 1949, we made that decision permanent in the new constitution,接下来的一年,1949年,我们把这个决定写进了我们的宪法里,将它永久地保留下来,and that is why I can tell you that story nearly 70 years later. And Im grateful.这也是为什么我能在将近70年后跟你们讲这段故事。我很感激。Im grateful they made that decision before I was born,我很感激他们在我出生之前,做了这个决定,because it allowed me and millions of others to live in a very stable country.因为这个决定让我和百万名哥斯达黎加的百姓生活在一个非常安定的国家里。And you might be thinking that it was good luck, but it wasnt.你有可能觉得这只是好运气,但这并不是。There was a pattern of deliberate choices.这一切都是因为一系列经过深思熟虑的决定。In the 40s, Costa Ricans were given free education and free health care.在上世纪40年代,哥斯达黎加人可以免费上学,享受免费医疗。We called that social guarantees.我们把这些叫做社会保障。By abolishing the army, we were able to turn military spending into social spending,废除了军队,让我们能够把庞大的军事消费用在社会保障上,and that was a driver of stability.而这就是我们国家稳定的基石。201701/489809【学习提示】第一步:先听,理解句子;第二步:看原文模仿!【原声模仿】1. Were you scared? Tell me honestly.2. I am going for fearsome here, but I just don’t feel it.3. I think I am just coming off as annoying. /200605/7342上海整双眼皮的坏处

上海玫瑰整形医院激光脱毛做的怎么样【中文这样说】你的相机是这种类型的吗?【英文对比翻译】Chinese Style: Is your camera this kind ?American Style: Is your camera like this ? /200604/6392上海交通大学医学院附属瑞金医院打美白针的费用 President Obama: To begin with, I just want to say thank you to the outstanding officials behind me who have been on the ground, working 24/7 since this flood happened. It begins with outstanding leadership from the top – with Governor John Bel Edwards. And we very much appreciate all the outstanding work hes done. His better half, the First Lady of Louisiana, I know has been by his side every step of the way, and we are grateful for her. I know theyve got their own cleaning-up to do because the Governors Mansion was flooded as well.In addition, I want to acknowledge Senator Bill Cassidy, Senator David Vitter, Representative Garret Graves, Representative Cedric Richmond, the Mayor of Baton Rouge, Kip Holden; and somebody who I cant brag enough about, one of the best hires I made as President – the Administrator of FEMA, Craig Fugate, who has done such an outstanding job not just in dealing with this particular incident, but has really rebuilt FEMA so that theres a change of culture. And everybody knows that when a disaster happens, FEMA is going to be there on the ground, cooperating with state and local officials rapidly and with attention to detail, and keeping the families whove been affected uppermost in their minds. So we very much appreciate everything Craig has done.Its hard, by the way, for Craig to be here because hes a Florida Gator – (laughter) – and hes been seeing a lot of LSU T-shirts as weve been passing by.I just had a chance to see some of the damage from the historic floods here in Louisiana. I come here, first and foremost, to say that the prayers of the entire nation are with everybody who lost loved ones. We are heartbroken by the loss of life. There are also people who are still desperately trying to track down friends and family. Were going to keep on helping them every way that we can.As I think anybody who can see just the streets, much less the inside of the homes here, peoples lives have been upended by this flood. Local businesses have suffered some terrible damage. Families have, in some cases, lost homes. Theyve certainly lost possessions, priceless keepsakes. I was just speaking to a young woman whose husband died shortly after the birth of her second child, and shes talking about how her daughter was trying to gather all the keepsakes that she had in her bedroom, but reminded her of her father. And that gives you some sense that this is not just about property damage. This is about peoples roots.You also have a situation where there are a lot of kids who are supposed to start a new school year, and theyre going to need some special help and support for a while.Sometimes, when these kinds of things happen, it can seem a little bit too much to bear. But what I want the people of Louisiana to know is that youre not alone on this. Even after the TV cameras leave, the whole country is going to continue to support