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上海去鱼尾纹哪里疗效好上海市皮肤病医院整形美容科上海哪家整形医院最好 UK visitor visas for Chinese tourists will be valid for two years - four times the usual six-month limit for a standard visitor visa - from January, British Prime Minister David Cameron said on Wednesday.英国首相卡梅伦于周三宣布,中国访客从明年1月起可享受有效期延至两年的英国访客签,是现有标准下六个月有效期的四倍。He also announced plans for a new 10-year multi-entry visa for Chinese tourists at no extra cost.他还宣布了针对中国旅客的一个10年多次入境签的新计划,而且不需额外费用。New arrangements being piloted will offer better value in both cost and convenience as the UK mobile fingerprinting service to capture the biometrics needed for visa applications is extended from nine Chinese cities to 50 - making it far easier to apply.新计划将给中国游客带来更高的性价比和便利性,获取签申请所需生物信息的英国指纹录入务,将从现有的9个城市扩展至50个城市,使申请英国签更加容易。The government is also discussing with the Chinese government the potential to expand the existing UK network of 12 visa application centers - aly more than any other EU country.中英政府还商议了关于增加现有的12个英国签申请中心数量的潜在可能性,目前该数量已经多于任何其他欧盟国家。The changes amount to a much better deal than the standard Schengen visitor visa which is limited to a maximum 90 days, and puts the UK on a par with the 2014 US offer.这些改变将使英国签比有效期最多为90天的标准申根访客签更具吸引力,同时使英国可与美国2014年提出的的签务相媲美。Chinese tourists currently contribute 500 million annually to the UK economy with record numbers visiting to make the most of the retail opportunities and visitor attractions on offer - up 35 percent between April and June this year compared to the same period in 2014, according to latest figures from VisitBritain.中国游客现在每年为英国经济贡献5亿英镑,破纪录的访英人数为零售业和旅游景点带来巨大的收益。根据英国旅游局最新数据,今年四月至六月,中国访英人数较2014年同比增长35%。Overall, visit visas issued to Chinese nationals have almost trebled over the past five years from 115,000 in 2009 to 336,000 in 2014, with spending increased by 326 percent. With every Chinese visitor spending on average 2,688 per visit, visitor visa extensions will enable them to maximize their spending power even further.总的看来,发给中国的访客签数量在过去五年几乎翻了3倍,从2009年的11.5万份增至2014年的33.6万份,中国访客在英消费额增长了326%。每个中国游客在每次行程平均花费2688英镑,访客签有效期的延长,将使中国访客能进一步扩大其消费能力。Overall inbound tourism, one of its fastest growing services, was worth more than 26 billion to the UK economy in 2013, so the benefits of increasing Chinese visitors can also be seen in job creation where, for example, every 22 additional Chinese visitors create an additional job in the sector.入境旅游业是增长最快的务业之一,在2013年为英国经济贡献超过260亿英镑的收入。所以增加中国访客的益处还体现在随之增加的就业,比如每增加22名中国访客,就能为该行业增加一个新的就业。;China is becoming one of our fastest-growing tourism markets, so making it easier and more convenient for Chinese visitors to come to the UK is extremely important. That is why the announcement I#39;m making today is great news for our tourism industry and great news for the British economy enabling us to maximize Chinese spending power even further,; Cameron said.卡梅伦说:“中国正成为我们增长最快的旅游市场之一,所以使中国访客更容易方便地来到英国非常重要。这也是为什么我今天宣布的消息对我们的旅游业而言是个好消息,对英国经济也是个好消息,这使中国访客能够进一步扩大其在英消费能力。” /201510/405460Eating more fruits and vegetables can help control weight, but a new study suggests that it depends on which fruits and vegetables you eat. 多吃水果和蔬菜有助于控制体重,但一项新研究表明,这取决于你选择了哪些水果和蔬菜来吃。