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Three months later, Porto had won the most one-sided Champions League final for decade.三个月之后,波尔图赢得了最近十年中最一边倒的欧冠决赛。He will come to England as the manager of the European Champions.他会以欧冠冠军的身份来到英格兰执教。重点词汇:one-sided 一边倒例句:As the visiting team was much better, the game was one-sided.因为客队强得多,这场比赛成为一边倒。201406/307039

The sundews tentacles are living fly-paper.小毛毡苔的触须 有如活生生的捕蝇纸Struggling only makes matters worse.挣扎只会让情况越变越糟With each contact, the plant tightens its grip.每一次接触 都会让小毛毡苔卷得更紧As more and more tentacles envelop the prey,卷住猎物的触须越来越多the droplets sp across its body.液滴沾满了猎物的身体The Venus fly trap.这是捕蝇草Like the sundew, it makes itself very attractive,它和小毛毡苔一样 都想办法让自己变得香甜可口oozing nectar across the brim of each leaf.每一片叶子的边缘都渗出蜜汁Eventually, the insect is smothered and drowns in sticky fluid.最后昆虫窒息,在黏液中淹死Digestive enzymes break down the body into a nitrogen-rich meal消化酵素把昆虫的身体 分解为一顿富含氮的大餐which is absorbed by the plant.由植物吸收Without animal tissues this plant would not survive.若少了动物的组织 这种植物也无法存活But theres another carnivorous plant但另一种食肉植物的thats an even more sophisticated predator.狩猎策略更高明201310/262913

One of his proudest achievements was his memorial complex at Thebes, near modern Luxor.他最骄倣的成就之一是在底比斯修建的纪念建筑群,位于今日的卢克索附近。It wasnt a tomb where he was going to be buried, but a temple where he would be venerated in life and then worshipped as a god for all eternity.这里并非他的墓地,而是他生前接受敬拜,死后被当作神灵永世崇拜的庙宇。The Ramesseum, as its now known, covers an immense area about the size of four football pitches and contains a temple, a palace and treasuries.我们如今将其称为拉美西斯神殿, 它占地极广,约存四个足球场大小,包含神庙,宫殿与藏宝库。There were two courtyards in the Ramesseum, and our statue sat at the entrance to the second one.拉美西斯神殿内有两个院子,我们的这座雕像原本便在第二个庭院的人口处。But magnificent though it is, this statue is just one of many-Ramesses is replicated again and again throughout the complex, a multiple vision of monumental power that must have had an overwhelming effect on the officials and priests who went there.虽然它雄伟壮观,但当时也仅是院内的众多雕像之―。拉美西斯的雕像遍布整个建筑群,这种不朽的力量反复重现,一定会让前来朝拜的官员及神职人员震撼不已。We went to see Antony Gormley in the studio where he created his own monumental sculpture-the Angel of the North:创作了“北方天使”的安东尼戈姆利认为:;Well for me, as a sculptor, the acceptance of the material as a means of conveying the relationship between human-lived biological time and in a way the eons of geological time, is an essential condition of the waiting quality of sculpture.身为雕塑家,我认为原料的材质反映了人类寿命的生物时间与永恒的地质时间之间的关系,是雕像能够长存的基本条件。The fact that sculptures persist, endure, and life dies.人的生命易逝,而雕像永存。And all of Egyptian sculpture in some senses has this dialogue with death, with that which lies on the other side.在某种意义上,所有的埃及雕像都曾经与死 亡对话,与另-个世界对话。;For me there is something very humbling that is, in some senses, a celebration of what a people can do together, because that is the other extraordinary thing about Egyptian both architecture and sculpture.雕像中也包含了一些极为平凡的东西,它是人类集体力量的结晶。这正是埃及雕像与建筑的另一奇特之处。201408/317767