you and help you until we get folks back in their homes and lives are rebuilt.And the reason I can say that with confidence is because thats what Americans do in times like this. I saw it when I visited displaced Louisianans when I came down here as a senator after Katrina. I saw it when I visited New Orleans for the 10th anniversary last year. I know how resilient the people of Louisiana are, and I know that you will rebuild again. And what Ive seen today proves it.I want to thank all the first responders, the National Guard, all the good neighbors who were in a boat, going around and making sure people were safe, showing extraordinary heroism – in some cases, risking their own lives. Governor Edwards, the state of Louisiana, the city, the parish governments, theyve all stepped up under incredibly difficult circumstances.You know, I just want to thank the people on this block. As I was walking down, one woman at the end, elderly, she was on her own. Shed just lost her daughter. But you had a young man next door who was helping out his father, but had also offered to help out that neighbor, so that she could salvage as much as she could and start the process of rebuilding.With respect to the federal response, over a week ago, I directed the federal government to mobilize and do everything we could to help. FEMA Administrator Craig Fugate arrived here a week ago to help lead that effort. Secretary of Homeland Secretary Jeh Johnson visited last week to make sure state and local officials are getting what they need.To give you a sense of the magnitude of the situation here, more than 100,000 people have applied for federal assistance so far. As of today, federal support has reached 7 million. Thats for help like temporary rental assistance, essential home repairs, and flood insurance payments.FEMA is also working with Louisiana around the clock to help people who were displaced by floods find temporary housing. And any Louisiana family that needs help, you can find your nearest disaster recovery center by visiting FEMA.gov, or calling 1-800-621-FEMA. Im going to repeat that: FEMA.gov, or 1-800-621-FEMA.Now, federal assistance alone is not going to be enough to make peoples lives whole again. So Im asking every American to do what you can to help get families and local businesses back on their feet. If you want help – if you want to help, Governor Edwards put together some ways to start at VolunteerLouisiana.gov. Thats VolunteerLouisiana.gov.And the reason this is important is because even though federal money is moving out, volunteer help actually helps the state because it can offset some of its costs. Obviously, private donations are going to be extremely important, as well. We want to thank the Red Cross for everything theyre doing, but there are a lot of private, philanthropic organizations, churches, parishes around the state and around the country who want to help, as well. And thats how were going to make sure that everybody is able to get back on their feet.So let me just remind, folks: Sometimes once the floodwaters pass, peoples attention spans pass. This is not a one-off. This is not a photo op issue. This is, how do you make sure that a month from now, three months from now, six months from now, people still are getting the help that they need. I need all Americans to stay focused on this. If youre watching this today, make sure that you find out how you can help. You can go to VolunteerLouisiana.gov, or you can go to FEMA.gov. Well tell you, well direct you – you can go to WhiteHouse.gov, and well direct you how you can help.But were going to need to stay on this, because these are some good people down here. Were glad that the families I had a chance to meet are safe, but theyve got a lot of work to do, and they shouldnt have to do it alone.All right? Thank you very much, everybody. God bless.Q: With the damage youve seen, what more help may they need from Congress in terms of emergency spending?President Obama: You know, we discussed that on the way down here. What you have is the Stafford Act provides a certain match. A