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Under a historic new budget written by governor Andrew Cuomo and approved by state lawmakers over the weekend, nearly one million families in the state of New York will now qualify for free tuition at the state’s public colleges, universities, and community colleges.(纽约)州长安德鲁·库默提出一项新的预算法案,立法会议员周末同意将其列入国家预算,这意味着纽约有近100万家庭现在获得了免学费上纽约州的公办大学、综合类大学和其他社区大学的资格。The program—the first of its kind in the US, phasing in over the next three years, and costing New York an estimated 3 million—will cover any student who:这样的项目在美国史上实数首例,在未来三年开始逐步实行,大约花费纽约州达163万美金的预算。符合如下条件的学生将从中获益:comes from a household making 0,000 or less家庭年收入少于10万美金meets certain class load and grade-point restrictions符合特定课程和学分限制要求agrees to stay in New York state after graduation for the same number of years that they receive the financial support.愿意毕业后留在纽约,且愿意逗留与他们接受此援助的年数相同的年数。A bachelor’s degree from CUNY and SUNY, respectively, currently costs around ,500 a year; community college tuition runs about ,500.要在纽约市立大学或纽约州立大学获得学士学位,花费大约在每年6500美元,社区大学在4500美元。New York’s plan revives the free college concept that Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders earnestly pushed during his US presidential campaign, and that fellow candidate Hillary Clinton later adopted as well. Many assumed the idea died with the election of Donald Trump—but Cuomo, with help from Sanders, has fought vigorously for several months for the plan to be rolled out in New York.重提纽约州大学免费的这一主张是由民主党候选人伯尼·桑德斯在参选总统时提出并大力主张的,其对手希拉里克林顿后来也表示赞同。但是所有的设想随着川普的上台都销声匿迹了。但是库默,有着桑德斯的持,花了好几个月的时间为纽约州的这项预算能够通过而努力。But with the amount of strain most American households are feeling from both soaring tuition and student loan debt these days, offering increased college affordability to middle-class and low-income families is not inconsequential. After all, not going to college has its own cost: The mighty majority of new jobs in the country are going to people with degrees.随着学费和学生贷款的疯涨,很多家庭都力不从心,对于中低收入家庭来说学费的可承受是合理诉求。毕竟,许多国家的大部份新工作都需要学历这个敲门砖,如果没有学历也是一种损失。 /201704/503770

Amy Krouse Rosenthal, a prolific children’s book author, memoirist and public speaker who, dying of cancer, found an extraordinarily large ership this month with a column in The New York Times titled “You May Want to Marry My Husband,” died on Monday at her home in Chicago. She was 51.本月,因患癌症而不久于世的多产儿童读物作者、回忆录作者和演讲者艾米·克劳斯·罗森塔尔(Amy Krouse Rosenthal),在《纽约时报》(The New York Times)上发表了一篇题为《你愿意嫁给我丈夫吗?》的专栏文章,取得了惊人的阅读量。周一,罗森塔尔在芝加哥家中去世,享年51岁。The cause was ovarian cancer, which she learned she had in September 2015, her agent, Amy Rennert, said.罗森塔尔的经纪人说她死于卵巢癌。她是在2015年9月得知自己患有这种疾病的。Ms. Rosenthal’s bittersweet paean to her spouse of 26 years appeared as a Modern Love column in the online Style section of The Times on March 3 and in the Sunday newspaper section on March 5.3月3日,罗森塔尔为陪伴她26年的丈夫书写的甜蜜而又苦涩的赞歌,作为“登情爱”专栏的一篇文章现身时报风尚版的网络版。The column has drawn almost four and a half million ers online.这篇文章的线上点阅量约为450万次。“I want more time with Jason,” she wrote. “I want more time with my children. I want more time sipping martinis at the Green Mill Jazz Club on Thursday nights. But that is not going to happen. I probably have only a few days left being a person on this planet. So why I am doing this?