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上海市第八人民医院去疤多少钱上海去痘需要的价格To mark the 70th anniversary of Japans surrender, China is preparing a grand spectacle, complete with a military parade. Thirty foreign dignitaries, including Russian President Vladimir Putin, are expected to attend.为了庆祝反法西斯战争胜利70周年,中国正在准备一场规模宏大的纪念活动,包括阅兵仪式。俄罗斯总统弗拉基米尔·普京在内的30位外国政要将出席活动。But across the Pacific, in the ed States, the celebrations are a little more muted.不过,太平洋彼岸的美国似乎没有什么要大规模庆祝的迹象。The Japanese surrender ended one of the bloodiest wars in American history, second only to the American Civil War. Over 16 million American service members entered World War II, and 291,557 died on the battlefield. They became known as the US ;greatest generation;.日本的投降结束了美国历史上仅次于内战的第二血腥的战争。超60万的美国役人员投入了二战,其中291,557人在战场上牺牲。而他们也被誉为美;最伟大的一;。But the ed States has struggled to memorialize the conflict in the 70 years since. Later wars, like the ones in Vietnam and the Korean Peninsula, received memorials years before World War II did. Only in 2004 did the US erect a World War II monument, alongside the other two war memorials.不过自那以后0年里,关于是否庆祝这场战争的胜利,美国一直很矛盾。对二战后的战争,如越南战争和朝鲜战争,美国都早就树立了纪念碑。而直004年,二战纪念碑才在那两块碑旁边竖起。And dont expect any days off to commemorate World War II, either. There are federal holidays tied to the Civil War and World War I, but none for the US victory in 1945. Only Rhode Island celebrates the Japanese defeat with a statewide holiday.在美国,更别指望能放一天假来纪念二战了。有些联邦假日纪念内战和一战,不过没有一个和1945年美国二战胜利相关。全国仅有罗德岛州有庆祝日本投降的假日。A modest airshow did grace the skies over Washington DC this May, for the 70th anniversary of the Nazi defeat. And American newspapers are certainly noting the seven decades since Japans fall. But why is US ;greatest generation; so poorly commemorated?今年五月,华盛顿特区举办过一场小规模的飞机特技表演来纪念战胜纳0周年。美国报刊也报道过日本战0周年。不过纪念美;最伟大的一;的活动为何少得可怜?There is no simple answer, only a tangle of history and politics, honor and sorrow. G. Kurt Piehler, director of the Institute on World War II, believes part of the reason lies with the veterans themselves.各种原因理不清道不完,交杂着复杂的历史、政治的因素,有荣誉也有悲恸。二战研究会主任G·库尔特·皮勒(G. Kurt Piehler)认为部分原因在老兵自己。World War II veterans ;wanted to get on with their lives;, Piehler wrote in an article for The Daily Beast. ;They tended to avoid monuments and statues, choosing instead to commemorate the war with utilitarian structures such as parks, highways, community buildings, stadiums, and hospitals.;皮勒在给美国新闻;每日野兽;的文章中写道:二战老兵;想继续正常的生活;;他们不想要什么纪念碑、纪念雕塑,更愿意用有实用价值的建筑如公园、公路、社区建筑、体育馆、医院等来纪念战争;Holidays and memorials also act as sources of unity and healing which might explain why a national monument was built relatively quickly for the controversial Vietnam War, and not for World War II.假日和纪念碑象征着团结和治愈,这也解释了为什么有争议的越南战争比二战更早有国家纪念碑。While World War II ended in triumph and pride for the US, the Vietnam War ended in stalemate and protest. The Vietnam Veterans Memorial created a place for Americans to reunite after the strife.美国载着胜利和荣誉结束二战,而越南战争的结束带给美国的则是困境和抗议。