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上海市中山医院激光祛痣多少钱上海中山医院整形美容中心Language PointsThe lasagna is delicious.This soup is very tasty.You’re a fantastic cook.Did you make this from scratch?You’ve got to give me the recipe for this chicken dish!The cherry pie is out of this world.That was delicious. My compliments to the chef! /201605/440697上海复旦大学附属中山医院打溶脂针的费用 For:正方辩词:Job-hopping should be encouraged.跳槽应当得到持。I think job-hopping should be encouraged, since it can give us new drive and make us stimulated. After all, there is no better thing than to meet more people, make more money and get more experience.我认为跳槽应当得到持。因为它可以给我们新的动力,使我们得到激励。毕竟没有比结识更多的人,挣更多的钱,获得更多的经验更好的事情了。Job-hopping is beneficial to the young people to grow and develop. The combination of different jobs would collectively give us more experience than what we could gain from only one job.跳槽对于年轻人的成长和发展是非常有益的。不同工作的结合比单单在一个岗位上获得的经验要多得多。As a young boy, I liked doing exciting things. Therefore, I think job-hopping from one place to the other can make life different and attractive.作为年轻人,我喜欢做令人兴奋的事情。因此,我认为从一个地方跳槽去另一个地方可以使生活变得不同且充满吸引力。Of course, there is no set time about the life span of ones job. If youre still learning and growing in your current job, just keep working. But if not, job-hopping is the best choice.当然,我们没有办法设置一个人的工作期限。如果你在你目前的工作岗位上仍然在学习和成长,那就继续工作下去。如果不是,跳槽是最好的选择。Life is just like a journey, and we have nothing to regret as long as we do what we want to do. So why not make a change if you are fed up with your present job. Whats more, job-hopping can help you realize what you really like.生命就像一次旅行,只要我们做了我们想做的事情就没有什么好后悔的。所以如果你已经从你现在的工作中得到了足够的成长,为什么不换一份工作呢?另外,跳槽能够帮助你认清楚你自己。Against:反方辩词:Job-hoppiog should oot be encouraged.跳槽不应该被鼓励。I think job-hopping should not be encouraged. The longer one works in a particular field, the more skillful one will be and the more chances of promotion one will have. And people are more likely to become specialists in their fields and make great achievements.我认为跳槽不应该被鼓励。在一个特定的领域工作时间越长,所获得的技能就越多,升职的机会也越大。人们通常都喜欢变成自己所在领域的专家,获得优异的成绩。If you are a job-hopper, people may be questioning your integrity and loyalty. Employers dont like to see resumes filled with short-term jobs. They would rather hire a person who has commitment and devotion to an employer. Too frequent job switching leaves employers the impression that youre not reliable. It is not good to possess resumes that reveal very short tenures with a string of employers.如果你经常的跳槽,人们就会怀疑你的正直和忠诚。招聘人员不喜欢看到满是短期工作的简历。他们更愿雇佣一个有责任心且很忠诚的新人。太频繁的更换工作会给招聘人员留下不值得信任的印象。对于一些招聘人员来说,简历上有太多的短期工作经历不是件好事。I think frequent job-hopping should not be encouraged. As the old saying goes ;Jack of all trades and master of none.; Tradition tells us those who spend years and years at one job can gain success at last because of their rich knowledge in the particular field.我认为频繁的跳槽不应该被持。俗话说;门门精通样样稀松;。过去的经验告诉我们那些常年做一份工作的人可以在最后取得成功,因为他们在特定的领域有丰富的知识和经验。 /201501/351744上海市闵行区中医医院开双眼皮多少钱

