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安庆jj又痒又疼安庆望江县妇幼儿童人民中医院治疗阳痿多少钱安庆医院哪里泌尿比较好 Apple#39;s chief executive, Tim Cook, has said he is ;extremely sorry for the frustration; users have found with its new mapping service, adding that if they are dissatisfied they can use rival products.苹果首席执行官蒂姆#8226;库克表示,用户已经发现其新的地图务的错误,他 “对此非常抱歉”,补充说如果他们不满意,可以使用竞争对手的产品。The dramatic move by Cook follows growing complaints about the quality of the data offered by the new Maps app which was introduced with iOS 6, the newest version of the mobile software powering the iPhone and iPad.这戏剧性的一幕发生在iOS 6系统的新地图应用提供的数据质量遭到不断抱怨之后,iOS 6是持iPhone和iPad的移动软件新版本。;We are doing everything we can to make Maps better,; Cook wrote in a letter posted on Apple#39;s site – a method frequently used by Cook#39;s predecessor Steve Jobs to issue messages when Apple was facing criticism.“我们将采取一切可能的举措,使地图务变得更好,”,库克在苹果网上的致歉信中写道,——库克的前任史蒂夫#8226;乔布斯经常使用的方法,即当苹果公司面临批评时他就发布信息。Apple has apologised in the past for errors – though sometimes grudgingly.苹果公司已经为过去的错误道歉 - 尽管有时并不情愿。Cook says in the letter that ;we wanted to provide our customers with even better Maps including features such as turn-by-turn directions, voice integration, [satellite view] Flyover and vector-based maps [which store data in a single file rather than needing repeated downloads to work]. In order to do this, we had to create a new version of Maps from the ground up.;库克在信中说:“我们希望向用户提供更好的地图务,包括按方向导航、语音和俯瞰视图(Flyover)功能,并引入矢量地图数据。为了做到这一点,我们从头开始开发了新版地图务。”Although iOS 6 was only released formally on 19 September, Cook says there are now more than 100m devices using it with the new Apple Maps, ;with more and more joining us every day.; He said that users ;have aly searched for nearly half a billion locations; and that such feedback will improve the quality.库克说,虽然iOS6在 9月19日才正式发布,但目前已有超过1亿部iOS设备使用新版苹果地图,每天还有更多用户加入。他说用户已经搜索了近5亿个位置。这种反馈将提高产品质量。Unusually, Cook recommends that users who are dissatisfied with Apple#39;s offering should try rival services. These include apps by MapQuest, Waze and Microsoft#39;s Bing, or maps from Google and Nokia via web browsers.不同寻常的是,库克建议对苹果公司产品不满意的用户应该尝试其竞争对手的务。这些包括MapQuest、Waze和微软必应的地图应用,或来自谷歌和诺基亚网站上的地图务。However, Google#39;s executive chairman, Eric Schmidt, indicated earlier this week that the search giant is not presently developing an app for iOS.然而,谷歌执行董事长埃里克#8226;施密特表示,本周早些时候这家搜索巨头目前并没有开发一种适用于iOS的应用程序。#39;#39;What were we going to do, force (Apple) to include the software?; Schmidt said in Tokyo on Monday, adding that Google has no plans at present to complete its iOS Google Maps app and submit it to Apple. That decision lies with Apple, Schmidt said.“我们应该做的难道是迫使苹果兼容我们的软件吗?”施密特周一在东京表示,他补充说谷歌目前没有计划完成其iOS的谷歌地图应用程序并把它交给苹果。这一决定取决于苹果。#39;#39;We think it would have been better if they had kept ours. But what do I know?; he added.“我们认为如果苹果运用我们的软件这将会更好。但我知道什么?“他补充说。 /201209/202301安庆市第一人民医院东区分院看泌尿科怎么样