  Some foods, however, are only available不过有些食物是双手灵巧to those who have skilful hands and sharp intelligence.脑筋灵活者的专利On the coast of Costa Rica, among the mangroves,在哥斯大黎加海边的红树林里live some of the most intelligent monkeys住着某些全美洲in the whole of the Americas.最聪明的猴子White-faced capuchins.白喉卷尾猴They too have learnt to work the tides.它们也学会了如何利用潮水They are after clams.白喉卷尾猴的目标是蚌But capuchins are quite small但卷尾猴的体型娇小and dont have the brawn to open such shellfish.没有力气撬开蚌壳But they do have the brain,还好脑力可以弧补体力的不是and theyve devised an ingenious way to solve the problem.它们发明了一种解决问题的妙招They hammer the clams.那就是把蚌壳敲开They are not trying to crack the shells,它们并不是想把蚌壳敲碎all this pounding and rolling has another purpose,这种敲滚的动作有另一种功用to tire the muscle with which the clam is holding itself shut.让蚌用来紧闭蚌壳的肌肉疲乏201311/265816

  Diana Death: No Evidence SAS Involved A police scoping exercise reveals contradictions in accounts claiming SAS involvement in the death of Diana, Princess of Wales.Be remembered that we here on Sky News brief story that the metropolitan police. All these years later we are going to investigate the claims made by a former SAS soldier that the SAS, not him, but the SAS had been involved in the killing of Princess Diana on the fatal night, always the 31st in 1997 on the cross of Dodi Al-Fayed. Now the metropolitan police thought this had such credibility at the time. They launched a scooping exercise as they called it basically to review the information. Tonight I can tell you, and this is come from an assistant commissioner Matt Really whos from the Specialist Crime and Operations Division. And Matt says having reviewed relevant records and taken accounts from principal parties, the conclusion the investigative team has reached is while there is a possibility that the alleged comments in relation to the SAS involvement in the death may have been made. There is no credible or relevant evidence to support the theory that such claims had any basis in fact. Having reviewed the exercise and its findings, Im satisfied theres no evidential basis upon which therefore to reopen any criminal homicide investigation or refer the matter back to the coroner. So a lot of time, a lot of effort, presumably a lot of taxpayers money being spent to get this back to where it started which is that this was a terrible accident in Paris.That was good to say thats what the matter rest that what possible laws to those people who were commit worse conspiracy. Okay, David, thanks so much again. /201312/269776。

  Israel, Hamas continue to trade fire and blame以色列、哈马斯继续就交火问题互相指责Earlier, we spoke to our correspondent Roee Ruttenberg in Tel Aviv who brought us the latest from the ground.早些时候,我们连线在特拉维夫的记者罗伊鲁特伯格,他带给我们最新的进展情况。201407/315751

  UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Its time for the shoutout. “大声喊出来”的时间到了!What is Iron Mans real name? If you think you know it, then shout it out. “钢铁侠”的真名叫什么?如果你认为你知道,那么大声喊出来吧!Is it Bruce Banner, Peter Parker, Steve Rogers or Tony Stark? Youve got 3 seconds, go.他叫布鲁斯·班纳、彼得·帕克、斯蒂夫·罗杰斯还是托尼·斯塔克?你有三秒钟的时间,开始!Its Tony Stark inside the Iron Man suit. 在钢铁侠套装里的是托尼·斯塔克。The character made his comic debut in 1963. Thats your answer and thats your shoutout.1963年,这个角色首次出现在漫画书里。那就是你的,那就是你的“大喊”。AZUZ: Iron Man has been around as a fictional character for 50 years, but the U.S. military wants to turn shellhead into a reality, or at least his hardware. 钢铁侠作为一个科幻角色已经快50年了,但是美国军方想要把这个铁头王变成真实的事物,或者至少是他的硬件。The military is recruiting companies and academics to design a suit for special forces, and hopefully move superhero technology from movies and comic books to the battlefield.军队正在招募公司和学者来为特战队设计装备,希望能把电影和科幻小说中的超级英雄技术用到战场中来。 /201311/264940

