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JACQUELINE KENNEDYIn 1961, the then-31-year-old earned her fashion icon status from the beginning, stepping out with John F. Kennedy in a white gown and cape she designed herself, with the help of Bergdorf Goodman Ethan Frankau.杰奎琳#86;肯尼迪1961年那时31岁的她从一开始就赢得了时尚偶像地位,穿着一件白色礼与约翰#86;肯尼迪一起走出,在波道夫#86;古德曼的Ethan Frankau帮助下她亲自设计了披肩 01850Looking love? Meet your match while traveling the world. 在寻觅另一半吗?那就在环游世界中与他(她)浪漫相遇吧! Ahh ... the single life. Freedom to do what you want, how you want, when you want — but if all that alone time is getting a bit, well, lonely, head to one of the places we've picked as tops singles looking to pair up, hook up, or shack up. 单身生活,你有充分的自由决定想做什么、怎样做或是何时做,但当单身变得寂寞孤独时,请前往以下的全球十大单身者旅游胜地在这些地方,你可能和某人相遇、相恋甚至闪婚,感受最浪漫香艳的旅程1. AmsterdamSingles set off to freewheeling Amsterdam in droves the ultimate in boys-being-boys and girls-gone-wild escapades, mesmerized by the city's free-thinking, live-and-let-live mantra.Should you find a fellow single that piques your interest, start your love affair with a hand-in-hand stroll along the 00+ bridges that span the city's 0 canals.阿姆斯特丹 阿姆斯特丹人奉行的思想自由和生活随意原则让无数的单身者将这里视为放纵自我的最佳地方所以,你或许能在这里找到最能包容你恶习的人,然后牵着他(她)的手,跨过城市中0条运河上的00座桥 118

9 Anniversary9;十周年纪念People on a New York City street scan pictures of the many police and fire personnel still missing in the wake of the September , 01, terrorist attacks.在纽约的一条街道,当地居民浏览警察和消防员的照片,01年9月日恐怖袭击后,他们就下落不明;Ive heard from any number of survivors that they could tell by looking at firefighters faces [the firefighters] knew how bad this was and that they might not get out,; said Clifd Chanin, an executive at New York City National 9 Memorial and Museum and editor of Memory Remains, a photographic book of 9 artifacts. ;They knew what they were facing, and the heroism and courage [they showed] is just astonishing.;纽约国家9;纪念馆物馆负责人、9;文物照片集《残留的记忆编辑克利福德;查宁表示:;所有幸存者都对我说,看着消防员脸上的表情,他们就知道情况有多糟,他们可能出不去了他们清楚地知道自己面临着什么,在危险面前,他们表现出令人敬佩的勇气和英雄品质; 3518