越南战争退伍军人纪念碑带给了美国冲突之后再团结的契机。By contrast, American involvement in World War II was stamped by a strong sense of righteousness. The US felt dragged into the war by Japans surprise attack on Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. And Americans moral outrage slowly grew when they realized the extent of Nazi persecution.相比之下,美国卷入二战则被贴上了强烈的正义标签。日本突袭珍珠港将美国拖入了战争。在意识到纳粹侵入不断加剧后,美国人的道德正义感也逐渐觉醒。The US still clings to that self-image, of fighting for freedom against persecution, for democracy against fascism. But showcasing that victory ran contrary to another American value: aesthetic simplicity.美国始终将自己定义为捍卫自由,抵制侵略,为了民主反抗法西斯主义的形象。而展示胜利违背了美国另一种价值观——极简的美。Hitler had built gigantic monuments to trumpet his power. Americans would celebrate theirs with ticker tape parades, and one very iconic kiss in Times Square.希特勒建了巨大的纪念碑展示他至高的权力。美国人则用纸带纷飞的游行和时代广场上传奇一吻来庆祝他们的胜利。There was also the matter of delicacy to consider. For instance, Rhode Island chose to call its holiday ;Victory Day;, rather than ;Victory over Japan Day;, to avoid souring relations with Japan and inciting anti-Japanese racism.当然政治敏感性也是必须考虑的。比如,罗德岛州的纪念节日取名为;胜利;而非;战胜日本纪念;,这是为了不让美日关系变得微妙以及避;煽动反日情绪;。After all, remembering the past also means defining the future.毕竟,纪念过去也是为了更好地面向未来。来 /201509/397675上海复旦大学附属眼耳鼻喉科医院疤痕多少钱 Germany has cancelled a contract to supply Russia with a 120m combat simulation centre, amid an escalating row among European partners over arms sales to Moscow, including France’s 1.2bn warship contract.德国取消了为俄罗斯提供一座价.2亿欧元的作战模拟中心的合同。包括法国与俄罗斯之间价2亿欧元的战舰合同在内,欧洲各国在对俄军售一事上争论升级。In Russia the decision by Germany yesterday to withdraw authorisation for the three-year contract is expec#173;ted to accelerate moves to cut dependence on imported military technology, which have aly been boosted by last week’s EU imposition of sector-wide sanctions in defence, finance and energy equipment.上周欧盟(EU)对俄罗斯采取了针对防务、金融以及能源设备等领域的制裁措施,将促使俄罗斯降低对进口军事技术的依赖。而昨日德国决定撤消批准这份为期三年的合同,将进一步加快俄罗斯降低进口依赖的步伐。Berlin’s intervention could also raise fresh questions about France’s 1.2bn contract with Russia for two Mistral helicopter carriers, the first of which is due for delivery this autumn and the second in 2015.德国此举也给法俄战舰合同提出了新的问题。根据合同,法国将向俄罗斯出口两艘“西北风”级直升机航母,第一艘将于今年秋天交付,而第二艘将于2015年交付。France successfully dem#173;anded an exemption from EU sanctions for the deal out of concern for shipyard jobs and the potential damage to its reputation as a reliable defence contractor.由于担心造船厂工人失去工作以及取消合同会损害法国作为可靠的防务承包商的声誉,法国成功地从欧盟的制裁中获得了与俄罗斯进行这次交易的豁免权。But President Fran#231;ois Hollande has faced harsh criticism from the UK, Poland and the Baltic countries over the agreement between Paris and Moscow.然而,法国总统弗朗索瓦#8226;奥朗Fran#231;ois Hollande)因为法俄合约受到了来自英囀?波兰及波罗的海各国的猛烈批评。The decision to cancel the combat centre contract highlights Berlin’s toughening stance towards Russia, which the EU and US accuse of supplying arms to separatists in east Ukraine.德国取消为俄罗斯提供作战模拟中心的合约,凸显了德国对俄立场变得更加强硬。美国和欧盟指责俄罗斯向乌克兰东部的分裂分子提供武器。