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Japanese bookseller Yoshiyuki Morioka has come up with a highly unusual concept for a bookstore – he sells one book at a time in a tiny shop located in Ginza, Tokyo#39;s luxury shopping district. Ever since he launched the store in May, he has stocked multiple copies of only one title per week.日本书商盛冈三行(Yoshiyuki Morioka)想出一个不同寻常的创意:他在奢侈品店林立的东京银座(Ginza)开了家小书店,且一周只卖一种书。自五月开张以来,书店每周都只进购一种书。You might argue that it#39;s hardly a bookstore if you can#39;t go in and spend at least a few hours browsing through hundreds of volumes, but Morioka never intended to create a classic bookstore. It#39;s like a weekly #39;suggested ing#39; service – you just go in and pick up the book chosen for the week, relieving yourself of the burden of choice. Morioka said he came up with the idea a store that solely focused on one book at a time after organising several book-launch events at his old bookstore.你可能认为它根本不是书店:里面完全没有数以百计的书籍,供你浏览好几个小时。盛冈三行的书店更像是每周为你提供一次“推荐阅读”的务机构。在书店里每周只能看到一种可供购买的书,大大减轻了读者挑选的负担。盛冈三行说,他曾在自己原来的书店里组织过几场新书推介会,此后便萌生了开一家每次只关注一本书的书店的想法。;Before opening this bookstore in Ginza, I had been running another one in Kayabacho for 10 years,; Morioka told The Guardian. ;There, I had around 200 books as stock, and used to organise several book launches per year. During such events, a lot of people visited the store for the sake of a single book. As I experienced this for some time, I started to believe that perhaps with only one book, a bookstore could be managed.; To finance the store, Morioka sold his huge collection of Japanese wartime propaganda, famous for the quirky, strong graphics.他告诉《卫报》说:“银座这家书店开业前,我曾在茅场町(Kayabacho)开了十年的书店。那家店里有200多种书,每年也会组织几场新书推介会。在这些活动中,许多人都是为寻找同一本书而来的。我开始相信,或许只卖一种书,书店也开得起来。”盛冈三行曾在家囤了不少战时宣传画,但为了筹建这家书店,他卖掉了那些诡异而露骨的画作。The store itself is minimal, with concrete walls and ceiling barely covered in a thin coat of white paint, and the raw concrete floor left as is. A vintage chest of drawers doubles as a counter, while a flimsy table in the center displays the title of the week.这家书店很小,混凝土墙和天花板上只涂有薄薄的白漆,地板仍保持着混凝土原貌。有着老式抽屉的衣柜充当柜台,中间一张薄板桌子上则展示着这周出售的书籍。According to Morioka, his concept has a distinct advantage—the bookstore can serve as an exhibition for the book and its world, making the story come alive for customers. ;For instance, when selling a book on flowers, in the store could be exhibited a flower that actually appears in the book,; he said. ;Also, I ask the authors and editors to be at the bookstore for as much time as possible. This is an attempt to make the two-dimensional book into three-dimensional ambience and experience. I believe that the customers, or ers, should feel as though they are entering #39;inside a book.#39;;盛冈三行说,他的创意具有明显的优势。书店可以作为展示这本书及书中世界的地方,给读者以身临其境之感。他说:“例如,在出售跟花有关的书时,书店中可以摆放书里的那种花。我还邀请作者和编辑多在书店待一些时间,这就让二维的阅读成了三维的体验,从而让读者产生进入书中世界的感受。”Some of the books that have been featured in the store include The True Deceiver by Finnish author Tove Jansson, and Fairy Tales by Hans Christian Andersen. A few Japanese titles have made the list as well, like Tsukiyo To (Moon Night and Glasses) by Mimei Ogawa, and Karachi No Moto (Source of Form) by Akito Akagi. The first title on next year#39;s list is Fish-Man, a photo anthology by Maseru Tatsuki.这家书店出售的书有芬兰作家朵贝·杨笙的《真正的骗子》和安徒生的《安徒生童话》。也有一些日本作家的书,像小川未明的《月夜与眼镜》和赤木明登的《造物有灵且美》。明年第一个星期将要出售的是马塞卢·龙贵的摄影集《鱼人》。It isn#39;t clear how Morioka goes about choosing which books to display and sell, but his concept has been quite well received – he claims to have sold over 2,000 books since May. ;The concept of this bookstore seems to have gained the sympathy of a lot of people, and I receive a number of guests from all over the globe,; he said.现在还不清楚盛冈三行如何选择出售的书籍,但他的创意已被大众所接受。自从五月份以来,他已经卖出2000多本书。他说:“这种书店创意得到许多人认可,我的客人来自世界各地。” /201512/419045。

