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Taliban suicide car bombers struck a police convoy in the Afghan capital, Kabul, Thursday, with reports saying at least 30 security personnel were killed.塔利班星期四在阿富汗首都喀布尔对一个警察车队发动自杀汽车炸弹袭击,据报至0名保安人员丧生。The convoy was transporting cadets and trainers when it came under attack. Afghan officials confirmed there were back-to-back blasts.袭击发生时,车队正在运送军校学员和训练生。阿富汗官方实,炸弹爆炸接连发生。Interior Ministry spokesman Sediq Seddiqi said authorities were gathering details and promised to share them soon.阿富汗内政部发言人沙迪克称,当局正在搜集细节,并承诺将尽快公布。Eyewitnesses told VOA they saw police personnel evacuating dead and wounded.目击者告诉美国之音,他们看到警方人员疏散安置死伤人员。The Taliban claimed responsibility for the bombing. In a statement sent to reporters, Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid said a suicide bomber rammed his explosives-filed car into the convoy.塔利班宣称对此次袭击负责。在一份送给记者的声明中,塔利班发言人穆贾希德称,一名自杀炸弹攻击者开着装满炸药的汽车撞向警察车队。Mujahid added, a second bomber then struck police officers who had gathered around the site of the first blast. He claimed the attacks killed dozens of Afghan security personnel.穆贾希德补充说,第二名攻击者随后袭击了聚集在第一次爆炸现场的警方人员。他说,袭击炸死数十名阿富汗安保人员。来 /201607/452394

Donald Trump has agreed to a million settlement to end the fraud cases against his now-defunct Trump University, New Yorks attorney general said - 纽约州检察长称,特朗普同意500万美元的和解金,以了结关于现已倒闭的特朗普大学涉嫌欺诈的官司。A move that the president-elect said Saturday was done in order to ;focus on the country.;侯任总统特朗9日表示,此举是为了让自己专注于国事。The settlement likely means that Trump will avoid becoming possibly the first sitting president to testify in open court.这笔和解金可能意味着特朗普能避免成为第一个出庭作的在职总统。New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman called the settlement on Friday ;a major victory for the over 6,000 victims of his fraudulent university.; 纽约州检察长埃里施奈德曼18日称,这笔和解金000多名特朗普大学受害者的重大胜利。Lawyers involved in the cases say the settlement applies to all three lawsuits against Trump University including two cases filed in California.本案律师称,和解金是用于和解针对特朗普大学的3起诉讼案,其中两起是在加州立案的。Trump commented on the settlement via Twitter on Saturday, telling his 15 million followers that the only ;bad thing about winning the presidency; was not being able to fight the ;long but winning; Trump University trial.特朗9日在推特上就此事发表,他500万粉丝表示,成为总统唯一的坏事儿就是不能打这场漫长但必胜的官司。The trial for one of the cases had been scheduled to start Nov. 28三起诉讼案中的一起原定于118日开庭审理。The million figure will be split among the students who sued, minus the legal fees.在减去诉讼费后,这笔和解费将被给分配给上诉的学员。Trump will also pay up to million in penalties to the state of New York, Schneiderman said.施奈德曼称,特朗普还将向纽约州付多00万美金的罚款。Former students of Trump University say the school fraudulently misrepresented what students would be taught and falsely claimed that instructors were handpicked by Trump.特朗普大学原来的学生称,学校虚假描述授课内容,且谎称老师是由特朗普钦定的。Trumps attorneys last week asked the judge to delay the trial until after the inauguration, citing the ;critical and all-consuming; work the president-elect has to do before he takes office in January.特朗普的律师上周表示,特朗普在明月就职之前有很多重要且耗时的工作要做,因此请求法官将庭审推迟至其就职后。The deal doesnt require Trump to acknowledge wrongdoing. 这份和解协议不要求特朗普承认行为违法。Trump has strongly denied the allegations and said during the campaign that he wouldnt settle.特朗普强烈否认诈骗指控,并在竞选期间称他不会和解;We are pleased to announce the complete resolution of all litigation involving Trump University,; the Trump organization said in a statement on Friday. 特朗普团8日在一份声明中称,我们很高兴地宣布,关于特朗普大学的诉讼案得到了彻底解决;While we have no doubt that Trump University would have prevailed at trial based on the merits of this case, resolution of these matters allows President-Elect Trump to devote his full attention to the important issues facing our great nation.;尽管我们相信如果进入法律程序,基于案情特朗普大学将会打赢官司,但是现在和解能让这位候任总统全神贯注于我们伟大国家面临的重要问题。During the campaign, Trump said Gonzalo Curiel, the federal judge in the San Diego case, was hostile to him.特朗普在竞选期间称,审理圣地亚哥特朗普大学案的联邦法官贡萨库列尔对自己存有敌意;I believe he happens to be Spanish, which is fine. 特朗普今月时曾表示,我相信他碰巧是西班牙人,这没关系。He is Hispanic, which is fine. 他是西班牙裔,这没关系。And we havent asked for recusal, which we may do,; Trump said in May. 我们没有要求取消这位法官的资格,我们本可以这样的;But we have a judge who is very hostile.;然而,我们碰到了一位充满敌意的法官。来 /201611/479823

