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Business商业报道Airlines in ex-Yugoslavia前南斯拉夫的航空公司Balkan unity?巴尔干的航空公司们,联合起来?Four airlines may have to merge四大航空公司不得不合并EASTERN EUROPEAN airlines are sick.东欧航线公司的日子可不好过。Fuel is dear, their markets are small and budget airlines are poaching their passengers.燃料费用高,市场容量小,就连廉价航空也正抢走他们的乘客。Most eastern European airlines lose money.多数东欧航线都赔钱经营。Malev, Hungarys flag carrier, went bankrupt in February.匈牙利航空公司Malev就于二月份以破产告终。To avoid a similar fate, four Balkan airlines are considering a novel strategy: flying together.为避免同样的命运,巴尔干的四大航空公司想出了一个新点子:比翼齐飞。The idea is not officially on the agenda when the bosses of Croatia Airlines, Montenegro Airlines, Serbias Jat and Slovenias Adria meet in Montenegro on May 19th.5月19号克罗地亚航空公司、黑山航空公司、塞尔维亚航空公司还有亚德里亚航空公司的老总见面时,这个点子还不在官方的议程上。But it will be discussed behind closed doors.但私下里这一问题也将得到讨论。All are in debt and losing money,四大公司目前全都负债累累、赔钱经营,but between them they have many profitable routes.但在他们之间,也确有一些航线可以挣钱。Serving the scattered Balkan diasporas ought to be lucrative.为巴尔干半岛的侨民提供运输务就应有利可图的。Zoran Djurisic, the boss of Montenegro, says that before Yugoslavia collapsed,黑山航空的老板Zoran Djurisic说道,在南斯拉夫解体之前,这个市场里的客户数量多达1亿人之多,it represented a market of 100m passengers a year, of which 7m flew with JAT or Adria.其中700万的乘客乘坐的是塞尔维亚航空或者亚德里亚航空的航线。Now, 11m people fly to or from the seven ex-Yugoslav states each year,现在,每年1100万名从前南斯拉夫的七个国家起飞或降落的乘客中,but only 4m use the four carriers meeting in Montenegro.只有400万乘坐的是在黑山见面的四家航空公司的飞机。Bosnias BH airlines has only one functioning plane.波斯尼亚的BH公司里能用的飞机只剩一架了。Kosovo, with a large diaspora, has no domestic airline. And Macedonias MAT went bust in 2010.科索沃虽然有大量侨民,但是却没有国内的航空公司。2010年,MAT马其顿航空公司也难逃倒闭的命运。Mr Djurisic, who called the summit, says that in the short run the four airlines must co-operate to cut costs.邀请来各位高层的Djurisic先生说,在短期,四家航空公司必须合作才能削减成本。He hopes that, in five to eight years, they might create a single airline for this whole area, including Bosnia, Macedonia and Kosovo. Vladimir Ognjenovic,他希望5到8年间这些公司能建立一个务于波黑,马其顿、科索沃等所有地区的统一航空公司。the boss of Jat, says that such a merger is not realistic unless all are bought by another foreign airline.塞尔维亚航空公司的经理Vladimir Ognjenovic说,除非有一个外国航空公司收购了我们的全部公司,否则合并就是不现实的。All four have problems.四家公司可谓家家有本难念的经。Jats ageing fleet glugs fuel and needs lots of costly maintenance.塞尔维亚航空公司的飞机已然有年头了,不仅费油,而且维护费用也十分高昂。Two recent attempts to find a buyer for it failed.两次为自己寻找买家而不能。Montenegro and Croatia Airlines are packed during the summer holidays but struggle to fill seats during the rest of the year.黑山航空与克罗地亚航空的飞机在暑假时座无虚席,但其他时候则要尽力招徕顾客。Adria was bailed out in September with 500m from the Slovene government. Now it is looking for a buyer.亚德里亚航空公司从斯洛文尼亚政府手里拿到了5亿欧元用于度过难关。If that fails, its last chance is to join forces with the other three, says Klemen Bostjancic, its boss.现在它也在寻找买家。该公司的经理Klemen Bostjancic说道,如果不能成功的话,他就要最后一搏,与其他三家公司加入联盟。