  But they didnt have to.不过最终都不用这样The board relented因为董事局最后让步and on January 22, 1984在1984年1月22日an audience of 96 million在超级杯美式足球赛事的Superbowl viewers watched9600万名观众面前one of the most celebrated advertisements of all time.播出了这个万众瞩目的广告We shall revenge!我们要报复Two days later, Steve Jobs presented两天之后,乔布斯向全世界the Macintosh computer to the world.推出Macintosh电脑“Today, for the first time ever,今天,前所未有的Id like to let Macintosh我会叫Macintoshspeak for itself向大家介绍自己“Hello,I am Macintosh.大家好,我是MacintoshIt sure is great to get out of that bag;我很高兴可以从那塑料袋中出来But the Macintosh was a gamble.但是Macintosh是一场Its automated factory which boasted only 86 workers它的自动化厂房只有86名工人cost million.但市值是2000万美元By the end of 1984,在1984年年底sales of the Macintosh were slippingMacintosh的销售额下滑and the relationship between Sculley and Jobs史考力和乔布斯的关系began to break down.便开始决裂了The Mac was totally wrong for the market,Macintosh对市场来说是个错误because dealers sold products因为厂家的主要收入来源that they their made money,除了产品本身most their money off peripherals,还很倚赖其他产品like printers and cables例如打印机、电线and monitors and all that stuff and training.屏幕以及应用培训等等Well, Mac didnt have any of that,这些东西Macintosh全部没有it was all self-contained.它本身已经一应俱全So, sales became the downside, it started.导致苹果电脑总营业额开始下滑And then there was a decision加上有决定要聘请made that would hire about 3,000 corporate sales people.大约3000名企业销售人员And thats when it started unraveling令到情况开始转坏 /201310/261254Ukraine Unrest: Opposition Offered Top JobsThe Ukrainian President offers to share power as demonstrators try to seize government buildings across the country.新闻背景:乌克兰议会新通过的一份新的法律,旨在对公众集会进行严格的限制。这遭到了反对派的强烈不满。随后他们准备包围乌克兰议会以示抗议,但是遭到了警方的阻拦,随后爆发激烈冲突。俄罗斯外交部长拉夫罗夫称,俄关注美国国务卿克里的言论,目前重要的是美国不要干预乌克兰事态进程,并避免激化冲突的言论。拉夫罗夫对媒体表示,他在第二次日内瓦会议期间分别与欧盟外交与安全政策高级代表阿什顿、意大利外长尼诺、美国国务卿克里探讨了乌克兰局势。拉夫罗夫说,会议上的相关讨论令他感到,相比此前基辅独立广场示威刚刚开始时,克里等人认识到,向乌克兰反对派示好仅仅为了持他们反对现任政府的做法是危险的。根据乌克兰社会调查机构最新调查显示,对于当前的局势,乌克兰东西部地区立场相差较大。西部地区亲欧,因此对于反对派的抗议示威较为持,目前,不少乌克兰西部城市也爆发了示威集会,声援基辅的示威者。而乌克兰东部地区的居民则大多对反对派的行为表示不满。有东部地区居民就表示,要想生活得更好,需要的不是暴力对抗,而是努力工作。 The fires are still burning by the barricades, the police still holding their line and the politician sticking to theirs. The President had offered major concessions to stay in power to make one of the opposition leaders prime minister, to make Vitali Klischko, former world heavyweight boxing champion deputy prime minister in charge of humanitarian affairs.From the stage in Independent Square, they announced they were prepared to lead the country, but not with Yanukovych still in charge. Negotiations will now continue, but with the President who looks distinctively weakened, the protesters still calling for his head.“I dont think people will admit this propose of Yanukovych. And people will stay here, in the place to continue the fight against this criminal government.”“I think this is not what people on the streets and the Ukraine are waiting for, because they want resignation of Yanukovych, and not just by in a position with some, you know, posts in the government.”This is no longer contained to the capital. This is Vinnytsia, 180km south in central Ukraine. They stormed the government’s regional headquarters. The police are numbered and under attack. This is what they think of their president yet. In Kiev, they briefly seized the energy ministry, forcing their way in with homemade shields and sticks. They barricaded themselves inside with tables and chairs. In streets so as I say, parliament hostilities are going strong, what truces their war still seems to be off. There were elements of the medieval siege to this note. They are using catapults to reach the police lines. And then through the barricades trooped a brigade of mothers, let through the frontline by Orthodox priests. They climbed over the rubble, through remains of burnt-out buses to stand and face the police. “We pleading with you,” they chant.The women have come right all to the frontier. They are holding signs, saying they are mothers and they are repealing to the lines of the police, just metres here in front of them, appealing them to be with their people, not to attack their children. As the mothers were led back, the protesters started to sing the national anthem, hands on hearts on top of the barricades. They feel they are standing here for the future of their country. They have too much to lose to go home. /201402/275278