  • The Civil Aviation Administration of China has pledged to gradually loosen control over air carriers#39; ticket prices and administrative charges.中国民用航空总局近日表示,将逐步放开机票价格及行政性收费。The administration recently published a set of guidelines that aim to deepen the reform of China#39;s civil aviation industry. The guidelines vow to let the market, rather than the government, play a decisive role in the sector.总局最近公布了一系列指导方针,旨在深化中国民航业的改革。这些指导方针将会推行市场而不是政府决定价格的机制。Enterprises in the industry will have more freedom to determine charges for their services or products, and consumers will enjoy more options when they use air transportation, the administration said.航空总局表示,该行业中的部分企业将获得更多的自由,以规定他们的务或产品费用。消费者在利用航空运输时也会有更多的选择。Beginning next year, airlines will be allowed to determine the ticket prices for routes that the government defines as having competition among carriers. Starting in 2020, they will be allowed to decide the prices for all routes.2017年起,政府定义的已经形成竞争的国内航线将会允许航空公司自主定价。2020年起,国内所有航线客运票价将由航空公司自主制定。Currently, carriers can only determine the lowest price for their domestic flights. The highest price for such flights and prices for international services are controlled by the government.目前,航空公司仅有权决定其国内航线的最低票价,国内航线的最高票价以及国际航线票价需执行政府指导价。The move is the latest step taken by the CAAC as part of its efforts to ;marketize; the civil aviation sector.这项举措是由民航总局努力实现民航部门“市场化”的最新动作。 /201601/422340。
  • In April, 649, Taizong passed away, his son Li Zhi ascended the throne that is Emperor Tang Gaozong, and the title of his reign is Yonghui.贞观二十三年(649)四月,太宗驾崩。唐高宗李治即位,年号永徽。Gaozong kept on carrying out Taizong’s “methods of managing state affairs”,so in Yonghui period, there still retained the reliquary of Zhenguan period.他依然执行唐太宗的“治国之道”,故唐永徽年间仍有贞观遗风。In 655, Gaozong made Wu Zetian his queen, whose father was ever a timber businessman and an important official in the early Tang Dynasty.高宗于永徽六年(655年)立武则天为皇后,其父曾为木材商人、唐初大臣。Wu Zetian was shrewd and tactful, and also an expert in literature and history.武则天精明机智,通文史。Because of eye disease, Li Zhi could not well, he often made Wu his assistant in verdict the government affairs.唐高宗因患风眩,目不能视,使武则天协助裁决政事。In 683, Emperor Tang Gaozong died in bed; the throne prince Li Xian(Wu,s third son) became the new emperor, that’s Tang Zhongzong.公元683年(弘道元年),唐高宗病死,太子李显(武则天第三子)即位,是为唐中宗。The year, Wu Zetian dethroned him as King of Luling, made Li Dan (her fourth son) the emperor, that’s Tang Ruizong,but uncrowned him soon.次年,武则天废中宗为庐陵王,另立李旦(武则天第四子)为皇帝,是为唐睿宗,旋即废黜。In 690, Wu Zetian declared to change the Tang into the Zhou Dynasty, made Luoyang the deity capital, Tang Ruizong the royal heir, herself the Empress.The historical event was referred as “Wu Zhou Revolution” in history.公元690年(天授元年),武则天宣布改唐为周,以洛阳为神都,降唐睿宗为皇嗣,自称皇帝,史称“武周革命”。Wu Zetian is the only empress in Chinese history.武则天是中国历史上仅有的一个女皇帝。During her reign, the politics,* economy kept developing progressively.武则天在位期间,将唐朝的政治、经济的发展又向前推进了一步。But in the late period of her reign, she specially trusted crafty and fawning officials which caused the dissatisfaction of her ministers. In 705, she was seriously ill, Prime Minister Zhang Jianzhi and other ministers came into contact with General Li Duozuo of right armed escorts to launch a place coup, forcing Wu passed the imperial throne to Tang Zhongzong Li Xian, thus the Tang Dynasty was recovered. Thereby, the history that empress ruled came to an end after 15 years.但执政末期,她宠信侯臣,深为大臣不满,到公元705年(神龙元年)她82岁时得了重病,宰相张柬之等人联络右羽林卫大将军李多祚发动政变,强迫武则天传帝位给唐中宗李显,复唐国号,武则天共做了16年皇帝。Because Li Xian was mediocre and incompetent, his queen Empress Wei and his daughter Princess Anle forcibly occupied the power and played politics. Li Longji, Li Dan’s son bom down Empress Wei’s gang and ascended the throne, that’s Emperor Tang Xuanzong, the title of his reign was Kaiyuan.中宗李显庸懦无能,致使皇后韦氏与安乐公主弄权,李旦之子李隆基击败了韦后而即位,改国号开元,是为唐玄宗。Xuanzong was another enlightened emperor after Li Shimin in the Tang Dynasty.玄宗是唐代继李世民之后又一位开明国君。During the Kaiyuan period, he made great effort to develop the country, attached great importance to the selection of officials, examined the reposting county magistrates in person.开元年间,玄宗励精图治,重视官员的人选,亲自考核新任命的县令。He appointed talented Yao Chong and Song Jing as his chief ministers, reformed the government system and military system. Meantime, he effectively developed economy, reformed tax system, started irrigation construction. With these efforts, the feudal Chinese society presented unprecedented flourishing atmosphere, reaching the peak of feudal Chinese society.他任用了有才干的姚崇、宋景做宰相,改革官制和兵制,与此同时大力发展经济,改革税制,兴修水利,中国封建社会呈现前所未有的盛世景象,达到了中国封建社会的最高峰。So far, China reached the height of power and splendour among her contemporary empires. This period was “Kaiyuan Flourishing Age” in history.至此,中国在世界同时代的国家中已成为鼎盛帝国,史称“开元盛世”。 /201601/421845。
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