3.Beyonce Has Used Some Innovative And Risky Marketing Techniques Her Albums3.碧昂斯用了一些创新冒险的市场销售方法推销专辑Whether or not the social media response to her pregnancy announcement in spurred her to realize that it is a powerful tool when used well or some other reason Beyonce took a risk when she launched her eponymous album Beyonce in .不知道是不是年社交媒体对她怀声明的反应启发了她,让她意识到这种媒体如果能利用得好的话,就是一个强有力的工具又或许是因为其他的原因,碧昂斯在年发行其同名专辑《碧昂斯时做了一个大胆的冒险Conventional wisdom in the music industry is to tease fans with promotional material in the lead up to the release of a new single or album. This, it is believed, will help drive interest pushing sales with it.音乐界的传统营销方式是用宣传材料来吸引粉丝然后再推新单曲或者专辑,人们普遍认为这种方法能提高粉丝的兴趣从而提高销量Beyonce, claiming to want to cut out the middle man and speak directly to her fans eschewed all traditional advice and instead released the news of her album by posting a very short to Instragram entitled urprise!.而碧昂斯表示,她想去掉中间人,与粉丝直接对话,而非采用传统方式相反,她在Instagram 上发布了一个名为“惊喜”的小短片来告诉大家她要发新专辑了Social media took over the role of advertising executive on her behalf and within hours the news had been tweeted 1. million times.社交媒体取代了她的广告代理,这条信息在不到半天的时间内就被推了十二万次This in turn was mentioned on the media and within a short while almost everyone had heard about the album.媒体对这件事情也有所报道,一时之间几乎所有人都听说了这张专辑The strategy was a risk and relied on Beyonce being able to trust her team implicitly to ensure that there were no leaks about the content.这种策略就是一个冒险,需要碧昂斯全然信任她的团队,保不泄露专辑内容This meant that the release of the song album did indeed come as a complete surprise which captured the imagination of her fans.同时这个包含首歌的专辑确实作为一个惊喜激发了粉丝的想象力The strategy was ultimately extremely successful and, of course, completely free. Would it work again? Will Beyonce repeat the trick? Who knows!这个策略极其成功,当然,也完全免费的这个策略能再次管用吗?碧昂斯还会故技重施吗?谁知道呢!.Beyonce Claims To Be A Modern Day Feminist.碧昂斯被认为是女权主义者The lyrics of Beyonce songs revolve around themes of deep love, monogamy and relationships tied in which a big dash of sexuality and a nod towards female empowerment.碧昂斯的歌词主题大多围绕着深爱、一夫一妻制和性行为带来的关系捆绑以及对女性权利的致敬When asked, however, she has refused to be branded as a feminist on the basis that the word is extreme perhaps worrying about being identified with the more hard core, men hating, feminists that are sometimes seen in the spotlight.然而当被问及的时候,她却拒绝给自己贴上“女权主义者”的标签,顾及到这个词太“极端”,担心可能有时候会被当作令男人讨厌的“女权主义核心者”形象出现在聚光灯下Those very same hard core feminists who complained vociferously about her naming one of her live tours The Mrs. Carter Show a reference to her husband, Jay Z surname.那些女权主义的核心人物就强力声讨她以其丈夫Jay Z的姓命名的演出“卡特夫人”Instead she characterizes herself as a modern day feminist saying that she does believe in equality and acknowledges that women have some way to go bee that is truly achieved.虽然否认自己是“现代女权主义者”的说法,但碧昂斯确实相信男女平等,并且承认在实现真正平等之前,女同胞需要做的还有很多Beyonce has said that it is clear that women do not have access to the same opporties or money as men and theree have to work much harder.碧昂斯曾说,相比男性,女性更缺乏平等的机会或收入,需要女性更加努力地工作She thinks it is more about how women think than necessarily about the need equal rights and has said that her goal is women to reshape our own perception of how we view ourselves she also adds that she loves her husband and is happy to be married to him.她认为,比起一昧追求同等权利,女性如何思考更为重要她说她的目标就是“重塑女性看待自己的感知”,她同时补充说她很爱她的丈夫,嫁给他很幸福In line with her view on the reshaping of perceptions she has contributed to the Ban Bossy campaign which aims to encourage people to stop using the word bossy as it has negative connotations when applied to girls.为了践行她重塑感知的信念,她发起了“禁止专横”的运动,旨在鼓励人们停止使用专横一词,因为该词往往作为贬义词用在女孩身上1.Beyonce Is A Committed Philanthropist1.碧昂斯是一位坚定的慈善家With all the money she has earned over the years Beyonce has the capacity to do great good and it is a responsibility she does not shy away from.这么多年来赚了不少钱,碧昂斯完全有能力做很多好事,她也没有推卸这一责任Following the dful effects of Hurricane Katrina in she founded, together with Kelly Rowland, the Survivor Foundation which helped to provide temporary housing displaced victims in Houston.