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上海交通大学医学院附属瑞金医院治疗青春痘多少钱上海复旦大学附属浦东医院整形美容中心The blog ;The Truth About Cars; says an announcement from Volkswagen is expected in the coming days.一家专门讨论汽车话题的部落格, 汽车真相, 表示,德国大众汽车公司将在今后几天里宣布将给予购买了该公司汽车的一些美国客户、或者说是汽车买主,予以现金补偿。The report also said the car maker will begin making fixes in February to the first of the 482,000 diesel cars sold in the ed States with the suspect software on its turbo-diesel engine.这家部落格的报告还透露说,大众牌汽车公司还将于明年二月份开始,对在美国销售的48万2千辆由柴油发动的汽车当中的第一批进行修理。VW is facing lawsuits from irate owners seeking compensation for the decreased resale value of the Volkswagen.大众牌汽车公司同时还要面对之前购买了这家公司的汽车的用户,就汽车转手销售价值降低而进行的法律诉讼。 /201511/408554交通大学医学院附属新华医院减肥手术价格费用 WASHINGTON — President-elect Donald J. Trump, who has for years flown in a jet bearing his name, criticized a pending order for a new Air Force One, saying Tuesday morning on Twitter that the upgrade would cost too much.华盛顿——多年来一直乘坐印有其名字的喷气式飞机出行的候任总统唐纳德#8226;J#8226;特朗普(Donald J. Trump),对一项尚未敲定的新空军一号(Air Force One)采购案提出了批评。他于周二早上在Twitter上表示,更新空军一号的花费太过高昂。The post appeared to come out of the blue: Mr. Trump had not focused during the campaign on the cost of Boeing’s plans for a next-generation plane for the president.这番话似乎是从天而降的:特朗普在竞选期间并未关注过波音(Boeing)公司打造新一代总统专机的计划所涉及的费用。And his criticism of the contract to build on a newer Boeing 747-8 airframe raised the possibility that he might prefer to keep flying his own, well-appointed 757.他对订购新一代波音飞机747-8的合同颇有微词,让世人看到了这样一种可能性:他或许倾向于继续乘坐自己的那架设施齐全的757。The Secret Service and the Defense Department might object to Mr. Trump keeping his own airplane. Beyond convenience, Air Force One carries an array of top-secret communications gear for conducting everyday business — and for managing a global crisis, if required, while aloft. It is also equipped with a number of never discussed security features.特勤局(Secret Service)和国防部或许会反对特朗普接着使用自己的飞机。除了让出行更方便,空军一号还配有绝密通信设备,可供处理日常事务——如果需要的话,总统甚至可以在空中处理全球性危机。它还具有许多从未被人提及的安全功能。The current Air Force One, with its white and blue design recognizable around the globe, is aging. There are actually two of the Boeing 747-200B planes, each bearing the famous call sign only when the president is aboard. The Air Force designates them VC-25A.当前役的这架蓝白相间的空军一号是全世界都很熟悉的,但飞机正在老化。事实上一共有两架波音747-200B飞机,总统登上哪一架,哪一架才会启用这个著名的无线电呼号。美国空军给它的编号是VC-25A。They were commissioned by President Ronald Reagan and delivered during the term of his successor, President George Bush. The new plane, which the Defense Department had hoped to deliver to the White House by 2023, would have been more powerful, able to travel farther and more technologically advanced.它们是由罗纳德#8226;里根(Ronald Reagan)总统委托制造的,不过是在乔治#8226;布什(George Bush)总统任内交付。国防部希望订购的新飞机可以在2023年交付给白宫。新飞机性能更强,能飞得更远,在技术上也更先进。But given Mr. Trump’s Twitter post, it is unclear when — or whether — Air Force One will get an upgrade.但鉴于特朗普的推文,目前尚不清楚空军一号何时才会升级,或者是否会升级。In remarks to reporters at Trump Tower shortly after his message, Mr. Trump made clear that he was serious about the issue. He accused Boeing of escalating the costs of building a new plane.发帖不久后,特朗普在特朗普大厦(Trump Tower)内明确地告诉记者,他对这件事是认真的。他指责波音公司提高了新飞机的制造成本。