太湖县中医院治疗包皮包茎多少钱宜秀区男科预约 There aren’t many markets where, when the old products have failed, customers flock back for more.一旦旧产品不再好用,客户会蜂拥回来,寻求更多产品,这样的市场为数不多。That could explain why the leading lights of computer security – who have converged on San Francisco this week for their industry’s biggest gathering – have been struggling to strike the right tone.这可以解释,为什么计算机安全行业的领先巨擘一直竭力发出正确的声音。近日,这些安全厂商齐聚旧金山,召开业界规模最大的会议。Something between humility, schadenfreude and a wary self-confidence seems to be the order of the day. A Queen cover band may have launched the event with a blasting rendition of We are the Champions but the triumphalism was otherwise in short supply.议程似乎混合着谦逊、幸灾乐祸以及审慎自信的味道。一只模仿皇后乐队(Queen)的翻唱乐队表演一曲高亢的《We are the Champions》,拉开了会议帷幕,但除此以外,会上再找不到多少胜利色。Recent headlines suggest that even the best-defended computer networks resemble Swiss cheese. But, if the old approaches to security have been discredited, there is no shortage of new companies springing up with promises of better ways to plug the gaps – or at least make a lot of money trying.最近的头条新闻表明,即便是防御最严密的计算机网络也一样漏洞百出。不过,每当旧有的安全策略失去人们的信任,总会马上冒出一批新公司,承诺拿出更好的办法填补漏洞——或者至少在尝试做到这一点的过程中大赚一笔。The IT security market, worth some bn this year, is set to grow at 9 per cent annually for the foreseeable future, according to Gartner – which is a lot faster than the IT industry as a whole. Since large parts of the security market are barely growing, that leaves plenty of opportunity to cash in on new approaches.高德纳(Gartner)指出,IT安全市场今年规模达650亿美元左右,在可预见的未来,年增长率将达9%,这比整个IT行业的增长快多了。由于安全市场的大部分都增长乏力,因此从开发新安全策略中获利的空间巨大。The dirty secret that the security professionals can no longer keep to themselves is that their old defences – which were aimed at protecting PCs and other devices that comprise the endpoints of computer networks – no longer work.安全专业人士无法继续秘而不宣的秘密是,他们传统的防御策略不再奏效。这种策略旨在保护构成计算机网络终端的PC以及其他设备的安全。Anti-virus software has proved ineffective against the most sophisticated attacks – and therefore the ones likely to cost most in terms of damage inflicted or intellectual property lost.事实明,在复杂的攻击面前,反病毒软件效果不佳。因此面对可能造成最严重破坏、或者导致知识产权损失的攻击,它们也将无效。Hopes for a fightback are now pinned on two very different approaches.反击的希望寄托在两种截然不同的方式上。One involves spotting so-called malware long before it reaches its intended targets. Companies such as Palo Alto Networks, one of last year’s hottest tech initial public offerings, and FireEye, tipped to follow it, specialise in appliances that sit at the gateway to corporate or government networks, looking out for such threats.其一是在所谓的恶意软件到达攻击目标之前,就将其辨认出来。去年上市的最热门科技公司之一Palo Alto Networks,以及紧随其后的FireEye,专门生产这样的防御软件,软件把守企业或者政府网络的网关,监视此类威胁。Pulling suspicious-looking email attachments and testing them in ringfenced “sandboxes” before allowing them to be delivered offers the promise of filtering out many of these malware threats, almost in real time, according to Asheem Chandna, a former security industry executive and now venture capital investor at Greylock.安全行业前高管、现为Greylock风险投资家的阿西姆?钱德纳(Asheem Chandna)表示,在邮件投递之前,分离可疑的邮件附件,放在隔离的“沙盒”中测试,有望过滤掉大量此类恶意软件的威胁,而且几乎是实时的。This may sound like a natural market for networking companies such as Cisco and Juniper. But, as so often in technology, start-ups have set the pace so far. With Palo Alto trading at 10 times revenues, some high-priced acquisitions seem likely as the industry giants add to their arsenal of defences.这可能听起来就是思科(Cisco)或瞻网络(Juniper)等网络设备企业的天然市场。然而,在科技行业,初创企业往往先行一步,引领趋势。