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British Airways thinks it has the answer for flavorless airline food: umami.英国航空公司(British Airways)认为该公司已经找到了改善平淡无味的飞机餐的诀窍:鲜味(umami)。Airline food can take a beating on its way to the plate. It#39;s cooked many hours before a flight, then rapidly chilled, wrapped, trucked, stored and reheated. This often leaves it overcooked, dry and tough. In the air, passengers lose about 30% of their ability to taste as a result of extremely dry cabin conditions and high-altitude pressure inside airplanes. So even food that might be appetizing on the ground tastes bland at 35,000 feet.在端上乘客的餐桌前,飞机餐的味道可能会层层流失。飞机餐制作的时间是在航班起飞之前的数个小时,之后还会经过急冻、运输、存储和再加热等环节。这往往会导致飞机餐烹饪过头,又干又硬。在高空飞行时,乘客会丧失大约30%的味觉,原因是机舱中极度干燥的环境和高空压力。所以,即使在陆地上颇为可口的食物,在35,000英尺的高空也可能会索然无味。For years airlines have added salt to give the food a semblance of flavor and ladled on sauces to combat dryness. Competition among carriers has intensified in business class and first class, and airlines now spend as much as a person serving signature dishes from celebrity chefs. But for many travelers, it often still tastes like, well, airline food.多年以来,航空公司一直通过在飞机餐中增加盐分的方式来改善食物的味道,并浇上酱汁防止食物变得干硬。航空公司在商务舱和头等舱上的竞争愈演愈烈,目前航空公司在每位乘客身上花费的成本在50美元左右,以供应名厨制作的特色餐点。但是,对于很多乘客来说,飞机餐仍然吃起来像,呃,飞机餐。People typically buy tickets based on routes, pricing and loyalty programs, of course. There#39;s little expectation for good food in coach, where airlines still serve hot meals on long international flights. But on board in first class and business class, the first thing passengers often think about is food, airlines say. #39;You could certainly lose a customer,#39; said Adrian Jaski, British Airways#39; manager overseeing catering performance in London.当然,乘客通常是基于航线、价格和会员计划来购买机票的。经济舱乘客对于飞机美食的预期往往不高,在长途国际航班的经济舱上航空公司也提供热餐。但是航空公司表示,头等舱和商务舱的客人登机后考虑的第一件事往往就是食物。英国航空公司驻伦敦的餐饮经理亚德里安?雅斯齐(Adrian Jaski)表示:“你很可能会因为餐食而丧失客户。”Enter umami, the savory taste found in tomatoes, Parmesan cheese, mushrooms, Worcestershire sauce and other foods. British Airways had previously worked with Heston Blumenthal, a famous London chef, known as a practitioner of scientifically engineered dishes and creator of delicacies like snail porridge.解决之道是,加入鲜味这种可以在番茄、帕尔马干酪、蘑菇、辣酱油等食物中可以品尝到的味道。英国航空公司此前与伦敦名厨赫斯顿?布拉门斯(Heston Blumenthal)展开了合作,这位名厨是诸多科技型菜品的实践者,并且是蜗牛粥等美味佳肴的发明者。On a British television series, he first tried cooking food from scratch onboard a flight; it was chaos. He then prepared elaborate cold plates that took too long for flight attendants to serve. He even tried getting passengers to spray saline up their noses to moisten the palate. British Airways decided that wouldn#39;t fly.在一档英国电视节目中,布拉门斯首先尝试了飞机起飞后从头开始烹饪食物;结果是一团糟。随后,他准备了精心制作的冷盘,不过空人员需要花费的上菜时间太长了。他甚至还尝试让乘客向鼻子里喷盐水湿润鼻腔以获得更敏锐的感官。英国航空公司认为,上述办法全部不可行。Then Mr. Blumenthal hit on umami as a breakthrough ingredient for high-altitude food. Umami is an intense flavor first identified by the Japanese and dubbed the fifth type of taste the tongue can detect, along with bitter, salty, sour and sweet. Mr. Blumenthal tweaked a shepherd#39;s pie recipe to include umami-rich seaweed, for example. #39;You can#39;t load more salt but you can definitely up the umami,#39; he said on his show.此后,布拉门斯突然发现鲜味可以作为打造高空美食的突破性要素。鲜味是最先由日本人鉴别出的一种强烈的味道,是舌头能够检测到的除了酸、甜、苦、咸以外的第五种味道。例如,布拉门斯将富含鲜味的海藻添加到了肉馅土豆泥饼中。他在节目中称:“你不能添加太多盐,但是你完全可以提高鲜味成分的量。”After that, British Airways began working with the London-based Leatherhead Food Research on more quantitative study. Thirty professional food tasters conducted a series of experiments on the ground and in the air and found the sense of bitterness in food was heightened at altitude.此后,英国航空公司与位于伦敦的莱瑟黑德食品研究所(Leatherhead Food Research)开始了合作并展开了更多的定量研究。30位职业味道鉴定师在地面上和高空中进行了一系列实验,他们发现,随着海拔的升高,食物的苦味会增加。In addition to low humidity, they found that cabin lighting and temperature affect taste -- cold temperatures and gray lighting have been shown to dull the experience of eating. Stress levels of travelers also affected taste.除了低湿度之外,他们发现机舱的灯光和温度也会影响食物的味道――研究显示,低温和昏暗的灯光会令就餐的体验大打折扣。旅客们的旅途压力也会令食物的味道变差。