“我想要有更多时间,和贾森待在一起,”她写道。“我想要有更多时间,和我的孩子们待在一起。我想要有更多时间,在周四的夜晚去绿磨坊爵士俱乐部喝马丁尼。但这一切都不可能发生。我活在这个世界上的时间可能只剩下几天了。那我为什么要写这个呢?”“I am wrapping this up on Valentine’s Day,” she continued, “and the most genuine, non-vase-oriented gift I can hope for is that the right person s this, finds Jason, and another love story begins.”“我是在情人节写完这篇文字的,而我希望得到的鲜花以外真正的礼物便是,一个对的人能读到它,找到贾森,开始另一段爱情故事。”Her husband, interviewed by People magazine afterward, said, “When I her words for the first time, I was shocked at the beauty, slightly surprised at the incredible prose given her condition and, of course, emotionally ripped apart.”她丈夫后来接受《人物》(People)杂志采访时说,“当我第一次读到她的文字时,我被那种美惊呆了,鉴于她的状况,这篇不可思议的散文让我有些意外,当然,它还撕裂了我的心。”Since 2005, Ms. Rosenthal has written 28 spirited children’s picture books, two quirky, poignant memoirs; delivered TED (Technology, Entertainment and Design) Talks and NPR commentaries; and produced short films and YouTube s of what she called social experiments.自从2005年以来,罗森塔尔写了28本生动活泼的儿童图画书,两本离奇而又能够触动心灵的回忆录;做过TED演讲,写过全国公共广播电台(NPR)文章;还制作过她称之为社会实验的短片和YouTube视频。“I tend to believe whatever you decide to look for you will find, whatever you beckon will eventually beckon you,” she told one audience.“我倾向于认为,你会找到你决心找寻的任何东西;此外,受你吸引的任何东西最终都会吸引住你,”她告诉一名听众。She beckoned her ers and viewers. In a called “17 Things I Made” — among them were her books and even a peanut butter and jelly sandwich — she welcomed fans to join her at Millennium Park in Chicago, on August 8, 2008, at 8:08 p.m., to make an 18th thing. Hundreds showed up.她吸引住了她的读者和观众。她制作了一则名为《出自我手的17样东西》(17 Things I Made)的视频——包括她写的书,乃至一个花生酱果冻三明治——在里面邀请粉丝于2008年8月8日晚上8点零8分,和她在芝加哥千禧公园(Millennium Park)一起制作第18样东西。当天有数百人赴约。“Amy ran at life full speed and heart first,” Maria Modugno, her editor at Random House, said in a phone interview. “Her writing was who she was.”“艾米在生活中全速奔跑、随心而动,”她在兰登书屋(Random House)的编辑玛丽亚·莫杜尼奥(Maria Modugno)接受电话采访时说。“她的文字就是她的本色。”In The New York Times Book Review in 2009 Bruce Handy said of her work: “For all I know, she may suffer torment upon torment in front of a blank screen, but the results as if they were a pleasure to write.” He added, “Her books radiate fun the way tulips radiate spring: they are elegant and spirit-lifting.”2009年,布鲁斯·汉迪(Bruce Handy)在《纽约时报》书评版提及她的作品时说:“据我所知,她或许在空白的屏幕前经受过种种折磨,但作品读上去就好像作者写得津津有味一样。”他还表示,“她的书散发着无尽的乐趣,就如同郁金香散发着春的气息:它们既优雅又令人振奋。”In her latest memoir, published as she was dying, she wrote: “Invariably, I will have to move on before I have had enough. My first word was ‘more.’ It may very well be my last.”她在临终前出版的最新一本回忆录里写道:“不变的是,我不得不在拥有得足够多之前离开。我开口说的第一个词是‘more’(更多)。它极有可能成我说的最后一个词。”But even before her diagnosis, she suggested that her energy and imagination were not boundless. Her favorite line from literature, she once said, was in Thornton Wilder’s play “Our Town,” as spoken by the character Emily as she bids the world goodbye: “Do any human beings ever realize life while they live it?”但即便是在病症被确诊前,她也提到过,她的能量和想象力不是无穷无尽的。她曾经表示,她最喜欢的来自文学作品的话,出自桑顿·怀尔德(Thornton Wilder)的剧作《我们的小镇》(Our Town),是剧中人埃米莉(Emily)跟世界告别时说的:“人类之中有谁能做到在活着的时候意识到生命?”When she reached 40, Ms. Rosenthal began calculating how many days she had left until she turned 80.