Donald Trump renewed his vow to crack down on illegal immigration, saying on Wednesday that there would be no amnesty, in a speech that showed no sign of the Republican presidential candidate softening a stance that has hurt him with Latinos.唐纳#8226;特朗Donald Trump)重申了自己打击非法移民的誓言。周三,他在演讲时表示,美国将不会进行大赦。没有迹象表明这名共和党总统候选人软化了在这个问题上的立场。此立场伤害了他与拉丁裔人士之间的关系。In a speech in Phoenix that came immediately after his return to the US from a meeting with the Mexican president, Mr Trump said he would vigorously enforce all US immigration laws, and start building a wall on the US-Mexico border on his first day in the White House.特朗普在会见墨西哥总统之后回到美国,立即在菲尼克斯发表了一次演讲。他说,在入主白宫的第一天,他将大力执行美国所有移民法律,并开始在美墨边境建造一堵高墙。After two weeks of speculation that Mr Trump might soften his position both to win support from Hispanics and ease concerns among nervous Republicans who worry that he is racist the New York tycoon doubled down on most elements of his stance.此前两周,人们猜测特朗普或许会软化自己的立场——不但为了赢得拉美裔美国人的持,而且为了缓解一些紧张不安的共和党人对于他是种族主义者的担忧。可现在,这位纽约大亨对于自己立场中大部分因素反而变本加厉了。In his most detailed address on immigration, Mr Trump said that he would hire 5,000 more border patrol agents, and place more on the border to police his wall rather than have them sitting behind desks.在这次关于移民问题的最详尽演讲中,特朗普表示,他将再聘000名边境巡逻特工,把更多特工派到边界去管理高墙,而不是让他们坐在办公桌前。Mr Trump laid out a 10-point plan which stressed his intention to quickly deport any illegal immigrants who have been convicted of non-immigration related crimes and those who were posing a financial burden on government finances. 特朗普拿出了一份十点方案。方案强调,他打算把被判犯有非移民相关罪行、对政府构成财政负担的任何非法移民立即驱逐出境。But the tycoon appeared to postpone efforts to clarify whether he would deport all the 11m estimated illegal immigrants in the US.但这位大亨不打算马上说明,他是否将把目前美国境内大约1100万非法移民驱逐出境。Mr Trump said that the US would only be able to consider the status of people who remained illegally following the implementation of his plan after the US had built the wall and stopped new illegal immigration. Only then will be able to consider status of people who remain, said Mr Trump.特朗普表示,只有在先建好高墙、阻止新的非法移民进入,继而执行了他的方案之后,美国才将能够考虑既有非法移民的地位问题。Earlier Mr Trump held talks in Mexico City with Mexican leader Enrique Pe#241;a Nieto, during which the two discussed the Republican candidate’s plans to build a wall.早些时候,特朗普与墨西哥领导人恩里#8226;佩尼#8226;涅托(Enrique Pe#241;a Nieto)在墨西哥城举行了会谈。两人在会谈中讨论了这位共和党候选人的高墙建造计划。The New York tycoon told reporters he had held an excellent, tremendous meeting with a man he called my friend and that lasted more than an hour. 这位纽约大亨对记者表示,他与一位被他称为我朋友的人举行了一次美妙、精的会谈。会谈持续了一个多小时。They also discussed immigration and security, improving a North American Free Trade Agreement that Mr Trump said had favoured Mexico.他们还讨论了移民和安全问题,完善了特朗普所称有利于墨西哥的北美自由贸易协定(Nafta)。As expected, Mr Trump did not budge on his plans to build a great wall on the US’s southern border, which he has vowed to make Mexico fund. 不出所料,特朗普拒绝就他的在美国南部边境建造一堵高墙的计划上让步。他誓言要让墨西哥付建墙费用。We recognise and respect the right of either country to build a physical barrier or wall, he said, in prepared remarks. 我们认可并尊重美国或墨西哥建造实体障碍物或墙壁的权利。I love the ed States very much and we want to make sure the people of the Untied States are very well protected.他按照讲话稿说,我非常热爱美国,我们想确保美国民众得到非常妥善的保护。The funding question would be for a later date, he said in answer to a question from a reporter.建墙费用问题将留到未来某个日期,他在回答一名记者提问时说。来 /201609/464407

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