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Business advice from someone who#39;s still young enough to think anything is possible .为那些仍认为一切皆有可能者提供商务咨询,25美金。 /201507/384955。

Tucked away in a nondescript commercial building in Fountain Valley, Calif., dozens of designers, engineers, and craftsmen have toiled secretively for months on a project that offers a glimpse of the way we may be driving 15 years from now. Their hangar-like workspace belongs to GFMI Metalcrafters, a company that for decades has built many of the most important concept cars to hit the auto show circuit. Laboring furiously in its password-protected workrooms, these teams have been assembling a car so far ahead of its time that some of the technologies and materials it requires don’t exist yet.在一栋深藏于加州芳泉谷,毫不起眼的办公楼里,一群设计师、工程师和技师已秘密奋战了好几个月,这个项目可以让我们一窥15年后的驾驶方式。这个外形犹如机库的工作室属于GFMI Metalcrafters公司。多年来,这家公司已打造了多款在车展上闪亮登场的重磅概念车。在这间必须输入密码才能进入的工作室里,这些团队全身心地投入工作,组装了一辆远远超越时代的汽车。正因为太先进,它所需的一些技术和材料迄今还没有问世。Meet the Chevrolet-FNR, perhaps Chevy’s most unusual concept car to date, and a stake-in-the-ground statement from Chevy’s parent, General Motors.The FNR is a fully autonomous—that is, self-driving—electric vehicle, developed as part of PATAC, a joint venture of GM and Chinese automaker SAIC Motors. It’s a family-sedan-cum-techno-infotainment solution aimed squarely at China’s youth market, consumers who characteristically respond better to smartphones than sheet metal. Chevy unveiled the FNR (it stands for “Find New Roads,” the brand’s tagline) on Monday at the 2015 Shanghai motor show; Fortune got a sneak peak at the vehicle as it prepared for its debut.这款名为雪佛兰FNR的车型,可能是雪佛兰迄今为止最不同寻常的概念车,也是其母公司通用汽车真正掷地有声的力作。这款全自动(即自动驾驶)电动车,是泛亚汽车技术中心研发的成果之一。这个中心是通用汽车和上汽集团的合资企业。这既是一款专为中国年轻人群市场开发的家用轿车,也是一个技术及解决方案。比起汽车来,这群消费者通常对智能手机更感兴趣。在周一开幕的2015年上海车展上,雪佛兰揭开了FNR(这三个字母意为“找寻新路”,是该品牌的口号)的神秘面纱。在其首次亮相前的准备阶段,《财富》杂志有幸率先一窥这款概念车的真容。Chevy hopes that the FNR will hook millennials, not just in China but worldwide, with the promise of a vehicle that will be part Siri, part BFF, and part Fitbit. “Everywhere in the world our time is constrained—commute time, work time, family time,” says Sharon Nishi, head of sales and marketing for Chevy’s operations in China. “Those are some of the things that inspired this car.” And in a departure from current trends in autonomous-vehicle development, Chevy envisions the FNR as a vehicle for the mass market. GM projects that by 2030—the hypothetical model year for the FNR—self-driving technologies will be prolific enough to have become less costly, and therefore feasible for a real-world family car. And its executives think autonomous vehicles have a particularly good chance of proliferating in developing countries like China, where cities and roads are crowding quickly, governments are eager to resolve congestion, and much infrastructure is yet to be built.雪佛兰希望FNR能吸引全球而不仅仅是中国的80后、90后。它将语音助手Siri、BFF技术和运动腕带Fitbit等多重功能集于一身。雪佛兰中国销售兼营销总监莎伦o西称:“无论身在何处,我们的时间总是紧巴巴的——通勤时间、工作时间及与家人相处的时间。这正是启发我们开发这款车的因素之一。”与当前自动驾驶汽车开发的潮流有所不同,雪佛兰预计FNR将属于大众市场。通用汽车预计,到2030年——这也是FNR假设的车型年——自动驾驶技术将能够赚钱,成本将大幅降低,并成为真正的家用车。