Palo Alto的市销率已达10倍,随着业界巨头增添其安全领域的军火库,未来可能发生一些高价收购交易。The second approach begins with an acceptance that even the best-secured networks will be penetrated. If the attackers are assumed to be aly on the inside, then the focus shifts to identifying their tracks as they move around – while making sure a company’s most important digital assets are harder for the intruders to locate and extract.第二种方法认为,即便是防卫最周密的网络也会被渗透。如果假设攻击者已经进入网络内部,那么重点就转移到在攻击者四处作乱之前找出他们的行踪轨迹,同时保企业最重要的数字资产更加难以被入侵者锁定、窃取。Latching on to another of the tech industry’s big promises, the security purveyors have discovered big data. Pattern recognition – using reams of data to identify normal types of behaviour on a network, in order to spot the anomalies – is becoming the order of the day.科技行业还有一个宏大的承诺——大数据,深谙这一点的安全企业已开始对之加以利用。模式识别正在提上议程。模式识别是指使用大量数据甄别出一个网络中的正常行为模式,从而发现异常行为。The result is what Francis deSouza, president of products and services at Symantec, calls “big intelligence” – in which a stronger situational awareness and a better sense of behavioural norms are the main lines of defence.赛门铁克(Symantec)产品与务总裁弗朗西斯?德苏扎(Francis deSouza)称这种方法为“大情报”,即以对网络情况和正常行为模式的更强把握构成主要防御阵线。Yet the big data promise can only go so far. The extent of the architectural shift in computing, as the client-server age gives way to the cloud, raises profound challenges to the old methods of securing data. The number and variety of computing endpoints is multiplying almost exponentially as mobile devices and, increasingly, machine-to-machine communications proliferate. A tide of data are starting to flow out of corporate networks to tap services that live in the cloud, turning the old defensive barriers into virtual Maginot Lines.然而,大数据带来的也就这么多了。随着客户端-务器时代让位于云端平台,计算架构的大规模转移对保数据安全的传统方式提出了巨大挑战。随着移动设备以及越来越多的机器与机器之间通信量的激增,计算终端数量和类型几乎呈几何级数增长。潮水般的数据正开始从企业网络流出,转而利用云端务,使传统的防御壁垒成了虚拟世界的马其诺防线。At least the security industry, accused alternately of alarmism and complacency, now has a more realistic way to talk to its customers. The big data promise is that, although the enemy is wily and will find ways to break in, the defenders have smarts of their own. They may sometimes lose this cat-and-mouse game, but at least there is a chance of minimising the damage. And, besides the improved rhetoric, there is another benefit to these new approaches: some of them might even work.至少,总被指责耸人听闻、自鸣得意的安全行业,现在能够更加实事求是地同客户交谈。在大数据的承诺下,即使敌人诡计多端,总能找到破门而入之道,防护者也有自己的应对技巧。防护者有时可能会输掉这场猫捉老鼠的弈,但至少有机会把损失降至最低。这些新的策略不光听起来更美好,还有另外的优点:其中有些还是有可能起作用的。 /201303/230102安庆宜城医院治疗早泄多少钱

安庆不做包茎包皮过长影响严重吗Prices of the virtual currency bitcoin fell as much as 38% Wednesday and are now down more than 50% from the record high hit two weeks ago amid worries that China is moving to block the purchase and use of the currency by its citizens.虚拟货币比特币的价格周三跌幅一度高达38%,目前已经较两周前触及的纪录高点回落了逾50%,因市场担忧中国将阻止居民购买和使用比特币。China has emerged as a big driver of the bitcoin market in recent months as enthusiasm for the currency helped send prices soaring more than tenfold in the fall. In recent weeks, prices have tumbled after China#39;s central bank issued a warning about the risks of bitcoin and said financial institutions shouldn#39;t do business with bitcoin-related companies.