And the researchers agreed with Mr. Blumenthal that umami didn#39;t lose its punch at high altitude and could be added to recipes to bolster flavors. Even for items like steak -- notoriously difficult to serve aboard planes without ending up tough and dry from double-cooking -- a crust made of umani-rich ingredients bolsters flavor. #39;It#39;s a salt substitute without the sodium,#39; said Sinead Ferguson, BA#39;s design manager.这些研究人员同意布拉门斯关于鲜味不会随着高度增加而变淡的观点,他们认为可以在菜谱中添加鲜味让食物变得更美味。甚至对于牛排这种很容易因过度加工导致干硬而不适宜在飞机上提供的菜式来说,把富含鲜味的原料裹在它外面也可以改善它的味道。英国航空公司的菜单设计经理辛尼德?弗格森(Sinead Ferguson)说:“这是不含钠的食盐替代品。”Over the past year, British Airways has altered its recipes to load up on umami-rich foods. And it has pushed catering companies to overplay particular tastes in sauces so that tastes will come through for even the driest palate.在过去的一年中,英国航空公司已经在菜单上加入了很多富含鲜味的食物。并且该公司已经敦促配餐公司强化酱料中的某些特殊味道,以使飞机餐能令最干燥的味蕾感到可口。One example: The airline is serving a special tasting from the Langham, one of London#39;s grand hotels, in the first-class cabin of its Airbus A380 super jumbo jets, and several recipes were reworked for high-altitude eating.例如:英国航空公司目前向空中客车(Airbus) A380巨型喷气式飞机的头等舱乘客提供伦敦知名酒店朗廷酒店(Langham)的特别主厨菜单,菜单中的几款菜品的菜谱已经根据高空就餐的特点进行了调整。For a pork cheeks dish, #39;we had to pack more lime and lemon grass into the sauce,#39; said Kevin Levett, executive chef for production at Gate Gourmet in London, which caters BA#39;s flights.伦敦Gate Gourmet餐厅的餐饮行政主厨凯文?莱韦特(Kevin Levett)表示,拿一道猪颊肉的菜式来说,“我们在酱料中加入了更多的酸橙和香茅草”。Gate Gourmet餐厅为英国航空公司提供配餐务。Subtle wines don#39;t cut it at 35,000 feet. The key at altitude is to minimize any bitterness in red wine tannins, since altitude makes them stand out more, and maximize fruit in white wine, because that gives it more taste in the sky, according to Keith Isaac, general manager of Castelnau Wine Agencies, the wine buyer for British Airways#39; business class service.清淡的葡萄酒在35,000英尺的高空行不通。据卡斯特诺葡萄酒代理公司(Castelnau Wine Agencies)的经理基斯?艾萨克(Keith Isaac)称,选择高空酒品的一个关键是红葡萄酒中单宁酸的涩味要尽量小,原因是高度会让涩味更突出;白葡萄酒中的果味则要尽量浓,原因是果味会在高空中让白葡萄酒更浓郁。卡斯特诺葡萄酒代理公司是英国航空公司商务舱业务的葡萄酒采购商。#39;Wine could be overly expressive and that is good in the air,#39; said Mr. Isaac, who so far this year has tasted 850 wines for his airline client. #39;To me, above all, it#39;s fruit. I spend all day on fruit.#39;艾萨克表示:“葡萄酒的口感可能会过于饱满,这对高空品酒来说是好事。就我来说,最重要的就是果味。我每天都在探索葡萄酒中的果味。”艾萨克今年迄今已经为英国航空公司品尝了850款葡萄酒。Other airlines say they try to tailor food and wine for parched palates, but most haven#39;t gone down the umami road. ed, Delta, American and Singapore Airlines, a carrier heralded for its food, say they serve some foods containing umami, for example, but they don#39;t make an effort to pump up use of it.其他航空公司表示,他们也针对飞行中的味觉变化尝试了调整飞机餐和酒品,但是大多数航空公司还没有采用鲜味。例如,美国联合航空公司(ed Airlines)、达美航空公司(Delta Airlines)、美国航空公司(American Airlines)和飞机餐饮的先驱者新加坡航空公司(Singapore Airlines)表示,他们提供的一些餐点中含有鲜味,但是他们并没有大力推进鲜味的使用。One reason: Many customers have a difficult time noticing any difference. Skytrax, a London-based consultancy that polls travelers world-wide about airline service, says it has seen #39;no visible difference#39; in customer feedback on British Airways food.一个原因是:很多客户并不能轻易地发现其中的变化。针对全球旅行者进行航空公司务调查的伦敦咨询机构Skytrax表示,在客户反馈中,对英航所提供食品的评价“并没有明显的变化”。Jamie Moore, a London technology executive and top-tier flier on British Airways, says that while food service has gone downhill on shorter flights, he thinks food on long trips across oceans has subtly improved. On a recent flight to New York, #39;the beef wasn#39;t quite as destroyed as it used to be,#39; he said, and the b rolls were soft, warm and tasty. Business class food, he said, #39;tends to be quite good.#39;来自伦敦的某科技企业高管、英国航空公司的顶级贵宾杰米?尔(Jamie Moore)表示,虽然短途航班的餐饮务与日俱下,但他认为洲际长途航班的餐饮水平似乎提高了。他说,在最近一次飞往纽约的航班上,“牛肉并不像之前那样难以下咽了”,面包卷也很松软、温热、可口。他说,商务舱的食物“似乎越来越好了”。Others say it#39;s still airline food. #39;My test of a restaurant is simply whether I was served a meal I#39;d want to go back for,#39; said Howard Long, also a gold-level British Airways customer, #39;and I#39;ve never had a meal on an airline I wanted to go back for.#39;其他人表示,飞机餐仍旧是以往的飞机餐。同样身为英国航空公司金卡客户的霍华德?