通用的高管还认为,在像中国这样的发展中国家,自动驾驶汽车尤其有机会获得大发展,因为这类国家的城市和道路很快就将变得拥挤不堪,政府十分希望破解拥堵难题,同时还有大量基础设施有待建设。“Design is really important in China,” says Nishi—and appropriately enough, the FNR’s exterior projects futuristic muscle-car attitude. Motors housed in the rims of its massive, hubless wheels will power the car (once that particular innovation is fully developed). The FNR’s sculpted exterior panels are made from composites like carbon fiber to save weight, and designed with air intakes that add drama and aerodynamic flow to the overall shape. Double scissor doors open on each side like lotus blossoms. The crowning touch: Thousands of LED lights swathe the vehicle, illuminating it outside and in with a bright blue light, an ode to Shanghai’s famous evening light shows from PATAC advanced vehicle designer Cao Min and his team.莎伦o西表示:“在中国,设计实在是太重要了,”而FNR的外形恰恰展现出一种充满未来感的肌肉车风范。位于巨大的无轮毂车轮中的电动机是动力来源(在充分开发完成后,这一特有的创新成果即可使用)。FNR凹凸有致的外壳由碳纤维一类材质构成,以减轻车重,特别设计的进气口让整个车身平添几分动感,也提高了空气动力学性能。两边各自打开的双铡刀车门远望犹如盛开的莲花。点睛之笔是:上千盏LED灯点缀全车,让它周身散发出明亮的蓝光,这是泛亚中心高级汽车设计师曹明(音译)和他的团队对上海名扬全球的夜景灯光秀的礼赞。The interior, on the other hand, promises that driving itself can be an afterthought, if the user chooses. The FNR would allow occupants to sit back and enjoy the ride in motorized webbed seats that can everything from heart rate and blood pressure to mood—and adjust temperature, speed, lighting, and even musical selections for those who want to work or sleep. Care to swap out the map projected on the oversized canopy and work on some spsheets? Simply swipe your hand over the gesture-controlled crystal ball in the center console to reconfigure the display. Of course, that’s assuming you’re in the car at all. The FNR could “run errands for you while you’re at work, or take itself to the dealer for service so you don’t have to,” says Mark Reuss, GM executive vice president of global product development.另一方面,车内布局则给人这样一种感觉:如果用户自主选择的话,驾驶本身将会被抛在脑后。乘坐者可以舒地躺在FNR的电动网状座椅上,尽情享受旅程。这种座椅可以读取心率、血压和情绪状况,还能调节温度、速度、灯光,那些想工作或闭目养神的乘坐者甚至可以选择合适的背景音乐。想调出地图,投射到超大车顶上,并处理一些电子表格?只需用手在中控台的手势控制水晶球上一划,就能变换显示内容。当然,这是假设车主完全置身车内才行。通用汽车全球产品开发执行副总裁马克o罗伊斯声称,FNR将“在你工作时为你处理琐事,或是自己开到经销商那里维修,为车主省事。” /201504/371641。

WE simply can’t see enough of ourselves, or so it would seem from today’s selfie craze.人们对自己可谓百看不厌,至少从眼下的自拍热来看是的。Twitter declared 2014 the year of the selfie, and 2015 is shaping up as the year selfie gear for smartphones goes mainstream, with items as diverse as selfie-shooting tools and novel ways to display those images — even burned onto a piece of breakfast toast.过去的2014年被Twitter封为“自拍年”,如今2015年正进一步见着智能手机自拍装置的崛起,从简单的自拍工具到新颖的照片呈现方式——甚至可以把照片烤到早餐面包上。Out in front, by more than an arm’s length, is the selfie stick.其中最前卫的当属比手臂还长的自拍杆。Many of us saw President Obama wielding one in a recent . And news accounts have told of museums and some sports venues banning their use, for fear something or someone will get poked.我们很多人看过奥巴马总统在最近的视频中挥舞着自拍杆的画面,也听过某些物馆和体育馆因为担心物品或人被戳到而禁用了自拍杆的新闻。Despite all the buzz and ridicule these devices have prompted, the monopod for smartphones is not all that easy to find in stores in the ed States.尽管自拍杆成了话题焦点,要想在纽约的商店里找到一个智能手机的架却并没那么容易。