  对母亲来说,最感伤的一天莫过于看到自己的儿子喜欢上了另一个女人。大洋彼岸,新年之后,Old Spice迅速带着“Mom Song”回归,演绎的正是这样一位——悲恸欲绝的母亲。以下是双语文本:广告介绍:Old Spice是宝洁旗下美国男性护理品牌。广告中一位母亲用悲痛的声音唱出自己的愤怒。在这首歌中,被妈妈们指责的正是Old Spice最新推出的两款香型喷雾——Bearglove和Lionpride,光它们的名字就散发出一种浓烈的雄性荷尔蒙的味道。这两种新型喷雾专门针对青少年市场。Old Spice的概念是,它能令你瞬间变成一个男人,女士们从此将以欣赏男人的眼光看你,而你那可怜的老妈只能独自哭泣。对正处于叛逆期的青少年群体而言,这个概念可谓十分动人。广告歌词:Mother: Oh, I didn’t see it coming, but it came in a can. Now my sweet son’s been sprayed into a man.唉,我从没想到有一天它会真的发生。就在那一刻,我的甜心小宝贝被喷成了一个男人。Mother: Mine too and hey we know just who to blame.我的也是并且嘿,我们知道该怪谁。When our sons have fun with women and misbehave.当我的儿子开始和女人鬼混。Mother: Old Spice (Psshh Psshh) sprayed a man out of my son.是它!Old Spice!它把我的儿子喷成了男人Now he’s kissing all the women and he’s chores aren’t done.现在他不出去打零工了,他只想着亲吻其他的女人。He was just my little sweety, tiny fingers, hands and feeties and now he’s touching, kissing, feeling all the women because --他曾经是我的小可爱,那小手指,那小手,那小脚丫…现在他在用它们抚摸其他的女人,这全都怪——Old Spice (New Spice)Old Spice!(新香型)Mother: Create a man out of my son, now he smells like a man and they treat him like one.它把我的儿子喷成了男人,现在他闻起来像个男人而别人也如此看他…唉…201406/306781

  On Wednesday afternoon, the ministry officially issued 4G licences to three of Chinas biggest telecom operators: China Mobile, China Unicom and China Telecom. That means these operators now have official permission to develop commercial 4G services.周三下午,政府部门正式将4G执照颁发给中国的三大通讯运营商:中国移动,中国联通和中国电信。这也意味着该三大运营商目前被正式允许进行商业4G务开发。In hopes of taking a lead in the 4G era, China Mobile has spent more than 40 billion yuan or about 6.6 billion US dollars this year alone, building infrastructure and widening coverage. But it doesnt mean customers can call from a 4G phone tomorrow, as it will take time for telecom operators to roll out phone options, call plans and ensure enough coverage.为在4G领域占领领军地位,中国移动就今年已耗资400亿元,约合66亿美元,进行基础设施建设和覆盖范围扩大。但是,这并不代表用户明天就可以使用4G手机拨打电话,因为电信运营商需要时间来进行电话设置,推出自费标准以及确保覆盖范围。201312/267314。