朗(Howard Long)表示:“我对餐厅好坏的评判标准就是我是否愿意再回来就餐,而从来没有哪餐飞机餐是我愿意重温的。”But British Airways is undeterred. Internal customer-satisfaction surveys score food higher, the airline says, and it is continuing what it calls its #39;Height Cuisine#39; effort.但是,英国航空公司并没有气馁。该公司表示,内部客户满意度调查显示,食物的分数有所提高,并且该公司仍在继续推进其称之为“高空美食”(Height Cuisine)的项目。Steam ovens have been installed in first class to supplement the convection ovens airlines typically use. The new ovens are a gentler way to heat b and pastry without hardening them.英国航空公司已经为头等舱乘客安装了蒸汽加热炉,以取代通常使用的对流加热炉。新的加热炉在加热面包和糕点时不会使它们变硬。The airline challenged Twinings, its tea supplier, to develop a blend that would work better at altitude. Typically regular tea blends get brewed to taste either too strong or too bland, said Christopher Cole, BA#39;s food and beverage and product change manager. Research took six months, testing with aircraft water and factoring in the lower boiling point of water aboard airplanes.英国航空公司还要求其茶叶供应商川宁(Twinings)研发一种更适合高空饮用的混合型茶叶。英航的饮食调配经理克里斯托弗?科尔(Christopher Cole)称,一般的混合型茶叶总是泡得要么太浓、要么太淡。研发共历时六个月,实验使用了航空饮用水,并考虑了高空飞行时水的沸点较低的问题。The airline settled earlier this year on a tea that#39;s a mixture of Kenya, Assam and High Ceylon teas.今年早些时候,英航决定采用一种由肯尼亚茶、阿萨姆茶和锡兰高地茶混合而成的茶叶。The next piece of this high-altitude puzzle? Coffee.下一个需要攻克的高空难题?咖啡。#39;We haven#39;t yet come up with something that is noticeably different,#39; he said. But one promising blend will be tested in-flight after Christmas. With coffee, bitterness really comes through in-flight.科尔表示:“我们尚未找到解决问题的绝妙办法。”但是,一种很有希望成功的混合型咖啡将在 诞节后进行高空测试。在高空,咖啡的苦味总是特别突出。#39;It#39;s a difficult nut to crack,#39; Mr. Cole said.科尔称:“这是一块难啃的骨头。” /201312/267767。

Rafael de Cárdenas is a big fan of geometric patterns because they#39;re ;a good and relatively easy way to immerse a viewer in a space,; he said.拉斐尔·德·卡尔德纳斯(Rafael de Cárdenas)是几何图形的狂热粉丝,因为这些图形,是“能让观看者沉浸在空间当中的一个既效果良好又相对简易的途径”,他说。Mr. de Cárdenas, the 39-year-old founder of Architecture at Large, a design studio with offices in New York City and London, said he often uses the patterns on walls, but he has found that three-dimensional geometric forms used in multiples can have a similar effect.作为一家在纽约和伦敦两地都设有办公室的设计公司Architecture at Large的创始人,39岁的德·卡尔德纳斯说,自己常常在墙面上运用这种图形。但他已经发现,成倍地运用三维几何形状,也能达到一种相似的效果。;I like having a field of repeating things that produce a new pattern by their relationship to each other,; he said.“我喜欢有一大片重复的东西,那些东西通过彼此之间的关联,创造出一种新的图案,”他说。To illustrate the point, he met a reporter at the Moroso showroom in SoHo, where a wall of stacked squares lighted in various colors is used to display furniture.为了形象描绘出自己这个观点,他在苏豪区(SoHo)的莫罗索(Moroso)家具展览厅里约见了一位记者,那里有一面由方块堆成的墙,上面打着各种颜色的光,用来展示家具。The Pause bookcase by Aziz Sariyer was too big to fit in one of those squares but was itself an eye-catching creation of overlapping geometric shapes.一款由阿齐兹·萨勒耶尔(Aziz Sariyer)设计的Pause书架,因为体积太大而无法放入其中的任何一个方格中,但这个书架本身就是一件引人注目的、重复几何形的设计品。;It would look supercool if you lined every wall of a room with these,; Mr. de Cárdenas said, ;and completely filled them up.; On further reflection, he added, ;Maybe I#39;d fill up the whole thing, except the cross in the middle.;“如果你把这些书架沿着房间里每一面墙排列开来,”德·卡尔德纳斯说,“再把架上全部填满,那看起来就会非常酷。”他想了想又补充道,“也许我会把书架上除了中间的十字形区域外都填满吧。”Moving on to a set of Mark tables by Marc Thorpe displayed in a cube nearby, Mr. de Cárdenas said, ;We just specified these for a residential project,; adding that the pieces don#39;t take up much space, so they can be grouped together for dramatic effect.往前走,到陈列在旁边一个立方体中、由马克·索普(Marc Thorpe)设计的一套马克桌那儿,德·卡尔德纳斯说,“我们刚刚为一个住宅项目特别选用了这些桌子,”他还说这些东西不会占用太多空间,那样就可以放在一起,达到夸张的效果。At Matter, he liked the ;sexy and seductive; Stella Triangle lamp by Rosie Li, which used mirrors to produce an infinity effect. ;I#39;d love to have a wall of these,; he said. ;But it would probably be really expensive.;在Matter商店中,他喜欢上了一盏由罗西·李(Rosie Li)设计的“性感而诱人的”Stella Triangle壁灯。这盏灯用数面镜子缔造出了一种无限延伸的效果。“我喜欢把整面墙都装上这种壁灯,”他说,“但那样做可能真的成本太高了。”The Chen Chen amp; Kai Williams Square Stack box set, which he found at the Future Perfect, also appealed to him. ;It is geometric, organic, modular and also useful,; he said, ;especially because I#39;m a little bit of a pack rat.;他在Future Perfect商店找到的Chen Chen amp; Kai Williams方型堆叠盒套装,对他也非常有吸引力。