lot of the homes have flood insurance, but a lot of homes dont. And what Craig Fugate is doing, what I instructed him to do from the start, is lets get money out as fast as we can. Because we know that theres going to be a certain amount of assistance thats going to be forthcoming, so theres no point in waiting. We kind of make initial estimates and we start pushing stuff out. That helps us and helps the Governor and all these officials here do their jobs.And then what we have to do is, as we fine-tune exactly whats needed – when we know, for example, how much permanent housing is going to have to be built, when we have a better sense of how much infrastructure has been damaged, what more we need to do in terms of mitigation strategies – thats when Congress, I think, may be called upon to do some more.Now, the good news is, is that youve got four members of Congress right here, and a number of them happen to be in the majority, so I suspect that they may be able to talk to the Speaker and talk to Mitch McConnell. But in part because of the fine stewardship at FEMA and, frankly, because weve been a little lucky so far – and Im going to knock on some wood – in terms of the amount of money thats gone out this year, FEMA has enough money for now to cover the costs that can be absorbed.The issue is going to be less what we need to do in terms of paying for the short term; its going to be the medium-term and the long-term rebuilding. Congress should be back in session right after Labor Day. By that time well probably have a better assessment. And in the meantime, lawyers at FEMA will be examining what statutory flexibility weve got. And I know the Governor has been right on top of making sure that Louisiana gets everything that it can get in order to help rebuild.Q: Mr. President, do you worry about that process becoming politicized and the trip here becoming politicized?President Obama: No, I dont. First of all, one of the benefits of being five months short of leaving here is I dont worry too much about politics.The second thing I have seen, historically, is that when disasters strike, thats probably one of the few times where Washington tends not to get political. I guarantee you nobody on this block, none of those first responders, nobody gives a hoot whether youre Democrat or Republican. What they care about is making sure theyre getting the drywall out and the carpet out, and theres not any mold building, and they get some contractors in here and they start rebuilding as quick as possible. Thats what they care about. Thats what I care about.So, you know, we want to make sure that we do it right. We want to make sure that we do it systematically. But the one thing I just want to repeat is how proud I am of FEMA. Because if you think about the number of significant natural disasters that have occurred since my presidency began, youd be hard-pressed to find a local official anywhere in the country, including those in the other party, who wouldnt say that Craig Fugate and his team have been anything less than exemplary and professional.And one of the things I did when I walked through each of these homes was ask, have you contacted FEMA? Have you filed? And uniformly they said that they had been in touch with FEMA; they had acted professionally; some of them had aly been out here for inspections.And I think that does indicate why its important for us to take the federal government seriously, federal workers seriously. Theres a tendency sometimes for us to bash them and to think that theyre these faceless bureaucrats. But when you get into trouble, you want somebody who knows what theyre doing whos on the ground working with outstanding officials. And thats true whatever party. And I could not be prouder of the work that FEMA has done.That doesnt mean that there arent going to still be folks who need more help, and that were not going to have some constraints statutorily, and Congress isnt going to have to step up. But it does mean that the basic backbone, the basic infrastructure and architecture that we have in terms of disaster response, I think, has been high quality. And Im very proud of them for that. And I want to publicly acknowledge that at the moment.All right? Thank you, guys.201608/463097上海仁济医院修眉手术价格