A spokesman says Croatia Airlines is not interested in any type of merger with the other ex-Yugoslav airlines.一名发言人说克罗地亚航空公司对任何形式的与前南斯拉夫航空公司的合作都不感兴趣。But Croatias minister of transport says that unless the airline revives, a merger with Adria is possible.但是克罗地亚航空公司的运输部部长却说除非公司能够起死回生,否则还是有可能和亚德里亚航空公司合并的。Luka Popovic, an analyst, predicts that the burden of history will thwart any merger.分析师Luka Popovic预测道历史的负担将阻碍合并。But the airlines may feel they have no choice.但航空公司可能也别无他选,And there is a precedent for a merger in stages:尤其是有个分阶段合并的先例摆在面前:Scandinavian Airlines began as a co-operative venture between the airlines of Norway, Denmark and Sweden in 1946 and then merged in 1951.挪威,丹麦航与瑞典航空这三大挪威航空公司在1946年联合投资了斯堪的纳维亚航空公司,并于1951年成功合并。That could happen in the Balkans, too.也许巴尔干的公司也应该这么做。 点击此处下载本期经济学人讲解PDF与音频字幕 /201306/245378盐城市第二人民医院治疗便血多少钱Migrants in Australia澳洲移民The promised land希望之地Chinese immigrants are remaking entire suburbs of Australias biggest city中国移民重构悉尼郊区Dinkum incomes in China Town繁华的唐人街NANCY LIU arrived in Sydney from China as a “skilled immigrant” with an economics degree 14 years ago. With her husband, she set up a business consultancy in the suburb of Hurstville, once an Anglo-Celtic working-class stronghold. Since then, Chinese investment has transformed it: most of its shop signs are now in Chinese. Last year, Ms Liu was elected Hurstvilles deputy mayor.14年前,拥有经济学学位的刘南希作为“技术移民”从中国来到悉尼,与丈夫一起成立了一家商业咨询公司。这家公司位于赫斯特维尔的郊区,曾一度是英国凯特尓工人的大本营。自那以后,中国投资便改变着它:如今大部分商店的标示都是中文。刘女士也在去年当选赫斯特维尔的副市长。Ms Liu was a forerunner of a new wave of Chinese immigrants to Australias oldest and biggest city. Hong Kong once supplied most of Australias Chinese settlers, but over the past few years the pattern has shifted. Now it is the rising middle classes from mainland China who go there, looking for a cleaner, more relaxed lifestyle. About 4% of Sydneys 4.6m people were born in China. Hurstvilles China-born population is about a third of its total and almost half its residents claim Chinese ancestry.刘女士是新一轮中国向澳洲历史最悠久也是最大城市移民潮中的先行者。澳洲中国移民中一度以香港移民为主,不过在过去几年中,这种格局已经悄然改变。如今越来越多的中产阶级从中国大陆来到这里,期冀一种洁净、轻松的生活。悉尼460万人口中大约4%生于中国。赫斯特维尔中生于中国的人口大约有1/3,而且近半居民有中国血统。But Chinas emergence as Australias biggest trading partner, and its largest source of foreign university students, has revolutionised the relationship. In the fiscal year 2011-12, more than 25,000 Chinese people obtained permanent residence in Australia. Most of them were from the new middle classes. Then in late 2012 Australia launched a “significant investor” visa, aimed at Chinas super-rich. To get one, people need A5m to sink in “qualifying” investments. After investing for four years, successful applicants can apply for permanent residence.Sydneys first Chinese immigrants arrived as farm workers in the 1840s. The gold rush a decade later drew more. “Celestial City: Sydneys Chinese story”, an exhibition at the Museum of Sydney, shows what happened next. By the 1880s, political fears of a “Chinese invasion” sparked anti-Asian immigration laws known as the White Australia policy, which lasted well into the 20th century.