来 /201408/319025When Nestlé’s Maggi noodles were declared one of India’s most trusted consumer brands last year, alongside Colgate, Dettol and Nokia, a Bangalore commenter on the Economic Times of India’s website retorted: “It is time that India and Indians wipe out all foreign brands from this list. It needs to make its mark in the world.”去年,雀Nestlé)旗下的美Maggi)面条同高露洁(Colgate)、滴Dettol)及诺基亚(Nokia)一起荣获印度最受信任的消费品牌时,班加罗尔的一名员在印度《经济时报Economic Times)网站上反驳道:“现在是印度和印度人民将所有外国品牌从这一榜单上清除的时候了。印度需要在世界上留下自己的标志。”By coincidence, what one minister dubbed the country’s “Inspector Rajwas about to take action. A food inspector plucked a Maggi packet from a shop in Uttar Pradesh in January, starting a farcical sequence of events that culminated in Nestlé incinerating 400m packets of innocent noodles. Only this week, after global sales were dented, has the brand returned to the shelves.巧合的是,印度一名部长所称的“检验员拉吉Inspector Raj)正打算采取行动。今月,一名食品检验员从北方邦(Uttar Pradesh)的一家商店拿走了一包美极面条,从此引发了一系列闹剧,最终导致雀巢销毁了4亿包其实没什么问题的面条。只是在最近(在美极面条全球销量下降后),该品牌才重新在印度上架。Narendra Modi, India’s reform-minded prime minister, is visiting the UK and Turkey this week, bearing his “Make in Indiaappeal to multinationals, backed by the easing of barriers to foreign direct investment. But the Maggi noodles case shows that national leaders may talk but tax authorities, food inspectors and local bureaucrats often do not listen.致力于改革的印度总理纳伦德拉莫迪(Narendra Modi)最近对英国和土耳其进行访问,承诺减少针对外国直接投FDI)的壁垒,用“在印度制造Make in India)的口号吸引跨国公司。但美极面条事件表明,不管国家领导人说了什么,税务部门、食品检验机构及地方官僚体制常常当作耳旁风。In claiming on the basis of disputed evidence not backed up by other countriesfindings that Nestlé’s noodles contained too much lead, India’s main food inspection body blithely undermined Mr Modi’s welcome. It added to a growing realisation among multinationals that emerging markets are not the one way bet, full of eager customers, they once hoped. These are tricky territories in which it is easy to get entangled.声称雀巢生产的面条含铅量超标(基于有争议的据,而这些据并未得到其他国家检验结果的持)之举,意味着印度主要食品检验机构满不在乎地打破了莫迪的欢迎姿态。这进一步增强了跨国公司本已日益强烈的意识:新兴市场并不是他们曾经期望的单向押注,满是踊跃的消费者。这些是棘手的地方,外国企业很容易陷入麻烦。In a sense, they always knew it. Only the truly naive thought it would be as easy to move into China as into Cincinnati. But the risks appeared to be containable, especially when they were being lured by smiling politicians, and the rewards for leaping into the unknown great. In practice, there have been more pitfalls than some realised and lesser rewards.从某种意义上说,他们一直都知道这一点。只有真正幼稚的人才会认为进入中国像进入辛辛那提(Cincinnati)一样容易。但以往风险似乎可控,尤其是在他们受到笑脸相迎的政客吸引、而跃入未知所带来的回报巨大之时。但在现实中,他们遇到了比预想更多的陷阱、更少的回报。The economic climate does not help. China’s rate of growth has dropped and Brazil and Russia are expected to contract this year. Goldman Sachs has closed its Brics fund, dedicated to profiting from the potential of Brazil, Russia, India and China, due to underperformance. Foreign investors can no longer surf a wave of rapid growth.经济环境也不给力。中国经济增速已经下降,巴西、俄罗斯经济预计今年将出现萎缩。由于表现不佳,高盛(Goldman Sachs)已关闭了旗下的金砖国Brics)基金,后者旨在获益于巴西、俄罗斯、印度和中国的增长潜力。