“它不但具备几何形状、有机组织和模块化设计,而且还非常实用,”他说,“特别是因为我有点收纳控。”One of his favorite items, though, was the glass cube planter he found on Score amp; Solder#39;s website. ;I love geometric order with plants,; he said. ;I would get three or four of these, fill them with chunky, formal succulents and put them on my coffee table.;不过,他最喜欢的几样物件之一,是他在Score amp; Solder#39;s网站上找到的玻璃立方体花盆。“我喜欢用几何秩序排列植物,”他说,“我会买三、四个这样的花盆,并在里面种上矮胖、匀称的多肉植物,然后把它们放在我的咖啡桌上。”He found a fire pit by John Paul Plauché equally tempting, as he once had a house upstate and thought this one would ;look nice against an organic background, like grass.;他觉得一只由约翰·保罗·普劳切(John Paul Plauché)设计的火盆同样很有诱惑力,因为他曾在美国北部有一栋房屋,所以觉得这只火炉“在诸如草地之类的有机背景衬托下,看起来会很不错”。But in this case, Mr. de Cárdenas cautioned against multiples. ;You don#39;t need a field full of fire pits,; he said. ;That would be a hazard.;但这次,德·卡尔德纳斯谨慎了很多,并不打算多买几个。“你不需要一个全是火盆的地方,”他说,“那会很危险。” /201409/330093。

Is this the world#39;s most gruesome foodmarket? Dogs, rats, bats and monkeys among the animals roasted WHOLE inIndonesia这是世界上最可怕的菜市场吗?在印尼,,老鼠,蝙蝠,猴子等等,被整只的拿去烤These are the shocking images of a gruesomefood market where dogs are strangled by rope for food and customers canpurchase whole flame-roasted animals.这些惊悚的照片,在这个市场里,被勒死,整只的拿去烤,客人可以随意购买。The Tomohon Traditional market in NorthSulawesi, Indonesia sells whole monkeys, bats, cats, dogs, pigs, rats, slothsand even giant pythons laid out on tables with painful expressions still etchedon their faces.印尼北苏维拉西岛的托莫洪集市销售整只的猴子,蝙蝠,猫,,猪,老鼠,树籁,甚至还有巨蟒,排列在桌子上,他们脸上痛苦的表情依稀还能看到。The macabre food stalls were witnessed byOman-based photographer and blogger, Raymond Walsh, 44, who said it was easierto witness the dead and mutilated animals than it was to see the living dogs incages awaiting their fate.这些惊悚的照片由现年44岁的阿曼摄影师兼客作家Raymond Walsh拍下,他描述说在这里看到死亡和残废的动物要比看到笼子里等待死亡的活生生的更好受些。Mr Walsh said: #39;It was typical of a lot oflocal markets in the developing world - lots of fruit, vegetables and fish. Theonly difference was the sheer number of dead animals for sale.#39;他说:“在发展中国家,许多当地市场都具有这样的特点——许多食物,蔬菜和鱼。唯一的不同点在于出售的动物尸体有多少。”On his blog www.manonthelam.com, hedescribes the harrowing sight of dogs in cages with their dead counterpartslying on a table nearby.在他的www.manonthelam.com客中,他形容了令人痛心的一幕:一些活生生的被关在笼子里,而另外一些尸体就放在旁边的桌子上。#39;It was easier to stomach the entrails ofmonkeys, rats on a stick and decapitated pigs than it was to see those livedogs awaiting their fate,#39; he said.“有猴子的内脏,一串串的老鼠肉,以及被斩首的猪,吃这些食物要比看那些在笼子里等待死亡的让人更好受些,”他说。#39;The other animals seem foreign but I havefriends who have dogs.#39;“看到其他动物被这样子弄还好,但是我有些朋友有养。”Although the market#39;s dead dogs may bedifficult for westerners to look at, Mr Walsh points to the different culturesand attitudes towards the animals in South East Asia.尽管市场中的死可能让西方人不忍直视,但是他也指出了东南亚地区对动物的不同文化和态度。#39;Put simply, Westerners see dogs solely aspets. Indonesians see them as both pets and as sources of meat - it#39;s just howwe#39;re raised,#39; he said.“简而言之,西方人只把当成宠物。而印尼人把当成宠物和食物——这就是不同的文化在起作用,”他说。In the photographs, many of the animals arestiff and completely black with a haunting pained expressions on their faces.在这些照片中,许多被烤后的动物都是僵硬和黑乎乎的,其脸上痛苦的表情令人难忘。#39;After they are killed the animals areroasted over a fire, so the fur burns off, the skin tightens and peels back,causing that #39;screaming#39; look,#39; Mr Walsh explained.“被杀死后,这些动物就被烤掉,皮毛被烧,皮肤变紧和翻转,所以看起来才那么痛苦,”他说。#39;How they are killed depends on the animal.Cats, monkeys, and sloths are shot. Bats and rats have their heads clobberedagainst a tree or table. Pigs are stabbed with a sharp piece of wood or metal,#39;he added.“不同的动物有不同的杀法。猫、猴子以及树籁被射死。蝙蝠和老鼠用树或者桌子撞死。猪则用尖锐的木头或者铁器刺死,”他说。#39;Wild boars are killed as they as they aretrapped. Snakes are slashed with a knife or have their heads cut off. Dogs arestrangled with a rope,#39; Mr Walsh went on.“野猪落入陷阱后就被杀死。蛇则用刀划死或者把头砍掉。则用绳子勒死,”他说。When asked to describe the smell, Mr Walshsaid: #39;In a word, appalling. There#39;s something about the air that changes whenthere#39;s that much death around.#39;当被问到其味道如何时,他说:“一句话,叫人可怕。那么多的动物尸体在那里,周围空气都变了似的。”#39;It hangs heavy and it made me queasy andlight-headed at the same time... It#39;s the first time I#39;d ever encounteredanything like it,#39; he added.“过程相当慢且无聊,让我呕吐和头晕。。。这是我第一次看到这样的场景,”他说。 /201402/277815。