不过中国成为澳大利亚最大的贸易伙伴、最大留学生来源,这让两国关系有了翻天覆地的变化。在2011—2012财年中,超过25000中国移民获得了永久居住。他们中的大部分来自新兴中产阶级。此后的2012年,澳大利亚又针对中国超级富豪推出了“重要投资者”签。在澳投资5百万澳元就可以获得这一签。投资4年后,优秀申请人可以申请永久居住。悉尼第一位中国移民在19世纪40年代抵达后,成为农场工人。十年后的黄金热吸引了更多移民。在悉尼物馆展出的“天空之城:悉尼的中国故事”展也讲述了接下来的事情。19世纪80年代,出于“中国入侵”的政治担忧,澳大利亚发布了反中国移民法案,业即“白色澳大利亚”事件。这一状况直持续到20世纪才得以改善。The visas are called “subclass 188” and “subclass 888”. As the number eight represents luck and prosperity in Chinese culture, the visas main target is obvious. More than 90% of 702 applicants so far have been Chinese.这种签被称为“幸运188”和“幸运888”。因为在中国文化中数字8代表着好运和财富,所以这种签针对对象也显而易见。目前,702名申请者中超过90%的是中国人。Many of the emigres are media-shy. But their influence is visible in Chatswood, another formerly Anglo-Australian suburb. Towers of apartments, many owned by Chinese immigrants, now overlook the Edwardian-era stone and timber bungalows. Shops on the main street are crammed with Chinese noodles and vegetables, and Mandarin is the chief language among shoppers. Stacks of Chinese newspapers outnumber English ones.许多流亡者避免出现在媒体前。不过他们在查斯伍德区的影响力显而易见,后者是另一个原英属澳洲的郊区。许多公寓楼由中国移民拥有,这里可以俯瞰爱德华时代的石头和木平房。中央街区的店面满是中式面条和菜式,普通话则是商家们的官方语言。成堆的中国报纸比英国的还多。Yan Zhang, who settled in Sydney after studying at Macquarie University, orders a lunch of pork dumplings at the New Shanghai restaurant. He reckons the new wave of middle-class Chinese immigrants, who arrive with residence aly granted, come to Australia for the same reasons he did. “They want to make life more enjoyable and more secure,” he says. “If Id returned to China, Id have had to be more selfish to survive.”杨正从麦考瑞大学毕业后便定居于悉尼 。在新上海饭馆点了份猪肉饺子后,他认为,这次中产阶级移民浪潮中取得居住许可的移民们,多与他出于同样的原因。他说:“他们想让生活更加舒适、稳定。如果我想回中国,那我将为了生存而更加自私。” 201405/297922盐城市第六人民医院治疗尿道炎多少钱For England to believe that Henry was the rightful king,为了让英格兰相信亨利是合法的国王,he would need to behave like one, and that is exactly what he did.他需要让自己像个国王的样子,而这正是他着手做的事情。Parliament has made of Westminster for over 800 years.威斯敏斯特议会已经有800多年的历史。The official records of its debates, meetings, and acts stretch back to the Middle Ages.官方记录的辩论,会议,和法案甚至可以追溯到中世纪。In early November 1485, Henry VIIs first parliament met.1485年11月上旬,亨利七世的第一次议会召开。He would use it to tackle the inconvenient truth of Richard IIIs reign until rework recent events to suit himself.他会以此来处理忽视的理查德三世的统治真相直到最近的事适合自己。And heres the written proof, the parliamentary record which shows how he did just that.而这里的书面据显示,他的议会纪录正是这样做的。In this record, Richard III is the usurper, Henry VII is the rightful king putting the record straight.在这份记录当中,理查德三世是篡位者,亨利七世是合法的国王将直接记录下来。 