近几个月来,随着中国市场对比特币的狂热需求推动比特币价格在秋季上涨逾10倍,中国已成为比特币市场的一大驱动力。近几周,比特币转而大幅下跌,因为此前中国央行对比特币风险发出警告,并表示,中国金融机构不得开展与比特币相关的业务。On Wednesday, the world#39;s largest bitcoin exchange stopped allowing customers to use yuan to buy bitcoin. Shanghai-based BTC China #39;has no choice but to stop accepting yuan deposits, #39; the exchange said in a post on Weibo, China#39;s Twitter-like microblogging website.周三,全球最大的比特币交易平台、总部设在上海的比特币中国(BTC China)停止允许客户使用人民币购买比特币。比特币中国在新浪微(Weibo)上说,不得不暂时停止人民币充值功能。#39;Bitcoin deposits, bitcoin withdrawals and yuan withdrawals will not be affected, #39; it added. The exchange said it #39;will try to provide another method for deposits#39; but didn#39;t elaborate. The move means a big source of new cash driving up prices of bitcoin has been eliminated. Exchanges are an important component of bitcoin#39;s ecosystem. Coins can be bought and exchanged privately but most retail investors use the exchanges.比特币中国表示,比特币充值、比特币提现和人民币提现不受影响。该公司还表示,会尽快提供其他的充值途径,但没有就此详述。此举意味着,推升比特币价格的一大新资金来源已经被切断。#39;My understanding#39; is that the People#39;s Bank of China told third-party payment companies on Monday they can#39;t work any longer with exchanges, BTC China CEO Bobby Lee said on Wednesday. These payment companies are often used for e-commerce in China and are the easiest way for individuals to transfer money from their bank accounts for web purchases.比特币中国首席执行长李启元(Bobby Lee)周三表示,他的理解是中国央行周一告知第三方付公司,不能与比特币交易平台进行合作。在中国,这些付公司通常被用于进行电子商务活动,并且是个人将账户资金用于网络购物的最便捷方式。While the central bank hasn#39;t released an official statement, a person familiar with the matter said that a meeting between the bank and several third-party payment providers took place on Monday. The person said officials suggested that third-party payment providers cease their bitcoin involvement by the end of January though no official date was set.尽管中国央行尚未发布一份官方声明,但一位知情人士称,周一央行与几家第三方付公司召开了会议。这位知情人士说,官员们暗示第三方付机构要在明年1月底以前终止比特币相关业务,但未确定正式日期。The central bank didn#39;t respond to requests for comment.中国央行未回复记者寻求置评的请求。The person added that the central bank sees its latest stance toward third-party payment providers as a reiteration of an earlier statement that neither financial institutions nor payment institutions should partake in bitcoin-related businesses. The growing popularity of bitcoin is a threat to China#39;s strict capital controls because it allows citizens to trade yuan for bitcoin and then sell the bitcoin overseas for foreign currency.这位知情人士称,央行将针对第三方付公司的立场视为对此前发布的声明的重申,即金融机构和付机构都不应开展比特币相关业务。日益受到追捧的比特币对中国严格的资本管制构成威胁,因为它使人们能够用人民币购买比特币,然后通过在海外出售比特币而获得外币。BTC China learned about the PBOC#39;s latest stance from third-party payment platforms only and not the PBOC, added Mr. Lee. On Sunday, TenPay, the third-party payment unit of Chinese Internet giant Tencent Holdings Ltd. , stopped working with BTC China. The exchange switched to Yeepay, another provider, but has now stopped working with Yeepay as well, Mr. Lee said.李启元还表示,比特币中国是从第三方付公司而非央行了解到央行的最新立场的。周日中国互联网巨头腾讯控股有限公司(Tencent Holdings Ltd.)旗下的第三方付机构财付通(TenPay)停止与比特币中国的合作。李启元称,比特币中国随后转向另一家第三方付公司易宝(Yeepay),但目前也已经停止与易宝的合作。