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Before the Olympics, fans were worried about the state of the waters surrounding Rio. Now, the Olympics are here and everyone is wondering what happened to the water in the diving pool.奥运会之前,粉丝们担心里约的水质状况。如今奥运开赛,人们都在好奇跳水水池发生了什么。Diving fans were dismayed to see that the waters blue hues from the first few days of competition were gone, replaced by a green, murky pool.跳水爱好者惊愕地看到,比赛最初几天蓝色的水不见了,取而代之的是绿色、暗淡的水池。British synchronized diver Tonia Couch said the water made it impossible for her to see her partner.英国双人跳水运动员托尼亚·考奇说,绿色的水让它看不到自己的同伴。The leading theory about the color change is that an algae bloom started because the pool didnt have enough chlorine. 水池颜色变化的主要推测是藻类的大量繁殖,因为水池没有足够的氯。Sports Illustrated noted that algae typically blooms in warmer water, which could explain why the warmer waters under the diving platforms turned green, while the cooler swimming pool is still blue.体育画报指出,藻类通常在温暖的水中大量繁殖,这就可以解释为什么更温暖的跳水水池变成绿色,而较冷的游泳池仍然是蓝色。A spokesman for the games said officials are investigating the cause and added that they did test to make sure the water was safe for competitors.赛事的一位发言人表示,官员正在调查原因,并补充他们做了测试,以确保水对选手是安全的。译文属。201608/460089

Robotics, once the stuff of science fiction, is aly in economic reality for workers around the world.机器人技术,一种曾属于科幻的东西,已经成为了现实,帮助世界范围内的工人们进行工业生产。But automations ability to do the jobs humans do faster, better and cheaper carries a price, says World Bank President Jim Yong Kim.不过,世界行长吉姆·金表示,与人类相比,自动化能将工作做得更快、更好且成本更低,是有代价的。;Accelerations in technology are changing the landscape.“技术上的发展进步正在改变情形。We estimate that two thirds of all jobs that currently exist in developing countries will be wiped out by automation.;我们估计,目前存在于发展中国家的所有工作,将有三分之二被自动化技术夺走。”That represents millions of workers in countries that now provide much of the low price labour for consumer goods from clothing to smartphones.这意味着,在那些目前提供大量低廉劳动力的国家,数百万工人将失业,包括装制造、智能手机组装等领域。But the loss of livelihoods could have far-reaching repercussions including the mass migration of displaced workers.但生计的丧失将产生深远的影响,可能导致大量流离失所的工人进行大范围的迁徙。Its a situation of right for both opportunity and conflict, says economist Diane Lim at the conference board,在这种情形下,既能带来机会,也会引发冲突,经济学家戴安娜·林说道,a global business research organization.她是一家全球商业研究机构的董事会成员。;You know, some countries are gonna be capitalizing on that by saying Come here, we need you to do work here.“你们知道,有些国家正在利用这一点,说‘来这里,我们需要你在这里做工作。’And other countries are going to put up a stance and says No, we dont want you.然而其他国家可能采取的立场是‘不,我们不需要你’,And so its gonna affect the global economy.;所以会影响全球经济。”The World Bank says its an urgent issue, given the many serious conflicts around the world世界表示,这是一个紧迫的问题,因为世界各地的许多冲突十分严重,including the worst refugee crisis since the second World War.包括第二次世界大战以来最严重的难民危机。Lim says automation will force us to redefine human labour.林说,自动化将迫使我们重新界定人力劳动。;Just because we have automation replacing those types of jobs doesnt mean automation can replace all kinds of jobs.“自动化仅仅能取代某些类型的工作并不意味着自动化可以取代各种工作。So in particular, there is gonna be growing demand for all kinds of service-providing industries rather than goods-producing industries.因此,特别是对各类务提供行业,而不是商品生产行业的需求将不断增长。(There is room for the human touch still?) Yes.;(人类还有是有用武之地的是吗?)当然。”The World Bank says its unclear how fast automation will cut jobs, but Kim says the time to act is now.世界表示,自动化将会在多长时间内削减人类工作还不清楚。但是金表示,我们必须现在就采取行动。;And so for every country in the world,“所以对于世界上的每一个国家来说,we have to think very seriously about what is the investments we need to make right now必须非常重视我们现在所需要进行的投资,in order to prepare ourselves for the economy in the future.;以便为今后经济发展做好准备。”The U.S. has not been immune.美国也受到了影响。Most studies suggest automation, not trade was responsible for most of the manufacturing jobs lost between 2000 and 2010.大多数研究表明,2000年至2010年间大部分制造行业工作岗位的丢失,都应归因于自动化而非贸易。201706/512509