她从40岁便开始计算,离80岁还有几天。“How many more times, then, do I get to look at a tree?” she asked. “Let’s just say it’s 12,395. Absolutely, that’s a lot, but it’s not infinite, and I’m thinking anything less than infinite is too small a number and not satisfactory. At the very least, I want to look at trees a million more times. Is that too much to ask?”“我还能再多看一棵树多少次?”她问道。“就算12395次吧。这绝对很多了,但不是无穷的,而我认为,任何少于无穷的数字都太小了,不足以令人满意。我至少想再多看一棵树100万次。这要求很过分吗?” /201703/498488Just a few decades ago, our genes and what they say about us was largely a mystery. Now, with a quick swab of your mouth scientists can reveal everything from your family history to the diseases that you are susceptible to.仅仅几十年前,基因对于我们还如同一团迷雾般难以理解。而现在,只要用棉签在口腔里刮一下,你就能知道包括家族病史以及潜在疾病等一切信息。This is all thanks to the human genome project, the biggest collaborative project aimed at better understanding the biology of our species. In the 90s, scientists from the US, UK, Japan, France, Germany, Canada and China worked together to work out the base pairs in our DNA.这都是人类基因组计划的功劳。这个世上最大的合作项目致力于更好地研究人类生物学。在上世纪90年代,来自美,英,日,法,德,加以及中国的科学家们合作并解密了人类DNA中的碱基对。Nutrigenomics services like DNAFit analyse a person#39;s DNA and their genetic variations to give them a personalised workout and diet plan.基因营养类务,比如DNAFit,能分析人们的DNA及遗传变异,以给出定制的锻炼与饮食计划。Ideal diet and vitamin and micronutrient intake; a person#39;s carbohydrate and fat sensitivity; lactose and gluten intolerance risk; ability to recover after exercise; salt, alcohol, and caffeine sensitivity as well how prone a person is to of soft tissue injury are all measured.理想的饮食与维生素和微量元素的摄入;对于碳水化合物与脂肪的敏感度;对乳糖及谷蛋白不耐受的风险;运动后的恢复能力;对盐,酒精,咖啡因的敏感度甚至是否容易软组织受损,所有这些项目都会被评估。To piece together profiles, DNAFit test 45 gene variants in the human body. But, considering there are 10 million variants in the human body, how accurate and useful are the results?DNAFit需要检测人体45处基因变异来合成一份报告。但考虑到人体的基因有多达上千万对碱基,这份报告的准确度与适用度可靠吗?Commenting on whether honing in on 45 variants is enough to gain a deep understanding of what we should eat, Dr Tim Spector, Professor of Genetic Epidemiology, said: ;sadly not.;对于研究45对碱基是否足够我们制定饮食计划的问题,遗传流行病学教授,蒂姆·斯佩克特士给出的是;很可惜并不够;。;Although diet choices are often partly genetic, these gene variants are often associated with risk of allergy or disease,; he says. ;They explain only a small fraction of the differences between people. There are a few exceptions like for lactose intolerance, coffee drinking or alcohol or coeliac disease but basing diet recommendations on genetic tests not usually helpful.;;虽然对于饮食的选择常常是由基因引起的,但这些基因的变异也常常会和过敏与疾病联系到一起,;他说道。;它们只是人与人之前不同的一小部分。虽然能给出关于乳糖不耐症,喝咖啡与酒精的量或是乳糜泄等的建议,但这份报告对于制定饮食计划的帮助并不大。;Instead, he points towards the gut microbiome - which varies widely between individuals - as the best way to personalise a diet.他指出,变化更加多样的肠道微生物群对于定制膳食影响更大。;Genetically testing your microbes is more valuable than testing your own genes at the present,; he suggests.他建议道:;目前来说,检测你体内的微生物一般比检测你的基因更有用;。Dr Turi King, Reader in Genetics and Archaeology at the University Leicester elaborates that there many be difference between populations, and that environmental factors including diet, exercise and smoking can play a larger part that our genes, for instance relating to conditions such as coronary heart disease.