Beijing-based bitcoin exchange OKCoin issued a similar statement on its website, saying that it would no longer work with third-party payment-service providers. Users of the site will be able to withdraw their funds within 24 hours, it added. OKCoin didn#39;t respond to emailed requests to comment.总部设在北京的比特币交易平台OKCoin在其网站上发布类似声明称,将不再与第三方付公司合作。OKCoin还表示,如果客户发起提现,将在24小时内予以汇款。Worries China wants to clamp down on the bitcoin industry stemmed from local media reports earlier in the week on the central bank#39;s warning Mondayto third-party payment processors. Since the start of the week, international bitcoin prices are down about 37%, according to industry tracker CoinDesk, which incorporates prices from several large bitcoin exchanges around the world. On Wednesday night in Asia, bitcoin prices were down 19% from Tuesday#39;s close to 6.48, for a decline of more than 50% from its high of , 147.25 two weeks ago.本周早些时候本地媒体报道央行周一向第三方付机构发出警告的消息后,外界担心中国可能打算压制比特币行业。据行业追踪机构CoinDesk称,自本周初以来,国际比特币价格已经下跌约37%。CoinDesk基于全球几家大型比特币交易平台的价格编制比特币价格指数。周三晚间在亚洲,比特币价格较周二下跌19%,至556.48美元,较两周前的高点1,147.25美元回落了逾50%。 /201401/271197 Apple is closing in on its largest ever acquisition with the planned .2bn purchase of Beats Electronics, the headphone maker and music streaming operator founded by music producer Jimmy Iovine and the hip-hop star Dr Dre.苹果(Apple)已接近以32亿美元的价格收购Beats Electronics,这将成为该公司历史上规模最大的收购。Beats Electronics是由音乐制作人吉米#8226;艾欧文(Jimmy Iovine)和嘻哈歌手Dr Dre创办的耳机制造商及音乐流媒体运营商。The deal could be announced as early as next week, people familiar with the negotiations said, but they cautioned that some details had yet to be agreed and talks could still fall apart.对相关磋商知情的人士称,该交易最早可能于下周公布,不过他们警告说,目前部分细节仍未敲定,谈判仍有破裂的可能。A deal on the scale being discussed would represent a radical departure for Tim Cook, chief executive of the iPhone maker: under the late Steve Jobs, Apple was reluctant to pursue high-profile acquisitions.这一正在磋商中的交易规模如此之大,或许表明苹果首席执行官蒂姆#8226;库克(Tim Cook)正在考虑激进的战略转向——在已故的史蒂夫#8226;乔布斯(Steve Jobs)当家的时代,苹果很少展开如此大规模的收购。Apple will acquire Beats’ streaming music service, which launched this year, and its audio equipment business, which includes its brand of headphones and audio equipment. The Beats management team will report to Mr Cook, said people familiar with the deal. Apple and Beats declined to comment.知情人士称,苹果将收购Beats今年推出的音乐流媒体务,以及它的音响设备业务——包括该品牌的耳机。收购成功后,Beats团队将向库克汇报。对这一消息,苹果和Beats都拒绝置评。A decade after Mr Jobs transformed the music industry with the iTunes download store and the iPod digital music player, the deal is likely to be seen as an admission that Apple needs to look outside its Cupertino labs to continue making an impact.乔布斯身前以iTunes下载商店和iPod数字化音乐播放器改变了整个音乐产业。外界很可能将十年之后苹果公司展开的这场收购解读为,苹果自己也承认,必须把眼光放在它自己的库比蒂诺实验室之外,才能维持自己的影响力。While Beats commands a leading position in the premium headphone market, its real value to Apple is in revitalising its “cool” at a time when iTunes has waned in popularity and Samsung’s marketing campaigns have savaged the iPhone’s brand.尽管Beats在高档耳机市场处于领先地位,但对苹果来说,它真正的价值在于它能再次为苹果带来那种“酷炫”的感觉。苹果iTunes人气最近有所下降,而三星(Samsung)强烈的市场攻势也威胁到苹果的iPhone品牌。