Juicy Couture, the once-hot brand known for its velour track suits favored by celebrities, recently said it would close all of its U.S. stores this summer while it goes off to re-invent itself.时尚品牌Juicy Couture曾经因为天它的天鹅绒材质运动备受知名人士喜爱而名噪一时。然而,这个品牌最近表示,将于今年夏季关闭美国境内的所有店铺,在此期间重塑品牌形象。But while it rethinks its U.S. business, it has its eyes fully trained on fashion’s new promised land: China.Juicy Couture在重新规划自己在美国本土业务的同时,将目光牢牢对准了时尚行业的新乐土:中国。Authentic Brands Group, Juicy Couture’s owner, on Tuesday announced a long-term partnership with ImagineX Group, a China-based brand management company, that first bought the management and distribution rights of Juicy Couture for Greater China and South East Asia in 2006. The idea is to deepen the brand’s reach into China by getting it into another 40 locations and expanding the brand’s assortment.本周二,Juicy Couture母公司Authentic Brands Group宣布,已经与中国品牌管理公司俊思集团(ImagineX Group)签订了长期合作协议。Authentic Brands Group最先于2006年买下了Juicy Couture在大中华区和东南亚地区管理经销权。它目前的想法是,通过增设40家门店以及扩充产品系列,进一步扩大Juicy Couture品牌在中国的发展。The two parties’ new arrangement will have a minimum term of 10 years with an option to extend it for two more 10-year terms. ImagineX, which works also works with brands like Salvatore Ferragamo, and Marc Jacobs, will now try to bring the brand to locations beyond shopping malls. It will also add a new Juicy footwear collection produced by Steve Madden next year. Finally, it plans to open Juicy Couture freestanding stores in the coming years. (Many Western brands start off in China with sections inside department stores.)Authentic Brands Group和俊思集团签订的新协议最短期限为十年,在协议期终止后,可再续签两个十年期的协议。除Juicy Couture外,俊思集团还在与Salvatore Ferragamo和Marc Jacobs品牌合作。目前,俊思集团将尝试在大型商场之外开设Juicy Couture门店,并将于明年新上线由Steve Madden公司制作的一个鞋履系列。最后,俊思集团计划在未来几年之内,在传统商业区以外,开设独立的Juicy Couture门店。(在中国,许多欧美品牌都是从百货商场的店面发展起来的。)As it builds out in China, Juicy will have plenty of painful U.S. lessons it can draw from to avoid making the mistakes that drained its fashion cred stateside. (Juicy will return to U.S. stores this fall when it is sold in Kohl’s , a far cry from the luxury department stores such as Nordstrom and Bloomingdale’s it used to be available in its early years.)Juicy在美国得到了大量的惨痛教训,在中国区的发展过程中,Juicy需要引以为戒,以避免像在美国一样,因决策失误而导致品牌迅速丧失时尚度。【Juicy将在今年秋季回归美国,在科尔士百货公司(Kohl#39;s)销售。而品牌早期是在Nordstrom和Bloomingdale这类奢侈品百货商场销售的——可见已经今非昔比。】Authentic Brands bought the struggling brand from the company now known as Kate Spade (and before that Fifth amp; Pacific Cos, and before that Liz Claiborne) for 5 million, reasoning that there was life yet left in Juicy Couture, a brand that at its peak in 2008 had annual sales of 5 million (primarily U.S. sales.) before going into free-fall.Authentic Brands公司从Kate Spade公司(前身为Fifth amp; Pacific Cos,再之前为Liz Claiborne)手中以1.95亿美元的价格买下了奄奄一息的Juicy Couture。这家公司认为,这个品牌仍有希望起死回生。在势头急转而下之前,Juicy Couture曾在2008年的巅峰期创下了年销售额6.05亿美元的佳绩(主要为美国本土销售)。But the brand built out its own chain of stores too quickly, including the kiss of death, outlets, and flamed out, with customers turned off by its ubiquity, its use of garish logos.然而,公司开设连锁店的速度过快,尤其是门店——本以为这会带来极大成功,结果却一败涂地。随着各大店铺的开张,Juicy很快变得满大街都是,再加上商标俗艳不堪,消费者逐渐丧失了兴趣。How the China expansion goes will be instructive for Juicy. It is planning to return to the U.S. with its stores that would be part of a fleet of 127 stores it will build globally in the next 5 years in major cities like New York City and Los Angeles and abroad in centers like Vancouver by early 2015.Juicy计划于2015年初回归美国市场开设店铺,并在未来5年内,在纽约、洛杉矶等大型城市,以及温哥华等海外中心城市共开设127家店铺。因此,中国区的扩张情况将对它下一步的计划具有启发性意义。 /201407/311016。