“The plane is totally out of control,” Mr. Trump said. “It’s going to be over billion for Air Force One program, and I think it’s ridiculous. I think Boeing is doing a little bit of a number. We want Boeing to make a lot of money, but not that much money.”“飞机的开完全失控了,”特朗普说。“空军一号项目的费用将在40亿美元以上。我认为波音有点儿不厚道。我们想让波音多赚钱,但不是多到这种程度。”In a statement just before noon on Tuesday, Boeing made no mention of Mr. Trump or his post on Twitter, but it said it remained committed to proceeding with the upgrade to Air Force One.波音公司在周二午前发表的声明中没有提及特朗普或者他的推文,但它表示仍在致力于推进空军一号的升级换代工作。“We are currently under contract for 0 million to help determine the capabilities of these complex military aircraft that serve the unique requirements of the president of the ed States,” said the statement, which was posted on the company’s website. “We look forward to working with the U.S. Air Force on subsequent phases of the program allowing us to deliver the best planes for the president at the best value for the American taxpayer.”“我们目前有价值1.7亿美元的合同在身,旨在帮助提升复杂的军用飞机的性能,以满足美国总统的独特需求,”发布在该公司网站上的声明称。“我们期待与美国空军在该项目的后续阶段进行合作,从而在符合美国纳税人最佳利益的前提下为总统提供最好的飞机。”As an icon of presidential power, Air Force One has no equal and presidents of both parties have repeatedly expressed that they would miss flying the world on it once they leave office. President Obama last year said the plane was the No. 1 perk of his office.作为总统权力的标志,空军一号是无与伦比的,出自两党的总统都曾多次表示,他们在卸任后会非常怀念乘坐它周游世界的日子。奥巴马总统去年表示,搭乘空军一号是他当总统期间享受的最大福利。But it is also an expensive perk, reportedly costing as much as 0,000 per hour to fly. And building the plane, with its top-secret communications and defenses against attacks, runs in the billions of dollars. As of last year, the Air Force had asked for billion over the next five years to develop and build the planes.但这同时也是一项昂贵的福利,据报道,它每小时的飞行成本高达18万美元。制造这种配有绝密通信设备和预防攻击设施的飞机,要耗费数十亿美元。截至去年,美国空军已经为未来5年的飞机研发和制造工作申请了30亿美元资金。That has long prompted concerns over waste among government watchdog groups. And it is not only the president’s plane: During Mr. Obama’s tenure, the cost of replacing the equally iconic Marine One helicopter fleet had grown so much that Mr. Obama canceled that order, too. A new contract has since been drawn up.因此,一些政府监督组织长期以来一直担心太过浪费。而且总统搭乘的飞机不只是空军一号:在奥巴马任期内,同样十分著名的“海军陆战队一号”(Marine One)直升机队的飞机置换费用也大幅提高,以至于奥巴马取消了订单。自从那时起,相关方面一直在起草一份新合约。Air Force One is much better known across the world, serving as the backdrop for the president’s arrival in countries both friendly and not.空军一号在世界各地的名气更大,每当总统抵达其他国家,不论是跟美国是否保持友好关系,它都会充当背景板。On Sept. 11, 2001, President George W. Bush flew the plane from air base to air base, staying aloft because of Secret Service fears that he might be targeted as the government scrambled to assess the terrorist attacks in New York and elsewhere.2011年9月11日,乔治#8226;W#8226;布什(George W. Bush)总统乘坐空中一号从一个空军基地飞往另一个空军基地,一直待在空中,因为特勤局担心,在政府忙于对纽约和其他地方的恐怖袭击进行评估之际,他可能会成为攻击目标。While impressive — the current Air Force One is 4,000 square feet, including a bedroom and office for the president, conference rooms and a cabin for the traveling news media — it is not gold-plated like the fixtures in Mr. Trump’s plane.现役空军一号尽管令人赞叹——面积4000平方英尺,内有总统专用的一间卧室和一间办公室,还有会议室以及一个为随行媒体准备的专用舱——但并不像特朗普的飞机那样镶金饰银。It is unclear what motivated Mr. Trump’s Twitter post. Aides to the president-elect did not respond to requests about whether he or others on his team had conducted a review of the Boeing contract.