They are easy to find online, however, with the two most common varieties selling for or far less. But a word of warning: The consensus of online customer reviews is that the cheapest models — some selling for under — are flimsy.但在网上,要买它们就容易得多了,最常见的两款标价50美元(约合310元人民币)甚至便宜得多。但这里要提醒的是:用户一致显示最便宜的,也就是那些售价还不足10美元(约合62元人民币)的产品十分劣质。Today’s selfie sticks are patterned along the same basic design of one patented 30 years ago that allowed photographers to take self-portraits at a distance with cheap point-and-shoot film cameras.如今的自拍杆基本沿用了30年前摄影师们在一定距离开外拍自己肖像的装置的设计,那个时候还只能用便宜的傻瓜胶片相机拍摄。They range from simple poles that hold the phone securely while the phone’s timer clicks the shutter, to sticks with built-in Bluetooth triggers in the handle that allow the holder to point and shoot at will.这些自拍杆种类各异。从只具备简单的固定手机作用,要依靠手机倒计时装置触发快门的;到手柄自带蓝牙触发器,能随意控制拍摄的。There are also selfie sticks that hark back to the 1980s, with a cable from the hand-held end to the shutter control.还有一些自拍杆让人感觉重新回到20世纪80年代,手柄端和快门控制器之间连着一条线。The Looq 2G for iPhone and Android is one example of that variety. Its trigger is built into the grip, controlling the camera shutter through a cable that plugs into the phone’s earphone jack.这种有线自拍杆的代表产品是同时适用于安卓手机与iPhone的Looq 2G。它的触发器安装在手柄上,能通过一条插入耳机孔的线来控制快门。With a list price of , it requires the download of a free app that also comes with filters.这款产品标价45美元(约合279元人民币),使用时需要下载一款免费、内置滤镜的配套应用。An app-free version for iPhone only, the Looq S, is listed for on the company’s website. The poles on both models adjust from 5.5 inches to 24 inches and weigh just under four ounces.Looq S不需要下载配套应用,但仅适用于iPhone系统。它在公司官网标价25美元(约合155元人民币)。以上两款产品的杆长均可调节,最短为5.5英寸(约合14厘米),最长达24英寸(约合61厘米),重量尚不足4盎司(约合113克)。Ipow and Noot are two other examples of wired sticks. Both telescope out to more than three feet and cost about .Ipow和Noot两款也是有线自拍杆。两款杆身都可伸长至3英尺(约合1米)以上,价格在15美元(约合93元)上下。The makers of these selfie sticks say they offer a distinct advantage: There are no Bluetooth-matching problems between it and the phone and no risk of interference with other devices.有线自拍杆的制作者称这些产品有着独特的优势:从不会发生蓝牙连接或干扰其他设备的问题。For wireless fanciers there are also plenty of choices.无线自拍杆的青睐者们也有丰富的产品群可以选择。The Minisuit Selfie Stick Pro, for one, has a built-in Bluetooth remote shutter control. It works with Apple and Android phones.Minisuit Selfie Stick Pro就是其中之一,它内置了能与苹果和安卓手机配对的蓝牙快门遥控器。Walmart was selling it for online recently, discounted from the list price.这款自拍杆原价30美元(约合186元人民币),最近在沃尔玛网上超市打折,仅售18美元(约合112元人民币)。Another choice is the CamKix, which gets generally good reviews for its durability, extends to 40 inches and sells for around .CamKix也是可选产品之一。用户说这款自拍杆坚实耐用,可伸长至40英寸(约合102厘米),售价25美元(约合155元人民币)上下。Whether the stick you buy is wired or wireless, think about what you will carry it in. And try to keep movement to a minimum: A tiny wrist movement is amplified into a blurry photo when you put a camera on a long stick. That is why some people prefer a simple stick without any sort of built-in trigger. They can then either rely on the phone’s shutter timer, or use a wireless remote shutter button held in the other hand.不管你买的是有线还是无线的,都要明白你用它是来架什么的,所以动作要尽可能小:当你把相机放在长杆的另一头时,哪怕手腕再微小的抖动都会被放大成模糊的照片。因此,很多人更青睐简简单单没有内置快门按键的款式,要么靠手机的倒计时装置,要么用另一只手拿着无线遥控器。