上海市第一人民医院激光点痣多少钱我有个朋友订婚了,我本以为她怎么也要等上几个月才会办婚礼。于是问她怎么计划,我好提前安排时间,请好假,赶去外地参加她的婚礼。结果她一说出婚期,吓我一跳,原来就是下礼拜! 闪婚啊! 这让我想到一个习惯用语:around the corner.Around the corner的意思是“马上,不久之后”。My friends wedding isnt months away as Id thought; its around the corner! 我朋友的婚礼根本不是像我想的那样,还有好几个月才办,而是没几天就要举行了!唉,真不知道她怎么能在那么短的时间里筹备婚礼! 我想,新郎新娘八成会忙得晕头转向。说到这种临阵磨的处境,下面这段话中的人也是一样。 我们来听听:例句-1:Like most Americans, I dont focus on Christmas shopping until December. Thats because Thanksgiving comes on the last Thursday of November. Its only after the big family dinner, the parades and football games are over, that I can start thinking about buying gifts. By then, Christmas is right around the corner! I cant believe how soon it is.这段话是说:和大部分美国人一样,我都是到十二月才会开始想采办圣诞节年货的事。这是因为感恩节是11月的最后一个星期四,要在感恩节的家庭大餐、节日游行和橄榄球比赛都过去之后,我才能腾出脑筋想采办圣诞礼物的事儿。可到那时,圣诞节已经近在眼前了! 我简直不能相信时间会过得这么快!真是这样! 时间好像总是过得比你想像得快! 这就是为什么很多人提前好几个月就要开始采办年货,甚至在感恩节以前就把圣诞礼物、新年礼物全都买好!******刚才我们说到买新年礼物不要等到最后一刻,其实,生活中很多时候都需要未雨绸缪,早作打算。比如,近些年来人们经常谈论开发可再生能源,这种有些前瞻性的做法虽然在美国各州还没有普及,但人们显然意识到了尽早参与的好处。我们来听一听:例句-2:The U.S has some of the best resources in the world to meet its energy needs. Aly, California produces 31% of its electricity from hydropower, wind and geothermal technologies. Such development is happening now in a few other states as well. And, fortunately, its just around the corner in many others. The future looks bright.这段话的意思是:在满足能源需求方面,美国有一些全世界最好的自然资源。加州已经实现了百分之31的电力靠水能、风能和地热技术获得。其它几个州也正在这个方向上前进。此外,令人欣慰的是,另外很多州也不久就能走上洁净能源之路。这个领域的未来看来很光明。新技术的发展真是日新月异。我现在看科幻电影的时候总想,其实这些幻想出来的东西are just around the corner! 应该在不久的将来就能变成现实! /201605/445197玫瑰王晨光做膨体隆鼻擅长 Neil and Feifei discuss movie genres. Do you like romantic stories which are funny? What about a detective story in which you can try to be Sherlock Holmes? And dont forget the futuristic movies — the ones with sophisticated robots and space travel. Grab the popcorn and listen to the programme.尼尔和菲菲在讨论电影类型。你喜欢浪漫喜剧电影吗?可以当一回夏洛克·福尔斯的侦探电影怎么样?别忘了还有那些有尖端机器人和时间旅行的科幻电影。一边吃爆米花一边收听今天的节目吧。Neil: Hello. Im Neil. In this programme, were going to talk about movies. Now, what kind of movies do you like, Feifei?尼尔:大家好,我是尼尔。本期节目中我们将讨论电影。菲菲,你喜欢哪种类型的电影?Feifei: I love romcoms, Neil! Romcom is a word which takes the first two halves of the words romantic and comedy. And what about you, Neil, what sort of movies do you like the most?菲菲:尼尔,我喜欢爱情喜剧!Romcom这个词是由浪漫”和“喜剧”的前面几个字母组合而成。尼尔,你呢,你最喜欢的电影类型是什么?Neil: Well, I cant resist a whodunnit. Whodunnit is short for who has done it. The point of these films is for the audience to try to guess who committed a serious crime — usually murder.尼尔:我无法抗拒侦探电影的魅力。Whodunnit是“谁做的”的缩写。这类电影让观众可以去推测犯下重罪的犯人是谁,通常会是谋杀案。Feifei: Ah, you like detective movies! In a whodunnit you can try to beat the detective and work out who committed the crime. Thats the fun of it! Sherlock Holmes is a perfect example.菲菲:你喜欢侦探电影!看侦探电影的时候你可以和侦探较量,找出犯人是谁。这就是侦探电影的乐趣!夏洛克·福尔斯就是最好的例子。Neil: Yes, romcom and whodunnit are todays expressions in The English We Speak. And ... theres one more. See if you can guess this one now Feifei: Hello. Im a robot sent from the future to prevent war and destruction!尼尔:没错。爱情喜剧和侦探电影就是今天地道英语要学的表达方式。还有一个。菲菲,看看你能不能猜出这是什么意思:大家好。我是未来派来避免战争和毁灭的机器人!Feifei: A sci-fi movie! Sci-fi is a word which takes the first two halves of the words science and fiction. These films usually feature robots, aliens and inventions from the future. I love sci-fi too. But sometimes its scary!