目前尚不清楚特朗普发推是出于什么动机。当被问及特朗普或其团队里的其他人是否审核过波音的合约时,这位候任总统的助手未作回应。On the morning transition conference call with reporters, Mr. Trump’s spokesman, Jason Miller, said the president-elect sold his entire stock portfolio in June. The remarks were in response to a question about an old Twitter post from Mr. Trump boasting about purchasing Boeing stock.早上跟记者开过渡期事务电话会议的时候,特朗普的发言人贾森#8226;米勒(Jason Miller)说,候任总统在6月份抛售了手头的所有股票。这是在回应特朗普以前发的一条推文所引发的质疑,当时他炫耀自己购入了波音的股票。Last week, Mr. Trump announced a new panel of corporate advisers, called the President’s Strategic and Policy Forum. One member of that panel is W. James McNerney Jr., the former chairman and chief executive of Boeing.上周,特朗普宣布成立一个企业顾问委员会,名为总统策略和政策论坛(President’s Strategic and Policy Forum)。其成员之一小W#8226;詹姆斯#8226;迈克纳尼(W. James McNerney Jr.)曾是波音董事长和首席执行官。There is no reason Mr. Trump could not continue using the current Air Force One. Even if the Boeing contract goes forward, it is unlikely that a new version of the plane would be y before the tail end of a second Trump term, should he win one.目前看来,特朗普没有理由不继续使用现役空军一号。即使波音的合约继续生效,新飞机至少要在特朗普第二个任期临近尾声之前才能就位——如果他能赢得第二个任期的话。So Mr. Trump’s action — if he follows through on canceling the Boeing contract — would affect his successor more than himself.因此,特朗普的举动——如果他说到做到,取消跟波音的合约的话——会影响到他的继任者,而非他自己。 /201612/482385上海妇幼保健院做丰胸手术价格

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玫瑰院咨询电话Four executives of Chinese online service Qvod stood trial on Thursday and Friday in Beijing, charged with sping pornography for profit.中国在线播放器快播涉黄牟利案于周四、周五两天在北京开庭,快播的4名高管都被指控从散布色情视频中获利。Wang Xin, former CEO of the Shenzhen-based company, and three others denied the charge during the two-day open trial at Haidian District People#39;s Court.庭审在海淀区法院进行,在两天的公开审理中,深圳总公司的前CEO王欣和其余三名高管都否认犯罪。According to the prosecution, 21,251 of 29,841 files which police obtained from three servers related to Qvod in Haidian were pornographic.根据指控,海淀警方从快播授权的三个务器中提取的29841个文件中有21251个有色情内容。But Wang claimed the company itself was not responsible for sping information. He blamed the pornographic content on third parties.但是王欣称公司本身不具备传播属性,他将色情内容都归罪于第三方。The court will announce verdicts later for the three defendants, who could receive a sentence up to life in prison under Chinese law.法庭将在不久之后宣布对三名被告的判决,根据中国法律,他们最高将可能被判终身监禁。Founded in 2007, Qvod offered s through peer-to-peer streaming technology and its user base quickly grew to 300 million.快播公司成立于2007年,通过用户之间的视频传输功能起家,之后其用户量很快增长至3亿。The four executives knew that a large amount of pornography was uploaded, downloaded and watched, according to prosecutors.据公诉人所说,这4名高管都知道有大量的色情文件在被上传,下载以及观看。In June 2014, the company was fined 260 million yuan (39.6 million U.S. dollars) for copyright infringement and its license was revoked.2014年6月,快播公司因侵权被罚款2.6亿元(合3960万美元)并且其执照被吊销。 /201601/421235 Central bank insider Liu Shuyu is renowned for his communication skills — a useful attribute at a time financial regulators have been broadly slammed for inept messaging.身为央行局内人的刘士余以其沟通技巧而闻名——在中国金融监管者普遍因不擅对外沟通而受到批评的时代,这是个很有用的特长。