201311/263039Books and Arts;Leonardo in London;Deciphering the da Vinci code;文艺;李奥纳多在伦敦;解密达芬奇密码;A new show offers a rare opportunity to compare Leonardo da Vincis paintings;一个新展览为比较李奥纳多达芬奇的画作提供了一个难能可贵的机会;Scientist, engineer, musician and great artist, Leonardo da Vinci is the archetypal Renaissance man. This undisputed genius, who lived to be 67, was also one of historys most accomplished underachievers. He started many projects he did not finish; he accepted commissions he never began; his many planned treatises remained just notes. Only 18 of his paintings survive. Half of them are included in a show that opened on November 9th at Londons National Gallery, making this the most important da Vinci display ever.集科学家,工程师,音乐家和伟大的艺术家于一身的李奥纳多达芬奇就是文艺复兴时期人类的原型。毫无疑问,达芬奇是个天才,他活到了67岁,虽然有很多成就,但是这位天才也是历史上没有充分发挥真实水平的艺术家之一。他启动的很多工程都没有收尾,他接受了任务却从来没开始做,他计划的很多论文却仅仅停留在几条注释上。达芬奇的画作只有18幅流传了下来。11月9日在伦敦国家美术馆举办了一次画展,达芬奇9幅作品也在其中展出,这是迄今为止最隆重的达芬奇画展。The artist was born near Florence in 1452 and went to Milan at the age of 30. Luke Syson, the shows curator, has come to believe that the freedom da Vinci enjoyed there as court painter to Ludovico Sforza, Duke of Milan, was the key that unlocked his genius.达芬奇1452年生于佛罗伦萨附近,三十岁的时候他去了米兰。该展馆馆长卢克塞森相信,宫廷画师达芬奇在为米兰公爵Ludovico Sforza创作时,享受了充分的自由,这是激发达芬奇绘画天赋的关键Mr Sysons contention that Leonardos great breakthrough came in Milan and not later in Florence, as has generally been accepted until now, has captivated curators, collectors and museum directors who have been generous in loaning works to the show; from the Vatican, Prague, Cracow, Paris and the Royal Collection.塞森认为,李奥纳多取得的重大突破在米兰,而不是在后来的佛罗伦萨,一直到今天这一看法都被普遍接受。而塞森的这一主张也吸引了许多展馆馆长,收藏家和物馆负责人,他们都慷慨的将作品借给这次画展,这些画作有的来自梵蒂冈,有的来自布拉格,有的来自克拉科夫,有的来自巴黎,还有的来自皇家珍藏。All the pictures on show were painted during da Vincis 18 years in Milan. Never has it been possible to see so many of da Vincis paintings together. There are also some 50 drawings, including the monumental “Virgin and Child with Saint Anne and Saint John the Baptist” (sometimes called “The Burlington House Cartoon”).展出的所有画作都是达芬奇在米兰18年间创作的。以前要同时见到那么多幅达芬奇作品是不可能的。画展还展出了50幅炭笔素描,具有里程碑意义的《圣母圣婴和圣安妮及施洗约翰》(有时也称《柏林顿宫的漫画》)也包括在其中。The one picture missing from this period is “The Last Supper”, which is painted on a wall. This work, which is badly damaged, is represented here by a large photograph and a near-contemporary (though far inferior) copy. In pages from a notebook da Vincis slanted “mirror” writing describes the guests at a dinner. With a novelists interest in detail, he carefully observed the shrug of one mans shoulders, the position of anothers hands, the scowl on one face and the frown on yet one more.在这一时期,绘制在墙上的画作《最后的晚餐》已经遗失了,这幅作品损坏严重,只能用一张大照片和一幅近现代仿品代替(尽管这幅仿品远远比不上真作).达芬奇在一本笔记本里用倾斜的镜像书写描绘了晚餐中的客人。他带着一个小说家对细节的兴趣。细致入微地观察谁耸了一下肩膀,谁的手怎么放,谁的脸上有怒容,或者谁皱了眉。The exhibition is arranged thematically; in addition to “Beauty and Love”, there is also “Character and Emotion” and “Body and Soul”. The visitor quickly comes face to face with the portrait of Cecilia Gallerani, also known as “The Lady with an Ermine” (pictured above). Although the image is familiar from reproductions, the radiance of the painting is surprising. Further along is an unfinished, yet searing, “Saint Jerome”. For the first time, both versions of “The Virgin of the Rocks”, one the National Gallerys own and the other belonging to the Louvre, are shown together.