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徐汇去除胎记要的价格奉贤区激光去痘印多少钱上海九院整形美容科激光祛斑多少钱 Todd: OK. Steven, youre looking at a picture. Please describe what you see!Steven,你能描述一下你看到的这张图片吗?Steven: Uh, I can see a red double-decker bus. Its the kind of bus youll see very often in London. In fact I know this bus is from London because I can see the names: Chelsea, Sloan Square, Victoria, Herring Cross. These are all areas in London. Um, so obviously the bus is in London.我看到的是一辆双层巴士。它在伦敦随处可见。事实上,这辆巴士来自伦敦是一目了然的,切尔西,斯隆广场,维多利亚,Herring Cross,这些都是伦敦的地名。所以这辆车一定是伦敦的。Todd: OK. Have you ever been on a double-decker bus?好的,那么你有没有乘坐过双层巴士呢?Steven: Yeah, yeah, yeah. many times. Many times. When I was younger, you used to get double-decker all over England but now you only tend to see them in the big cities.是的,经常。我小时候,我经常乘坐上层巴士到伦敦的各个地方,但现在只有在大城市才能看到它。Todd: Oh, really. Mm! How much is the fare?真的吗!那么双层巴士的费用是多少?Steven: Well, it depends on the journey. Its..I guess its not too expensive, but the minimum price you would pay is, for a short journey, is about a pound.费用多少是由乘坐的距离长短决定的。我猜想不是很贵,上车要付的最少车费,也就是短途的车费,是1英镑。Todd: Mm, yeah, who can you see on the bus? Can you pick out anyone on the bus who looks interesting?你在这量巴士上看到了什么人?你觉得这辆巴士上有没有看上去有趣的人?Steven: Hmm, yeah, well this girl here at the back, thats leaning on the door, um, she looks really bored, actually. Maybe she is going to work or something and she doesnt want to go!是的,后面这个女孩。她依着车门,看上去很无聊。也许她正要去上班或是去她不想去的地方!Todd: Is that how you feel on the bus?你乘坐巴士也是这样的吗?Steven: Uh, well, no, not really, because I havent worked in England for a long time, so I havent taken a bus for a long time.不,不全是。因为我很长时间不在英国工作了,所以我很长时间没有乘坐过双层巴士了。Todd: So, so youre British, do you missing them?这么说,你是英国人,那你怀念双层巴士吗?Steven: Um, yes, sometimes. Sometimes.是的,有时候是的。Todd: OK. Great. Thanks a lot.好的,谢谢Steven: No problem.没问题。注:译文属原创,,。 /201209/197728上海玫瑰整形美容医院双眼皮多少钱

上海交通大学医学院附属新华医院割双眼皮手术价格上海市第十人民医院绣眉多少钱 Larry和李华明天要考试,今天一起复习,但李华一直没法专心。她今天会学到两个常用语:zone out和now youre cooking with gas。LL: So Reaganomics were the economic policies of U.S. President Ronald Reagan - Li Hua? Are you listening?LH: (Pause) 嗯?发生什么事了?LL: Li Hua! How can you zone out when your final is tomorrow?LH: Zone out? 你在说什么啊, Larry?LL: To zone out means to lose concentration and to not notice whats happening around you.LH: 喔,你是说我分心吗?LL: Yes. A zone is an area. If you zone out, you mentally drift away from the place you are currently at, and go off into empty, dreamy space.LH: 所以zone是指一个区域, zone out就是走神。LL: Yup. So stop zoning out! We still have a lot of studying to do!LH: 好吧。那你告诉我,什么是supply-side economics?LL: Supply-side economics argues that economic growth can be most effectively created by lowering barriers for people to produce goods and services (supply) -LH: 比如说降低所得税。LL: Hey! Now youre cooking with gas!LH: Cooking - cooking with what?LL: Now youre cooking with gas! It means now you understand what Im talking about.LH: 啊, now youre cooking with gas是指我终于跟上了,了解你在说什么。是啊,我还是懂一点点的。不过now youre cooking with gas和了解一件事情怎么能扯得上关系呢?LL: This comes with a little bit of history. In the 1930s cooking became more convenient as the kitchen evolved from the old coal/wood range into the wood/gas combination. So when we say now youre cooking with gas, it means youve crossed the barrier and progressed!LH: 真有意思。原来是1930年代煮饭从依靠炭和木头进化成依靠天然气,生活方便了许多,所以说now youre cooking with gas就代表我进步了。LL: Yes, that is correct. Wow youre really cooking with gas now! Learning so fast.LH: 没错。我现在精神好多了。还是学习英文俚语比较有趣。LL: But we have to keep going with Economics, or else were both going to fail the exam tomorrow.LH: 是啊。But if we keep talking about boring Economics, Im going to zone out again!LL: Hmm what should we do then...LH: 要不这样!你先教我zone out和now youre cooking with gas的用法,让我变得有精神之后,我们再继续看经济学,怎么样?LL: I guess that could work. Hmm....you seem to be able to use these two phrases aly. Do you have any questions?LH: 当然有。如果分心是zone out, 那很专注的时候就是Im really zoned in, right?LL: Thats interesting. But no one says it that way. A lot of phrases are only used in one direction. Therefore, you can only say zone out, but there is no such thing as zone in.LH: 啊,原来如此。分心是zone out, 但注意力集中时不能反过来说zone in.LL: Right. What about ;now youre cooking with gas?; Can you give me an example using that phrase?LH: Even though I was zoning out at the beginning of this review session, I began to cook with gas.LL: Hmm. The phrase now youre cooking with gas is usually used together as one, so no words are changed. Therefore, we dont say that someone begins to cook with gas.LH: 好麻烦。所以说,Now youre cooking with gas. 得要整句一字不露地用。通常是一个人对另一个人说,Now youre cooking with gas. 而不是用来形容第三者的。LL: Thats right. Now youre really cooking with gas! Do you think we can go back to Economics?LH: 啊!我要回家了。今晚是美国偶像American Idol的决赛。拜拜!LL: Wait! Li Hua!今天李华从Larry那儿学到两个常用语。一个是zone out, 是走神,发呆的意思。另一个是now youre cooking with gas. 指一个人开始进入情况了。 /201206/185459上海市华山医院祛痣多少钱

上海玫瑰整形美容医院做双眼皮怎么样 嘉宾:Debbie Mason 话题:英国社会观察---女性创业者的酸甜苦辣Businesswomen单词拼写: 1、Castigate:condemn 2、Profit:利润 3、Prejudice:偏见 重点俚语: 1、(Entrepreneurial) comfort zone:a place where you feel comfortable (in business) 2、From concept to business:from idea to practice 3、Never really looked back:kept going without any regret问题: 1、Why did Louise start up her business? 2、What does Margaret say that business is actually about? 3、What’s Margaret’s advice to any woman wanting to start up a business? : 1、Louise started up her business because as a mother she realized there was no decent food in restaurants, shops, and cafeteria for her baby, so her own experience propped her up to start up such a business . 2、Margaret says that business is actually about creating profits . 3、To any woman wanting to start up a business, Margaret’s advice is to be a woman, like her who never looked back. /201312/263981上海怎么减肥又快又有效上海玫瑰医院隆胸怎么样



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