外国投资者再也无法搭上快速增长的顺风车。Meanwhile, the regulatory setbacks multiply. Nestle’s noodles imbroglio follows others for foreign multinationals in India, notably over tax. Vodafone won a victory in the Mumbai High Court last month over an effort by India’s tax authorities to raise its liabilities by hundreds of millions of dollars. The same court ruled last year in favour of Shell over a similar claim.与此同时,监管方面带来的挫折不断增多。雀巢面条风波与在印度的其他外国跨国公司的遭遇如出一辙,特别是在税务方面。上月,沃达Vodafone)在孟买高等法院获得了胜诉,此前印度税务部门试图让该公司补缴数亿美元的税款。去年,孟买法院在一起类似的案件中做出了有利于壳Shell)的判决。Foreign multinationals can at least rely on the Mumbai court to be dispassionate. Its judges gave short shrift to the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) in August, describing its decision to ban nine varieties of Maggi noodles on the basis of flawed tests as in breach of natural justice.外资跨国公司至少可以信赖孟买法院作出公正判决月,该院法官未理会印度食品安全与标准局(FSSAI),称该局基于有缺陷的检测禁类美极面条出售的决定违反了自然公正原则。Other countries are equally testing. GlaxoSmithKlinewas fined 300m by a court in China last year after becoming a public example in its crackdown on bribery. Sifiso Dabengwa, chief executive of the South African mobile company MTN, which sells services across Africa and the Middle East, resigned on Monday after regulators in Nigeria fined the group .2bn.其他国家同样也很棘手。在成为中国打击贿赂的公开案例后,葛兰素史GlaxoSmithKline)被中国一家法院罚亿英镑。南非移动通信企业MTN(在非洲及中东各地提供务)首席执行官思费索达本古Sifiso Dabengwa)在尼日利亚监管机构对该集团罚2亿美元后最近宣布辞职。Foreign multinationals are not the sole targets of officious supervisors. Nor are they solely at risk in emerging economies, as European banks have found in the US. Several large Chinese state-owned enterprises and their senior executives have suffered badly from the country’s anti-corruption campaign. But foreigners present obvious targets when times are tough.外资跨国公司并非好管闲事的监管机构的唯一目标。他们也并非只在新兴经济体遭遇风险,欧洲的在美国也同样遭遇风险。几家大型中国国有企业及其高管在该国的反腐运动中遭受了严重冲击。但在艰难时期,外资企业更容易成为靶子。That puts a premium on fitting in, not merely by adapting the Big Mac to local culture and selling Chicken Maharaja Macs instead, but becoming part of the fabric of the economy. “You cannot afford to be regarded as the imperialist. You must show how you benefit the country,says Peter Williamson, a professor of international management at Cambridge university.这意味着必须付出额外代价“入境随俗”,不仅仅是让“巨无霸汉堡Big Mac)适应当地文化,转而销售“鸡肉大王汉堡Chicken Maharaja Macs),而且还要成为当地经济的一部分。“你承受不起被视为帝国主义者的后果。你必须展示自己如何让所在国家受益,”剑桥大Cambridge University)国际管理学教授彼得威廉森(Peter Williamson)说。But Nestlé did not do very much wrong, and certainly not enough to deserve a 20 per cent fall in its sales in India. Its mistake came after the fact rather than before, in failing to respond quickly and assertively enough to the accusations. By the time it hit back, the claim that its noodles were poisonous was all over social media. Nestlé was no arriviste trying to cram a global product down local throats. It has operated in India for 103 years and started manufacturing there in 1961. Maggi has been a popular brand since its launch in 1983 noodles that could be cooked in a few minutes, were cheap enough for most people and fitted with their busier lives.