菲菲:科幻电影!Sci-fi是“科学”和“虚幻”的前面几个字母组合的单词。这类电影中通常会出现机器人、外星人和未来的发明。我也喜欢科幻电影,不过有时这种电影很恐怖。Neil: Well, theres no need to be scared of B Learning English — because we explain everything to you so clearly. Lets hear some examples of todays three movie-related expressions.尼尔:嗯,没必要害怕B英语教学节目,我们会清楚地向大家解释所有事情。现在我们来听三个与电影有关的表达方式的例句。Examples例句My favourite sci-fi movie is Star Wars. I cant wait for the next film in the series!我最喜欢的科幻电影是《星球大战》。我等不及看这一系列电影的下部作品了!Im catching a movie with my friends after work. Were going to watch the latest romcom.下班后我要和朋友们一起去看电影。我们要看最新上映的爱情喜剧。Alfred Hitchcock was the master of the whodunnit. Nobody makes better films in that genre than he did!阿尔弗雷德·希区柯克是侦探电影大师。这类电影没有人比他拍得更好!Feifei: Thats it! I am fetching the popcorn!菲菲:就是这样!我要去拿爆米花!Neil: And Im going to get some drinks!尼尔:我去拿些饮料来!Feifei: Lets catch a movie! A sci-fi?菲菲:我们来看电影吧!科幻电影怎么样?Neil: Yes, indeed! Were going to catch a movie… I am a robot who came from the future to catch a movie with you, Feifei. 尼尔:完全赞成!我们要看电影……菲菲,我是和你一起看电影的来自未来的机器人。Feifei: You deserve an Oscar! Lets go! Bye!菲菲:你真应该得奥斯卡!我们走吧!再见!Neil: Bye!尼尔:再见! 译文属 /201501/354029上海黄浦区第九人民医院激光点痣多少钱

杨浦下颌角整形多少钱7. Luggage Limits 7.行李限制A: Can you tell me what are the luggage limits for this domestic flight?A:你能告诉我这个国内航班的行李限制是什么吗?B: You are allowed one carry-on luggage and one personal item.B:你只被允许带一个随身行李和一个个人物品。A: So I can bring this roll-away suitcase on the plane?A:那我能带这个拉杆箱上飞机吗?B: Yes. That will fit in the overhead bin so it wont cost you.B:是的。这个可以放进头顶上的箱子里,所以它不用花钱。A: What is a personal item?A:个人物品是什么?B: Anything that will fit under the seat in front of you is a personal item.B:任何能放在你前面的座位下面的东西都算作个人物品。A: Can I bring my really big suitcase on the plane?A:我可以把这个大箱子带上飞机吗?B: No. We will have to check that in for .B:不可以。我们必须要检查并收取35美元。A: Thats not included in the cost of the ticket?A:那不包括在机票里吗?B: No. The first checked bag is and another will be an additional .B:不包括。第一个检查过的包收35美元,其他的要再额外收25美元。A: When I was younger, everything was included in the price of the ticket.A:我年轻的时候,每件东西都包括在票价里,B: Times have changed. B:时代变了。译文属仅供学习和交流使用,不得转载 /201603/429908 Asking about something on the - the guest客人询问菜单上的事项-客人Whats the…?什么是...?Can you tell me about the…?你能告诉我有关......?What does…mean?这是什么意思?Is it spicy?它是辣的?Is it oily?它很油腻吗?Is it meat?它是肉吗?Is it low-fat?它是低脂肪?Is it salty?它是咸的?Does it have…in it? Im allergic to…它有......的呢?我过敏...What are you having?你们这有什么?What can you recommend?有什么可以推荐的吗?Whats good here?什么比较好?Why dont you just order for both of us?你为什么不点咱俩都合适的?What does it come with?这是什么呢?Recommending something on the -the host推荐菜单上的事项-主人The…is very good here.这...是非常好的。You should try the…你应该尝试的?Try some…试一下…Have you tried...?你有没有尝试过...?It sounds horrible, but its actually really good.这听起来很可怕,但它实际上是真好。You might want to try the…Its a local delicacy.你可能会想尝试的...这是一个当地的美食。You could try...你可以试试...How about...?怎么样...?Would you like the...?你想的......?Would you like some…?你想要一些吗…?Would you like me to order for you?你想我点吗?Its a little…这有点小...It might be too…for you.这可能是太...对于你。 /201603/431514上海复旦大学附属华山医院整形中心上海玫瑰整形美容医院鼻基底手术怎么样



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