  Its March, and light returns to the high Arctic, sweeping away four months of darkness.现在是三月,阳光重返北极腹地,驱走了4个月的黑暗A polar bear stirs. She has been in her den the whole winter.一只北极熊苏醒了。整个冬天,它都在洞穴里度过Her emergence marks the beginning of spring.它的出现标志着春天的到来After months of confinement underground she toboggans down the slope.长达数月的地下闭居已经结束,它从斜坡上一滑而下Perhaps to clean her fur, perhaps for sheer joy.也许是为了清洁皮毛,也许只是因为高兴Her cubs gaze out of their bright new world for the very first time.它的幼熊们第一次注视着这个明亮的新世界The female calls them, but this steep slope is not the easiest place to take your first steps.母熊召唤着熊崽,但在这个陡峭的斜坡上踏出第一步可不太容易But they are hungry and eager to reach their mother,可是它们太饿了,急切盼着来到母亲身旁whos delayed feeding them on this special day.在这个特别的日子里,母熊已经推迟了喂奶的时间Now she lures them with the promise of milk,现在该是履行承诺的时候了,乳汁是巨大的诱惑the only food the cubs have known since they were born deaf and blind beneath the snow some two months ago.自从熊崽们两个多月前又聋又瞎地在雪下出生以来,母乳就是它们唯一的食物201409/327814


  Some people just love to argue. Since you wont always be able to avoid them, learn some techniques for defusing the argument and keeping the peace.有些人就是喜欢争吵。因为这种情况总是难以避免的,学习一些平息争吵,保持和平的技巧。You Will Need你需要Understanding理解Defusing techniques平息争吵的技巧Self-control自我控制Patience耐心Focus集中精力A willingness to walk away愿意走开Steps步骤STEP 1 Understand people who like to argue1.理解喜欢争吵的人Understand that argumentative people, especially if they tend to become aggressive, have a deep-rooted personal problem. They like to argue, and they like to win – period.要理解,那些喜欢争论不休的人,尤其是经常咄咄逼人的人,存在根深蒂固的个人问题。在某一个时期,他们喜欢争吵,喜欢获胜。Unlike people who enjoy the mental exercise of debate, argumentative people argue because of the sense of power and control it gives them.与那些喜欢辩论这种脑力活动的人来说,喜欢争吵的人是喜欢争吵为他们带来的能力感和控制感。STEP 2 Be aware and engage defusing techniques2.意识到问题,采取平息技巧Recognize that the person who started to argue with you may be this kind of person. Begin to employ defusing techniques.认识到引起争吵的这个人或许就是这种人。开始采取平息技巧。STEP 3 Dont engage in an argument with them3.不要参与争吵Dont get drawn into an argument or, if aly drawn in, try to win it. You wont – at least not without causing the argument to escalate and possibly turn nasty.不要参与争吵。或者,如果已经不幸卷入的话,不要试着获胜。否则你只会导致争吵升级或者导致不愉快。Never let an argument become personal by using words that attack the person, and never say, ;You are wrong.;千万不要让争吵变成人身攻击,永远不要说“你错了。”STEP 4 Listen to them4.倾听Listen to what the person has to say and dont cut them off, which will only anger them.听一下对方想要说什么,不要打断他,否则只会激怒他。STEP 5 Show that you are listening and respect their view5.表示你在倾听,尊重对方的观点Use words that show you respect their views and repeat their main points to show that you are listening.用语要表明你尊重他们的观点,重复他们的中心思想,表示你认真听了他们说话。Some positive phrases to use are ;I believe what you are saying is…,; ;I understand,; and ;Thanks for letting me know your opinion.;可以使用的一些比较积极的话语包括:“我相信你说的是……”“我理解”“谢谢你告诉你你的观点。”STEP 6 Use self-control and stay focused on the issues6.自我控制,集中在问题本身Use self-control and stay focused on the issues being discussed. Dont let the person turn the discussion back into a no-win argument.使用自我控制技巧,集中精力解决正在讨论的问题。不要让对方把讨论变成两败俱伤的争吵。STEP 7 Walk away7.走开If this person is determined to argue, say something neutral, like, ;Ill have to give this more thought,; and walk away.如果对方下定决心争论,说一些中立的话,比如,“我要再想一下,”然后走开。Did you know? Researchers have tied participating in high school debate teams with increased literacy and higher grades.你知道吗?研究人员认为参加高中辩论比赛和识字能力以及高分之间存在关系。视频听力译文由。201406/304141

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