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Youre on the pot in a restaurant bathroom and notice the empty roll too late. What to do?当你坐在饭店厕所的马桶上,等注意到没厕纸时已经为时已晚,要怎么办?Order take out with a side of napkins delivered to your stall was how a Chongqing man got himself out of that very mess last Thursday.上周四,重庆市一位男子用点外卖送餐巾纸到厕所的办法解决了这一难题The 5-year-old surnamed Mei said he was working in Nanping district when he suddenly was gripped with more immediate business.这名5岁的梅姓男子表示,自己当时正在重庆南坪区工作,但是他突然遇到了一些更加紧急的“业务”;I rushed into a nearby restaurant and into the bathroom. I took out my phone and did my thing but then I realized, there no toilet paper, and I didnt have tissues!;“我冲进了附近一家饭店,急匆匆跑进厕所我拿出手机、开始忙活,但是后来我意识到,厕所里没有卫生纸,我自己也没带纸!”Mei then used his phone to order a meal and make a special request.随后,梅某用手机定了一份餐,但是却提了一个特别的要求Mei said it was only about minutes bee he heard a knock on the stall door.据该男子表示,仅仅分钟过后,他就听到有人敲门His solution was flush with attention on social media after a photo of his receipt order went viral.在一份点单收据的照片被网上疯传之后,他的“奇思妙想”受到了社交媒体上的极大关注;I really want to thank that delivery guy slipping the extra napkins under the door,; said Mei. ;He was standing there when I came out, so that Id like to say thanks,; he added.他说道:“我真的想谢谢那个从门下递纸给我的外卖小哥当我出来的时候,他正站在门外,我想说一声感谢” 890

本文选自Grey's Anatomy 《实习医生格蕾,George被主任派去照顾一位他的老朋友,Mr Mackie, 初次见面发现Mr Mackie在吸烟,George便上前制止原来Mr Mackie患有肝癌,主任做他的主治医生有30年了对话中George安慰Mr Mackie安心等待捐赠,不要放弃 George: Mr Mackie! No smoking! There's no smoking.Mr Mackie: Why not?George: Oh, my god, you're in a hospital.Mr Mackie: Your point being...George: I don't know if you've listened to the surgeon-general lately, say in the past twenty years, but smoking is bad. Smoking will kill you.Mr Mackie: Liver cancer will kill me. Smoking will just speed up the process.George: You're at the top of the donor list a new liver. There's hope.Mr Mackie: Sweetheart, I've been at the top of the donor list eight months. I'm not in the batter's cage. I'm in a dugout, about to be traded.George: You like baseball?Mr Mackie: No.George: Oh. Um, well, um, the chief wanted me to look in on you.Mr Mackie: Richard's a dear old friend. He's been my doctor thirty years.George: Well, whatever you need, I'm your man. Just name it.Mr Mackie: I'm sure I'll think of something.重点讲解:1. Speed up 加速Speed up 后可以加宾语,表示“把……加快速度”Speed up!相当于Hurry up!表示快点. At the top of 在……的顶上例如:at the top of the mountain 在山顶上3. Sweetheart 爱人,恋人类似的表达还有:sweet, sweetie, honey等,在口语中可以翻译成“亲爱的,宝贝,甜心”等. I’m your man. 我是你的朋友汉语译文:George: Mr Mackie! 禁止吸烟!这不许吸烟!Mr Mackie: 为什么呢?George: 哦,我的天啊,你正在住院Mr Mackie: 你是指……George: 我不知道你是否听了近来外科专家说的,在过去的年里,但是吸烟真的不好吸烟会杀害死你的Mr Mackie: 肝癌才会让我死亡吸烟只会加快这个过程George:你很快就会得到一个新的肝这很有希望Mr Mackie: 甜心,我已经等待8个月了我不是在一个击球场的围栏里,我在球场的休息廊里,等待被交易George: 你喜欢棒球?Mr Mackie: 不喜欢George: 哦嗯,那个,嗯,头想让我关照一下你Mr Mackie: Richard是个亲密的老友他当我的医生已经有30年了George: 好吧,无论你需要什么,我是你的朋友只管叫我吧Mr Mackie: 我一定会想些事的 91

A 99-year-old woman named Ni Juying from Luoshe County, Jiangsu province has recently become an internet sensation after a of her lifting a 0-kilogram barbell was uploaded online.江苏省洛社县一位名叫倪菊英的99岁老奶奶,在其举起了一个80斤重的杠铃的视频上传到网上之后,于近日成为了网红Employees of the local civil affairs department said the number of the elderly people above 90 in Luoshe is 63, but Ni is the only one able to lift such a heavy weight.据当地民政部官员表示,洛社县90岁以上老人的数量达到了63人,但是倪奶奶是唯一一个力气这么大的Indeed, Ni looks much younger than her age. She currently lives independently in a house purchased by her eldest son, Han Jintang.的确,倪奶奶看起来比她的真实年纪要年轻得多她现在独自一人居住在大儿子韩金堂为其购买的房子里Her children dont allow her to do farm work, but she has nevertheless cultivated a small piece of land in her yard on which to grow vegetables. Ni believes farm work is the best m of physical exercise.老人的子女不允许她干农活,但是她还是在院子里开辟了一块菜地倪奶奶认为干农活是最好的锻炼方式Ni son attributed his mother longevity to her healthy lifestyle, saying that she has no bad habits and sticks to a regular daily schedule. She goes to sleep at 6:30 p.m. and is never picky about food.倪奶奶的儿子将母亲的长寿归功于健康的生活方式,他表示老人没有坏习惯,每天都坚持规律的作息习惯老人每天6点半便睡觉,并且也从不挑食According to Ni granddaughter, Han Fang, their family has grown into a big one, boasting members from four generations.据倪奶奶的孙女韩芳介绍,他们的家族很大,四世同堂共有人Thanks to her love life and her family, Ni has nurtured sound and harmonious family relationships. Although the family hired a housekeeper to take care of Ni after her husband passed away in , they frequently come home to visit her in case she feels lonely.由于对生活和家人的爱,倪奶奶有一个健全和谐的家庭关系年,倪奶奶的老伴去世了,家人们雇了一个护理工来照顾她,子女们怕她孤单也会经常回家看她 9

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