但雀巢并没有做错什么,肯定不至于让其在印度的销售额下降20%。雀巢的错误在于在事件发生后没能快速、自信地回应指控。等到雀巢作出反驳时,关于其面条有毒的传闻已经传遍了社交媒体。雀巢并不是试图让当地人接受某款全球产品的新来者。它已经在印度经营了103年,并且早在1961年就开始在印度生产。自1983年推出以来,美极一直是广受欢迎的品牌——这种几分钟即可煮熟的面条对大多数人来说足够便宜,而且适合他们的忙碌生活节奏。Nestlé India has been ed on the Mumbai exchange since 1968; it employs 7,000 people directly and another half a million indirectly; it takes milk and dairy supplies from 100,000 farmers in Punjab, Haryana and Rajasthan; it runs global research and development for noodles in India; and it has nine health laboratories. It is not, in other words, a stranger.雀巢印Nestlé India)968年就在孟买交易所挂牌上市;它直接雇用7000人,间接0万人提供就业;它从旁遮普Punjab)、哈里亚纳邦(Haryana)和拉贾斯坦邦(Rajasthan)0万户农民那里收购牛奶和乳制品;它在印度对面条进行全球研发,而且拥有9个健康实验室。换句话说,印度人对雀巢并不陌生。It is customary in such cases to ask what the big corporation should have done better and Nestlé will learn lessons, especially in how it communicates. But it was India’s fault rather than Nestle’s and the moral for growth economies is this: if the rewards for coming to your country have fallen, you must reduce the risks too.在此类事件中,人们往往会问,大公司怎样才能做得更好,雀巢将吸取教训,尤其是在沟通方面。但这是印度(而不是雀巢)的过错,该事件对增长型经济体的寓意是:如果你国的投资回报下降,那么你必须把风险也降低些。来 /201511/410723上海隆鼻假体费用

上海复旦大学附属中山医院玻尿酸隆鼻多少钱The US will take in at least 10,000 refugees from Syria over the next year, a sixfold increase over the current year, the White House said on Thursday.美国政府周四表示,在接下来的一年里美国将接纳至万名叙利亚难民,数量为本年度倍。Facing mounting international pressure to do more to address the refugee crisis, the US would accept the refugees in the new fiscal year which starts in October, said White House spokesman Josh Earnest.白宫发言人乔希欧内斯Josh Earnest)表示,考虑到国际社会越来越迫切地要求采取更多措施化解难民危机,美国将在始于今年10月的新一个财年里接纳这些难民。The US has admitted 1,600 refugees from the country this fiscal year.本财年内,美国已接纳600名叙利亚难民。“The president has directed his team to scale up that number next year,Mr Earnest said. “And he’s informed his team that he would like them to accept, at least make preparations to accept, at least 10,000 Syrian refugees in the next fiscal year.”“总统已指示他的团队明年增加难民接纳人数,”欧内斯特说,“他已告诉自己的团队,他希望他们在下一财年接纳至少1万名叙利亚难民,最起码要做好这个准备。”The announcement was the first formal US response to the images in recent weeks of Syrian refugees trying to make their way to European countries.这是美国首次对近几周来叙利亚难民努力逃往欧洲国家的局面作出正式回应。The UN estimates that as many as 4.1m people have fled Syria since the conflict there began in 2011, mostly to neighbouring countries, and has called for 130,000 Syrians to be resettled by the end of 2016.联合UN)估计,自2011年叙利亚冲突爆发以来,已有多10万人逃离了该国,其中大多数逃到了邻囀?联合国呼吁各国016年底之前安置13万叙利亚人。The US has taken in around 70,000 refugees globally in each of the past few years.过去几年,美国每年大约接万名世界各地的难民。The administration has said it will probably increase the cap for next year, but has not said by how much.美国政府表示,下年度很可能会提高难民接纳人数上限,但它未说明会提高多少。来 /201509/398514上海市浦东新区南汇中心医院减肥瘦身多少钱 上海玫瑰整形医院玻尿酸多少钱