这是一次主题展览。除了“美与爱”的主题外,还有“个性于情感”,“身体与灵魂”两个主题。参观者一进美术馆立即就能与《西西莉亚·加莱拉尼的画像》,也叫《抱貂的女人》打个照面。尽管各种仿制品已经让我们对这幅画很熟悉了,但是真作所散发出来的光辉仍让人惊叹。往前走能看到一幅未完成但却饱含的《圣杰罗姆》。首次,《岩间的圣母》的两个版本同时展出,一幅属于国家美术馆本馆,另一幅来自卢浮宫。The two versions hang at opposite ends of the long exhibition space. The more one looks at the two pictures, the more visible are the differences between them; the strangely formed rocks in the Louvres version create a protective atmosphere, whereas in the National Gallerys painting the rocks seem quite eerie, contributing to the overall sepulchral feel of the work.这两幅画分别挂在长长的展览区两个相对的尽头,遥遥相望。而且你看得越仔细,就会发现它们的区别也更明显。卢浮宫的版本中,岩石奇特的形状营造出一种保护性的氛围,然而在国家美术馆的版本中。岩石似乎十分可怖,给整幅画蒙上了一层阴森森的感觉。As a philosopher and scientist, da Vinci strove to understand what he observed in his close studies of nature. Art was an expression of his thoughts. “The Lady with an Ermine” shows the Duke of Milans teenage mistress in a fashionable red gown, its slit sleeves revealing a pale underdress. Da Vinci, always fascinated by knots, carefully details the way the black ribbons are tied on Cecilias left sleeve. Her right arm is in shadow. The ties on that sleeve are sketchy. The artist has taken into account his observation that visual acuity declines in the dark. The brain fills in necessary information. The sketchiness of the right sleeve helps bring the portrait to life, creating what Walter Pater, a 19th-century British essayist and art critic, described as a “reality which almost amounts to illusion”.做为一个哲学家和科学家,达芬奇总是在努力的理解他在对自然深入研究中所观察到的一切。艺术曾是他用来表达自己想法的一种形式。《抱貂的女人》画的是米兰公爵年轻的情妇,她身着时髦的红袍,从袖子侧缝中透出她浅色的内衣。打好的结,,还有系在西西莉亚左侧袖子上的黑缎带的精心处理过的细节深深吸引着达芬奇。她的右臂处在阴影之中,所以右侧袖子上的缎带只是粗略的几笔。这位艺术家观察到在阴暗处视觉敏锐度会下降,并把这种观察结果应用到绘画中。达芬奇的大脑总是装满了各种必要的信息。正是右侧袖子的模糊轮廓将这幅肖像变得栩栩如生,正如19世界英国家和艺术批评家沃特帕特所描述的那样,创造出了“几乎等同于幻想的现实”Da Vinci would sometimes spend years thinking about a single painting. Mr Syson hopes visitors to the National Gallery will, in turn, look long and hard at these works. Advance tickets for entry to the end of the year had sold out by the opening day. The show does not close until February 5th 2012, but advance tickets for its final weeks are going fast. Meanwhile, the only way to get in now is to queue for one of the 500 tickets being held back for sale each morning. The security checks are elaborate, but the wait is well worth it.达芬奇有时候会花上几年的时间思索一幅画。所以塞森希望来国家美术馆参观的人们反过来也能仔细的欣赏这些作品。到年末的预售票在开馆当天就已经抢购一空。展览将一直持续到2012年2月5日,展览最后一周的预售票正在大卖。现在要进去参观的唯一方式就是去排队买票,每天早上美术馆只出售500张票。而且安全检查十分复杂,不过这种等待是绝对值得的。 /201305/240203东台市有泌尿科吗

