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欧洲冠军联赛1/4决赛首回合一场焦点战打响,AC米兰坐镇圣西罗主场迎战巴塞罗那队。双方0-0战成平局,罗比尼奥、伊布先后错失单刀球,第16分钟桑切斯单刀被门将扑倒的疑似点球也没有吹罚。 In a mouth watering UEFA Champions League quarter final encounter on Wednesday, AC Milan hosted Barcelona for the first leg. The two sides have met twice in the group stage this season, with the Spanish champions beating Milan 3-2 at San Siro after being held to a 2-2 draw at home. Barca is in red hot form with Lionel Messi having an extraordinary run of 21 goals in his last nine outings for club and country. Barcelona forward Lionel Messi, of Argentina, center challenges for the ball with AC Milan midfielder Djamel Mesbah, of Algeria, right, and AC Milan defender Daniele Bonera during a Champions League first leg quarterfinals soccer match, between AC Milan and Barcelona, at the San Siro stadium, in Milan, Italy, Wednesday, March, 28, 2012. (AP Photo/Luca Bruno) The home comes close early. After a string of blunders from Barcelona, Zlatan Ibrahimovic sets up Robinho for a close-range volley, but its wide. Its still 0-0. The Spaniards then with a free-kick opportunity - Xavi Hernandez and Alexis Sanchez slice the Milan defence apart but it ends in vain. Sanchez appears to be tripped by Christian Abbiati. But the referee turns down the request for a penalty. Barcelona then steps up a gear. In the 17th minute, Messi on target to push the title holders ahead but hes ruled offside. Ibrahimovic with a wasted chance for AC Milan keeps it 0-0 at halftime. Barcelona pushes hard for an opener in the second half with Messi the biggest threat. But the World Player of the Year fails to snatch a late win when hes blocked at close-range by Abbiati. Barcelona frustrated with the nil all draw, setting up an intriguing second leg at the Nou Camp next Tuesday.201203/175977;mYx4eiM;+Xj_I1GBe+)g.~.q*S^EU4JzaN+-!XM+n6^QCixzAs the Zoologist of Wuhan University, Tang Zhaozi has studied animals for decades. He mastered the technique of animal specimens and collected many animal specimens for teaching. His family worked here for 3 generations and has passed down this skill from generation to generation. In 1976, it was said that many people witnessed the wild man in Shennongjia Mountain. In 1977, Tang Zhaozi launched an expedition to seek the trail of the wild man. He worked hard and tried to unveil the mystery of the so-called Wild Man.)Ag0B*UT9CzS武汉大学的动物学家唐赵志已经和动物打了数十年的交道a[+Zps9~|H!c9u。他掌握了动物标本的技术并且收集了许多动物标本用于教学研究yTA0lrj2f]mEVEz。他的家庭已经在这里工作了三代人并且世世代代相传此技能g~Iru5aZhZl9Y]。在1976年,据说有许多人目击到神农架山的野人aDu[s!U_e。在1977年, 唐赵志发起了一次寻找野人的远征QxFhdJTTpZc.hj+。他工作努力,试图揭开所谓的野人的神秘面纱xR^q5;eGGSH5vIXg。~^g.F3V;TH+@词语解释:T*!7lW2)v+1. master v. 掌握2. generation n. 代YFPb3D_hlRf,0C2QaIqwnOfSR[QN%fRqi|Eb9]j~XdLHmtzZdy,hF164229Just because you cant wear high heels tramping around in the wilderness doesnt mean you cant still look sexy. Try these styling tips on your next outdoor adventure.不能穿着高跟鞋在野外徒步旅行并不意味着不能看上去性感。下次进行户外探险时,考虑一下我们的时尚建议吧。Step 1 Wear shorts or a skort1.穿短裙或裤裙Wear shorts or a hiking skort to show off your legs.穿短裙或远足裤裙,秀出你的双腿。Make sure your shorts arent too short. Hiking with a wedgie is no fun.确保短裙不要太短。穿着坡跟鞋远足也一点都不好玩。Step 2 Try jeans or capri pants2.尝试牛仔裤或卡布里裤Wear boot cut jeans with a bit of spandex, or spandex capri pants in chilly weather, to show off your shape while allowing you to move freely and comfortably.寒冷的天气穿含有一点弹性纤维的靴型牛仔裤,或弹性卡布里裤,展现身材的同时还可以保运动的自由和舒适。Step 3 Try a fitted tee or tank3.穿合身的T恤Wear a V-neck, fitted tee, or tank top made of athletic fabric with spandex to hug your curves while keeping you dry.穿用运动布料制作的V领的合身的T恤衫,保持干燥的同时显露出曲线。Step 4 Layer a pullover and jacket4.套头毛衣或夹克衫Layer on a lightweight, fitted, quarter-zip pullover. It will look stylish and protect you from wind and cold. Top it with a thin, hip-length rain jacket.穿上一件较轻的合身的半拉链套头衫。看上去时尚,而且可以抵御寒风。外面加一件薄薄的长度到臀部的夹克衫。Step 5 Get cute shoes5.性感迷人的鞋子Get cute athletic shoes especially made for hiking. They look like running shoes but have all you need for more rugged terrain.买一双专门用于远足的性感迷人的运动鞋。看上去像跑鞋,但是更适合崎岖的道路。Step 6 Add socks6.袜子Look for low-profile hiking socks. They wont add bulk and are more comfortable than your everyday footies.买一双低调的远足袜子。看上去不那么笨重,而且比普通的袜子更加舒适。Hiking can burn up to 400 calories an hour -- almost as much as jogging.远足每小时可以消耗400卡路里热量,几乎接近慢跑。201302/226067