Christmas is a time for stealing kisses under the mistletoe. In Shanghai this weekend, the city#39;s increasingly visible gay and lesbian community seized the festive season to use their lips to make their own holiday statement.站在槲寄生下亲密热吻是圣诞节的传统。而周末在上海,这座城市的同性恋社群抓住了这个机遇,在节日里用唇间热吻向世人传达着自己的爱情宣言。More than one hundred supporters of China#39;s fledgling gay and lesbian community braved the cold to cheer on young Chinese gay men and women as they stole kisses under a Christmas tree Saturday night.上周六晚,一对对年轻的男女同性恋者在一棵圣诞树下亲吻爱人,一百多位持者不畏严寒,在台下为他们热烈喝。#39;I think it#39;s good we can gather together like this,#39; said Otto Zhu, 22 years old, a participant at the event at fashionable pedestrian shopping and dining area Xintiandi. #39;It makes us feel we have the power to do whatever we want.#39;活动举办地点位于潮流汇聚的上海新天地,此处是一个集购物、餐饮于一体的综合步行商业区。22岁的Otto Zhu参与了此次活动,他说,我觉得能有机会让大家这样聚在一起挺好的,这让我们感觉自己有力量去做想做的事情。While attitudes are slowly changing, many Chinese still take a conservative view of homosexuality. Even many among the younger generation feel compelled to keep their sexual orientation secret. The pressure to remain in the closet, marry and have a family can be enormous.尽管中国社会对于同性恋的态度正缓慢地发生着改变,但许多中国人对此仍持十分保守的观点。甚至在年轻一代中,仍有许多人被迫隐瞒自己的性取向。他们往往承受着巨大的压力,不得不深藏“柜”中,结婚成家。Yet few of the revelers dwelled on this Saturday as the mainly young crowd of onlookers shouted encouragement to couples gay and straight to kiss under the mistletoe. Part of the Kiss lighting installation by British artist Paul Cocksedge, couples step up on a stage to hold on to the leaves of a mistletoe that hangs from an 18-meter tall Christmas tree decorated with golden lights. When they kiss, their lips complete an electric circuit that transforms the tree into a sea of red lights.不过,周六这场活动的参与者没有顾虑这么多。围观群众多为年轻人,每当有情侣走到槲寄生下献出热吻,无论其“直弯”,台下都会爆发出热烈的欢呼声。该活动使用了英国艺术家考克斯基(Paul Cocksedge)设计的接吻灯光装置。情侣走上台,手中握住一棵18米高、金光闪闪的圣诞树上垂下的槲寄生叶子,当他们接吻时,他们的嘴唇会连起一个电子环路,使圣诞树闪亮起璀璨的红色光芒。Each lip lock generates a 100 yuan (around ) donation to the Smile Angel Foundation, a Beijing-based charity for Chinese children with cleft palates founded by singer Faye Wong and her former husband, retired actor Li Yapeng.每有一对情侣上台,活动组办方就会拿出人民币100元(约合16美元)捐赠给嫣然天使基金(Smile Angel Foundation)。这家总部位于北京的基金会由歌手王菲及其前夫、演员李亚鹏共同创立,致力于帮助患有口裂的儿童。Juju Xu, 19, who came with her girlfriend to support the event, said acceptance levels of gay people in China varied depending on age groups.19岁的Juju Xu与她的女朋友一同前来持这项活动,她说中国社会不同年龄层对同性恋群体有着不同的接受度。#39;Older generations may not discriminate but they cannot accept if their own children are gay,#39; said Ms. Xu, adding that more events like Kissmas could help build awareness.她说,老一代人也许不会歧视同性恋,但是他们不能接受自己的孩子是同性恋。她补充说,多举办一些像Kissmas这样的活动能够增进人们对这一群体的认识。It wasn#39;t clear whether everyone in the crowd-that included families with children -was fully aware of what was going on. Some straight couples on pre-Christmas dates who stumbled on the event looked on confused. Some laughed awkwardly when they realized what was taking place. Others took photos on their smartphones before wandering off.很难说当天的围观人群(其中有些是带着孩子的家长)是否都能完全意识到这一活动的内涵。一些前来此地约会的异性恋情侣撞见这一活动,一脸茫然地看着台上。当他们意识到发生了什么后,有些人露出尴尬的笑容,有些人在走开前用智能手机拍下照片。Such public events are rare in China. Gay couples kissed on the streets of Beijing in to celebrate qixi, or Chinese Valentine#39;s Day, in August, according to state media reports.此类公开活动在中国十分罕见。据官方媒体报道,今年8月份一群同志情侣在北京街头热吻,以庆祝中国情人节七夕的到来。Similarly, in April 2012, same-sex couples embraced on the streets of Guangzhou in what the Nanfang Insider website described as performance art designed to raise awareness of gay rights.类似地,2012年4月一群同志情侣在广州街头紧紧相拥。《Nanfang Insider》网站将此形容为一场行为艺术表演,其意在增强公众对同性恋权利的意识。Shanghai is considered the gay capital of China and city prides itself on being China#39;s most open and cosmopolitan. Even so, the handful of bars and nightclubs catering to the gay community pales in comparison in terms of numbers to other mainly ethnic Chinese cities in Asia including Taipei, Hong Kong and Singapore.上海被认为是中国的“同志之都”,这座城市亦以其在中国最为开放、最都会化而感到自豪。然而尽管上海有一些务于同志群体的酒吧和夜店,其数量与台北、香港和新加坡等亚洲其他华人都市相比还是太稀少。Finance company worker Kelvin Li, 31, who looked on at the kissing couples with his young son perched on his shoulders, said homosexuality was a #39;hot topic#39; all over the world. #39;I think it#39;s fine. But I would prefer my son or daughter to be straight. It#39;s just a gut feeling,#39; he said.31岁的金融公司员工Kelvin Li与坐在他肩上的儿子一起围观了这次情侣接吻活动,他说,同性恋是全世界的“热点话题”。