Apple executives have admitted that its brand is in need of a revamp. Internal emails released during its recent patent trial with Samsung showed that its marketing chief Phil Schiller considered changing Apple’s ad agency after the success of its Korean rival’s “next big thing” campaign.苹果高管曾承认,公司需要重塑品牌形象。苹果最近与三星的专利案庭审中,曾公布多份苹果内部电子邮件。这些邮件显示,在三星的“Next Big Thing”营销战略大获成功后,苹果市场营销总监菲尔#8226;席勒(Phil Schiller)曾考虑更换苹果的广告代理商。Apple is paying a hefty premium for cool: Beats took a 0m investment from Carlyle in September 2013 that valued the company at more than bn. “In terms of acquisitions, Apple has been very, very light in their activity,” said Richard Lane, analyst at Moody’s. “I don’t think they’ve spent bn in any of the last four years.”为了这种“酷炫”感,苹果将付出不菲代价:2013年9月,Beats曾从凯雷(Carlyle)获得5亿美元投资,让公司市值高达10亿美元以上。穆迪(Moody#39;s)分析师理查德#8226;莱恩(Richard Lane)表示:“在收购方面,苹果的手笔一直以来都很小。我想过去4年里,从没有哪一年他们在收购上花费过10亿美元。”Mr Cook said last month Apple was “on the prowl” for more acquisitions, after buying 24 companies in the past 18 months and he was not averse to large acquisitions.上月库克表示,在过去18个月收购24家企业之后,苹果“正在考虑”开展更多收购,并表示他对于大规模收购并不反感。The Beats move follows a string of high-priced deals in Silicon Valley, after Google acquired smart home developer Nest Labs for .2bn and Facebook offered an initial bn for WhatsApp Messenger.收购Beats的动机之一可能是人们在音乐消费方式上出现的变化。根据全球音乐产业协会国际唱片业协会(IFPI)最近一份报告,音乐产业内增长最快的是订阅务,这类务的营收在2013年增长了50%,达到11亿美元。One motivation for the Beats deal may lie in shifts in music consumption. Subscription services are the biggest growth area for the music industry, with revenues increasing 50 per cent to .1bn in 2013, according to a recent report by the IFPI, the global music industry association.而另一方面,音乐下载业务的营收却下跌了2%,至39.3亿美元——这是2003年苹果推出iTunes商店后首次出现年度下跌。目前,iTunes音乐下载务的规模仍是全球最大的。But downloads fell 2 per cent to .93bn – the first annual decline since Apple launched its iTunes store in 2003. iTunes is still the world’s largest music download service.苹果也曾试着推出音乐流媒体务,不过从未推出过不限量的订阅务。而iTunes的竞争对手,包括快速增长的Spotify,则提供不限量订阅务。Apple has dabbled in music streaming but never launched an unlimited subscription service to compete with fast-growing rivals to iTunes such as Spotify.2009年苹果收购了音乐流媒体务商Lala。去年苹果还曾推出iTunes Radio,这一务与Beats旗下的部分业务以及Pandora等其他更为成熟的播放器存在竞争关系。In 2009 it acquired Lala, a music streaming service, and last year launched iTunes Radio, which competes with elements of Beats, as well as more established players such as Pandora.Beats的耳机等设备,被视作更具初创性的“可穿戴技术”。在苹果为推出“iWatch”智能手表作准备的过程中,它的设计师和工程师也能从Beats的多年经验中获益。Mr Iovine and Dr Dre – real name Andre Young – were inspired to create Beats by the poor sound quality of the headphones bundled with the iPod and iPhone. Beloved by music and sports stars Beats has become a street-smart fashion brand不过,这比高额收购很可能会让人们质疑,在2011年乔布斯去世之后,苹果是否还拥有内部创新能力。Ahead of Apple’s expected launch of an ‘iWatch’ accessory, Beats will also give its designers and engineers access to years of experience in what some see as the original “wearable technology”.截至3月底,扣除苹果去年筹集的170亿美元债务之后,它在全球持有的现金总额为1330亿美元。自那以来,该公司又筹集了120亿美元,当时该公司表示这笔钱将用于发放红利和股票回购计划——这两项计划总计需要1300亿美元。不过该公司多数资金都放在美国以外。自2012年苹果再次开始发放红利以来,它在美国国内的现金已减少了160亿美元至180亿美元。 /201405/296903安庆市中医医院看泌尿科怎么样安庆尿道炎的治疗费用

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