上海新华医院脱毛手术价格The global attention paid to Greece is entirely understandable; the prospect of Grexit is an existential problem for the world’s second largest economic bloc. Yet the Greek economy is smaller than Chile’s, which has suffered vividly from more powerful global economic forces: China’s slowdown and Asia’s growing trade surpluses. Indeed, South America is almost a canary in a coal mine when it comes to these themes.现在全世界都在关注希腊,这完全可以理解。对欧元区这个全球第二大经济集团来说,希腊退欧前景是一个生死攸关的问题。然而希腊经济规模还不如智利,而后者明显遭受了更强大的全球经济力量的影响:中国经济放缓和亚洲贸易顺差日益上升。实际上,就这些问题来说,南美几乎是“矿井里的金丝雀”。Their biggest effect so far has been on commodities. Oil prices, for example, entered a new bear market this week, with Brent crude, the international benchmark, dropping below a barrel. That will hurt oil exporting countries everywhere, from Venezuela to Russia which hosts China, India, Brazil and South Africa at the seventh Brics summit this week. Yet the oil price drop is only part of a broader collapse of commodity prices that has followed the end of the China-led boom.迄今受影响最大的是大宗商品。例如,油价本周进入了新的熊市,国际基准的布伦特(Brent)原油下跌至每7美元下方。这将影响到从委内瑞拉到俄罗斯的所有石油出口国——本周俄罗斯正在第七届金砖国Brics)峰会上作为东道主招待中国、印度、巴西、南非的客人。然而,油价下跌只是更广泛的大宗商品价格暴跌的一部分,后者在中国引领的繁荣结束后就开始了。This collapse has knocked the wind out of developed commodity countries, such as Australia, and vast swaths of the emerging world, especially South America. This can be seen in the region’s tumbling growth rates, shrinking imports, widening trade deficits and plummeting government ratings. In Brazil, Dilma Rousseff leads the most unpopular government since the dictatorship era ended in 1986; in Chile, the world’s largest copper producer, President Michelle Bachelet’s ratings have dropped to 27 per cent; in Colombia, where President Juan Manuel Santos is struggling to make a peace deal with Marxist guerrillas, his approval ratings are 28 per cent. It is a similar story across the region. Everywhere, leadersrising unpopularity makes it harder for them to steer their countries through leaner times.这种暴跌让澳大利亚等发达大宗商品国家和大片新兴市场国家(尤其是南美)感到窒息。这体现在南美地区的增长率急剧下降、进口萎缩、贸易逆差扩大和政府持率暴跌。在巴西,总统迪尔#8226;罗塞Dilma Rousseff)领导的政府是1986年独裁政府垮台以来最不受欢迎的;在全球最大的铜生产国智利,总统米歇#8226;巴切莱特(Michelle Bachelet)的持率下降7%;在哥伦比亚,总统胡安#8226;曼努埃尔#8226;桑托Juan Manuel Santos)的持率8%,他正艰难地试图与信奉马克思主义的游击队签署和平协议。整个南美地区上演着类似的故事。在所有地方,领导人持率下降让他们更难带领国家渡过艰难时日。Still, what hurts one part of the world can help another. In Europe, for example, lower commodity prices have helped offset the depressing effects of Greece. Cheaper oil, metal and agricultural goods have kept inflation down and provided a fillip for consumers. They have also helped counteract the Asian slowdown, which has sapped the export vigour of Europe’s capital goods.然而,让一部分国家受到伤害的因素可能让另一部分国家受益。例如,在欧洲,大宗商品价格下降有助于抵消希腊危机带来的不利影响。石油、金属和农业产品价格下降让通胀保持在低位,并刺激了消费。它也有助于抵消亚洲经济放缓的影响——亚洲经济放缓削弱了欧洲资本品的出口活力。