盐城/男子射精快是什么原因盐城市第一人民医院泌尿科咨询America and the second world war美国和第二次世界战争The workshop heroes车间里的英雄A tribute to the unsung workers致敬无名工作者MacArthur had help engineering victory麦克阿瑟将军曾对工程师的胜利作过贡献Engineers of Victory: The Problem Solvers who Turned the Tide in the Second World War.By Paul Kennedy.工程师的胜利:问题解决者曾扭转了二战的局势NEARLY 70 years after the second world war and with most of the combatants now dead, a leading historian can praise the Wehrmacht. Not, of course, its evil racism but its military prowess. On the battlefields, writes Paul Kennedy of Yale University, Germanys soldiers earned universal respect for their “capacity to react swiftly and fiercely to an assault on any front”. His superlatives continue to flow. The Wehrmacht possessed a fabulous capacity to recover and strike back; Germanys paratroopers were ultra- competent; the Reich fought with astounding tenacity.二战结束近70年后,大部分的参战者已与世长辞。也许主流的历史学家会赞扬纳粹德国,当然是它英勇的军队,而非那邪恶的种族主义。耶鲁大学教授保罗肯尼迪写到,德国士兵因战场上敏捷的反应能力及勇猛地向前方发起攻势而赢得普遍尊重。保罗肯尼迪的巅峰之作继续流传。纳粹德国拥有极好的反应和反击能力,空降兵相当出色,整个帝国持久作战的能力也十分惊人。How then did Germany come to lose the war? The British-born historian strives to avoid reductionism. Unlike others, he says, he does not claim that the Allies victory can be explained solely by brute force or by a wonder weapon or by some magical decrypting system. There were multiple factors. Some have been exaggerated. Bletchley Park was “certainly far less important” than most of the popular literature about the codebreakers suggests. Sir Arthur “Bomber” Harriss determination not to target the enemys oil, transport and electricity grids but to blast cities instead was, he writes, a “weird panacea”.德国是如何输掉这次战争的呢?一位英国的历史学家极力避免还原真相。他说,他不像其他人那样断言盟军的胜利只因为强大的军事力量或一件神奇的武器或某些神秘的解密系统。盟军的胜利有多种原因。一些事实被夸大。布莱切利园 (Bletchley Park)当然远不比关于破译者自述的那些大量流行著作重要。他写道,“轰炸机”阿瑟哈里斯的决心不是把目标放在敌人的石油、交通和电网上,而是要炸毁整座城市,“怪异的灵丹妙药”。Against this, Mr Kennedy argues, some reasons for the Allies success deserve much greater emphasis. One of them, the stupendous might of Americas military-industrial complex, was recognised at last in Arthur Hermans “Freedoms Forge”, reviewed here last year. Mr Kennedy celebrates another crucial component: the role of engineers. What they invented, improvised and improved had, by 1943, begun to turn the tide against Germany and Japan.肯尼迪反对道:盟军胜利有一些更值得强调的原因。其中,美国军工铁三角惊人的势力最终在亚瑟赫尔曼《铸就自由》一书中被实,去年本杂志也过此事。肯尼迪赞美盟军胜利的另一个重要因素是:工程师的角色。到1943年,他们的发明、创造和改进开始扭转抗衡德国和日本的局势。By then long-range B-24 Liberator bombers protected convoys of merchant ships crossing the Atlantic; Hedgehog grenades destroyed Grand Admiral Karl D?nitzs U-boats; B-17 Flying Fortress bombers flew from airfields in England deep into Germany and drove the Japanese back in the Pacific; T-34 tanks led the blood-soaked Soviet counter-attack on the Eastern Front; Mustang fighter planes decimated Germanys flying aces.那时超远程的B-24“解放者”轰炸机保护商船的护航队穿过大西洋;“刺猬”手榴弹摧毁德国大海军上将 Karl Dnitzs的潜艇;B-17空中堡垒轰炸机在英国机场起飞,深入德国内部,穿过日本返回太平洋;苏联的血腥武器T-34坦克东线进行反击;野马战斗机摧毁了德国顶尖飞行员。Mr Kennedy also rescues the engineers of the US Navy Construction Battalions from relative obscurity. Popularly known as the “Seabees”, these were the units that built the bases, the installations, the assembly points and the roads that carried the Allied fight forward. Their achievements more than justify Mr Kennedys assertion that engineers are essential to military victory. Yet, as he rightly complains, historians of grand campaigns all too often take their work for granted and assume that troops, fleets and air squadrons can be moved long distances by the stroke of a pen on a large map.