在年可怕的卡特里娜飓风过后,她与凯莉·罗兰一起创办了幸存者基金,为休斯顿流离失所的受害者提供临时住所Beyonce contributed a founding ,000 and a percentage of all House of Dereon profits also goes to the foundation.碧昂斯为基金捐献了5万美金和一部分她名下房子的收益The foundation has not limited it work to Katrina relief but also to survivors of Hurricane Ike and now works closely with a number of other charities in the city.该基金不只是对卡特里娜飓风幸存者提供务,同时也对艾克飓风的受害者开放,现在也与城市中其他慈善机构一起运作In , together with her mother, she established a center to provide cosmetolology training to men and women helping provide them with employable skills.年碧昂斯与母亲一起创办了一个专门提供美容技术的培训中心,帮助更多人获得一技之长She has worked closely with George Clooney in his Hope Haiti Now: A Global Benefit Earthquake Relief and on the CFDA t shirt to raise funds Haiti.她与乔治·克鲁尼在“为了海地的希望”中密切合作,这是一次关爱海地赈灾行动,通过开展CFDA的T恤义卖为海地筹得善款She is good friends with President and Mrs Obama and has worked closely on the First Lady campaign against childhood obesity.她同时与奥巴马夫妇交好,曾与第一夫人一起为反对儿童肥胖症做公益More recently she has been an outspoken critic of gun control laws, female empowerment and education, food donations and job creation.最近她更多的作为反对管制、女权、教育、粮食捐助和提供就业机会的代言人出现She often releases music tracks charitable causes that she supports in the hope that they will raise not only funds but also awareness of the underlying cause as well.她经常因慈善原因发行新专辑,她希望人们不仅仅在经济上持她,更能了解歌曲中的深层次含义Her charitable efts are not show as she is also well known having a very caring and human side, as evidenced by the fact that when some fans were injured at one of her concerts she very quietly and without publicity went to visit them in hospital to make sure that they were ok and getting better.她在慈善方面的努力并不只是作秀,众人都见识过其关怀备至颇具人性化的一面事实为:有些歌迷在她的演唱会中受伤,她静悄悄一人私下到医院去看望他们,以确保他们都无大碍并且有所好转Beyonce is clearly a fascinating woman. Her true talent manifested itself from a very early age and, while still a teenager, she was propelled into the starlight with the break out success of Destiny child.碧昂斯是一位魅力无穷的女人她的才华在很小的时候就已经显现,当她还是一个小姑娘的时候,就凭借着专辑《真命天女的巨大成功而备受瞩目That success came with problems; she lost her first love and endured depression many years as the result of a very public split in her group.然而福祸相依:她失去了她的初恋并且由于组合公开解散而抑郁了多年Nevertheless she came back fighting and now, 18 years after her initial debut, she continues to impress with work that continues to be fresh and exciting.尽管如此,现在她已经重归舞台,并且在初次登台后的18年,依然用她清新而不失的音乐给人留下深刻的印象He legion of fans (they call themselves the Bey-Hive) are so loyal and follow her work so closely that she now no longer needs to resort to traditional marketing practices to ensure that her new releases are run away successes.她庞大的粉丝群(他们自称“Bey-Hive”)对她超级忠诚,紧紧追随她音乐的步伐,她无需再通过传统的音乐宣传渠道以保她的新专辑大卖Through all this she continues to have a very close, loving and stable relationship with her husband Jay Z and their young daughter Blue Ivy.在经历了一切之后,她和她的丈夫Jay Z以及他们的小女儿布露·艾薇幸福地生活在一起Whether she calls herself a feminist or not she has become a feminist role model to millions of girls and young women around the world who seek to emulate her hard work ethic and her success.无论是否称自己为女权主义者,她都成为了全世界数百万认同她努力工作的价值观并且追求成功的小女孩和各年轻女性的楷模 35

St. Basil's Cathedral.圣巴索教堂 690

The world's first nuclear reactor is prehistoric史前核反应堆 It's not easy to create a controlled nuclear reaction in power plants, but the nature had created the world's first nuclear reactor two billion years bee humankind, beneath the surface of Oklo in Gabon, Africa. This natural reactor med when a uranium-rich mineral deposit came in contact with groundwater, which slowed the neutrons ejected from the uranium so that they could interact with and split other atoms. Heat was produced, turning the water to steam, thus temporarily slowing the chain reaction. The environment cooled, water returned, and the process repeated. Scientists estimate that this prehistoric reactor ran a hundreds of thousands of years, producing the various isotopes expected from such reactions. 在发电厂要控制好核反应可不是件容易的事,但是自然的鬼斧神工在人类出现的两百万年前就已经制造出了世界上第一次的核反应堆,位于非洲加蓬的奥克洛地区的地下这一地区富含铀矿,当铀元素与地下水接触后,就会减缓铀释放出中子,这样它们就可以相互作用并分裂出原子从而产生热量,使水变成蒸汽,暂时放慢连锁反应的速度当温度下降后,蒸汽又变成了水,这一过程重复进行科学家预计这一史前核反应持续了上百万年,并从中释放出了大量同位素 9668

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