Researchers recorded diet information for 117,918 men and women in their 30s and 40s at the start of a study and followed them for 24 years, with interviews at four-year intervals.研究人员记录了117918名在研究开始时年龄在三四十岁的男性和女性的饮食情况,并对他们进行了为期24年的随访,期间每四年回访一次。An overall increase in a daily serving of vegetable or fruit over a four-year period led to less weight gained — 0.25 pounds less for vegetables, and 0.53 pounds for fruit.在四年期间,每日蔬菜总摄入量增加,可令体重少增加0.25磅(约合0.11千克);每日水果总摄入量增加,可令体重少增加0.53磅(约合0.24千克)。Increased intake of berries was linked to a 1.11-pound lower weight gain, and of citrus fruits a 0.27-pound lower gain. Adding a daily serving of tofu or soy was tied to 2.47 pounds less weight gained, and of apples or pears 1.24 pounds less. Carrots and peppers were also linked to smaller gains, but potatoes, peas and corn were not.浆果摄入量增加与体重少增加1.11磅(约合0.50千克)相关,柑橘类水果摄入量增加与体重少增加0.27磅(约合0.12千克)相关。豆腐或大豆的日摄入量增加与体重少增加2.47磅(约合1.12千克)相关,苹果或梨的日摄入量增加与体重少增加1.24磅(约合0.56千克)相关。胡萝卜和辣椒也与体重增量减少相关,但土豆、豌豆和玉米无此效果。The study, in PLOS Medicine, controlled for many health and behavioral variables, including changes in dozens of food and nutrient intakes apart from fruits and vegetables.研究对健康和行为方面的众多变量,包括除水果和蔬菜之外的数十种食物和营养物质的摄入量的变化都进行了校正。该研究发表于《公共科学图书馆:医学》(PLoS Medicine)杂志上。The lead author, Monica L. Bertoia, a researcher at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, said that Americans’ fruit and vegetable intake was mostly fruit juices and potatoes. But, she said, “There are many fruits and vegetables that may be better choices — apples, pears, berries and nonstarchy vegetables.研究的主要作者,哈佛大学公共卫生学院(Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health)的研究员莫妮卡·L·贝尔托亚(Monica L. Bertoia)说,美国人摄入水果和蔬菜主要是以果汁和土豆的形式。不过,“有许多水果和蔬菜——苹果、梨、浆果和非淀粉类蔬菜会是更好的选择。 /201512/416514上海玫瑰整形美容激光脱毛多少钱

上海市中西医结合医院去除狐臭多少钱上海九院整形美容科打瘦脸针的费用 Designing a Universe设计一个宇宙Like most of his colleagues at the time, Einstein considered the universe to consist of a cloud of stars, the Milky Way, surrounded by vast space. What was beyond? Was the universe infinite? And if so, what stopped a star from drifting so far that it would have nothing to relate to?就像他当时的大多数同事一样,爱因斯坦认为宇宙由大量恒星、及周围的广阔空间组成。宇宙之外有什么?宇宙是无限的吗?如果是这样的话,什么能阻止一颗恒星漂移到与所有物体脱离联系的距离?To avoid such problems, Einstein set out in 1917 to design a universe without boundaries. In his model, space is bent around to meet itself, like the side of a tin can.为了避免此类问题,爱因斯坦在1917年建立了无限宇宙模型。在他设立的模型中,空间就像锡罐的侧面一样,能够弯曲触碰到自己。“I have committed another suggestion with respect to gravitation which exposes me to the danger of being confined to the nut house,” he confided to a friend.他向一名朋友倾诉,“我提出另一个有关引力的建议,这使我面临被关进疯人院的风险。”This got rid of the need for troublesome boundaries. But this universe was unstable, and the cylinder would collapse if something didn’t hold its sides apart.这就不需要设置令人烦恼的边界了。但这个宇宙并不稳定,如果某种东西没有将两边撑住,这个圆柱就会坍缩。That something was a fudge factor added to the equations Einstein called the cosmological constant. Physically, this new term, denoted by the Greek letter lambda, represented a long-range repulsive force.这种东西就是爱因斯坦在自己的公式中插入的一种被他称为“宇宙常数”的容差系数。从物理学来看,这个由希腊字母“兰布达”(λ)指代的新名词代表着远距离的排斥力。The happy result, Einstein thought, was a static universe of the type nearly everybody believed they lived in and in which geometry was strictly determined by matter.爱因斯坦认为,皆大欢喜的结果就是一个静态宇宙,几乎所有人都认为他们生活在这样一个宇宙中,其中的几何形态完全由物质决定。