Sweden, with an industrial sector highly geared to Asia, has suffered deteriorating trade balances since Chinese growth peaked five years ago. Germany still shows some export growth. But the performance looks weak given the euro has dropped 10 per cent in the past year. Anecdotally, German shipments of capital goods to China are falling, even as Beijing continues to develop China’s capital goods sector, especially robotics. US exports also dropped in May, led by weaker capital goods and exports to China.工业部门与亚洲高度联动的瑞典,自5年前中国经济增长达到峰值以来,贸易收状况一直在恶化。德国的出口仍有一些增长。但鉴于欧元汇率在过去一年下0%,这种表现看起来也不怎么样。有趣的是,德国对中国的资本品出口正在下降,即便中国政府在不断发展本国的资本品行业(尤其是机器人)。美国出口在今年5月也出现了下降,主要原因是对中国的资本品和其他出口下降。The reason for such weakening trade, be that of South American commodities or developed economy capital goods is the cutback in Asian investment. Its dramatic effect can be seen in May’s 17 per cent slump in Chinese imports, and the continuing rise of Asia’s trade surplus. Summed over 12 months, this surplus reached some 0bn in April, according to Andrew Hunt Economics, a consultancy, twice as big as Greece’s economy. Unfortunately, because it is due to less imports rather than more exports, it is also the “wrongkind of surplus.无论是南美的大宗商品,还是发达经济体的资本品,此类贸易疲弱的原因都是亚洲投资缩减。中国进月同比大幅下7.6%,以及亚洲贸易顺差持续上升,都体现了它的巨大影响。咨询公司Andrew Hunt Economics的数据显示,汇总过2个月的数据,亚洲贸易顺差在今月达到约4500亿美元,是希腊经济规模的两倍。遗憾的是,由于这是进口下降而非出口增加导致的,这也是“错误的”的那种顺差。Forecasting models suggest a budding recovery may be taking hold in the US, Japan and even China, despite the crumpling Shanghai stock market. Nevertheless, the shrinkage of Asian imports remains a powerful deflator on the world economy. Because of the commodity price collapse, South America has so far suffered the most, even as the cheaper commodities prices have helped others. Europe’s economies may well be threatened by more than events just in Athens.预测模型显示,复苏的萌芽可能已在美国、日本乃至中国(尽管上海股市大幅下跌)站稳脚跟。然而,亚洲进口缩减依然严重阻碍世界经济增长。由于大宗商品价格暴跌,南美迄今受到的影响最为严重,即便大宗商品价格下跌有助于其他国家。欧洲经济受到的威胁可能远不止希腊危机。来 /201507/385246 Japanese authorities have launched an investigation after discovering a small drone on the roof of Prime Minister Shinzo Abes office.日本当局发现一架小型无人机降落在安倍晋三首相官邸的屋顶上,随后对此展开调查。The four-propeller drone measured about 50 centimeters in diameter and was carrying a camera, a plastic bottle, and a flare-like device, according to national broadcaster NHK.日本NHK广播公司说,这架四旋翼无人机长约50厘米,装有一架照相机、一只塑料瓶以及一个类似照明灯的装置。Several media outlets also reported the drone was decorated with a radioactive symbol, and the Kyodo news agency reported a small amount of radiation was measured on the craft.多家媒体还报道说无人机装饰放射性标志,而共同社报道飞行器上检测到微量辐射。Television footage showed dozens of police officers hovering around the drone, which was covered by a blue tarp.电视画面显示,数十名警察在盖着蓝色篷布覆的无人机周围徘徊。It is not clear who sent the drone or what their motive may have been. There have been no reported injuries. Prime Minister Shinzo Abe was away from his office at the time, attending a conference in Indonesia.目前还不清楚这架无人机的操纵者,也不清楚操纵者的动机。没有关于有人受伤的报道。安倍首相当时正在印尼出席一个会议,因此不在首相官邸。来 /201504/371462上海市长征医院做隆胸手术价格上海曙光医院打瘦腿针的费用



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