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德阳市第二人民医院看洗牙要多少钱广元市第二人民医院地包天牙齿前突价格Don: Hi everyone. On this show we usually talk about other peoples experiments, but today were going to do an experiment of our own. Heres the deal: see if you can tell if Im smiling or not as I speak. Ready? Heres goes. Am I smiling now? How about now? What about...唐:嗨,大家好。这个节目一般讲其他人的实验,但这一期我们可以拿自己做实验。具体情况是这样的:猜猜看,我是在笑呢,还是没有笑。真的吗?现在开始。我在笑吗?现在呢?...怎么样?Yael: Wait, hold on. Don, what are you doing?雅艾尔:等等,打住。唐,你在干什么?Don: An experiment. Like I said, I want to see if our listeners can tell if Im smiling just by the sound of my voice.唐:做实验。正如我说的,我想知道听众是否能通过我的声音分辨出我在微笑。Yael: But how is that possible?雅艾尔:但这怎么可能呢?Don: Researchers at the University of Portsmouth, in England, have worked on this. They recorded interviews with volunteers who were asked silly questions, the idea being to make them smile as they spoke. Then the researchers played the recordings for another set of volunteers and asked them to identify when the speakers were smiling. And more often than not, they could.唐:英国朴茨茅斯大学的研究人员正在研究这个。他们问志愿者很傻的问题,让他们在回答的时候感到好笑,并记录了采访过程。然后研究人员向另一组志愿者播放采访录音,让他们分辨说话人什么时候在笑。而且大部分时候都能猜对。Yael: Interesting. Is that because smiling affects the vocal cords or something?雅艾尔:真有趣。那是因为笑会影响声带还是什么吗?Don: Sorta. Its probably more that smiling can affect your pitch, making your voice sound higher. So the listeners might have been picking up on that cue. They might also have been concentrating on the intensity of the voices. Its not an exact science, obviously, but something was tipping off the listeners.唐:差不多。微笑更有可能影响你的音高,让声音听起来更高。因此,听者可能是根据这条线索来做出判断。他们也许一直专注于声音的强度。显然这不是一门精密的科学,但听的人的确可以发现点什么。Yael: So does this have any practical application?雅艾尔:那这个研究有没有什么实际用途呢?Don: It could help improve voice recognition software and synthetic voices for things like computer games.唐:它对声音识别软件的开发很有帮助,还有电脑游戏中的那些合成声音。Yael: Cool. OK, so let me try. Im smiling now, can you tell? And now Im not smiling. Do I sound different?雅艾尔:酷。好吧,让我试试吧。我现在在笑,你能分辨出来吗?现在我没有笑了,我的声音听起来有什么不同吗?Don: Yes...and yes. 唐:是的...是的。原文译文属!201305/238934四川美白牙

温江区窝沟封闭蛀牙龋齿多少钱眉山市中医院牙齿矫正牙齿美白怎么样好吗Financial data金融讯息Seconds out当!时间到!Is it a crime to give people an early peek at data?将金融讯息提早透露给他人是否违法?Jul 13th 20132013年7月13日MORE than a half century ago the University of Michigan Institute for Social Research created a well-received monthly index tracking American consumer sentiment. Until 2007 it was funded by more than 100 “supporters” who got an advanced look at the results. No one got overly upset by this. Such sangfroid is emblematic of a different era.早在大半个世纪以前,美国密歇根大学社会研究所就曾按月发布“美国消费者信心指数”的跟踪报告,人们反响不错。直到2007年,共有100多位“持者”出钱持这份报告进行下去,回报即是提前得知报告结论。没有人因此太过担忧,人们镇定的表象的原因实则是另一时代的特有标志。In 2007 Thomson Reuters agreed to pay in excess of m for distribution rights to the University of Michigan index. In 2008 the information provider began sending the results out in three bursts—one a general distribution via press release; another five minutes earlier through all its terminals (which means it was reported by Reuters as well as other subscribers); and another a mere two seconds earlier but plenty long enough to be of use to a small coterie of fee-paying high-speed traders.2007年,汤森路透同意花100多万美元,用来拿到密歇根大学指数报告的发布权。2008年,密歇根大学发布报告结果的方式可以称得上是“广、频、快”:一是通过新闻发布作为一般经销渠道;二是提前5分钟发送给其所有的终端接受者(也就是包括汤森路透在内的其他订购者);第三种,仅仅提前2秒发布:别小看这两秒钟,这对一小部分付了钱的快速投资者来说已经不算短了。。Thomson Reuters suspended this third feed on July 8th in response to demands by Eric Schneiderman, New York’s attorney-general, who is conducting an investigation into the distribution of sensitive financial information. “The securities markets should be a level playing-field for all investors and the early release of market-moving survey data undermines fair play,” he said.纽约总检察长埃里克施奈德曼一直在调查敏感性金融讯息的发布情况。7月8日,应他的要求,汤森路透撤去了第三种“小灶”灶台。埃里克说:“券市场应当为所有投资者提供一个公平公正的“游戏”场所,提早泄露市场动态的调查讯息明显破坏了游戏的公正性。”Mr Schneiderman’s definition of “fair play” remains unclear. Why draw the line at the feed for high-frequency traders but not the one to paying subscribers, for example? Thomson Reuters says it uses the same multi-tiered distribution strategy in only one other area, the European release of a purchasing managers’ survey in conjunction with Markit, a financial-information firm. But staggered releases are common enough. The Chicago Business Barometer, another purchasing managers’ index, is distributed by Deutsche B#246;rse, an exchange operator, to paying subscribers three minutes earlier than to the wider world, for example.埃里克对于“游戏公正性”的定义尚不明确。这样说吧,为什么对提前发布给高频交易者设限却对提前发布给订购者却未加干涉?另一个且是唯一的运用了相同多层分销战略的地区位于欧洲,即森路透与金融信息公司麦盖提针对采购经理人调查发布报告协同合作。但是,错时发布是很常见的做法。比如,德意志交易所散发的另一个采购经理人指数——芝加哥商业景气指数,就为付费订购者提供先于外部3分钟的讯息。The involvement of the University of Michigan raises another set of issues: you could argue that information provided by public entities like a state university should be distributed broadly to the public. The university itself contends that the consumer-sentiment survey is just one of many forms of sponsored research that would never be done at all were there not outsiders willing to subsidise it, and that its wide distribution does provide a public benefit.由于事件涉及密歇根大学,这也引发了另外一组问题:人们认为诸如像公立大学这样的公共实体提供的讯息应该更广泛的告知给公众。密歇根大学解释说消费者信心调查只不过是众多接受赞助研究的一项;并且谈到假如没有外部参与订购,这些研究根本完成不了。密歇根大学又声称自己广泛播撒式的发布讯息也的的确确照顾到了公众利益。 /201307/248437四川省妇幼保健院根管治疗氟斑牙怎么样好吗广元市第九人民医院治疗种植牙要多少钱

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