肯尼迪还救助过默默无闻的美国海军建设营的工程师,也就是人们俗称的“海军工程营人员”。他们负责建设基地,设备,集散地点和盟军向前进攻的道路。这些人的成就远远足以明肯尼迪的说法,工程师是军事胜利的重要部分。然而,正如他抱怨地那样,研究大事记的历史学家往往把他们的工作看成是理所当然的,他们认为军队、舰队和空军中队可以很容易地移动像在地图上随笔一挥那样长的距离。Seabee statistics are still amazing. In the Pacific alone they built, in the midst of war, 111 major airstrips and 441 piers, tanks for the storage of 100m gallons of fuel, housing for 1.5m men and hospitals for 70,000 patients. The famous photograph of General Douglas MacArthur fulfilling his “I shall return” promise to the Philippines was possible only after skilful Seabees had managed the pontoon bridges and causeway units that brought the army ashore—along with the photographers, of course.海军修建营人员所作成就的数据仍令人惊讶。战争年代他们在太平洋孤岛上修建了111个主要简易机场和441个码头,存放100加仑燃料的坦克,容纳150万人的住房和容纳70,000例病人的医院。麦克阿瑟将军对菲律宾承诺“我还要回来”,这张著名的照片可能只有在技术娴熟的海军修建营成员成功管理浮筒桥梁和铜锣单位之后才可能实现。当然是铜锣单位把军队和摄影师一起带上岸。Mr Kennedys best-known book is “The Rise and Fall of Great Powers”and his knowledge of earlier conflicts adds depth and colour to his history of the middle years of the war. Alexander the Great, Julius Caesar, the Duke of Marlborough, Napoleon, William Tecumseh Sherman and others march across the pages as Mr Kennedy compares and contrasts their actions with those of their counterparts in 1943-44. And he is able to cite several instances of British-American-Soviet bickering to sustain the Duke of Wellingtons grumble that having enemies is nothing like as bad as having allies.保罗肯尼迪的著作是《大国的兴衰》,他早年的斗争经历增加了中年战争历史的深度和色。此书对亚历山大大帝、凯撒大帝、马尔伯勒公爵、拿破仑、威廉特库姆塞谢尔曼和肯尼迪等人进行了整篇幅的描述,并将他们与同处1943-44年代的对手们进行了对比。威灵顿公爵曾怨言:有敌人一点也不像有盟友那样糟糕,保罗肯尼迪就此能举出英、美、苏联验这句话的几个实例。 /201405/300911Few tours of South Africa complete without a visit to this massive expands of wild Africa. 几乎没有完整的南非之旅会走遍庞大的野生非洲的每处角落。It is without doubt one of the best places on the planet to come across flora, 无疑这是在地球上植物群遍布的最好地方之一,but Im here to do something a little bit different.但是我在这里要做的事情却有点与众不同。Out there, man has always struggles. 在那里之外,男人们一直在奋斗。It’s full of uncertainty, danger and very big animals. 充满了不确定性,危险,非常大的动物常伴。I’m here to explore that remarkable relationship between man and this land. 我来这里是探寻人与这片土地的非凡关系。And Im going to be doing to it on foot.而我将徒步完成这一切。There may be a lot of dangerous animals out there, 此次旅程可能会遭遇很多危险的动物,but trust me, it is possible to come here and go for a walk. 但是相信我,来这里走上一走是完全可能的事情。The Kruger is the countrys No.1 game park, 克鲁格是全国最大的野生动物保护区,home to lion,leopard,elephant,buffalo and rhino. 是大象,狮子,豹子,水牛和犀牛的家园。The famous Big five of Africa. 这是非洲知名的五大。It’s difficult to believe that a million humans come here every year. 很难相信每年有一百万人来到这里。201306/244804盐城市盐都区中西医结合医院治疗女性疾病多少钱盐城/早泄的治疗价格

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