莱斯特大学遗传学与考古学的图里·金士阐明,人类之间的区别有很多,其中的环境因素,包括饮食、运动及吸烟都会对我们的基因造成重大影响,比如与冠心病等病症之间产生联系。;There#39;s a lot of interactions going on and it#39;s often not as simple and straightforward as we might hope.;我们的基因与环境不断在交互,这其中的影响常常比我们想象的要复杂和曲折。;;But there is no doubt, particularly with the research that is going on, that we will be finding out more and more about what parts of our DNA are involved with diet, exercise and disease in the future.;;但毫无疑问,有了那些研究,对于哪部分DNA会关系到我们的饮食、运动与疾病,将来我们会了解得更深。;译文属 /201702/492911

There comes a point in every woman#39;s life when she finds her own enough-ness — when she realizes she doesn#39;t need validation from a relationship, or anywhere for that matter. It#39;s the watershed moment when she falls in love, not with someone else or with the idea of someone, but with herself.每位女性都会经历这样的时刻:觉得有自己就足够了——也就是当她发现自己不需要恋人的认可或其他人的认可时。这就是她爱上自己而不是爱上他人的转折点时刻。If you#39;re not there yet, don#39;t worry... you#39;ll get there. We each come to that place in our own special time and, well, it#39;s always worth the wait. In the meantime, you can glean inspiration from the following real women who shared that turning point in their lives.如果你还没有这种经历,请别担心,终有一天你会爱上自己。每个人爱上自己的时刻都与他人不同,而且这一刻总是值得等待。同时,你也可以从其她女性的实例中获得灵感来源。1. With age, comes wisdom1. 随着年龄增长的是智慧;For me, the turning point came when I hit the age of 30. I left all problems from my 20s with my 20s. I felt lighter, happier — just all-around good. From where I was then to where I am now, words can#39;t describe the change in the way I feel about myself. I don#39;t care what people think now... I#39;m always gonna do me and be me.;“对我而言,我在30岁的时候爱上了自己。我将20多岁时遇到的问题留在了过去。我变得更加轻松,也更加快乐——整个人都好起来了。从20多岁一路走到30多岁,我已经无法用言语形容我自身发生的变化。现在的我根本就不在乎他人的想法。我永远都会按照自己的原则办事。”2. Build others up2. 鼓舞他人;I think a watershed moment for me was after a home run derby in a softball tournament when I was in high school. I had always excelled at sports but never realized the impact my game had on those around me, until that day. After the derby, a group of young tee ball players (girls and boys) came up to me and asked for my autograph. I had never once thought about the eyes watching me or the difference I could make until then. It was from that moment on that I made sure I was a positive role model for young female athletes. Knowing you have the power to influence the trajectory of someone else#39;s life by leading by example is extremely powerful for your own psyche. It makes you walk a little taller and love yourself even more than you might have before. I might not be famous today with people asking for my autograph, but I use every chance I get to try to build up female athletes at all levels.;“我在高中参加了一次本垒打垒球竞赛后爱上了自己。我一直擅长体育运动,但在那天以前,我从未意识到自己的这份热情对周围人产生的影响。在本垒打竞赛后,一群年轻的球手(男孩儿女孩儿都有)来到我身边,请我给他们签名。直到那时,我才意识到原来有那么多双眼睛在盯着我以及我能起到的积极作用。从那时起,我确保自己成为年轻女性运动员的楷模。知道自己可以通过以身作则而改变他们的人生轨迹也深深震撼着我的内心。这会让你比以往更加努力,也更爱自己。现在的我也许并不出名,人们也不会请我给他们签名,但我会利用每一次机会,为每一位女性运动员打气加油。”译文属 /201611/479638