Plastic remotes selling for and under are easy to come by online. They typically have a range of up to 30 feet and do not require an app to work with most iPhones, iPads or Android devices. Most have a changeable button battery.网上很容易就能买到10美元(约合62元人民币)以下的塑料遥控器。通常来说,它们的有效范围可达30英尺(约合9米),并且不需要在iPhone、iPad和安卓设备上下载配套的应用。而且绝大多数款式可更换纽扣电池。There are some higher-end options as well. The JoyGeek Ultrathin Wireless Remote Control Camera Shutter Release is made of zinc alloy and waterproof. It supports iOS 7 and Android 4.4 and above, and is 4.2 millimeters thin.也有高端一些的遥控器。如JoyGeek Ultrathin 无线相机快门遥控器,这一产品厚度仅4.2毫米,由锌合金制成,具备防水功能,持iOS7、安卓4.4及以上系统,。Unlike the cheaper models with changeable button batteries, this remote has an internal battery with an advertised two-year life.与廉价可更换电池的遥控器不同,这款设备靠内置电池供电,其广告称使用寿命长达两年。Amazon lists it at but discounts are available.该产品在亚马逊上标价70美元(约合434元),但会有折扣。What article about selfies would be complete without at least a mention of what to do with them. Sure, you could share them on Instagram or Facebook. That would be ... predictable.既然是关于自拍的文章,那怎么能不讨论照片的用处?你当然可以把它们分享到Instagram或Facebook上,但这实在……没什么新意。Then there’s the Selfie Toaster — a device that converts those self-portraits, or any picture, really, into an image on toasted b.于是自拍烤面包机便应运而生了——这是一种可以把自拍照或其他任何图片烤到面包上的设备。The Vermont Novelty Toaster Corporation, which started out offering toasters that transferred images of Jesus and a peace sign onto browned b, saw its sales shoot up 1,000 percent since it began offering the Selfie Toaster last May, said Galen Dively, owner and chief executive. The appliances are now in Hammacher Schlemmer and soon to be in Bed Bath amp; Beyond, he said.Vermont Novelty烤面包机公司靠着能烤出带有耶稣和和平符号面包的面包机起家,并于去年五月推出自拍烤面包机。此后,他们产品的销量就疯涨了10倍,公司持有者及首席执行官伽林·戴夫利(Galen Dively)说。他同时称这些产品现在在Hammacher Schlemmer有售,很快将入驻Bed Bath amp; Beyond。Twenty-five dollars buys the toaster. It costs more for the company to custom-make sheet metal plate stencils out of the photos customers submit, Mr. Dively said.自拍烤面包机机身只需25美元(约合155元人民币)。根据顾客提供的照片制作金属模具板需45美元(约合279元人民币),戴夫利说。The plates work like a negative, with the open parts allowing the heat to darken the b. The most workable pictures are those with good lighting that haven’t been run through any filters, he said. Discounts are offered for customers who order more than one plate.这些模具板的工作原理和照片底片类似,透光部分能通过更多热量来烤焦面包。用光线适宜且没加滤镜的照片做出的模具板效果最佳,他说。制作多张模具板的客户还可以享受折扣。 /201504/369447。

A Canadian family lived with a corpse intheir upstairs bedroom for six months because they believed the deceased manwould be resurrected if they prayed, but the body was discovered when the family was evicted for not paying the mortgage.加拿大一户人家将家庭成员的尸体搁置在他们住所楼上的卧室长达6个月,因为他们认为只要祈祷就能让逝去的人重生,但尸体因这户人家无钱付抵押贷款遭驱逐而被公之于众。Kaling Wald, 50, pleaded guilty to failing to notify police that her husbandhad died, an offense under the provincial Coroner#39;s Act, and was sentenced on Monday to probation and counseling, her lawyer told Reuters on Tuesday.现年50岁的Kaling Wald因未告知警方其丈夫已经离去的事实承认了自己的罪行,根据地方验尸官法案这构成了犯罪。她的律师周二对路透社说,周一,她被判缓刑并接受了心理咨询。Peter Wald, 52, died in March 2013 of what authorities believe were natural causes following a foot infection linked to his diabetes, defense lawyer PeterBoushy said.