我认为这没什么不好,但我还是希望我儿子或者女儿是异性恋,这是一份出自本能的情绪。Mr. Zhu, the student, was there to kiss his boyfriend of six months, Harry, also 22. He said a friend invited him to support the event. #39;I think it should be ok for gay people to kiss anywhere, not just on stage,#39; he said.还是学生的Otto Zhu与他同为22岁的男友Harry参加了接吻活动。他说,他在一位朋友的邀请下前来助阵。他说,我觉得同志应该在任何场合都可以接吻,而不仅仅在台上。Four Shanghai organizations helped promote Saturday#39;s event mainly through social media and word of mouth. One volunteer, an American who goes by the name Sean Chen, 29, said around 10 same-sex couples kissed on stage during the two-hour #39;window#39; the event organizers secured from mall management. Seven of the couples were female and three male.上海的四家组织一同帮助推广了这项活动,其方式主要是通过社交媒体及口口相传。29岁的美国人Sean Chen是此次活动的志愿者之一,他说活动组织者确保了两个小时的“窗口期”,使活动免受商场管理方的干涉,在此期间共有10对同性情侣上台接吻。其中七对是女生,三对是男生。Mr. Chen said he encountered one negative reaction from a man who told his child to return a rainbow flag to Mr. Chen on learning of its significance. Mr. Chen said the event was not just about gay and lesbian issues. #39;We want to show we#39;re happy to live among everyone else, that we can be happy together.#39;Sean Chen说,他遭遇了一个男子的消极回应,该名男子在了解了虹旗的含义后,让自己的孩子把手中的虹旗还给了他。Sean Chen说,这次活动不光是为了让人们了解同志群体的问题。他说,我们要让人们知道我们乐于生活在他人中间,我们可以和谐共处。Gay people have been kissing under the tree since Kissmas kicked off Nov. 21. But Saturday marked the first time there was such a concentration of same-sex couples.自11月21日该活动开展以来,不断有同志情侣上台热吻。但上周六是头一次有如此多的同性爱侣一同参加。Variations of the Kiss installation were displayed in Milan in 2009 and London in 2010.2009年的米兰、2010年的伦敦也曾展示过不同的接吻装置。Artist Mr. Cocksedge told China Real Time that he was not aware of Saturday night#39;s gay-themed event. #39;But it#39;s a wonderful thing,#39; he said by phone from London. #39;A kiss is something beautiful to capture.#39;艺术家考克斯基告诉《中国实时报》(China Real Time)说,他先前并不知道于上周六举行的这场同志主题活动。不过他在电话中表示,这是件美好的事;一个吻是一个值得捕捉的美丽瞬间。 /201312/270229。

Cycling through the City of London to work on a dark morning last week, I was overtaken by a man in a black coat with no helmet, no lights, and listening to music through headphones.不久前的一天早晨,天阴沉沉的。我骑车穿过伦敦金融城去上班的时候,一名穿着黑色外套的男子骑车超过了我。他没有戴头盔,没有开车灯,戴着耳机在听音乐。Idiot, I thought. As he disappeared into the underground parking of a large bank, I wondered: what sort of banker does a man like that make? Either he is boneheaded in his assessment of risk – or he wants to die. Both are unfortunate traits in someone who handles someone else’s money.我心想,这个白痴。看着他消失在一家大型的地下停车场入口处,我不禁产生疑问:像这样的人会是个什么样的家?他要么是个低估风险的笨蛋,要么就是活得不耐烦了。但这两种特质,都不应该出现在一个专门管理他人钱财的人身上。He got me thinking about the things we reveal about ourselves when we are on two wheels, and how useful that data could be to our bosses.他让我思考起这样一个问题:我们骑自行车时会暴露出自身的哪些特点,而这些数据对我们的老板又有多大用处?I’ve always fancied that as a group, cyclists make relatively good employees. All of us are vaguely fit. We have the wherewithal to be reliable and punctual. When the trains stop running as a result of a little wind – as they did in London last Monday – we still get to work on time. We are risk-takers and ever so slightly rebellious, which works quite well – especially in a job like journalism.我总以为,骑车的人是相对不错的员工。我们都算得上健康,也有必要的工具让自己可靠和准时。如果火车因一点风而停运(正如伦敦不久前的情况),我们仍能准时上班。我们愿意冒险,有一点点叛逆——这相当有用,尤其是对记者这个工作而言。Only 10 minutes on a London road shows that we aren’t a group at all. Some of us are fast, some slow. Some wear helmets, some don’t. Some break all the rules, some break none. If employers really want to know what prospective employees are like, they should forget psychometric testing and watch them ride a bike. Some cyclists may protest that they are aggressive in the saddle only to become pussycats at their desks, but I don’t agree: on a bike you are close to death and so become a more intense version of your true self.但仅在伦敦的街道上骑了10分钟,我就发现,我们根本不能被归为同一类人。有些人骑得快,有些人骑得慢。有些人戴头盔,有些人不戴。有些人无视一切交通规则,有些人遵守所有交通规则。如果雇主真的想了解潜在的雇员是个什么样的人,他们就应该忘记心理测量测试,改为观察应聘者怎样骑车。