A mother sparked an online debate when she revealed she had refused to tell her boyfriend how many other men she had slept with.最近,一名母亲引起了一场网络大讨论,起因是她拒绝向男友坦白自己有过多少前任。Writing on Mumsnet, the woman said she did not want to tell her new partner her #39;number#39; because she worried it was #39;pretty high#39;.这名女子在Mumsnet(英国著名育儿交流社区)上发言称,她不想告诉新对象这个“数字”,因为她担心这个数字“太多了”。She asked other users for their opinions on whether it was a #39;normal#39; topic to discuss, prompting dozens of responses on both sides of the argument.她询问其他用户是否认为讨论这个问题“很正常”,结果出现了几十个泾渭分明的。One said: #39;My stock answer would be ;none of your business; or ;I#39;m not answering that, it#39;s nothing to do with you;.#39;一名用户说道:“我的回答是#39;不关你的事儿#39;,或者#39;我不会回答的,这与你无关#39;。”Another posted: #39;It shouldn#39;t be an issue and it certainly isn#39;t something that is anyone else#39;s business but yours, unless you choose to share.#39;另一人回复道:“这根本不应该是一个问题,这是你自己的事儿,跟别人没半毛钱关系,除非你选择把它分享出来。”One posted: #39;I remember talking to my husband about our ;numbers; when we first got together - but we were 18 and 20, so it seemed a pretty normal thing to ask at the start of a relationship at that age.#39;有人则回复称:“我还记得第一次和我丈夫在一起的时候,我们谈论了这个#39;数字#39;--但是当时我才18岁,他20岁。所以在那个年龄段,这似乎是一件很正常的事情。”However this did not always end well. A number shared how they had previously had their #39;numbers#39; used against them by former partners.但是这样做并不总是会带来好结果。许多人都分享称,他们和对象坦白了自己的前任数量,但是这却成为了他们的把柄。One woman wrote: #39;I was asked this question by an ex, many years ago. I was 21 and he was 31. Being young and naive I told him (it was 4) and he used it as a stick to beat me with for the next year or so. Even though his ;number; was much higher.#39;一名女子写道:“许多年前,我的一个前任问了我这个问题。我当时21岁,而他31岁。当时的我非常年轻幼稚,所以我就告诉了他(是4),但是接下来一年多左右,他一直用这件事作为借口对付我。尽管他的前任数量比我多多了。” /201704/503453HONG KONG — The Japanese public pays careful attention to the words and deeds of Caroline Kennedy, the ed States ambassador to Japan and one of the State Department’s best-known diplomats. 香港——对于美国驻日大使、国务院最为人所熟知的外交官之一卡洛琳#8226;肯尼迪(Caroline Kennedy)的一言一行,日本民众都十分关注。But Ms Kennedy generated an unusual buzz in Tokyo this week by doing something that is almost certainly not in her job description: wearing a Santa suit and dancing in a quirky .但本周,肯尼迪做了一件在她职责之外的事情:在一段古怪的视频中穿着圣诞老人的衣跳舞,这在东京引起了一阵不同寻常的轰动。The 93-second , uploaded to YouTube on Tuesday, features ed States Embassy employees and consular officials across Japan mimicking dance moves from We Married as a Job!, a popular Japanese television series. 这个时长93秒的视频是在周二被上传到YouTube上的,展示了来自日本各地的美国大使馆职员和领事官员模仿热门日本电视剧《逃避虽可耻但有用》中的舞蹈。By Friday afternoon, the had been viewed more than 3.5 million times on YouTube.到了周五下午,这段视频在YouTube上的播放量已达350万。Some social media users said the timing of the ’s release, 有社交媒体用户说这段视频的发布时间有欠考虑。one week after an American military Osprey aircraft crash-landed off Okinawa, setting off anti-American protests, was indelicate. 此前一周,一架美国军用鱼鹰(Osprey)飞机在冲绳坠毁,引发了反美抗议。But many others welcomed it as pure entertainment or as a sign of warm ties between the two countries.但也有不少人对该视频表示欢迎,认为它纯属,也有人将其视作两国间友好关系的表现。Wow, this is great, one person wrote in Japanese on YouTube. 哇,这不错,有人在YouTube上写道。Americans are really good at getting carried away. 美国人很容易被带动,A boring Japanese government would never do this.无趣的日本政府永远都不会这样做。