3.Dynasty(1087——1216) 1066年之后,Angevin王朝征了,Schama(作者)说“征所迎得的是混乱、屠杀、饥荒、勒索”留在英国人心里的是亨利2世,那个建立了延续到今日的法律体制和城市务的男人。尽管被人们记忆最深的是他谋杀了最powerful的烈士Thomas Becket。在亨利的四个儿子中,两个当了国王。其中Richard对他的父亲宣战并在十字军东征中被捕,而John的失败则是被他的男爵鼓动印刷了Magna Carta.06/75559

Steps步骤Step 1 Prime skin肌肤打底Use a clear or bronze-tinted pore-perfecting primer to get skin smooth and flawless looking – a summer essential.使用无色或古铜色的毛孔遮瑕妆前乳使肌肤平滑无痕,这是夏日妆容的基础。Tip: Primer lets you use a third less makeup and keeps it fresher longer, eliminating the need for midday touch-ups.小贴士:妆前乳可以为你节省三分之一的化妆品,使妆容更加持久,杜绝中途补妆。Step 2 Apply tinted moisturizer保湿润色Apply a tinted moisturizer with SPF. This multi-tasker not only moisturizes but also replaces foundation, gives you a sun-kissed glow, and protects skin from harmful rays.使用有调整肤色作用同时含有SPF的面霜也能代替粉底使用,它能使你的肌肤焕发自然光泽,并有效防止阳光对肌肤的伤害。Step 3 Dab on concealer脸部遮瑕Dab concealer around your eyes, on problem areas, and on eyelids as a primer. Use a slightly darker shade than your rest-of-the-year concealer, which may be too light.轻拍遮瑕膏在眼部作眼部妆前乳或拍在其他皮肤问题区域。注意眼影要选择比眼部妆前乳颜色稍暗的颜色。Step 4 Dust bronzer使用棕色散粉Dust bronzer on forehead, nose, cheekbones, chin, neck, and earlobes with a large brush. Youll have a universally flattering, warm glow, which also make eyes and teeth look lighter. Bronzer can also double for eye shadow and blush.在额头,鼻子,颧骨,下巴,脖子和耳垂处撒些散粉,你的皮肤将前所未有地焕发光,这样还会显得眼睛和牙齿更白。同时散粉还能突出眼影和腮红的效果。Tip: Look for a bronzer with several shades swirled together for the most natural look.小贴士:将几种深浅不一的散粉混合旋转着刷在脸上,将使你的妆容看上去更加自然。Step 5 Make eyes pop突出眼部Make eyes pop with a light application of youthful-looking brown eyeliner and a few coats of black mascara. Make sure its waterproof to avoid smudging from the heat or surf.使用能让你看上去年轻些的棕色眼线和一些黑色睫毛膏来突出眼部。要确保这些化妆品是防水的,以防他们在阳光照射下晕开。Tip: Keep your makeup in a cool, dry area. A few hours in a hot car could leave your with a melted mess.小贴士:将你的化妆品放在阴凉干燥的地方。放在炎热的车厢内几小时,化妆品就有可能融化成一滩。Step 6 Perfect your pout激活唇部Perfect your pout with a dab of vibrantly colored, longwearing lip stain or a swipe of low-maintenance tinted lip balm.使用亮色来激活唇部色。一定要使用持久效果的唇或有调色作用的唇膏。Fact: Cosmetics mogul Estee Lauder was born Josephine Esther Mentzer in Queens, New York. Her beauty empire had more than billion in sales in .小常识:化妆品巨头雅诗兰黛由纽约皇后区的Josephine Esther Mentzer创办,雅诗兰黛的美容王国09年销售额达70亿。You Will Need你需要Pore-perfecting primer毛孔遮瑕膏Tinted moisturizer with SPF含SPF面霜Concealer遮瑕膏Bronzer古铜色化妆品A large makeup brush大的化妆刷Brown eyeliner棕色眼线Black waterproof mascara黑色防水睫毛膏Lip stain or tinted lip balm有色唇膏201208/197293

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