闵行区中心医院美容整形科So what I did was I scrolled down to the bottom of the email, and I pressed, ;Unsubscribe.;于是我滑到邮箱的最底部,点击了下“取消订阅”。And I thought thatd be the end of it. But a week later, I got another one that said,我想这样应该就会清净了。但是一周后,我收到了另一封邮件写到,;Just two weeks until SafeMart at Kings Cross opens!!!;“还有两周安全超市即将在国王十字路口开张啦!!!”And I thought, obviously, I havent clicked hard enough.我想,应该是我上次没有退订成功。So I tried it again. Right? Lo and behold, a week passes, you guessed it,然后我又退订了一次,这样应该好了吧?没想到,过了一周,你猜怎么着,;Just one week until SafeMart at Kings Cross opens!!!;“还有一周,安全超市 即将在国王十字路口开张啦!!!”And heres the problem: The internet gave us access to everything; but it also gave everything access to us.这就有问题了:互联网让我们与世界相连;同时也让所有东西与我们相连。Its hard enough to discriminate between the things that genuinely matter in this world and the minutiae of life,我们可能就会很难分辨世界上真正重要的东西和生活中的鸡毛蒜皮,without having emails about supermarket chains and Candy Crush Saga.如果没有关于连锁超市和糖果传奇(一款手机游戏)的邮件。And I was really annoyed with them, and I thought, OK, I was about to write a strongly worded email, which I can do quite well.我真的被它们搞烦了,我想,看来我必须要写一封语气很重的回复邮件了,我很擅长这种事儿。And I thought, no -- Im going to find the game. So I replied to it, and I said, ;I literally cannot wait!!!!;然后我仔细想想,不--我要陪它们玩下去。所以我回复了它,我写到,“我真是等不及了啊!!!”;What do you need from me?;“我可以为你们做些什么呢?”They got back to me; a guy called Dan said, ;Hi James. Ive asked a colleague to help me with your query.;一个叫Dan的人给我回复了,写道:“你好 James。我就你的问题向我的同事咨询了一下。”201706/514630 VOA流行美语 42: TAKE IT EASY / TO CHEW OUT李华前段时间通过了驾驶执照的考试, 现在可以自己开车了。迈可也坐在她的车里,从他们二人的对话中,李华学到了两个常用语: take it easy和to chew out。L: 考完试了,现在有了驾照真好。我觉得我能够去任何地方,做 任何想做的事了。M: I know what you mean. American kids feel the same way when they turn 16 and get their licenses. Too bad you don't have a car.L: 那有什么关系,我可以跟你借啊,对不对?哎呀 Hey! What do you think you are doing? Do you want to be killed? Michael,你看那个 骑自行车的孩子,我差点儿撞了他!M: Hey, hey, take it easy Li Hua! You really scared that kid. He looked really scared.L: Michael, 你刚才说什么?什么easy?M: I said take it easy! That means you need to calm down, not get too excited.L: Take it easy? Take it easy是冷静下来,别太气了的意思? Take是T- A-K-E. It是I-T. Easy是E-A-S-Y,对吧?M: Yes, you've got it. That boy was almost in a very bad accident, and he was startled. You don't need to make him feel worse.L: 你说的不错,看样子他都快哭了。M: Hey, Li Hua, you're going to be driving on your own soon. I hope you learn to take it easy and not get angry at everyone.L: 你说的对。要是我冷静开车的话,也许我的车会开的更好。M: I'm sure you will. You just finished a difficult test. You should take it easy. Let's go get some lunch, my treat.L: 你要请客啊?行,我是应该放松放松了。 我要好好享受今天剩 下的时间。M: Man, Li Hua, you really chewed that kid out.L: 你指的是刚才骑车的那个小孩?你说我对他怎么了?M: You chewed him out! I mean you yelled and got angry at him. Chewed, C-H-E-W-E-D; Out, O-U-T.L: 噢,你是说我发脾气大骂了那个孩子,是吧?M: That's right. If someone gets angry and yells at you, and starts criticizing your behavior, they are chewing you out.L: 原来如此,我也不知道为什么我大骂那个小孩,大概是当时我也 害怕的缘故。M: Are you upset about something else? You seem to have a bad temper today.L: 我是有点气,因为昨天刘教授对我生气。因为我该教中文的课, 我去晚了五分钟。刘教授就对我大发脾气。M: That's too bad. I don't like being chewed out like that either. Especially when I know I was wrong.L: Hey, 那可不是我的错,我自行车的链子又脱落了。 为什么发生 这类事情你总是怪我?M: Hey, take it easy, Li Hua! Don't chew me out! I was talking about myself, not you.L: 我的天,是我不对,不知道我今天是怎么回事。我想跟每个人 发脾气。M: You must be stressed. First, Professor Liu chewed you out, then you almost ran over the kid on the bike.L: 你说的对,我真不该对任何人都发脾气。我应该开开心心的。M: At least you should be happier than I am. Yesterday, my roommate chewed me out. He said I always make a mess in the living room, and he is tired of cleaning up after me.L: 也许你是把房子弄得很乱,可是你室友也不该对你发脾气啊。M: He was right, though. I really need to get rid of my bad habits.今天李华学到了两个常用语,一个是Take it easy,意思是冷静下来,或者放轻松些。另一个是to chew out,意思是发脾气骂人。 /200602/3117上海瑞金医院做韩式隆鼻手术价格上海opt光子嫩肤祛斑哪家医院好



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