The television series premiered in October and stars a lovelorn information technology worker who hires an unemployed woman to pretend to be his wife and do chores around his Tokyo apartment. 这部于十月首播的电视剧讲述了一个从事信息技术工作的人雇佣了一名失业女子为其东京的公寓做家务,后者假扮为他的妻子。They end up falling in love.二人最后相爱了。The show’s closing dance features five characters performing goofy, choreographed moves in the man’s living room, to the sounds of a peppy song titled Koi,’’ or Love.’’ 这部电视剧结尾的舞蹈,是五名剧中人在男子的客厅中伴随着活泼的歌曲,表演着傻乎乎、经过编排的舞蹈动作,歌曲名为Koi(爱)。It became a sensation on Japanese social media, and people around the country — including a group of famous figure skaters — have uploaded their own versions of the Koi Dance.这段舞在日本社交媒体上引发了轰动,来自日本各地的人们都上传了自己表演这段爱之舞的视频。In the embassy’s version, Ms Kennedy performs the opening move, which looks vaguely like a yoga pose, to the song from the show. 在大使馆的版本中,伴随着电视剧中的歌曲,肯尼迪表演了看起来像是瑜伽姿势的开场动作,Other scenes show members of her staff dancing around their offices in Christmas hats and sweaters, as one official lip syncs the lyrics.其他的场景则是她的工作人员戴着圣诞帽、穿着圣诞毛衣,在办公室里跳舞,还有一名官员对口型唱着歌词。The also includes a cameo by a person dressed as the bear Kumamon, the rosy-cheeked mascot for the southern prefecture of Kumamoto, who dances beside a team of fake reindeer.视频里还有一个人身穿熊本熊装,在一群假驯鹿旁跳舞。Asked to comment on the , Jonas D. Stewart, 当被要求对这段视频置评时,日本大使馆发言人乔纳斯#8226;D#8226;斯图尔特(Jonas D. Stewart)an embassy spokesman in Tokyo, said that quite a few of the embassy’s Japanese and American staff members were fans of the television show, and that they had been inspired to interpret the Koi Dance after watching others on social media. 说大使馆不少日本和美国工作人员都是这部剧的粉丝,在看到别人在社交媒体上的视频后,萌生了模仿爱之舞的想法。He also expressed gratitude to Kumamon for agreeing to dance in the embassy’s .他还对熊本熊愿意在视频中跳舞表达了感谢之情。We thought people would enjoy it, he said, but we had no idea how popular it would become.我们觉得人们会喜欢,他说,但完全没想到会有多受欢迎。 /201612/485740It might be difficult to get a good night#39;s sleep the night before a big interview, but we all know it helps.大型面试前一晚可能很难睡个好觉,但我们都知道睡眠很有帮助。Now, new research shows that on top of helping people perform better, getting more sleep also makes individuals appear more intelligent to teachers and prospective employers.新的研究表明,充足的睡眠除了帮助人们表现更好之外,还会让老师和未来老板觉着这个人更聪明。A group of psychologists at the University of St Andrews, Scotland looked at 190 faces, belonging to children and adults.苏格兰圣安德鲁斯大学的一群心理学家研究了190名儿童和成年人的脸。They measured how open the eyelids were and how curved the mouths were using face-processing software.他们用面部处理软件测量了眼睑的宽度和嘴的弯曲程度。A panel of more than 200 people were then asked to rate the attractiveness and intelligence of these faces.研究人员组建了一个200多人的小组,让他们去评价这些面部是否显得有魅力、是否显得聪明。The results showed that faces with a subtle frown and droopy eyes were perceived as less intelligent.结果表明,那些有细微皱纹的脸和无神的眼睛让人感觉不聪明。Photographs were also taken of the same participants after a full night#39;s sleep and after a night of restricted sleep.研究人员还给这些参与者拍了一组对比照片,以对比睡一宿好觉和睡不好觉的效果。When the same individuals had less #39;eyelid-openness#39; and a subtle frown it resulted in a significant decrease in their perceived intelligence.同一个人,眼睑不够宽并带有细微皱纹时,他给人聪明的感觉大大降低。 /201704/502860

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