辩护律师PeterBoushy说,现年52岁的Peter Wald逝世于2013年3月份,有关当局认为与糖尿病有关的足部感染是引发他自然死亡的原因。His wife Kaling Wald left him in bed and sealed up the bedroom in their Hamilton, Ontario,home to prevent the odor of decomposition from disturbing the busy household,which included five of the couple#39;s six children, as well as other adults living in the home.他们家住安大略省哈密尔顿市,他的妻子Kaling Wald将他搁置在床上并把密封以防尸体腐烂的味道干扰到家人忙碌的生活。他们的6个孩子有5个还住在家里,家中还住着其他成人。;Just as Jesus raised Lazarus after the fourth day, so too did she believe God woul dresurrect her husband in due time,; said Boushy.Boushy 说,“正如耶稣在第四日后治好了麻风乞丐,所以她相信上帝会在适当的时间让她的丈夫复活的”。;There clearly was an over-exuberance of one#39;s faith,; headded.他还说,“她显然是太信任耶稣了”。The corpse was discovered in September 2013 when the local sheriff arrived to evict the family after they defaulted on the mortgage. It had attracted rodentsand was badly decomposed, but the family had packed his things in preparation for the eviction and did not attempt to conceal the corpse.由于这家人拖欠抵押贷款,当地警长于2013年9月份到她家下达驱逐令时发现了尸体。尸体已经被啮齿动物重度分解,但这家人已经为这一天收拾好了他的东西,却未想过遮掩尸体。Boushysaid his client now understands what the law required and would not do the same thing again.Boushy说,他的客户现在懂得了法律的要求,她不会重蹈覆辙。;She certainly was remorseful, and definitely was teary-eyed,; he said. ;Indeed, she noted that she wasnever actually able to cry over the passing of her husband, but this seemed tohave been an emotional breakthrough after the court proceedings yesterday. I think counseling is certainly going to be beneficial for her.;他说,“她一定很后悔,一定流了很多泪。事实上,她注意到丈夫离去后自己竟没滴过眼泪,但昨天法庭审理过后,她好似迎来了情感大爆发。我觉得接受心理咨询将对她有益”。 /201412/347235。

This year, Time Magazine has no single Person of the Year — instead choosing to give that honor to all the people fighting ebola throughout the world.今年,《时代》杂志(Time Magazine)并没有把“年度人物”称号授予任何个人,这一荣誉的最后归属是全球抗击埃拉病毒的所有人员。This isn’t entirely unprecedented — in the past, Time has named groups like The American Soldier or The Protestor the most influential “person” of the year.这次的集体当选并非无例可循,此前《时代》杂志曾经将美国士兵或抗议者等群体提名为年度最具影响力的“人物”。In choosing Ebola Fighters for the award, Time noted that though Ebola has existed for decades, only this year did it come close to becoming the sort of worldwide panic that some have had nightmares of for decades. In response to that, some stepped up, writes Time editor Nancy Gibbs:关于抗埃拉斗士被选为年度人物的原因,《时代》杂志指出,埃拉顽疾已经存在数十年,但是今年的疫情几近演变成为全球性恐慌,令一些人几十年来的噩梦变成现实。为了阻止这一情况的发生,很多勇士站了出来,《时代》杂志编辑南希o吉布斯写道:“The people in the field, the special forces of Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF), the Christian medical-relief workers of Samaritan’s Purse and many others from all over the world fought side by side with local doctors and nurses, ambulance drivers and burial teams.”“疫区的民众、无国界医生组织(Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières)、基督教医疗救援组织撒玛利亚救援会(Samaritan’s Purse)的工作人员,以及来自全世界的救援人员,他们和当地的医生、护士、救护车司机以及丧葬队一起并肩作战,对抗疫情。”Other finalists for the title included singer Taylor Swift, the protestors in Ferguson, Mo., and Russian President Vladimir Putin.2014年年度人物的其他候选人还有美国歌手泰勒o斯威夫特、弗格森事件示威者和俄罗斯总统普京。(财富中文网) /201412/348274。