有些骑车者或许会抗议说,正是因为他们骑车时霸气,他们在办公室里才更甘于俯首帖耳。但恕我不能苟同:人们在骑车时离死神很近,因此会更多地展现出真实的自我。After I left the banker who didn’t get risk and proceeded to work, I saw three other cyclists showing traits that should have interested their HR departments. The first had his right trouser leg rolled up to reveal a meaty calf. Such resourcefulness in the absence of a clip impressed me: I’d hire him as a problem solver. The next was a man balancing, stationary on a “fixie” at the lights – no one likes working with a show-off.目送那名家安然无恙地上班去以后,接下来我又看到三名骑车者,他们表现出来的特征应该引起他们公司人力资源部门的兴趣。第一个人把右边裤腿卷了起来,露出了肉乎乎的小腿肚。他在没有别针的情况下展现出来的机智让我印象深刻:我会雇佣他来解决问题。第二个人在红灯时没有下车,而是努力让他那辆单速自行车保持平衡——没人喜欢和爱炫耀的人一起工作。And then there was a woman on a baby-pink Brompton going through a red light just by St Paul’s Cathedral forcing pedestrians to step out of her way. One of them yelled “Asshole” into her oblivious ears.接下来是一名骑着浅粉色Brompton折叠自行车的女子。她在圣保罗大教堂(St Paul’s Cathedral)旁闯红灯,逼得行人纷纷避让。有名行人冲她喊“混蛋”,但她充耳不闻。Clearly, it is the red light that is the richest point for data gathering. This woman comprehensively failed the job test, while other red-light skippers – who do so without inconveniencing anyone – possibly pass. Red lights also sort out leaders from followers. When there is a big group of bikes together at a light, it takes a particular sort of cyclist to break the consensus and ride off, but once he has done that, others follow, leaving just one or two behind. I would hire these red-light refuseniks at once – but only for jobs in audit or compliance.显然,红灯前能收集到最丰富的数据。这名女子的工作测试根本不及格,而其他一些在没有妨碍他人的情况下闯红灯者,还有一点可能通过测试。红灯还能区分出领导者和追随者。当有一大群人停在红灯前时,只有某种类型的骑车者才能打破一致等待的局面、率先闯红灯,但一旦他闯红灯,其他人就会效仿,只留下一两个人待在原地不动。我会立刻聘用这些拒绝闯红灯的人,但仅限于审计或合规工作。The two-wheel test also weeds out those who are not team players. All cyclists view cars, lorries and buses as natural enemies, but the cyclist who is hostile to his own kind, and who squeezes past others on the inside is suitable only for solitary working.自行车测试还能区分出那些没有团队精神的人。所有骑车者都把汽车、卡车和公交车当作天敌,但有些骑车者却敌视其他骑车者,在自行车流中使劲往前挤,这些人只适合单独工作。Not only does cycling show how competitive someone is, it shows how men feel about women being faster than them. On the (increasingly rare) occasions when I overtake a man on a bike, he almost always overtakes me back at once, just to make the point.骑车不仅能显示出一个人有多好强,还能显示出男性在被女性超越时的感受。我超过一名男性骑车者的时候(这种时候越来越少),他几乎总会立刻反超我。It is not just the behaviour on the bike, it is the bike itself. The person with the carbon racer wants to impress. The person on the hybrid just wants to get the job done. The not terribly fit man in Lycra is all talk, no trousers. The person who wears no helmet or reflectors is mad, but so too is the person who has so many lights and mirrors on the bike that there is hardly room for a person on it too.值得注意的不仅是骑车者的行为,还有自行车本身。骑碳钢赛车的人喜欢哗众取宠。骑着多功能自行车的人只想把活儿干完。身材一般、却穿着莱卡(Lycra)紧身运动衣的人,只会夸夸其谈,没有实际行动。不戴头盔或者不装反光镜的人是疯子,而装太多车灯和反光镜、甚至连坐的地方都快没有了的人,也是疯子。To check my theory about the connection between personality and cycling style, I have just conducted a little control test. A er had been offering for a while to take me for a ride on his tandem, and so last week I climbed on the back and was forced to cycle as him – which turned out to be safely, confidently and courteously. I definitely would have hired him. And yet I was terrified: to be on a bike without being me felt all wrong.为了检验我这个“性格与骑车风格息息相关”的理论,我刚刚做了一个小小的受控实验。一名读者一直邀请我同骑他的双人自行车出去兜风,所以上个月底,我就坐在了这辆自行车的后面,被迫迁就他的骑车风格。事实明,我们骑得安全、安心并且谦谦有礼。我当然会雇佣他这样的人。但我还是被吓着了:按照别人的风格骑车感觉完全不对劲。So what does cycling as me show? That I like being in control. That I’m cavalier about some rules and fairly selfish, but try not to be flagrantly obnoxious. I wear a helmet, a nasty fluorescent tabard and high heels – but to prevent any more pairs being destroyed by the pedals I have invented a heel condom made out of an old inner tube. Which shows I can be creative – but only when really desperate.那么我的骑车风格说明了些什么?首先,说明我喜欢掌握控制权。其次,说明我不把某些规则放在心上,自私程度中等,但我努力避免明目张胆地干讨人嫌的事情。我戴头盔,穿显眼的荧光马甲和高跟鞋,但为了防止我的更多双高跟鞋被自行车踏板毁掉,我用内胎皮做了只鞋跟保护套。这说明我有潜力变得富有创意,但这种潜力只有在实在被逼无奈时才会发挥出来。 /201311/264621。