He is a regular face on the conference circuit, defending and clarifying policies at the central bank, where he cut his regulatory teeth. The revolving door between regulators and banks is a common path among top financial officials, and one trodden by his four predecessors at the China Securities Regulatory Commission — who, like Mr Liu, looped from central bank to commercial back and then to the securities regulator.他的面孔在中国的会议上时常能够见到,他在那些场合捍卫和澄清央行的政策,央行是他获得监管经验的地方。在顶级金融高官中,监管机构和间的旋转门是一条常见的通道,他在中国监会(CSRC)的四位前任就曾走过这条通道。这四人和刘士余类似,先在中国央行和商业之间交替任职,再到这家券监管机构任职。After 18 years at the People’s Bank of China, latterly serving as a deputy governor of the People’s Bank of China, he went on to chair Agricultural Bank of China, one of the “Big Four” state-owned banks, before being called back to fill Xiao Gang’s abruptly vacated post of chief securities regulator.在中国央行工作了18年之后(他在那里的最后职位是中国央行副行长),他接着担任了中国“四大”国有之一中国农业(Agricultural Bank of China)的董事长。接着,他又被调回来,填补肖钢突然空出来的监会主席一职。According to state news agency Xinhua, he was about to open a conference on the outskirts of Beijing when he received an urgent summons to the State Council. He made a short speech, throwing in a light-hearted Spring Festival remark, before leaving.据官方的新华社报道,他正要在北京郊区开会时突然接到了国务院的紧急通知。他在离开前发表了简短的讲话,以轻松的语气向人们拜了个年。“Since we’ve not yet reached the end of the festival period, I wish you all a happy new year. It used to be that we’d get to the ninth day of festivities and run out of steamed buns and wine to greet people with. Now our quality of life is much improved, and we’ve got enough to last us through the festival season!”“正月十五没过,过去拜年拜到初八,就一无馒头二无酒,现在生活水平好了,拜年可以拜到十五!”In other words his message was focus on the long term, and you will see that we have never had it so good.换句话说,他这句话传递的信号是:关注长期,你就会认识到我们的情况好得前所未有。Former colleagues at the People’s Bank of China applaud his “high emotional intelligence”, according to multiple Chinese media reports. He will need to call on this and his much-touted level-headed charm to communicate China’s financial policies to investors, whose confidence in the stock market has been shaken by the turbulence of the past year.根据多个中国媒体的报道,他在中国央行的前同事对他的“高情商”表示赞赏。他将需要动用这一特长,加上他备受好评的冷静魅力,向投资者沟通中国的金融政策——去年市场的动荡已大大动摇了投资者对股市的信心。Since graduating from university in 1981, Mr Liu has always been a civil servant. He began in the Shanghai Economic System Reform Office and the National Development and Reform Commission.自1981年大学毕业以来,刘士余一直在担任公务员。最开始,他是在上海市经济体制改革办公室(Shanghai Economic System Reform Office)和国家经济体制改革委员会(该机构2003年被并入发改委——译者注)任职。His career has not been all plain sailing: last month, during his leadership of the Agricultural Bank of China, two employees carried out a Rmb3.9bn scam, allegedly using the money to invest in the domestic stock market. “Perhaps Mr Liu can better hunt down the stolen funds in his new role,” one blogger joked.他的职业生涯也不是一帆风顺:上个月,就在他担任中国农业领导期间,两名该行员工实施了规模为39亿元人民币的欺诈行为,涉嫌用这笔资金投资于中国国内股市。对此,一名客主人在网上调侃道:“也许刘士余在新的岗位上能更快追回这笔失窃的资金。”Nor does his new job promise an easy ride. The role is widely referred to in the Chinese media as “the volcano seat” and his first test will be to introduce the new — and controversial — market-based IPO system.此外,他的新职位也无法保是一次轻松的旅程。在中国媒体中,监会主席一职被广泛称作“火山口”。他面临的第一个考验将是如何引入新的、有争议的基于市场的首次公开招股(IPO)体系。 /201602/427533上海交通大学医学院附属瑞金医院抽脂多少钱闵行区做隆胸多少钱

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