But it didn’t last. Willem de Sitter, a Dutch astronomer, came up with his own solution describing a universe that had no matter at all and was flying apart.但这没能站住脚。荷兰天文学家威廉·德西特(Willem de Sitter)提出了自己的解答,他描述了一个根本不存在物质且正在飞散的宇宙。“It would be unsatisfactory, in my opinion,” Einstein grumbled, “if a world without matter were possible.”“我认为,如果说一个没有物质的世界是可能存在的,”爱因斯坦抱怨称。“这是无法令人满意的。”And then Edwin Hubble discovered that the universe really was expanding.后来,埃德温·哈勃(Edwin Hubble)发现,宇宙确实在不断膨胀。If the cosmological constant couldn’t keep the universe still, then forget about it and Mach’s Principle, Einstein said. “It dates back to the time in which one thought that the ‘ponderable bodies’ are the only physically real entities,” he later wrote to the British cosmologist Felix Pirani.爱因斯坦表示,既然这个宇宙常数不能使宇宙保持静态,那就别考虑它以及马赫原理了。他后来给英国宇宙学家费利克斯 ·皮拉尼(Felix Pirani)写信称,“这可以追溯到人们认为‘有重量的物质’是唯一真实存在的实体的时候。”But it was too late. Quantum mechanics soon invested empty space with energy. In 1998 astronomers discovered that dark energy, acting just like the cosmological constant, seems to be blowing space-time apart, just as in de Sitter’s universe.但为时已晚。量子力学很快就表明,真空中存在很多能量。1998年,天文学家发现暗能量就像宇宙常数一样,似乎将空间与时间分离,与德西特描述的宇宙相似。In fact, most cosmologists agree today that not quite all motion is relative and that space-time does have an existence independent of matter, though it is anything but static and absolute. The best example are gravitational waves, ripples of compression and stretching speeding through empty space at the speed of light.实际上,大多数宇宙学家如今同意这个观点,即并不是所有运动都是相对的,时空的确独立于物质存在,尽管它不是静态和绝对的。最好的例子就是引力波——以光速超速穿过真空的一波波引力压缩和伸展。Einstein was back and forth on this. In 1916, he told Schwarzschild they did not exist, then published a paper saying they did. In 1936, he and his assistant did the same flip-flop again.爱因斯坦在整个问题上摇摆不定。他在1916年告诉史瓦西,引力波并不存在,后来又发表论文称它存在。他和助手在1936年再次改变观点。Nobody said this was easy, even for Einstein.没人认为这很简单,即使是对爱因斯坦来说。He set out to do one thing, namely make all motion relative, Michel Janssen, a science historian at the University of Minnesota, told a Princeton gathering this month. He failed, but in the process succeeded in doing something very interesting, unifying the effects of acceleration and gravity.明尼苏达大学(University of Minnesota)科学史学家米歇尔·詹森(Michel Janssen)本月在普林斯顿大学参加聚会时表示,爱因斯坦开始做一件事情,就是使所有运动成为相对的。他失败了,但他在这个过程中成功地做了一些有趣的事情,将加速度与引力的效应统一起来。The story goes to show, he said, that Bob Dylan was right when he sang “there’s no success like failure,” but wrong that “failure is no success at all.”他表示,这个故事说明,鲍勃·迪伦(BobDylan)那句“没有像失败这样的成功”是对的,但“失败根本不是成功”是错误的。Einstein’s greatest success came in 1919, when Arthur Eddington did the experiment that Freundlich had set out to do, and ascertained that lights in the heavens were all askew during an eclipse, bent by the sun’s dark gravity, just as Einstein had predicted.爱因斯坦在1919年取得了巨大成功,当时亚瑟·爱丁顿(Arthur Eddington)做了弗罗因德利希之前开始做的实验,他发现,正如爱因斯坦预测的那样,出现日食时,天空中的光线在太阳的暗引力下发生弯曲,出现偏斜。Asked what he would have done if general relativity had failed, Einstein said, “Then I would have been sorry for the dear Lord. The theory is correct.”被问及如果广义相对论失败了,他会做什么时,爱因斯坦曾说,“那我会替敬爱的主感到难过。这个理论是正确的。”And still the champ.而且直到今天还是最棒的。 /201511/412455上海玫瑰整形美容医院激光去痘好吗

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