Katherine can memorize a deck of cards.凯瑟琳可以记住一套牌。So were shuffling them right now, okay?现在,我们将牌打乱。Shes never had this deck before, nor have I. So were going to have to have perfect silence.我和她都没有碰过这套牌。现在,请绝对安静。You want me to just hand you the deck? Yep.你让我把牌现在交给你吗?是的。All right, here we go. So were going to do this.好了,开始吧。接下来是Im going to deal to these three kids seven cards apiece, going this way first.我们给这三个孩子每人7张牌,从这边开始。Now, everyone has cards.现在,所有人都有了。This is the remaining deck. It will sit here untouched.这是剩下的牌。放在这里不动。How many aces have been distributed?我分了几张“尖儿”?One. Who has them? Elenna.一张。在谁那里?埃琳娜。Which one is the ace? The very left one. Ace of spades. Ha!哪张是?最左边的。黑桃“尖儿”。天啊!Okay. Steve Harvey, point to any card on the table and Katherine will identify.史蒂夫,随意指出桌子上的一张牌,凯瑟琳要说出它是什么。Ten of spades? Flip that over. Yes. Yes. Oh, yes. Thank you, Lord.黑桃十?翻过来。天啊,天啊,上帝啊。What was the first card that each player got?他们三个人手里的第一张牌是什么?So, Elenna got seven of spades. Seven of spades, come on, girl.埃琳娜是黑桃七,黑桃七对了。He got two of spades. Two of spades, yes.他是黑桃二。黑桃二。对了。And then he got, um, king of clubs.他是梅花K。Were rich! Were rich! Thank you, Lord!我发财了!发财了!感谢上帝!You have no idea the money that Im about to make!我要发大财了!Lord, have mercy. Okay, this is, this is the last one.上帝,怜悯我吧。好了,最后一个问题。For the grand finale.最后一个压轴的。Steve Harvey can start pulling from the top of the deck.史蒂夫将从第一张牌开始。Katherine will be able to recall all cards in order. Ooh!凯瑟琳将依次说出牌的种类。哦!Okay. First card.好了,第一张牌。Five of clubs.梅花五。Seven of clubs.梅花七。Nine of spades.黑桃九。Jack of diamonds.方片J。Ten of diamonds.方片十。Two of hearts. Jeez红桃二。天啊!Nine of hearts.红桃九。Whats next? And then jack of hearts.下一个?红桃J。Two of diamonds. Take it to the house! Take it to the...King of diamonds.方片二。对了!方片K。All us, we rich! Boy, come on, Jack! Black Jack!我们发财了!孩子来一个,来杰克!黑“杰克”!Six of spades. Come on, girl. Four more. Ace of diamonds. Yes! Six of clubs? Yes!黑桃六。加油,还有四个。方片“尖儿”。对了!梅花六?对了!Im telling you, this is a hustle. Last two. Okay.告诉你们,这真能骗钱。最后两个。好的。Five of spades. But it is!黑桃五。对了!Last card. What is it? Ten of hearts. Ten of hearts?最后一个是什么?红桃十。红桃十?Ladies and gentlemen, this is the greatest mind Ive ever seen in my life!女士们先生们,这是我所见到过的“最强大脑”!Put your hands together! Show your love for Katherine!为凯瑟琳的精表演鼓掌!201707/516271

So, of course, in normal electronic banking systems,在普通电子系统中what I would say is, ;Please transfer money from my account我需要做的是 从我的账户中to someone elses account,; but fundamentally,转账给别人 但实际上who owns what money is recorded by the bank,每个账户的余额是由by the intermediary也就是中间人记录的Whats really interesting about Bitcoin is this virtual money比特币最有意思的是虚拟资金is not controlled by a bank, its not controlled by government.它不受控制 也不受政府控制Its controlled by an algorithm.它是由算法来控制的The algorithm in question is a triumph of mathematics.在这里 算法代表了数学的胜利This is a Bitcoin transaction in action.这是比特币的交易过程To pay someone in Bitcoin, the transaction must be signed用比特币付款给某人 交易必须使用using an cryptographic key which proves the parties agree to it.交易双方都同意的密匙An unchangeable electronic record一个无法改变的电子记录is then made of this transaction.就随着交易生成了This electronic record contains这条电子记录包含every transaction ever made on Bitcoin.比特币的每一笔交易Its called the block chain叫做区块链and its stored in a distributed form by every user,它以分布的形式由用户来储存not by a bank or other authority.而非或其他当局重点解释:1.control by 被…控制例句:Should industry be controlled by the state?工业应该由国家控制吗?2.store in 保存于例句:The data stored in a computer can be protected.存储在计算机里的数据能被保护起来。3.made of 由 ... 制成例句:That chiffonier is made of oak.那件小衣橱是橡木制成。201703/500207

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